Little Girl Bowling With All Her Might!27s

Little Girl Bowling With All Her Might!

This is how you bowl! A little girl gets some bad bowling advice from her mother and the result is pretty hilarious. See, when you go to a bowling alley, they give you special shoes. Why are they special, you ask? Well, other than to prevent you from damaging the floor with the shoes you came in with, they have a special sole that ultimately prevents you from slipping on the oiled parquet and knocking the pins with your head, rather than with the ball! This girl’s mom, however, seems to have forgotten about that fact. No worries, they are in the comfort of their own home, so it should be no big deal. So the girl shoots first with the Wii controller and knocks all but six or seven pins. She doesn’t look all too contempt with the result, so mom encourages her to give it another shot. “Kick it super high this time, I’m sure it will make you bowl better” says Mom and you gotta believe her; after all, Mom knows best. So the girl swings her hand with the controller in it with all her might and is sent flying in the air, before slamming on the floor. Ouch.

Climber Has Scary Fall From Boulder13s

Climber Has Scary Fall From Boulder

Juan fell while bouldering in Joshua Tree National Forrest. While the sport can be very rewarding it's also dangerous... From the climber '[Falling] is about 90% of the sport. Luckily I wasn't too high up and walked away with a little bit of soreness on the side I landed on. I also walked away with a bigger appreciation of what the old timers established in their day, kudos to them for being such beasts'

Professional Bellyflop9s

Professional Bellyflop

Summer is finally here and we all know what that means! Copious amounts of sun, sun scream, bathing suits and days spent by the pool side, where those who are not well versed in the sports of diving make the most painful and most viral of fouls – the belly flop! The sport of high diving has a pretty steep learning curve, and it's painful too...Jerry here has taken belly flopping to a whole new level. He perches on the board with high confidence and he begins his prep. He jumps and plunges for the water with effortless grace, aiming what looks like five somersaults, but in the end we witness that Jerry has overestimated both himself and the height of the board! If you are one of those people who get disturbed easily, please, do not watch this clip! Poor, overly-confident Jerry hits the water in full width, smacking the surface like he was the board he just jumped from. The sound that the contact made is enough to make us sick to our stomachs, so we can only imagine what was going on in Jerry's intestines! Take this footage as an educational video – ALWAYS measure twice, cut once! And for the sake of your health, please be sure you know what you are doing and the camera is rolling, because then you can upload that video to!

Guy is Terrified of Harmless Dog1m51s

Guy is Terrified of Harmless Dog

Jerry is Terrified of Quincy, his next door neighbors dog but he also wants his football back... We're not sure of the history that exists between these two, but, Quincy is giving no quarter.

Hip Thruster Gym Fail11s

Hip Thruster Gym Fail

This poor sob clearly needs a girlfriend! Dude is all dressed up, focus is sharp, headphones on a probably blaring with music too loud for him to think what the heck he is doing. We gotta say, that is as unique a movement as any. For those of you who are not well versed with the machines at the gym, that is a cable lat pull-down machine. You grab the bar, stand at an angle, engage your latissimus dorsi muscles and pull down. It is pretty self explanatory really. This dude, however, has either misinterpreted the machine's purpose, or is completely engulfed in the world coming out of those headphones. Either way, we are treated with a generous dose of “facepalm”. Will someone get that guy off the cables before he hurts himself or worse – breaks the machine? And someone find him a girl! Seriously though, both hip thrusts and lat pull-downs can be dangerous if not executed properly, even if it is just for the fun of it. Hip thrusts can seriously damage your spine and back muscles if not executed with the correct form. Eye gaze should be forward, chin tucked, torso level with a slight posterior pelvic tilt. If you are not certain you are doing it right, for the love of gym, consult a trainer!

Guy Faceplants At The Beach, Shrugs It Off10s

Guy Faceplants At The Beach, Shrugs It Off

Ah, overconfidence. It can make you feel like a god, capable of accomplishing anything you set your mind to, but it can also make you look like the court jester, underestimating the circumstances of your actions and making you regret your decisions. Over-confidence does not choose, it can happen anywhere. Surprisingly though, you can always count on it hitting the most people right by the seaside. You know, it is a great day to be alive, you are free, it feels good, all your friends are there, what could possibly go wrong? Now let’s have some fun! Come to the beach, they said! It will be fun, they said! Jerry slides down a steep hill at the beach on his boogie board and slams face first into the sand. The thumbnail on this video says it all! Jerry handles it all like a champ, even though all that grinding on the fine, wet sand looks like it might have hurt more than Jerry lets on. Damn you, confidence! Jerry's friends all hold onto their stomachs, laughing their heads off, because if nothing else, Jerry's little beach-side fail was comedy gold. Poor guy. Poor Jerry; he gets up and laughs it off, but the clip is cut sooner than we can check out if he got some sandy munchies. It looked like a lot of fun though – maybe next time make sure your landing will be smooth too!