Funny ending! Brown cat also wants to play10s

Funny ending! Brown cat also wants to play

Cats are the funniest creature on the planet, you got to admit. They can be as stealthy as a thief, sly and quiet when they want to accomplish something. But other times, they can be so silly and clumsy, you can’t help but ask yourself the question “how can that cat be like that?” You would think that natural born predators, like our cats are, should be quick on their toes, ready to pounce or change position the moment they feel a shift in the floor. But if you were ever able to watch a cat play, it is like watching an elephant riding a unicycle, because that is just unnatural! Just look at these two! The black and white kitten is playing with her owner, whose creativity we must acknowledge. Why buy a cat toy on a string, when you can just tie a pompom on the end of a selfie stick? Anyway, the kitten is playing with the fluffy pompom, trying to catch it, when his tri-color calico brother runs over, mesmerized by the floating thing! You would think that a cat, no matter how young, will be able to snag that toy right off and make a run for it, but nope. Not only does the calico kitten miss the toy twice, he comes back for a third charm, only to lose its balance and topple over on the ground with a thud! It might be a sad and painful thing to watch, but we had to rewind the clip a few times to get a solid laugh out of it!

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Going into work on Monday like...4s

Going into work on Monday like...

Captain Wiggy tries to chase after his ball in a creek at Little Missouri Falls Recreation Area but fails at hoping onto the ledge twice

Published: April 20, 2017Updated: April 21, 201716 views
If I go down, you do too buddy!13s

If I go down, you do too buddy!

A guy getting towed by a small snowmobile while he's on a make shift ski scooter falls over and causes his friend driving the snowmobile to fall over as well.

Published: April 19, 2017Updated: April 20, 201714 views