Wakeboard line sends kid flying!18s

Wakeboard line sends kid flying!

Michael's friend records him on Michael's phone getting ready to go on a cable wake boarding line at Miami Watersports Complex. Wakeboarding is an awesome water sport. A cross between water skiing and surfboarding, a person is attached to a thin, rectangular board with shoe-like binding and is being towed across the surface of the water by a boat. Invented in the mid 80's, it is one of the biggest sports-related phenomenons of the past century and now is recognized as the fastest growing water sport in the world. Strangely enough, Michael here isn't attached to a wakeboard so once the line takes off, Michael goes flying! He seems unhurt as he emerges from the water after the fall. We're not sure about his dignity though, since all of his friends burst out laughing at the sight.



Another week full of fails for your enjoyment. It's never fun to get hurt yourself but it's always fun to watch others get hurt. Here are some of our funny clips for the week. Submit your fail clips to for a chance to be featured!

Jerry Of The Day - Mountain Bike Fail9s

Jerry Of The Day - Mountain Bike Fail

A guy in a white jacket and blue shorts rides his dirt bike in a forest trail. His friend is filming him going down hill on a path. He flips over twice and his friend laughs.

You gotta let go of the rope!22s

You gotta let go of the rope!

A young girl in a pink two piece swimsuit is being coached by her boyfriend on how to swing from a rope swing but then she swings and falls straight on her face in the water.

Mountain Bike Backflip Fail!7s

Mountain Bike Backflip Fail!

A guy in a blue plaid shirt on a red bike is coming up a hill and tries to do a backflip and ends up falling off his bike and hitting a tree

You're never too old to play in an inflatable park5s

You're never too old to play in an inflatable park

Inflatable bouncing houses are so cool! They seem to have this supernatural ability to turn full-grown adults into kids with their magnetic attraction. Even though some adults might not admit it, but every living human on the face of this earth has a squeaking little kid inside their head every time they see a bouncing house. This girl is proof that you can never be too old to have some fun in a bouncing castle, or in her case, an inflatable obstacle course! She might think she is the next Ninja Warrior, but it seems she needs loads of training if she ever wants to achieve that title! Thank goodness the floor is soft as the obstacles.

Neat Kitty Doesn't Like Having Money On The Table37s

Neat Kitty Doesn't Like Having Money On The Table

There are certain things that come as rules when sitting at a table. Don’t put your elbows up, definitely, don’t put your feet up, never slurp or chew loudly with your mouth open...there is an extensive list about table etiquette and how to conquer those golden rules that are placed to keep everyone comfortable in your presence. Now there isn’t a rule about putting money on the table, but there are those who agree that there is no place for currency in the same place where you place your food! First of all, it is dirty by all standards and second of all, it is rude! This feline knows exactly what we are talking about. He may not be sitting on a dining room table, but he definitely minds having money out in the open like that. Either this black and white cat simply wants his way, or is just messing around with his owner! While sitting on a bookshelf, the little guy insists on repeatedly knocking a placed coin right off the shelf. Looks like he doesn't want it in sight! Are you a pet owner? Feel free to share some of your odd dog and cat (all animals welcome!) moments. Priceless scenes like this are made by the camera! What do you think causes this kind of behavior? Simple boredom or perhaps some attention-seeking? Regardless, cats are one of the most universally-loved pets for a reason! They definitely have their own personalities and provide owners with adorable moments like this.

Guy had one too many drinks. Didn't make it to his bed.9s

Guy had one too many drinks. Didn't make it to his bed.

We've all heard about these kind of nights, while some of us have lived it. It's not exactly the greatest experience, but sometimes they just happen. Too bad it happened to this guy. A guy in a white and blue shirt is in a restroom. He's too drunk to walk and stumbles into the bathtub and knocks down the shower curtain. He knocks out drunk. And his friend got it all on video. This video is a brutal reminder to us all about safe consumption. This shouldn't be the end goal of your night. Remember to enjoy yourself, not ending up knocking out in the nearest bath tub. People have a few too many a few too many times sometimes. After a few bottles of water in the morning, a bunch of Tylenol, and a killer headache, you can be sure that he was alright. Check out this guy after he's had one too many.

When your mom is pulling up and you haven't taken out the trash10s

When your mom is pulling up and you haven't taken out the trash

We've all suffered embarrassing moments from time to time - and sometimes we're "lucky" enough to have those moments captured on camera! Justin films himself in some security cameras at work running through the back of his restaurant with two plastic bags. Justin then slips and suffers quite the wipe out! Luckily his work has security cameras to capture the moment. Let that be a lesson to never run around indoors! Unless as the title states - your mom is pulling up and you haven't taken out the trash... Do you have any stories that can match up to this? Did someone manage to capture the pricless footage on camera? Let us know what your most embarrassing moment has been! As long as no one gets hurt, it's all in good fun!

Oddly Satisfying. Slow Mo Rain drops on leaves54s

Oddly Satisfying. Slow Mo Rain drops on leaves

Heidi records a couple of rain drops falling in slow motion onto some leaves. The longer you watch the video the more mesmerizing and calm it makes you feel. This is definitely one of those oddly satisfying things you watch to calm you down.

Little girl sleds down hill onto a table and falls off!33s

Little girl sleds down hill onto a table and falls off!

Tedd's daughter doesn't mind being a daredevil. She attempts to sled down a hill and ends up on a table top and stops perfectly in the middle of the table right before the edge. Things don't always work out at first, but you should always try again! Do you have any similar moments from your childhood? These are the kind of priceless memories that you can't help but look back on with a smile! And let us know what you most "daredevil" moment has been!

CUTE! Dizzy laser chasing cat9s

CUTE! Dizzy laser chasing cat

Markisas films his cat trying to chase down a laser. The cat runs in circles for a couple of seconds chasing the laser. After the laser disappears the cat tries to walk normally but is too dizzy and wobbles for a little bit losing balance.

Cat tries to climb down shelves15s

Cat tries to climb down shelves

Faye films her black cat trying to navigate some shelves in her room. The cat is able to climb down one shelf but takes a leap too large and falls down the rest of the way onto the ground. The cat recovers and hops onto Faye's bed immediately.

Epic ski fail with equally epic recovery!11s

Epic ski fail with equally epic recovery!

Ah, overconfidence. How grateful we are for all the fail videos that your overflow has provided us with. From the silly dogs and cats doing incredibly stupid things around their owners, to those athletic enthusiasts who fish for their 5 minutes of Internet glory, we can never have too many fail videos here on! We've seen them all, the overenthusiastic jumpers, the unprepared jumpers, the “will do anything for the sake of people's fun” types... They all ended without a serious injury, thankfully, although we can't be sure if an injured vanity counts as such. People all year long perform all sorts of crazy stunts that not so seldom turn into the best fails. This guy wanted to use what was left of the powder on the ski slopes, so he decided to do some jumps off a ramp. Now, it looks like there's plenty of snow for some innocent extreme fun. Dude's gliding down the hill and goes for the ramp. But what he doesn't know is that the snow is no longer stiff to hold him as he jumps, so it gives under the pressure and sends the guy flying in a cloud of frozen powder. If you are cringey you might want to turn away at that point, because it looks like it will end nasty, but for who knows for what reason the guy manages to shake his skis off and come up on his two feet for a celebratory dance! It must have been a lucky star or something!