We got some little sailors back here1m00s

We got some little sailors back here

Two little kids are filmed in the backseat of a car cussing like sailors. Rochelle the owner of the clip and their mother wants it to be known that her son had cerebral palsy and that doctors said he would never speak or walk but here he is now cussing like a sailor.

No look walk away dunk tank win5s

No look walk away dunk tank win

Marine Andrew Silvestro walks away from a dunk tank with his friend sitting on the seat. He uses his left arm to toss the ball behind his back and hits the target and knocks his friend into the water. What a win!

Dad save? Or Dad fail??7s

Dad save? Or Dad fail??

A man in a pony tail helps his toddler son down a blue slide. The son falls forward but the dad saves him and catches him before he face plants.



Hey guys, welcome back to fail Friday and another compilation of the best fails in our arsenal. This week includes some golfing fails, bungee fails, dirt bike fails, drunk fails, and more! Tell us what you think and what you'd like to see. Show a friend if you really enjoyed this compilation!

Scooter kids always getting in the way6s

Scooter kids always getting in the way

Cristian films a dude on a skateboard riding through a skatepark. The skateboarder bails off his skateboard asap in order to avoid a collision with a little kid on a scooter. The skateboard goes and hits the little kid on the scooter but the skater boarder is fine.

Don't deny it, we've all wanted to try this once9s

Don't deny it, we've all wanted to try this once

There are so many things you can do in the water while on vacation! Swimming, surfing, wakeboarding, diving, snorkeling...the list is endless! But it seems that every person on this planet that has ever been out on water has one single thing in mind when they reach the beach - how about a blob? The name sounds terrible, like an alien made of goo that comes to swallow you in its thick, semi liquid body that defies science, but it is actually a really fun water activity for all ages! Available at almost any summer camp, it is the best way to find out what it is like to fly, but instead of the risk of falling onto solid ground, you splash into the water!

Little Girl Isn't Having It With Her Big Brother10s

Little Girl Isn't Having It With Her Big Brother

Life with siblings can be tough, but they are a blessing. We learn a lot from our elders, but we learn so much more from our siblings. Our brothers and sisters can teach us some very useful things, like sharing, fair play, respect and fun. But until we get there, the road can be bumpy, especially if you are the older one and you decide you need some alone time. Our younger siblings will want to spend every minute of every day by our side, but all we want to do is finish watching that episode of our favorite show, and then maybe another one...and another one after that. That is probably what this big brother felt, after playing on the toy xylophone with his baby sister. They bang on the keys a couple of times, but big brother has been through that phase once already and it is not fun anymore. So he leaves the girl alone with her toy and rolls over to watch his videos. The little girl was not having it! As her brother rolls away, not wanting to play anymore, little girl picks up the toy, walks over to him, and drops it on him. In cold blood, not even making a sound. We don't know what happened after that, but we hope that this is a lesson they both will never forget! :)

Custom made VW Wagon Sled!37s

Custom made VW Wagon Sled!

Stunts can be a great thrill, but also a huge responsibility toward your own and others' safety. Adrenaline junkies all over the planet have been seeking their fix in a variety of ways, either by doing all sorts of sports or by testing the endurance of some ordinary household items. It is not all too uncommon to run into a video of guys (mostly, though girls have been known to take their part in more recent events) using stuff like laundry baskets and ordinary office chairs to slide down stairwells with THANKFULLY small consequences. But the guys in this video take the top with their stunt. These dudes took a cardboard box, no less, carved it to look like a VW wagon, they three of them (grown men, mind you!) get inside the box and push it down a snowy hill, while others follow them with a camera! One of them manages to fall out just before the "sled" hits a ramp and is sent flying in the air. Thank goodness for the camera!

Strong swing, Weak grip. Hope no one saw that!10s

Strong swing, Weak grip. Hope no one saw that!

Chris Trainor, wearing a black polo and shorts with black shoes and an arm tattoo goes to hit a golf ball with a driver in lane 32 and ends up letting go of the club by accident hitting the roof of the driving range.

Heelies are still a thing???9s

Heelies are still a thing???

Adrian Holdstock records his daughter who is wearing a white beanie and red jacket as she runs to the end of the aisle in a super market and tries to ride her heelies towards him. She slips and falls backwards a quarter of the way down the aisle.

When you're not allowed to leave the house but skate is still life10s

When you're not allowed to leave the house but skate is still life

Is there anything people will not do for their 5 minutes of sweet, sweet fame? We've seen loads of stunts on the world wide web done by mere mortals, it can be really hard to be impressed by things anymore. Jumping off rooftops with bikes, performing insane Jackass-worthy stunts and, most cringe-worthy, showing off your skateboard skills (or better yet, lack there of) on the rails! What were they thinking? Talk about an epic fails! This guy sure tried to get that jump right. He placed his camera is placed on the floor and tried to hop his skateboard onto a long and thin piece of metal rail that is not connected to anything. The metal rail moves since it is not mounted. The front of the skateboard knocks the rail to the side and the skateboard hits some flower pots. You can see a friend in the background watching everything happening.

Casual yard work gone totally wrong32s

Casual yard work gone totally wrong

Manuel tries to cut down a huge tree in his backyard that is infested with termites. He ties a rope to the tree hoping it would fall in the direction he wants it to. The tree begins to fall and goes the wrong direction and falls on his fence instead.

That's one way to pack up your motobike after1m00s

That's one way to pack up your motobike after

Jorge films his son Jorge riding up a small ramp into their family truck to put away their dirt bikes. Jorge Jr hits the brakes and it didn't work so he runs into the backwindow of the truck. You can hear the mom/wife yelling at boh Jorge's

Sliding into her DMs like7s

Sliding into her DMs like

Emily films her friend trying to jump on some red lunch tables. Unfortunately for him he clears the first table but slips and ends up flying forward at the next table landing on his back with one leg on the second table. Ouch.

Taking gym breaks to the next level. Nap time?9s

Taking gym breaks to the next level. Nap time?

We've all been there. It's a long day at work, you are drained both physically and mentally, but you live by the "a healthy mind in a healthy body" motto, so off to the gym you go. You set up nicelly, take those free weights and begin your set: 1, 2, 3...10. Break time! Then the long days before catches up with you and you have no choice but to take a nice little nap. Just to recharge quickly... This guy films another dude at the gym on a reclined bench, laying and sleeping instead of working out. Poor dude must have had quite the day. Or maybe he's just a new dad, eager to get a few moments off parenting and all to himself. We understand. Talk about taking a rest between sets to another level. "Who's man is this?"

A parrot on a leash?! You don't see that everyday.15s

A parrot on a leash?! You don't see that everyday.

Sure, you put a leash on your dog when you go for a walk. Nowadays, it's not uncommon to see a person with their cat on a leash, whether it's for a walk or a visit to the vet. But have you see a parrot on a leash? We think not! A woman shot this video of a skinny Italian greyhound in a red vest next to a big white cockatoo, also on a leash, on the street. Watch what happens when the dog sees the bird next to him. Poor dog freaks out and runs to the side, away from the awkward creature next to him! But that didn't throw the cockatoo off his rails, no! He goes back near the freaked out pup, as if to better acquiant himself with the skinny dog! These two are a sight to behold! Trully unique.