Guy Revs And Wrecks His Brand New Suzuki GSXR Motorcycle10s

Guy Revs And Wrecks His Brand New Suzuki GSXR Motorcycle

New toys are the best toys… Until they get their dashboard and headlight smashed. We've said it time and again - motorcycles are as big of a responsibility as any. Plus, they are some mighty expensive toys! It must have hurt this guy’s heart and pocketbook, seeing how he was no match for the GSXR's beast of an engine! A lot of people complain about the revving of cars and motorcycles at night, and we guess that this guy suffered a bad case of karma. He wanted to show off his brand new ride, so he was probably revving that thing at max, which is also probably why this person got out on their balcony to record this idiot. Unfortunately, he must’ve revved it too hard, since he flipped it over and wrecked it bad. Thankfully, the driver is left without a bruise, although the same can not be said about his dented wallet. And maybe his right ankle, since it did look like he twisted it during the fall. He does limp on it a bit. Whenever handling a motorized vehicle, or any vehicle on that note, it is important to operate within safe circumstances. Safety should always be your primary concern. Thankfully this man was not injured. Check out this fail on a brand new motorcycle.

Kitty Feels Guilty For Toilet Paper Trail10s

Kitty Feels Guilty For Toilet Paper Trail

Having a cat is an adventure everyday! Stealthy little critters, they love to be petted and played with. But when they lack attention, cats can go commando on your home, running, jumping and chasing invisible foes, attacking the furniture and just making a load of mess all around. They will pounce on anything that moves and seems like it does, because cats are essentially predators and have to take it out of themselves at some point or other. Lauren Jones from Brisbane, Australia knows precisely how destructive a cat can be. The star in this here video is Lauren's Russian Blue cat named Neptune. The footage starts with Neptune, sitting calmly on the floor like an angel, while Lauren takes us on a tour along a trail of toilet paper scattered on the floor, leading to the bathroom. What a mess! It might be a mundane little thing as toilet paper, but that thing isn't so cheap! And it's the nice, soft, cellulose kind! In comes adorable Napoleon to check out his deed, but notices the camera and bows his little head in shame. Kitties will be kitties, you can't help but love them! In all honesty, who can blame him? Toilet paper rolls are the best toys for cats, because the keep moving on their own! Doesn't matter that they make a gigantic mess with it... Share this video if you agree that cats are the most adorable little devils!

Little Girl Isn't Having It With Her Big Brother10s

Little Girl Isn't Having It With Her Big Brother

Life with siblings can be tough, but they are a blessing. We learn a lot from our elders, but we learn so much more from our siblings. Our brothers and sisters can teach us some very useful things, like sharing, fair play, respect and fun. But until we get there, the road can be bumpy, especially if you are the older one and you decide you need some alone time. Our younger siblings will want to spend every minute of every day by our side, but all we want to do is finish watching that episode of our favorite show, and then maybe another one...and another one after that. That is probably what this big brother felt, after playing on the toy xylophone with his baby sister. They bang on the keys a couple of times, but big brother has been through that phase once already and it is not fun anymore. So he leaves the girl alone with her toy and rolls over to watch his videos. The little girl was not having it! As her brother rolls away, not wanting to play anymore, little girl picks up the toy, walks over to him, and drops it on him. In cold blood, not even making a sound. We don't know what happened after that, but we hope that this is a lesson they both will never forget! :)

Adorable Cat Sings Along To Owner Playing Guitar2m49s

Adorable Cat Sings Along To Owner Playing Guitar

Well, this is the greatest rendition we’ve ever heard. Darren plays Wild Things by The Troggs on his guitar with his cat Money as the lead vocals. Money won't let Darren record a song without trying to get in on the act. She manages to intervene in just the right moments to make this performance unforgettable. They seem to be a killer duo if you ask us. Money meows at every pause of the guitar. She is such a natural talent, it’s incredible. Don't we all wish we had pets that were this involved with our hobbies. This is not a unique situation, as a lot of people who have pets and play an instrument of some sort say that their little furry friends like to get in on the action. We’ve seen countless of recordings of pets baring their souls while howling in tune to the melody their owners are playing. Some goofballs just like to enjoy the fun, but some exhibit so much talent, it’s quite unbelievable. This could be attributed to the fact that our pets imprint on us, so whatever we do, they like to do it too. It doesn’t matter what it is, they will follow us along the way. Music is good for everyone’s soul, so it should come to no surprise that even animals like to enjoy it. So lay back and enjoy the ride as you listen to this very talented diva, Money!

Guy Faceplants At The Beach, Shrugs It Off10s

Guy Faceplants At The Beach, Shrugs It Off

Ah, overconfidence. It can make you feel like a god, capable of accomplishing anything you set your mind to, but it can also make you look like the court jester, underestimating the circumstances of your actions and making you regret your decisions. Over-confidence does not choose, it can happen anywhere. Surprisingly though, you can always count on it hitting the most people right by the seaside. You know, it is a great day to be alive, you are free, it feels good, all your friends are there, what could possibly go wrong? Now let’s have some fun! Come to the beach, they said! It will be fun, they said! Jerry slides down a steep hill at the beach on his boogie board and slams face first into the sand. The thumbnail on this video says it all! Jerry handles it all like a champ, even though all that grinding on the fine, wet sand looks like it might have hurt more than Jerry lets on. Damn you, confidence! Jerry's friends all hold onto their stomachs, laughing their heads off, because if nothing else, Jerry's little beach-side fail was comedy gold. Poor guy. Poor Jerry; he gets up and laughs it off, but the clip is cut sooner than we can check out if he got some sandy munchies. It looked like a lot of fun though – maybe next time make sure your landing will be smooth too!

You're never too old to play in an inflatable park5s

You're never too old to play in an inflatable park

Inflatable bouncing houses are so cool! They seem to have this supernatural ability to turn full-grown adults into kids with their magnetic attraction. Even though some adults might not admit it, but every living human on the face of this earth has a squeaking little kid inside their head every time they see a bouncing house. This girl is proof that you can never be too old to have some fun in a bouncing castle, or in her case, an inflatable obstacle course! She might think she is the next Ninja Warrior, but it seems she needs loads of training if she ever wants to achieve that title! Thank goodness the floor is soft as the obstacles.

Little Girl Bowling With All Her Might!27s

Little Girl Bowling With All Her Might!

This is how you bowl! A little girl gets some bad bowling advice from her mother and the result is pretty hilarious. See, when you go to a bowling alley, they give you special shoes. Why are they special, you ask? Well, other than to prevent you from damaging the floor with the shoes you came in with, they have a special sole that ultimately prevents you from slipping on the oiled parquet and knocking the pins with your head, rather than with the ball! This girl’s mom, however, seems to have forgotten about that fact. No worries, they are in the comfort of their own home, so it should be no big deal. So the girl shoots first with the Wii controller and knocks all but six or seven pins. She doesn’t look all too contempt with the result, so mom encourages her to give it another shot. “Kick it super high this time, I’m sure it will make you bowl better” says Mom and you gotta believe her; after all, Mom knows best. So the girl swings her hand with the controller in it with all her might and is sent flying in the air, before slamming on the floor. Ouch.

A parrot on a leash?! You don't see that everyday.15s

A parrot on a leash?! You don't see that everyday.

Sure, you put a leash on your dog when you go for a walk. Nowadays, it's not uncommon to see a person with their cat on a leash, whether it's for a walk or a visit to the vet. But have you see a parrot on a leash? We think not! A woman shot this video of a skinny Italian greyhound in a red vest next to a big white cockatoo, also on a leash, on the street. Watch what happens when the dog sees the bird next to him. Poor dog freaks out and runs to the side, away from the awkward creature next to him! But that didn't throw the cockatoo off his rails, no! He goes back near the freaked out pup, as if to better acquiant himself with the skinny dog! These two are a sight to behold! Trully unique.

Skateboarder Hangs On Moving Car, Fails, and Scrapes the Ground Hard59s

Skateboarder Hangs On Moving Car, Fails, and Scrapes the Ground Hard

Shareyer on his skateboard is recorded hanging onto the side of an old beige coupe. He loses grip on his skateboard and falls forward, getting dragged by the car for a brief second before letting go and sliding about 10 feet on the ground of the parking lot. The next frame you can see him in pain with close ups of his injuries. His injuries included some severe scrapes, some so deep he couldn't even feel.

Small White & Beige Cat Loses Balance and Falls off Roof7s

Small White & Beige Cat Loses Balance and Falls off Roof

One can never be too bored if they own a pet cat. Their hilarious antics might make huge messes at home, but never fail to make us laugh. Cats might still have a sliver of the killer instincts still embedded somewhere in their genetics, but life at home has made them somewhat clumsy, yet overconfident. We've seen them walking on clothing lines and falling mid walk; we've seen them trying to jump from one cabinet to another and missing it by a mile; we have seen them climbing into our closets or on the windows and get stuck in the hangers or on the window blinds. How can something so stealthy get so klutzy? Amy T. films a small white and beige kitten as it tries to cross from the roof of her house over to what looks like a small storage shed, along a round-profile drainage pipe. A quarter of the way down the pipe connecting the shed to the house, the small kitten slips and hangs on briefly before it falls off with the most awkward somersault. For a moment there it even looks like the cat take a split second pause mid-air, before falling on the ground.

Hip Thruster Gym Fail11s

Hip Thruster Gym Fail

This poor sob clearly needs a girlfriend! Dude is all dressed up, focus is sharp, headphones on a probably blaring with music too loud for him to think what the heck he is doing. We gotta say, that is as unique a movement as any. For those of you who are not well versed with the machines at the gym, that is a cable lat pull-down machine. You grab the bar, stand at an angle, engage your latissimus dorsi muscles and pull down. It is pretty self explanatory really. This dude, however, has either misinterpreted the machine's purpose, or is completely engulfed in the world coming out of those headphones. Either way, we are treated with a generous dose of “facepalm”. Will someone get that guy off the cables before he hurts himself or worse – breaks the machine? And someone find him a girl! Seriously though, both hip thrusts and lat pull-downs can be dangerous if not executed properly, even if it is just for the fun of it. Hip thrusts can seriously damage your spine and back muscles if not executed with the correct form. Eye gaze should be forward, chin tucked, torso level with a slight posterior pelvic tilt. If you are not certain you are doing it right, for the love of gym, consult a trainer!

Lazy kitty plays with fidget spinner32s

Lazy kitty plays with fidget spinner

Fidget spinners seem to be everywhere these days! We are afraid to open the fridge, in case our food didn’t turn into fidget spinners overnight or something! Even though they are marketed as a means for relieving anxiety, people became fascinated by the toy and even started collecting them. It seems there’s a spinner in every other pocket on this world! This lazy black-and-white cat doesn’t seem to be catching up on the fidget-spinner craze though. Her owners try to show her how the toy looks and how it works, but she would rather lay on her side and contemplate her next nap or something. Instagram @nazzard27

He's for sure representing the US in the 2020 diving Olympics7s

He's for sure representing the US in the 2020 diving Olympics

Now this will definitely make you feel sore just from watching this epic fail. A guy in an American flag bathing suit and black life vest jumps off a tall cliff but smacks into the water on his side. It looks like he's going to be in quite some pain after that little mess up. Don't worry buddy, we've all had those moments before. Whoever has gone cliff jumping before has had the feeling of adrenaline mixed in with anxiety. The nerves can be so bad causing the jumper to remain standing on the cliff for minutes and minutes until they either chicken out or go through with the jump. Now this situation is a cliff jumpers nightmare. Not that it is that dangerous, just the temporary sting that comes after an awkward landing can be very uncomfortable for the following few minutes. Rest assured, the pain subsides and everything is back to normal within minutes usually. Have you ever gone cliff diving before? If you ever decide to do so, make sure that you are doing it in a safe manner as it is easy to mess one part up and it can result in a bit of a blunder like this guy. Check out this fail at cliff diving.

Funny ending! Brown cat also wants to play10s

Funny ending! Brown cat also wants to play

Cats are the funniest creature on the planet, you got to admit. They can be as stealthy as a thief, sly and quiet when they want to accomplish something. But other times, they can be so silly and clumsy, you can’t help but ask yourself the question “how can that cat be like that?” You would think that natural born predators, like our cats are, should be quick on their toes, ready to pounce or change position the moment they feel a shift in the floor. But if you were ever able to watch a cat play, it is like watching an elephant riding a unicycle, because that is just unnatural! Just look at these two! The black and white kitten is playing with her owner, whose creativity we must acknowledge. Why buy a cat toy on a string, when you can just tie a pompom on the end of a selfie stick? Anyway, the kitten is playing with the fluffy pompom, trying to catch it, when his tri-color calico brother runs over, mesmerized by the floating thing! You would think that a cat, no matter how young, will be able to snag that toy right off and make a run for it, but nope. Not only does the calico kitten miss the toy twice, he comes back for a third charm, only to lose its balance and topple over on the ground with a thud! It might be a sad and painful thing to watch, but we had to rewind the clip a few times to get a solid laugh out of it!

When you're not allowed to leave the house but skate is still life10s

When you're not allowed to leave the house but skate is still life

Is there anything people will not do for their 5 minutes of sweet, sweet fame? We've seen loads of stunts on the world wide web done by mere mortals, it can be really hard to be impressed by things anymore. Jumping off rooftops with bikes, performing insane Jackass-worthy stunts and, most cringe-worthy, showing off your skateboard skills (or better yet, lack there of) on the rails! What were they thinking? Talk about an epic fails! This guy sure tried to get that jump right. He placed his camera is placed on the floor and tried to hop his skateboard onto a long and thin piece of metal rail that is not connected to anything. The metal rail moves since it is not mounted. The front of the skateboard knocks the rail to the side and the skateboard hits some flower pots. You can see a friend in the background watching everything happening.

Neat Kitty Doesn't Like Having Money On The Table37s

Neat Kitty Doesn't Like Having Money On The Table

There are certain things that come as rules when sitting at a table. Don’t put your elbows up, definitely, don’t put your feet up, never slurp or chew loudly with your mouth open...there is an extensive list about table etiquette and how to conquer those golden rules that are placed to keep everyone comfortable in your presence. Now there isn’t a rule about putting money on the table, but there are those who agree that there is no place for currency in the same place where you place your food! First of all, it is dirty by all standards and second of all, it is rude! This feline knows exactly what we are talking about. He may not be sitting on a dining room table, but he definitely minds having money out in the open like that. Either this black and white cat simply wants his way, or is just messing around with his owner! While sitting on a bookshelf, the little guy insists on repeatedly knocking a placed coin right off the shelf. Looks like he doesn't want it in sight! Are you a pet owner? Feel free to share some of your odd dog and cat (all animals welcome!) moments. Priceless scenes like this are made by the camera! What do you think causes this kind of behavior? Simple boredom or perhaps some attention-seeking? Regardless, cats are one of the most universally-loved pets for a reason! They definitely have their own personalities and provide owners with adorable moments like this.

Trying to smash a watermelon on your friends head. GREAT IDEA.14s

Trying to smash a watermelon on your friends head. GREAT IDEA.

Picnics can offer a lot of fun when doing it with a group of close friends. This group of people realize this after having a picnic outside in the late evening. One of the friends in a flannel shirt thought it would be a great idea to take a mini watermelon and smash it into a male friend. The watermelon proves to be strong as it does not break initially but it eventually falls apart. We now have the answer to the question no one asked; what is stronger, the human skull or a watermelon? This hilarious video highlight the fun of being with friends and enjoying the outdoors. We've all done funny and stupid stuff growing up, it is just that this group of friends managed to capture this moment on video. This truly won't be a moment that they or the viewer will ever forget! Instead of using that man's skull to break open the watermelon, why not just buy some watermelon tools on Amazon? It is much easier than smashing it on your head! Do you have any funny picnic/outdoor stories with your friends? Let us know in the comments section!

Guilty Dog Is Very Proud Of His Toilet Paper Trail23s

Guilty Dog Is Very Proud Of His Toilet Paper Trail

A little white and grey dog is sitting on the couch at the end of his toilet paper trail. He jumps off the couch and leads his owner to the source of the toilet paper trail. Little guy seems to be very proud of his accomplishments.

Liquid confidence. Dude tries to slam a table but fails.21s

Liquid confidence. Dude tries to slam a table but fails.

Fraternity parties can truly be a hoot! Whenever someone hears the words "frat party", they immediately think of a booze fest - all types of liquor flowing from everywhere. It gives the party goers that extra bit of stimulus to relax, which eventually leads them to do some very stupid things for the sake of entertainment, like the dude in this video. Watch as a guy wearing a yellow shirt jumps off of the porch and tries to slam onto a foldable table in an attempt to break it. He hits the table hard but it doesn't break. We hope he didn't break something else!

Professional Bellyflop9s

Professional Bellyflop

Summer is finally here and we all know what that means! Copious amounts of sun, sun scream, bathing suits and days spent by the pool side, where those who are not well versed in the sports of diving make the most painful and most viral of fouls – the belly flop! The sport of high diving has a pretty steep learning curve, and it's painful too...Jerry here has taken belly flopping to a whole new level. He perches on the board with high confidence and he begins his prep. He jumps and plunges for the water with effortless grace, aiming what looks like five somersaults, but in the end we witness that Jerry has overestimated both himself and the height of the board! If you are one of those people who get disturbed easily, please, do not watch this clip! Poor, overly-confident Jerry hits the water in full width, smacking the surface like he was the board he just jumped from. The sound that the contact made is enough to make us sick to our stomachs, so we can only imagine what was going on in Jerry's intestines! Take this footage as an educational video – ALWAYS measure twice, cut once! And for the sake of your health, please be sure you know what you are doing and the camera is rolling, because then you can upload that video to!

Trying to dive after watching the Olympics4s

Trying to dive after watching the Olympics

A girl in a black bathing suit is filmed preparing to dive off of a small boat. She gets into formation and just as we think she is going to dive straight off of the boat she lunges forward and just jumps in. That's not the right way to dive! @sophiefarrell