Guy Revs And Totals His Brand New Suzuki GSXR Motorcycle10s

Guy Revs And Totals His Brand New Suzuki GSXR Motorcycle

New toys are the best toys… Until they get their dashboard and headlight smashed. What’s the point of having new toys when we can’t even keep them intact for at least a few months? It seems that people have less and less regard for their material belongings. We've said it time and again - motorcycles are as big of a responsibility as any. Plus, they are some mighty expensive toys! It must have hurt this guy’s heart and pocketbook, seeing how he was no match for the GSXR's beast of an engine! A lot of people complain about the revving of cars and motorcycles at night, and we guess that this guy suffered a bad case of karma. He wanted to show off his brand new ride, so he was probably revving that thing at max, which is also probably why this person got out on their balcony to record this idiot. Unfortunately, he must’ve revved it too hard, since he flipped it over and wrecked it bad. Thankfully, the driver is left without a bruise, although the same can not be said about his dented wallet. And maybe his right ankle, since it did look like he twisted it during the fall. He does limp on it a bit. Whenever handling a motorized vehicle, or any vehicle on that note, it is important to operate within safe circumstances. Safety should always be your primary concern. Thankfully this man was not injured. Another proof of how guys can sometimes misinterpret their abilities to handle a two-wheeled vehicle is this man who totally wrecked his bike while trying to pass between busy lanes. The street is super soaked from the rain and he zooms between the cars at high speed, losing control and slamming into one of the cars. The collision sends him into a very circus-like handstand on the handlebars, before falling somewhere in the front. We can't see how his bike ended up. Usually when someone thinks of motorbikes they think of speed and reckless driving but that isn’t always the case. Driving a motorbike is so much more than just the speed. It’s about feeling the wind blow while you drive through the streets, about experiencing the ride firsthand and not being surrounded by metal and glass. If you are a fan of traveling, you know that it’s quite a heady feeling to see everything blur right in front of your eyes and to just enjoy the mixture of green nature has concocted. You focus more on the visual and you tune out the dreadful noise of the bustling city. Those road trips are a good way to soothe your busy mind and to recharge your batteries. It’s a truly unique feeling. What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Kitty Feels Guilty For Toilet Paper Trail10s

Kitty Feels Guilty For Toilet Paper Trail

Having a cat is an adventure everyday! Stealthy little critters, they love to be petted and played with. But when they lack attention, cats can go commando on your home, running, jumping and chasing invisible foes, attacking the furniture and just making a load of mess all around. They will pounce on anything that moves and seems like it does, because cats are essentially predators and have to take it out of themselves at some point or other. Lauren Jones from Brisbane, Australia knows precisely how destructive a cat can be. The star in this here video is Lauren's Russian Blue cat named Neptune. The footage starts with Neptune, sitting calmly on the floor like an angel, while Lauren takes us on a tour along a trail of toilet paper scattered on the floor, leading to the bathroom. What a mess! It might be a mundane little thing as toilet paper, but that thing isn't so cheap! And it's the nice, soft, cellulose kind! In comes adorable Napoleon to check out his deed, but notices the camera and bows his little head in shame. Kitties will be kitties, you can't help but love them! In all honesty, who can blame him? Toilet paper rolls are the best toys for cats, because the keep moving on their own! Doesn't matter that they make a gigantic mess with it... Share this video if you agree that cats are the most adorable little devils!

Adorable Cat Sings Along To Owner Playing Guitar2m49s

Adorable Cat Sings Along To Owner Playing Guitar

Well, this is the greatest rendition we’ve ever heard. Darren plays Wild Things by The Troggs on his guitar with his cat Money as the lead vocals. Money won't let Darren record a song without trying to get in on the act. She manages to intervene in just the right moments to make this performance unforgettable. They seem to be a killer duo if you ask us. Money meows at every pause of the guitar. She is such a natural talent , it’s incredible. Don't we all wish we had pets that were this involved with our hobbies. This is not a unique situation, as a lot of people who have pets and play an instrument of some sort say that their little furry friends like to get in on the action . We’ve seen countless of recordings of pets baring their souls while howling in tune to the melody their owners are playing. Some goofballs just like to enjoy the fun, but some exhibit so much talent, it’s quite unbelievable. This could be attributed to the fact that our pets imprint on us, so whatever we do, they like to do it too. It doesn’t matter what it is, they will follow us along the way. Music is good for everyone’s soul, so it should come to no surprise that even animals like to enjoy it. So lay back and enjoy the ride as you listen to this very talented diva, Money!

Take A Look At This Compilation Of Nothing But Brutal Fails 2m06s

Take A Look At This Compilation Of Nothing But Brutal Fails

Hey guys, welcome back to Fail Friday and another compilation of the best fails in our arsenal. This week includes some golfing fails, bungee fails, dirt bike fails, drunk fails, and more! Tell us what you think and what you'd like to see. Show a friend if you really enjoyed this compilation! Here is a tribute to seven brave souls who fought the good fight against gravity and lost. This compilation is in memorandum of their valiant efforts to defy gravity and failed. This is one fail video that is sure to make you laugh out loud every time!Humans have had a tendency to try things which seem interesting and extreme as long as time itself. They have tried to defy gravity and in some cases common sense. In many of these attempts some of them have ended up getting injured very bad but in none have they walked away without a scratch. This video is a compilation which very much explains what we have written above. All of these humans are eager to try out new tricks in the hope that they stick the landing and post a proud video of themselves doing it. Unfortunately, in this compilation you will find no such videos as all the videos end up with fails . Now, in all honesty, most of these are just out of plain negligence or lack of skills. You can't tell us that some random dude, fresh out of the couch, get jump across that creek that is, what, 3 feet wide? You have to warm up first! And then, we have the smarta$$ that wanted to look cool and have his friend jump on a shovel with the handle between his legs...that is never a win! If you like this video, we suggest you should watch the one with the best lake fails because some of the funniest fails happen at the lake. Fishing fails, water skiing fails, water tubing fails, rope swinging fails, puppy fails, and much much more. Here in this hilarious compilation you can find our favorite fails: two puppies who swim toward a stick in the lake and fight over it while swimming back to land; the guy who is water skiing with his dog; the woman who is riding her horse in the lake... until the horse gets too excited and she ends up falling off; the guys who ride their canoe down a sand dune and into a lake... not a huge fail here but it looks like a lot of fun!!; the grandma and grandson fishing duo! Grandma is ready to cast her fishing line out into the lake but ends up smacking her grandson across the face!! Which clip was your favorite? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Little Girl Finds A Way To Deal With Unappreciative Big Brother10s

Little Girl Finds A Way To Deal With Unappreciative Big Brother

Life with siblings can be tough, but they are a blessing. We learn a lot from our elders, but we learn so much more from our siblings. Our brothers and sisters can teach us some very useful things, like sharing, fair play, respect and fun. But until we get there, the road can be bumpy, especially if you are the older one and you decide you need some alone time. Our younger siblings will want to spend every minute of every day by our side, but all we want to do is finish watching that episode of our favorite show , and then maybe another one...and another one after that. However, we never expected this girl's musical performance to end the way it did! Family feud all over the place! That is probably what this big brother felt, after playing on the toy xylophone with his baby sister. They bang on the keys a couple of times, but big brother has been through that phase once already and it is not fun anymore. So he leaves the girl alone with her toy and rolls over to watch his videos. The little girl was not having it! As her brother rolls away, not wanting to play anymore, little girl picks up the toy, walks over to him, and drops it on him. In cold blood, not even making a sound. How dare he turn his back on her wonderful music? Doesn't he know that it is not polite to ignore one's efforts! Shame on him! We bet he got more than he bargained for! After this lesson, we are sure he learned his lesson, to never turn his back on his sibling! Hilarious! We don't know what happened after that, but we hope that this is a lesson they both will never forget!

Parrot Finds Canine Companion For Walking On A Leash15s

Parrot Finds Canine Companion For Walking On A Leash

Sure, you put a leash on your dog when you go for a walk. Nowadays, it's not uncommon to see a person with their cat on a leash, whether it's for a walk or a visit to the vet. But have you see a parrot on a leash? We think not! A woman shot this video of a skinny Italian greyhound in a red vest waiting on a red light next to a big white cockatoo, also held on a leash . Watch what happens when the dog sees the bird next to him. Poor dog freaks out and runs to the side, away from the awkward creature standing next to him! However, that didn't throw the cockatoo off his rails, no! Parrot’s reaction to the dog is most adorable! He goes back near the freaked out pup, as if to better acquaint himself with the skinny dog! This friendly parrot sure wants to befriend a canine walking companion. These two are sure a sight to behold! Truly unique! The best part about these birds is that they can be super compliant, especially when their owner develops a close-knit bond with the bird. Then they grow to trust them, even enough to let the owner drag them on a leash! That is something you don’t see every day! Regardless how cute this sight might look, we cannot help but wonder what happens if the bird decides to fly away, given it has a collar around its neck and is attached to a leash? Let’s hope this parrot prefers walking!

This Guy Got Hit By A Car While He Was Riding His Bike10s

This Guy Got Hit By A Car While He Was Riding His Bike

Biking is such a pleasant experience! Everyone wants to be healthier, right? Well, the moderate or rigorous exercise you get from bicycling can go a looooong way in helping you on that! Also you want to save money? Done. How about saving the environment? You can do all those thing just by owning a bike! Crazy, right? Bikes are so fun! Come on, everyone knows it. Want to be cool? Get on a bike. It can be a road bike, cruiser, city bike, folding bike, mountain bike, or something else, but chances are that no matter what kind of bike it is, it will make you cooler. However, when you ride a bike you have to be twice as careful! We enjoy bicycling on the public roads and on paths off the roads -- and we like to share that adventure with other people. But that adventure comes with real serious risks: Bicycle riders get seriously injured out there, both on the public roads and on off-road paths. You can see the danger of it from this video! This guy rides his bike on the road when he suddenly gets hit by a car! The video end when he hits the ground but we hope that he didn’t get injured! People are not always as careful as they should be with their bicycles. So guys let this video be a lesson to you and always be careful when you are riding a bike! Wear a helmet and proper equipment!

Guy Faceplants At The Beach, Shrugs It Off10s

Guy Faceplants At The Beach, Shrugs It Off

Ah, overconfidence. It can make you feel like a god, capable of accomplishing anything you set your mind to, but it can also make you look like the court jester, underestimating the circumstances of your actions and making you regret your decisions. Over-confidence does not choose, it can happen anywhere. Surprisingly though, you can always count on it hitting the most people right by the seaside. You know, it is a great day to be alive, you are free, it feels good, all your friends are there, what could possibly go wrong? Now let’s have some fun! Come to the beach, they said! It will be fun, they said! Jerry slides down a steep hill at the beach on his boogie board and slams face first into the sand. The thumbnail on this video says it all! Jerry handles it all like a champ, even though all that grinding on the fine, wet sand looks like it might have hurt more than Jerry lets on. Damn you, confidence! Jerry's friends all hold onto their stomachs, laughing their heads off, because if nothing else, Jerry's little beach-side fail was comedy gold. Poor guy. Poor Jerry; he gets up and laughs it off, but the clip is cut sooner than we can check out if he got some sandy munchies. It looked like a lot of fun though – maybe next time make sure your landing will be smooth too!

Neat Kitty Doesn't Like Having Money On The Table37s

Neat Kitty Doesn't Like Having Money On The Table

There are certain things that come as rules when sitting at a table. Don’t put your elbows up, definitely, don’t put your feet up, never slurp or chew loudly with your mouth open...there is an extensive list about table etiquette and how to conquer those golden rules that are placed to keep everyone comfortable in your presence. Now there isn’t a rule about putting money on the table, but there are those who agree that there is no place for currency in the same place where you place your food! First of all, it is dirty by all standards and second of all, it is rude! This feline knows exactly what we are talking about. He may not be sitting on a dining room table, but he definitely minds having money out in the open like that. Either this black and white cat simply wants his way, or is just messing around with his owner! While sitting on a bookshelf, the little guy insists on repeatedly knocking a placed coin right off the shelf. Looks like he doesn't want it in sight! Are you a pet owner? Feel free to share some of your odd dog and cat (all animals welcome!) moments. Priceless scenes like this are made by the camera! What do you think causes this kind of behavior? Simple boredom or perhaps some attention-seeking? Regardless, cats are one of the most universally-loved pets for a reason! They definitely have their own personalities and provide owners with adorable moments like this.

Clueless Guy Pretends To Be Gym Enthusiast, But Fails At The Hip Thruster 11s

Clueless Guy Pretends To Be Gym Enthusiast, But Fails At The Hip Thruster

Every single novice who comes to the gym should, first of all, learn the proper techniques that are used during the exercises for muscle growth, and develop the necessary communication between the brain and the body, or something the body sculpting experts call “the muscle’s brain”. However, left to their own resources, these novices are often left to figure out the gym equipment by themselves. This is how one novice solved his gym dilemma. This poor sob clearly needs a girlfriend! Dude is all dressed up, the focus is sharp, headphones on a probably blaring with music too loud for him to think what the heck he is doing. We always have the best intentions to workout consistently and reach our fitness goals, but after a while, we sabotage ourselves and give up. Why do we give up when we know that reaching our fitness goals is so important? Sometimes, however, giving up might be a good option since some people are just not meant for the gym. We gotta say, that is as unique a movement as any. For those of you who are not well versed with the machines at the gym, that is a cable lat pull-down machine. You grab the bar, stand at an angle, engage your latissimus dorsi muscles and pull down. It is pretty self-explanatory really. You know you should probably exercise, but starting a new workout habit is hard. It's tough enough to get up early to go to the gym without enduring painful side aches and uncomfortable itching through your workout. This guy here is the perfect example of a person that is dedicated but just might not know the ropes just yet. However, it doesn't hurt to try and that is exactly what he does. The next day after an intense workout at that gym can be even more challenging than the gym itself! Your muscles and body get sore, you do not want to move and you just want to lay in bed all day. Sometimes the workout can be so intense that your muscles tend to cramp up easily even days after that workout. That seems to be exactly the case in this clip here! This dude, however, has either misinterpreted the machine's purpose , or is completely engulfed in the world coming out of those headphones. Either way, we are treated with a generous dose of “facepalm”. Will someone get that guy off the cables before he hurts himself or worse – breaks the machine? And someone please find him a girl! Seriously though, both hip thrusts and lat pull-downs can be dangerous if not executed properly, even if it is just for the fun of it. Hip thrusts can seriously damage your spine and back muscles if not executed with the correct form. Eye gaze should be forward, chin tucked, torso level with a slight posterior pelvic tilt. If you are not certain you are doing it right, for the love of gym , consult a trainer! At the end of the day, it is most important to give it your best even though it might be difficult. Trying and failing is better than not trying at all. After all, he does try and that's what counts!

Taking gym breaks to the next level. Nap time?9s

Taking gym breaks to the next level. Nap time?

We've all been there. It's a long day at work, you are drained both physically and mentally, but you live by the "a healthy mind in a healthy body" motto, so off to the gym you go. You set up nicelly, take those free weights and begin your set: 1, 2, 3...10. Break time! Then the long days before catches up with you and you have no choice but to take a nice little nap. Just to recharge quickly... This guy films another dude at the gym on a reclined bench, laying and sleeping instead of working out. Poor dude must have had quite the day. Or maybe he's just a new dad, eager to get a few moments off parenting and all to himself. We understand. Talk about taking a rest between sets to another level. "Who's man is this?"

Lazy Kitty Prefers Taking A Nap Instead Of Playing With The Fidget Spinner32s

Lazy Kitty Prefers Taking A Nap Instead Of Playing With The Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners seem to be everywhere these days! We are afraid to open the fridge, in case our food didn’t turn into fidget spinners overnight or something! Even though they are marketed as a means of relieving anxiety, people became fascinated by the toy and even started collecting them. It seems there’s a spinner in every other pocket on this world! This lazy black-and-white cat doesn’t seem to be catching up on the fidget-spinner craze though. Her owners try to show her how the toy looks and how it works, but she would rather lay on her side and contemplate her next nap or something. Fidget spinners" are small, ball-bearing devices that the user can rotate between his or her fingers. They are fun and really stress relief! With the rising popularity of phone apps and video games, it’s refreshing to see school-age children become obsessed with something that doesn’t involve a screen. However, surprisingly animals love them also! Guess they find them stress relief too! After seeing this cat maybe you will also buy a fidget spinner for your pet too! Pets with fidget spinners is now officially a thing. And this cat loves the idea of playing with the fidget spinner but she loves napping more! She tried to play with it a little bit, but she realized it’s time for nap so she likes to nap instead! She is so adorable! Instagram @nazzard27

Don't deny it, we've all wanted to try this once9s

Don't deny it, we've all wanted to try this once

There are so many things you can do in the water while on vacation! Swimming, surfing, wakeboarding, diving, snorkeling...the list is endless! But it seems that every person on this planet that has ever been out on water has one single thing in mind when they reach the beach - how about a blob? The name sounds terrible, like an alien made of goo that comes to swallow you in its thick, semi liquid body that defies science, but it is actually a really fun water activity for all ages! Available at almost any summer camp, it is the best way to find out what it is like to fly, but instead of the risk of falling onto solid ground, you splash into the water!

This Ninja Warrior Loves To Play In An Inflatable Park5s

This Ninja Warrior Loves To Play In An Inflatable Park

Inflatable bouncing houses are so cool! They seem to have this supernatural ability to turn full-grown adults into kids with their magnetic attraction. Even though some adults might not admit it, but every living human on the face of this earth has a squeaking little kid inside their head every time they see a bouncing house. This girl is proof that you can never be too old to have some fun in a bouncing castle, or in her case, an inflatable obstacle course! She might think she is the next Ninja Warrior , but it seems she needs loads of training if she ever wants to achieve that title! Thank goodness the floor is soft as the obstacles. However, you have to admit that this inflatable bouncing house looks so awesome and fun! We would for sure have a lot of fun here! Yes, a bouncy house , those inflatable, bouncy contraptions set up at kids’ birthday parties that us adults envy when we’re told we’re “too big” to join the kids inside. But, this girl didn’t like the rules and she went straight to into the bouncing house to have fun! Here is a great fact for grown-ups and bounce houses! Bounce houses are fun and they burn energy and calories too. The calorie calculator reports 10 minutes of rope jumping will burn 26.6 calories! Having fun and burning calories? We are in!

Take A Look As A Giant Wave Throws Wave Boarder High Into Air12s

Take A Look As A Giant Wave Throws Wave Boarder High Into Air

The waters off the coast of Mexico are home to some of the biggest waves in the world, a dream for any passionate wave tamer. With waves known to hit a staggering 115 feet in height, who could resist them? This surfer sure couldn’t! The daredevil is barely visible in the gripping footage, marked only by the white trail of foam that creates behind him as he slices through the water. This daredevil is barely visible in the gripping footage, marked only by the white trail of foam that creates behind him as he slices through the water. Even though he looks like he has everything under control for the first little while as he slides through the waves he all of a sudden crashes into a oncoming wave that takes him sky high into the air and throws him mercilessly back into the water head first. This video is a joy to watch as it begins and somewhat toward the middle as it gives you hope for this surfer that he will make it out of those big waves by simply being led by the water to the shore. But things as you watch this video will change dramatically and it will definitely catch you by surprise. Wow! That's a brave guy and he pays the price! Take a look as monster waves come together to throw a wave boarder high into the air at a beach in Puerto Escondido Oaxaca, Mexico .

Skateboarder Hangs On Moving Car But Fails And Scrapes The Ground Hard59s

Skateboarder Hangs On Moving Car But Fails And Scrapes The Ground Hard

There is a reason why they say that you need to think about safety first. You can’t just jump into crazy situations then think about how much better it would have been if you thought about your own safety beforehand. It’s okay, we’ve all done our fair share of ill-judged moments, but it is important to learn from them and never ever to them again. This daredevil sure wished he wore protective gear before grabbing onto the side of that car . Shareyer is recorded on his skateboard hanging onto the side of an old beige coupe. He loses grip on his skateboard and falls forward, getting dragged by the car for a brief second before letting go and sliding about 10 feet on the ground of the parking lot. The next frame you can see him in pain with close ups of his injuries. He is still in disbelief about what happened. His injuries included some severe scrapes, some so deep he couldn't even feel yet. He shredded his right hand and elbow, his left knee and even his T-shirt on his chest. Thankfully, there’s no blood peeking out of there. One thing is for sure, those gashes are going to leave some nasty scars. Skateboarding is more dangerous than it might appear, especially when you’re trying to do stunts like this one, that is why elbow and knee pads and a helmet with a chin pad are a must.

Guilty Dog Is Very Proud Of His Toilet Paper Trail23s

Guilty Dog Is Very Proud Of His Toilet Paper Trail

Even wonder what your dogs are doing when you leave them alone at the house? Sure, we all hope they will just lay down in their beds or on the couch and wait patiently for our arrival home. That is probably what this guy thought as well, but that is not what he found when he went back home to his doggy! The damage has been done and it is irreversible, so there is nothing that can be done now, but to face of the suspect found at the crime scene and seems to be jolly and very proud on the toilet trail he made! This is the adorable moment when a naughty dog is caught red-handed in the act of making a mess. Naughty pooch went on to find the toilet paper and simply dragged it around the house to make the perfect trail from where he was and where he is has gone. When owner confronts him about it, he shows no sign of guilt, rather proud of his accomplishment. Too funny! A little white and grey dog is sitting on the couch at the end of his toilet paper trail. He jumps off the couch and leads his owner to the source of the toilet paper trail. Little guy seems to be very proud of his accomplishments. Take a look at this doggy's reaction as it is bound to put a smile on your face!

Resilient Cat vs Dog in a game of Tug of War15s

Resilient Cat vs Dog in a game of Tug of War

Little did this small Pomeranian dog know that it would meet it's greatest match yet. This little dog was happily playing with it's toy, that was until the family cat caught wind of it. The cat held on for dear life, as the pom dog refused to let go. This resulted in this hilarious clip of the dog dragging the cat across the floor. The cat doesn't have a care in the world as it just leisurely held onto the toy while the dog tries it's hardest to get it back. This hilarious duo manage to make an amazing pet video that brightens up your day. Seeing these two opposites collides makes the video all the more funny! You have the dog that tries it's hardest to get the toy back, and then you have the lazy cat holding on without any effort giving the dog a challenge. This toy must have been destroyed after this epic battle between the two animals! The owner could always buy more dog toys on Amazon for this duo to play with! Do you have any funny pet stories or moments that you want to share? Let us know in the comments below!

Small Calico Cat Loses Balance And Falls Off The Roof7s

Small Calico Cat Loses Balance And Falls Off The Roof

Even if you do not own a cat yourself, then it is most likely you have seen videos of these furry rascals dropping various things from tables, shelves and other places where people usually put things. If you ever wondered why they are doing this, and what is happening in their small cat's brains, then you have come just to the right place because we have the answers to these questions. Clumsiness is usually not a characteristic you would find in a cat, but here we have just that. It might have come as a surprise, but it's true. One can never be too bored if they own a pet cat. Their hilarious antics might make huge messes at home, but never fail to make us laugh. We knew that pets can be a lot of work to raise, but who would have thought they would be this much of a challenge? Sure, you have to feed them, play with them and make sure they are happy and healthy which is already a big enough challenge, but what is even more challenging is when they are stubborn, telling you what to do! That is just a typical cat behavior! Now, we all know how curious cats can get. The saying “curiosity killed the cat" wasn’t coined for nothing! Our feline companions can get into some pretty sticky situations if they set their mind on it. But it does happen that they get others into some sticky situations, again because of their insatiable, hunter-like curiosity. In this case, curiosity takes this cat on a journey that it will never forget. For some this video is funny and for some, they feel sorry for the cat. Either way, this cat takes a nice fall toward the ground. However we do not see the outcome since once the cat falls down from the water drain, the camera loses its sight. Cats might still have a sliver of the killer instincts still embedded somewhere in their genetics, but life at home has made them somewhat clumsy, yet overconfident. We've seen them walking on clothing lines and falling mid walk; we've seen them trying to jump from one cabinet to another and missing it by a mile; we have seen them climbing into our closets or on the windows and get stuck in the hangers or on the window blinds. How can something so stealthy get so klutzy? Amy T. films a small white and beige kitten as it tries to cross from the roof of her house over to what looks like a small storage shed, along with a round-profile drainage pipe. A quarter of the way down the pipe connecting the shed to the house, the small kitten slips and hangs on briefly before it falls off with the most awkward somersault. For a moment there it even looks like the cat take a split second pause mid-air, before falling on the ground . What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Oddly Satisfying. Slow Mo Rain drops on leaves54s

Oddly Satisfying. Slow Mo Rain drops on leaves

Heidi records a couple of rain drops falling in slow motion onto some leaves. The longer you watch the video the more mesmerizing and calm it makes you feel. This is definitely one of those oddly satisfying things you watch to calm you down.

Office Chair Plus High Pressure Water Hose Sounds Like A Great Combination13s

Office Chair Plus High Pressure Water Hose Sounds Like A Great Combination

Are you feeling bored out of your mind? Think you might go nuts over the lameness of your day? What if there was something that you can DIY in the blink of an eye, without tools and without breaking a sweat? Then do what this guy did! Grab the nearest office chair , the one that rotates, get the pressure washer from the garage, sit down and press the trigger! You will get instant fun that can last for as long as you don’t feel sick from all that turning around. Just don’t forget to consider the hose that is attached to your pressure washer, otherwise you might get tangled up like the dude did. Instant backyard fun! DIYing things is definitely beneficial for you, it can calm your nerves, teach you patience and give you the greatest feeling of accomplishment after you finish assembling each and every tiny piece you had to assemble. Manual work can help you soothe anxiety and stress because it shifts the focus towards what you’re doing. The repetitiveness of movement goes like a balm over all your worries and you’re left feeling a ton lighter and ready to tackle other chores. This form of art brings out the child in us, it proves that with just a little bit of patience, you can end up creating something out of the blue and that each and everyone of us can become an engineer, albeit not the most perfect one. So keep calm and DIY !

Cat tries to climb down shelves15s

Cat tries to climb down shelves

Faye films her black cat trying to navigate some shelves in her room. The cat is able to climb down one shelf but takes a leap too large and falls down the rest of the way onto the ground. The cat recovers and hops onto Faye's bed immediately.

Epic ski fail with equally epic recovery!11s

Epic ski fail with equally epic recovery!

Ah, overconfidence. How grateful we are for all the fail videos that your overflow has provided us with. From the silly dogs and cats doing incredibly stupid things around their owners, to those athletic enthusiasts who fish for their 5 minutes of Internet glory, we can never have too many fail videos here on ! We've seen them all, the overenthusiastic jumpers, the unprepared jumpers, the “will do anything for the sake of people's fun” types... They all ended without a serious injury, thankfully, although we can't be sure if an injured vanity counts as such. People all year long perform all sorts of crazy stunts that not so seldom turn into the best fails. This guy wanted to use what was left of the powder on the ski slopes, so he decided to do some jumps off a ramp. Now, it looks like there's plenty of snow for some innocent extreme fun. Dude's gliding down the hill and goes for the ramp. But what he doesn't know is that the snow is no longer stiff to hold him as he jumps, so it gives under the pressure and sends the guy flying in a cloud of frozen powder. If you are cringey you might want to turn away at that point, because it looks like it will end nasty, but for who knows for what reason the guy manages to shake his skis off and come up on his two feet for a celebratory dance! It must have been a lucky star or something!

Funny ending! Brown cat also wants to play10s

Funny ending! Brown cat also wants to play

Cats are the funniest creature on the planet, you got to admit. They can be as stealthy as a thief, sly and quiet when they want to accomplish something. But other times, they can be so silly and clumsy, you can’t help but ask yourself the question “how can that cat be like that?” You would think that natural born predators, like our cats are, should be quick on their toes, ready to pounce or change position the moment they feel a shift in the floor. But if you were ever able to watch a cat play, it is like watching an elephant riding a unicycle, because that is just unnatural! Just look at these two! The black and white kitten is playing with her owner, whose creativity we must acknowledge. Why buy a cat toy on a string, when you can just tie a pompom on the end of a selfie stick? Anyway, the kitten is playing with the fluffy pompom, trying to catch it, when his tri-color calico brother runs over, mesmerized by the floating thing! You would think that a cat, no matter how young, will be able to snag that toy right off and make a run for it, but nope. Not only does the calico kitten miss the toy twice, he comes back for a third charm, only to lose its balance and topple over on the ground with a thud! It might be a sad and painful thing to watch, but we had to rewind the clip a few times to get a solid laugh out of it!

He's for sure representing the US in the 2020 diving Olympics7s

He's for sure representing the US in the 2020 diving Olympics

Now this will definitely make you feel sore just from watching this epic fail. A guy in an American flag bathing suit and black life vest jumps off a tall cliff but smacks into the water on his side. It looks like he's going to be in quite some pain after that little mess up. Don't worry buddy, we've all had those moments before. Whoever has gone cliff jumping before has had the feeling of adrenaline mixed in with anxiety. The nerves can be so bad causing the jumper to remain standing on the cliff for minutes and minutes until they either chicken out or go through with the jump. Now this situation is a cliff jumpers nightmare. Not that it is that dangerous, just the temporary sting that comes after an awkward landing can be very uncomfortable for the following few minutes. Rest assured, the pain subsides and everything is back to normal within minutes usually. Have you ever gone cliff diving before? If you ever decide to do so, make sure that you are doing it in a safe manner as it is easy to mess one part up and it can result in a bit of a blunder like this guy. Check out this fail at cliff diving.