How To Grow Copper Crystals with Electricity2m56s

How To Grow Copper Crystals with Electricity

Growing your own pure copper crystals is very easy. You only need the following: -A suitable container (flat walls are better, you can observe the growth better!) -Copper Sulfate. -A power supply. 5 volts or less is best! You can even do this with a few batteries in parallel! HAVING PROBLEMS? see

Sulfur Volcano1m22s

Sulfur Volcano

Blowing through a mound of sulfur powder creating a finely dispersed cloud which is then ignited. This is an analogue to the classic lycopodium powder experiment. Blowing through the dust will make a huge flame creating sulfur dioxide, it smells like a giant match!

Ammonia Sulfate Mistake!50s

Ammonia Sulfate Mistake!

OOPS I forgot to dilute my solutions when making a video on how to grow my favorite crystals!! No mad scientists were hurt in the process. I did not publish this earlier for obvious reasons, but Ive gotten a lot of subscribers recently and i owe you something!!!

Underwater Explosions - Slow Motion Dry Ice Bomb.2m30s

Underwater Explosions - Slow Motion Dry Ice Bomb.

Underwater explosions using Dry Ice, and Liquid Nitrogen, and captured in high definition slow motion. Hey guys, Backyard Scientist here. I this video I throw water bottles filled with dry ice, and liquid nitrogen into my pool. This is seriously cool. The resulting explosions are earth-shaking pow

Molten Aluminum Vs. Live Toaster1m52s

Molten Aluminum Vs. Live Toaster

Feel a bit bored and want to try something exciting? Don’t get your hands dirty, just check out TheBackyardScientist channel on Rumble! Kevin Kohler, a.k.a. The Backyard Scientist has saved many science enthusiasts’ and curious minds’ homes from burning to the ground, by filming insane experiments in his own home and (of course) back yard. Each video comes with a “don’t try this at home” warning for obvious reasons. He has a whole playlist of videos on his channel where he experimented with how molten aluminum reacts with different surfaces and items. For now, the most basic of experiments. Namely, one of TheBackyardScientist’s subscribers, Beth Lancina, suggested " should fill any random household items (metal) with molten aluminum like a toaster!..." Ever wondered what happens when you pour 1000 degree molten aluminum metal on a plugged in toaster? Sparks fly, plastic melts, and toasters everywhere shed a tear. You might be able to notice that the molten metal sticks to everything metallic on the appliance, melts the plastic components, but does not stick to the bread inside? Watch when the slices eject from the heat – they just throw the molten aluminum right off. Check out the channel here on for more interesting experiments.

Zinc and HCl22s

Zinc and HCl

Creating zinc chloride, and hydrogen gas. Just a warning don't put your face close like I did! I got a couple drops of hydrochloric acid on my face from the bubbles. I was wearing glasses but scary.

Propane Rifle2m47s

Propane Rifle

Aloha fellow scientists! Have you ever seen anything so cool? So after watching NightHawkInLight's video I knew I had to do this. It was easy to do, all I needed was a TS8000 torch, and 10 feet of 7/8 tubing from the hardware store. Inspiration for this video NightHawkInLights video - https://www.

My little pony vs. 461m57s

My little pony vs. 46" Fresnel death ray!

Here we have the childhood favorite toy, My Little Pony. In this video, the toy is "sentenced to death" by magnifying glass. The magnifying glass used is a 46" Fresnel lens from rear projection television. The whole ordeal took about 5 minutes in time to completely destroy the toy. Melting plastic isn't something you'd really want to do, as the odor from the burning plastic is filled with toxic chemicals. Watch as it elegantly charcoals. Remember that this experiment was carried out by the hands of a highly experienced person, so do not try this at home as it could cause serious injury. With that said, enjoy the beautiful destruction of a favorite toy from childhood! Sorry little sister!

Molten salt teaser video - full video in a day :)45s

Molten salt teaser video - full video in a day :)

Backyard Scientists T-Shirts! Limited Edition campaign, buy one now! - FULL VIDEO - High Speed camera rentals Facebook: Twitter: h

Pulsejet made from pipe fittings.51s

Pulsejet made from pipe fittings.

I made this pulse jet with a 1/2 scale because I couldn't find the correct size pipe for a full size. I'm using "rosscojector" style injection but it won't stay for more than 30 seconds. Unregulated

Black powder cannon tests2m05s

Black powder cannon tests

We made a cannon that fires water bottles. Why you ask? Why not!?! Using 1-2 ounces of blackpowder, and 10-16oz of water. If we filled the bottles up all the way they exploded :/

Molten Aluminum Vs. Lava Lamp2m41s

Molten Aluminum Vs. Lava Lamp

Ever wonder what would happen If you poured molten aluminum into a lava lamp? Me neither. Well, you voted, I listened! Some of my viewers on my Facebook, and G+ pages suggested that I pour molten aluminum into a Lava Lamp. That sounded awesome so I set out to buy the biggest one them make..27"! Afte