Hydrolyze Acetylsalicylic Acid into Salicylic Acid3m34s

Hydrolyze Acetylsalicylic Acid into Salicylic Acid

Please read the entire description! 50gm ASA 33.5gm NaOH 150ml water Filter Add conc. HCl to taste (~150ml) Filter Wash, rinse & repeat. Dry 2 things 1.) You don't need to separate the ASA from tablets. 2.) Stir NaOH slowly! (a) CH3COO-C6H4-COOH + NaOH → CH3COO-C6H4-COONa + H2O (b) CH3COO-C6H4

Sub 4 Science3m06s

Sub 4 Science

Please check out and subscribe to these channels, they make great videos! AlChemicalLife AMchemistry Andrew Phillips http://www.y

Ping Pong ball filled with liquid nitrogen? Insane Speed!3m52s

Ping Pong ball filled with liquid nitrogen? Insane Speed!

I was on Reddit yesterday, and I saw a cool GIF on r/woahdude. It looked so cool I had to do it. Also people were debating on how fast the ball was really spinning, and I had to find out for myself so I grabbed my camera that can shoot up to 1000fps. The original poster estimated the speed at 10,000

Green Flamethrower Squirtgun3m37s

Green Flamethrower Squirtgun

Nobody better pinch me on St.Patricks day for not wearing any green!! Bored on spring break? looking for a project? Look no further! In this video I make and demonstrate how I made a green flamethrower from a squirt gun, antifreeze (methanol), and Roach killer (Boric Acid). I hacked this squirt gun

Real-life Mario Fireballs ---- SMS#14m16s

Real-life Mario Fireballs ---- SMS#1

Soaking tennis balls in gasoline? What can go wrong! BIG thanks to fans "thedestructionator01" and "TheWakimaniac" for giving me ideas to try! I read all my comments, but sometimes I miss a few! If you need help with a project you are welcome to email me :) On my Facebook, G+, and Twitter page I

Do hot objects fall through water faster? Leidenfrost Effect!4m44s

Do hot objects fall through water faster? Leidenfrost Effect! Today I put the Leidenfrost effect to the test! Im trying out a great question from somebody on my facebook page. He wanted to know if a hot object will fall faster than a cold object through water. I set up my fishtank and dropped red-hot steel

Fire-Saber and Other Awesome Experiments!4m36s

Fire-Saber and Other Awesome Experiments!

3 mini experiments rolled into 1 nice video! Its been raining all week, so I got to stay in and play with my new camera! I made a Fire-saber, and I recorded cool footage like watching a fire race across the floor, and hitting a water soaked screen. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed

Molten Aluminum Vs. Oobleck (Non-Newtonian Fluid)3m07s

Molten Aluminum Vs. Oobleck (Non-Newtonian Fluid)

The first Molten Aluminum video in a long time! After last weeks Oobleck video, many of you suggested for me to pour molten aluminum into Oobleck. It sounded like a fun experiment so I gave it a go! If you want to see another cool Oobleck experiment, Taofledermaus poured mercury into a cupfull of oo

Making Plasma, Microwaving grapes --- SMS#23m17s

Making Plasma, Microwaving grapes --- SMS#2

Welcome back to Slow Motion Saturday! This week is about electricity and plasma. So out first suggestion come from user xZxDerpDragonxZx.. He wants me to DO SOMETHING WITH PLASMA. well thats a pretty general suggestion but i know just the thing *slam microwave transformer* Its a microwave oven tra

Chlorobutanol Synthesis4m55s

Chlorobutanol Synthesis

Recrystallize in enough methanol to dissolve, then place in refrigerator for large crystals (4 days) OR freezer for smaller (4-8 hours). do multiple smaller pulls. 90ml acetone 10ml chloroform 1-2gm NaOH Yield~ 4gm Please note this is not safe for consumption. It may contain small amounts of un r

Oscilloscope From an Old Television4m03s

Oscilloscope From an Old Television

Its so easy to turn an old tv into an oscilloscope, I filmed this entire video in a few hours. Inspiration for this project Song 1 : "Free instrumental royalty free" Music Produced by Nick Ngo Bangerz

Rainbow Colored Flame(thrower) Science Experiment!4m06s

Rainbow Colored Flame(thrower) Science Experiment!

Today I am going to show you how to make rainbow colored flames out of household materials. Whats your favorite color??? Lithium from batteries burns red, Calcium chloride in Damp-Rid burns orange, Sodium in table salt burns yellow, boron in roach killer burns green, methanol burns blue all by itse

Pouring Molten Aluminum In a Watermelon. Awesome Surprise!2m47s

Pouring Molten Aluminum In a Watermelon. Awesome Surprise!

Backyard Scientists T-Shirts! Limited Edition campaign, buy one now! - Facebook: Twitter: @ChemicalKevy Move over AntHillArt, theres a new guy in town

DIY 2m25s

DIY "Liquid Nitrogen" Liquid Propane!

Hey guys, In this video I use liquid propane as an analogue to liquid nitrogen. Its easy, I just invert a propane cylinder and the propane comes out a a liquid. This liquid is very cold. about -40 degrees! I acts just like liquid nitrogen, freezing plants and stuff. I normally do not put warnings o

Chloroform from Bleach and acetone.1m02s

Chloroform from Bleach and acetone.

DIY chloroform, an easy preparation! watch my other video on how to synthesize it. Just a video showing the amount of chloroform i made, i was only using a 2.5 percent concentration of sodium hypochlorite that's why the yield is low. You can see bubbles of co2 from phosgene degrade.