Pouring Molten salt into Water - Explosion!8m44s

Pouring Molten salt into Water - Explosion!

Backyard Scientists T-Shirts! Limited Edition campaign, buy one now! - What we made - Exploding Salt High Speed camera rentals - Molten Salt Explosion paper #1 http:

Molten Aluminum Vs. Pie (+Sodium!)4m41s

Molten Aluminum Vs. Pie (+Sodium!) Find me on Facebook! Today I pour molten aluminum on Pumpkin pie, Apple pie, Cranberries, and mashed potatoes & gravy. I also make a Sodium Potassium alloy NaK and put it inside a jar of cranberries. I shoot it with my BB gun to explode it. Fina

This Is What Happens When You Pour Molten Aluminum Into A Pumpkin4m19s

This Is What Happens When You Pour Molten Aluminum Into A Pumpkin

It’s time to do Halloween, Backyard Scientist-style and what better way to decorate your house for Halloween than by using pumpkins. In this episode, the Jack O’Lantern meets his match in a 1000 degree aluminum and liquid nitrogen. The inside of a pumpkin has a pretty interesting geometry. I had the idea to cast the inside to see what it looks like, but the inside of the pumpkin is very fragile and the 1000 degree aluminum pretty much destroys it as soon as it comes in contact with the soft flesh. I thought freezing the pumpkin would provide more structural support, so I froze the pumpkin from the inside out with liquid nitrogen. My thermometer can only measure to -36f (-38c), and the pumpkin was colder than that. Liquid nitrogen has a boiling point of like -300 degrees. Which means it sucks heat from whatever it touches until that object is -300 degrees at which point it stops boiling. Both pumpkins turned out awesome, although they were a bit stinky. There was some slight difference between the two. The one without the liquid nitrogen turned out a bit more chunky and rounded while the one with the liquid nitrogen turned out to be a lot more defined and slim. Which one do you think looked better? Next time I cast any fruits i will definitely be freezing them first!

6 Dangerous Ways to Cook an Egg4m11s

6 Dangerous Ways to Cook an Egg

In this video I explore some crazy ways to cook an egg, and kind of go into the science behind it. Plus, its a great excuse to break out the flamethrower! Making a squirt gun flamethrower is very dangerous. I get a lot of emails asking advice on building a flamethrower: I can't stop you from doing

Oscilloscope From an Old Television4m03s

Oscilloscope From an Old Television

Its so easy to turn an old tv into an oscilloscope, I filmed this entire video in a few hours. Inspiration for this project Song 1 : "Free instrumental royalty free" Music Produced by Nick Ngo Bangerz

Pouring Molten Aluminum Into A Pool4m26s

Pouring Molten Aluminum Into A Pool

Kevin Kohler, the Backyard Scientist is back at it again with a new video featuring one of his favorite molten aluminum. It is good that Kevin takes on these complex and potentially extremely dangerous experiments on himself, because he has the cool gadgets and cameras that capture the results up close for our enjoyment. He has already shown us how to build your own backyard aluminum smelter with the help of some neighborhood kids. After you have built the smelter, melt what ever aluminum you have and find a backyard pool that you can contaminate with the molten metal. The idea was to see how the molten aluminum will react with the cold water. Kevin was probably expecting it to result in some explosion, like when you put hot iron in water, but instead, the metal makes a very cool sound when it hits the surface of the water and then sinks to the bottom., creating some really neat looking shapes. The underwater footage might not be brilliant, but the sound the camera recorded is pretty cool too. There’s another video of Kevin playing with molten aluminum, but this time he dumped a few pounds of the stuff into a fish tank filled with water balls and the results were 1000 times more amazing! If you are looking for a new art form and are not afraid of getting burned, definitely check it out! Backyard Scientists T-Shirts! Limited Edition campaign, buy one now! -

Aluminum Vs  Melons = Hand Grenade?!3m26s

Aluminum Vs Melons = Hand Grenade?!

Pouring molten aluminum in a watermelon turned out to be really popular, So I poured aluminum in two more melons, honeydew and cantaloupe. It turned out really cool, giving a perfect cast of the inside of a melon. It looked just like a hand grenade!

Small soup can forge melting zinc.3m25s

Small soup can forge melting zinc.

Saw another user with this design, my Sister and I tried it out this afternoon. It's not perfect, and the flame circulation could be improved, but it is easy to use without constant attention.

Wood burning With Lightning. Lichtenberg Figures!3m06s

Wood burning With Lightning. Lichtenberg Figures!

This demonstration is extremely, extremely dangerous. -- If you touch ANYTHING (wires, transformer, wood... anything!) while its plugged in you will be ELECTROCUTED and DIE -- PEOPLE HAVE DIED from microwave transformers -- all it takes is one mistake -- YOU DONT GET A SECOND CHANCE..... In this vi

Woodburning With Electricity4m31s

Woodburning With Electricity

I remade this video because I get dozens of emails a week asking how to wire the transformer. I had fun making it (except for those damn birds!) , I hope you enjoy watching it. This demonstration is extremely, extremely dangerous. -- If you touch ANYTHING (wires, transformer, wood... anything!) wh

Fire Vortex Cannon3m13s

Fire Vortex Cannon

Pretty cool huh? The fire rings are amazing! How do you guys like the new style of video? In this video I show how easy it is to make a vortex shooter out of an old paint bucket. All you need to make the vortex ring cannon is an old paint bucket, something to cut it with, and a garbage bag! Add a l

Steel Wool on a DRONE3m55s

Steel Wool on a DRONE

You have probably heard of steel wool before. You can burn it and swing it around to create amazing sparks and effects. I thought it would be fun to attach steel wool to a drone and fly it around a beach at night. It turned our really cool. I also attached sparklers to the drone and flew it around.

Casting a Sword From Pewter3m13s

Casting a Sword From Pewter

Not everybody has the equipment to melt aluminum, but pewters low melting point makes metal-casting available to everybody! Its melting point is so low, you can melt it in your kitchen. Pewter is mostly tin, with a little bit of antimony and copper. Its use dates all the way back to the ancient Egy

Dry Ice Hoverboard (D.I.Y. REAL Hoverboard)3m19s

Dry Ice Hoverboard (D.I.Y. REAL Hoverboard)

Today I make a REAL hoverboard out of dry ice! It doesn't lift you high into the air like back to the future, but it perfectly emulates the feeling! Its just a wooden board with a rim around the edge to hole 3 blocks of dry-ice in place. As the dry ice sublimates, the pressure from the expanding gas

Ping Pong ball filled with Propane spins and EXPLODES3m33s

Ping Pong ball filled with Propane spins and EXPLODES

What happens when you fill a ping pong ball with extremely flammable propane, then light it on fire? Does it spin really fast, or make a cool noise, or explode? The answer is yes! Last video, I made a mistake. I forgot to set one of these on fire! Well thats kinda my thing, so today I set out to f