Enthiusiastic Scientist Dude Plays With Terminator Metal3m22s

Enthiusiastic Scientist Dude Plays With Terminator Metal

After seeing a GIF online from a guy squirting molten gallium into a pool of what looked like water in a shallow dish, Kevin Kohler wanted to try it out for himself. In the GIF, they would squirt the liquid metal from a syringe and it would form tiny spheres that after a little bouncing all over the place, would gather back together into one big ball. Kevin tried it at home, but the gallium would just form a blob in the dish, not doing much. After finding the original video, it turned out that the colorless liquid in the dish was actually sulfuric acid instead of just plain H2O. What is going on is, normally gallium has a very low surface tension, but when you add it to sulfuric acid, a thin skin of gallium sulfate is formed on the surface of the metal, which has a much higher surface tension that the pure metal. That higher surface tension is what pulls the metal back into a sphere. Gallium isn't the only liquid metal plaything that the Backyard Scientist has used in his career. Kevin once tried to do the bottle flip challenge, but instead of filling a bottle with water, he filled it with mercury, making it a mercury bottle flip challenge. Do not try that it home! Original Video inspiration -

How to Make an Aluminum Foundry - Backyard Scientist3m55s

How to Make an Aluminum Foundry - Backyard Scientist

It was about time To make this video! p.s. Im going to blow up a pumpkin tomorrow :) Jace & Luke - My neighbors YouTube channel Website - Instagram -

Molten Aluminum Vs. 15 gallons of Sprite3m01s

Molten Aluminum Vs. 15 gallons of Sprite

Backyard Scientists T-Shirts! Limited Edition campaign, buy one now! - In this video I wanted to see what happens if I poured molten aluminum into a carbonated liquid. Would it fall faster, or slower? Would it explode?! Then I poured molten t

Update! - VidCon and Vlogs1m16s

Update! - VidCon and Vlogs

Hey guys, sorry for the delay in videos! Map of the meetup location : Grant Thompson: Mark Rober: Watch me and my girlfriend on our trip around the country!

How to choose the next President3m53s

How to choose the next President

Backyard Scientists T-Shirts! Limited Edition campaign, buy one now! - If you're undecided just watch this video, It might help you make up your mind, but probably not. Take notes news channels, this is the proper way to moderate a debate! I

Aluminum Vs  Melons = Hand Grenade?!3m26s

Aluminum Vs Melons = Hand Grenade?!

Pouring molten aluminum in a watermelon turned out to be really popular, So I poured aluminum in two more melons, honeydew and cantaloupe. It turned out really cool, giving a perfect cast of the inside of a melon. It looked just like a hand grenade!

Small soup can forge melting zinc.3m25s

Small soup can forge melting zinc.

Saw another user with this design, my Sister and I tried it out this afternoon. It's not perfect, and the flame circulation could be improved, but it is easy to use without constant attention.

Wood burning With Lightning. Lichtenberg Figures!3m06s

Wood burning With Lightning. Lichtenberg Figures!

This demonstration is extremely, extremely dangerous. -- If you touch ANYTHING (wires, transformer, wood... anything!) while its plugged in you will be ELECTROCUTED and DIE -- PEOPLE HAVE DIED from microwave transformers -- all it takes is one mistake -- YOU DONT GET A SECOND CHANCE..... In this vi

Fire Vortex Cannon3m13s

Fire Vortex Cannon

Pretty cool huh? The fire rings are amazing! How do you guys like the new style of video? In this video I show how easy it is to make a vortex shooter out of an old paint bucket. All you need to make the vortex ring cannon is an old paint bucket, something to cut it with, and a garbage bag! Add a l

Steel Wool on a DRONE3m55s

Steel Wool on a DRONE

You have probably heard of steel wool before. You can burn it and swing it around to create amazing sparks and effects. I thought it would be fun to attach steel wool to a drone and fly it around a beach at night. It turned our really cool. I also attached sparklers to the drone and flew it around.

Casting a Sword From Pewter3m13s

Casting a Sword From Pewter

Not everybody has the equipment to melt aluminum, but pewters low melting point makes metal-casting available to everybody! Its melting point is so low, you can melt it in your kitchen. Pewter is mostly tin, with a little bit of antimony and copper. Its use dates all the way back to the ancient Egy

Dry Ice Hoverboard (D.I.Y. REAL Hoverboard)3m19s

Dry Ice Hoverboard (D.I.Y. REAL Hoverboard)

Today I make a REAL hoverboard out of dry ice! It doesn't lift you high into the air like back to the future, but it perfectly emulates the feeling! Its just a wooden board with a rim around the edge to hole 3 blocks of dry-ice in place. As the dry ice sublimates, the pressure from the expanding gas

Ping Pong ball filled with Propane spins and EXPLODES3m33s

Ping Pong ball filled with Propane spins and EXPLODES

What happens when you fill a ping pong ball with extremely flammable propane, then light it on fire? Does it spin really fast, or make a cool noise, or explode? The answer is yes! Last video, I made a mistake. I forgot to set one of these on fire! Well thats kinda my thing, so today I set out to f

Hydrolyze Acetylsalicylic Acid into Salicylic Acid3m34s

Hydrolyze Acetylsalicylic Acid into Salicylic Acid

Please read the entire description! 50gm ASA 33.5gm NaOH 150ml water Filter Add conc. HCl to taste (~150ml) Filter Wash, rinse & repeat. Dry 2 things 1.) You don't need to separate the ASA from tablets. 2.) Stir NaOH slowly! (a) CH3COO-C6H4-COOH + NaOH → CH3COO-C6H4-COONa + H2O (b) CH3COO-C6H4

Sub 4 Science3m06s

Sub 4 Science

Please check out and subscribe to these channels, they make great videos! AlChemicalLife AMchemistry Andrew Phillips http://www.y

Ping Pong ball filled with liquid nitrogen? Insane Speed!3m52s

Ping Pong ball filled with liquid nitrogen? Insane Speed!

I was on Reddit yesterday, and I saw a cool GIF on r/woahdude. It looked so cool I had to do it. Also people were debating on how fast the ball was really spinning, and I had to find out for myself so I grabbed my camera that can shoot up to 1000fps. The original poster estimated the speed at 10,000

Green Flamethrower Squirtgun3m37s

Green Flamethrower Squirtgun

Nobody better pinch me on St.Patricks day for not wearing any green!! Bored on spring break? looking for a project? Look no further! In this video I make and demonstrate how I made a green flamethrower from a squirt gun, antifreeze (methanol), and Roach killer (Boric Acid). I hacked this squirt gun

Molten Aluminum Vs. Oobleck (Non-Newtonian Fluid)3m07s

Molten Aluminum Vs. Oobleck (Non-Newtonian Fluid)

The first Molten Aluminum video in a long time! After last weeks Oobleck video, many of you suggested for me to pour molten aluminum into Oobleck. It sounded like a fun experiment so I gave it a go! If you want to see another cool Oobleck experiment, Taofledermaus poured mercury into a cupfull of oo

Making Plasma, Microwaving grapes --- SMS#23m17s

Making Plasma, Microwaving grapes --- SMS#2

Welcome back to Slow Motion Saturday! This week is about electricity and plasma. So out first suggestion come from user xZxDerpDragonxZx.. He wants me to DO SOMETHING WITH PLASMA. well thats a pretty general suggestion but i know just the thing *slam microwave transformer* Its a microwave oven tra