Dark Clouds Loom Over Fort Walton During Tornado Warning32s

Dark Clouds Loom Over Fort Walton During Tornado Warning

High winds blustered and dark clouds gathered over Fort Walton Beach, Florida, on April 22 as the National Weather Service alerted a tornado warning for the area. Uploader Sean McSheehy said he could hear transformers popping nearby and over a loudspeaker a Kmart store staff person urged people to get indoors. Ian Freeman of APEX Disaster Specialists offered to help locals board up windows and hang tarps free of charge. Credit: Sean McSheehy via Storyful

Indonesia's Erupting Soputan Volcano Spews Lava7m17s

Indonesia's Erupting Soputan Volcano Spews Lava

Soputan volcano in Indonesia’s North Sulawesi province, spewed lava on Wednesday evening, October 3, authorities said. Since erupting in the morning of October 3, at around 8.45 pm, Soputan had emitted plumes of volcanic ash that reached as high as 20,000 feet from the crater. The government imposed an exclusionary zone of a 2.5-mile radius, increasing the radius to 4 miles in the west and southwest areas, where lava and ash clouds were heading, said Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, spokesman of the National Disaster Management Agency. Credit: Gerry Asri Minahasa via Storyful

Visual Artist Changes 'Sun Bulb' in Creative Take on Solar Eclipse22s

Visual Artist Changes 'Sun Bulb' in Creative Take on Solar Eclipse

Visual artist and YouTuber Zach King is known for his short videos full of digital creativity that highlight improbable scenarios. His most recent video, shared on August 21, is an homage to the looming solar eclipse. The video shows King and another man, dressed like construction workers, carrying a ladder and a large orb, similar to a lightbulb, up a cliff. They pause in front of the sun and erect the ladder. King ascends it and “unscrews” the “bulb” of the sun, causing the entire world to go black. He then replaces it with the other bulb, causing the world to be illuminated once more. The video has been viewed nearly 1.5 million times on Instagram in two hours after it was first shared. Credit: Instagram/Zach King via Storyful

Double Tornado Funnel Clouds Seen in Bondurant, Iowa1m30s

Double Tornado Funnel Clouds Seen in Bondurant, Iowa

A pair of tornado funnel clouds were spotted in Bondurant, a suburb of Des Moines, as violent touchdowns tore through central Iowa on July 19, causing damage and injuries. A dozen houses were reportedly severely damaged in Bondurant, said Mark Tauscheck, a spokesman for Greater Iowa Red Cross. There were also power outages throughout the city, Tauscheck added. Thousands of customers were left without power in central Iowa, energy companies said. Several tornadoes ripped through central Iowa on July 19, causing damages and injuries in the towns of Pella, Marshalltown and Bondurant. Credit: Jon Bixler via Storyful

Tasmanian Devil Tunnels Through Deep Snow11s

Tasmanian Devil Tunnels Through Deep Snow

As heavy snow fell across Tasmania at the start of Spring, animals big and small found ways to navigate the weather conditions, including a Tasmanian Devil seen tunnelling through the powder on Friday, September 8. The Australian native was spotted near Cradle Mountain Lodge. A staff member wrote in a Facebook post: “The real Tassie locals are enjoying the snow. Local Friday afternoon traffic at Cradle Mountain Lodge.” Snow fell across the state to as low as 200 metres, the ABC reported. Credit: Facebook/Cradle Mountain Lodge via Storyful

Tractor Frees Police Car Trapped in Washington Blizzard37s

Tractor Frees Police Car Trapped in Washington Blizzard

It’s been a crazy winter for extreme weather this year, and this video shot on February 9th of a local farmer in Pasco, Washington freeing a police car that’s gotten stranded in a blizzard is just one more—incredibly gratifying to watch!—example of just how extreme it’s gotten. Jessica Coren Petty, who posted this video, says that she was returning home from lunch with a group of friends when they passed three trucks, one sheriff’s car, and a Pasco police car stuck in the snow. Eager to assist the stranded motorists, Petty and the rest of her party returned a few minutes later with a tractor and towed the vehicles free. Snowstorms in the area prompted highways to close and also shut down the Tri-Cities Airport on February 9th, the Tri-City Herald said, which we can’t help thinking is clearly a good idea. Just like we also think that residents willing to lend a hand to neighbors and community members in need is the hallmark of a town that’s a great place to live. It’s undeniably gratifying to watch that giant tractor pull and tug the comparatively small police car to freedom. Although, of course, police cars aren’t really small at all—easily weighing over a ton—which just goes to show how truly fearsome this particular snow storm was. That even trucks got stranded, despite all their massive size, makes this truly a snowstorm for the ages. While it’s been wonderful this winter to spend more time indoors with a cup of hot cocoa, a fire in the fire place, and some extra quality time with our friends, families, and pets, we also can’t help thinking about how nice it’s going to be when summer finally arrives and we can go outside with short sleeves and full confidence once again. Of course, the inevitable downside to all that will be the temporary end to videos like this one—which not only showcase some of the best community spirit we’ve seen in a long time, but also a gorgeous blanket of winter white covering the entire landscape. Fortunately, we can enjoy it all without actually having to venture out into the cold and the snow just by clicking the Play button, which we plan to do immediately. You should definitely do so too. Just make sure you’re snuggled up extra cozy in your favorite warm and comfortable spot before you do!

Heavy Rain Floods Paris Metro Station Causing Transport Disruptions33s

Heavy Rain Floods Paris Metro Station Causing Transport Disruptions

Heavy rain in Paris on May 29 caused havoc for transport in the city as a number of metro stations were closed due to flooding. According to Le Parisien, nearly 30 centimeters of rain fell in the 19th arrondissement. Trains were unable to stop at the Jourdain stop, on metro line 11, due to flooding in the station. Credit: Hatem Nafti via Storyful

Tasmanian Devil Curiously Lifts Nose to Falling Snow16s

Tasmanian Devil Curiously Lifts Nose to Falling Snow

The temperature plunged across Tasmania on Thursday, June 29, but among those least bothered were the Tasmanian devils at a Cradle Mountain sanctuary. A staff member at the sanctuary captured footage of one of the Australian natives wandering about in the swirling white, appearing curious but undisturbed by the cold snap. Credit: Facebook/Devils at Cradle via Storyful

Parts of Houston 'Loop' Freeway Submerged After Harvey32s

Parts of Houston 'Loop' Freeway Submerged After Harvey

Streets and highways in Houston, Texas, were under water on Sunday, August 27, as Tropical Storm Harvey dumped heavy rain on the area. The storm weakened to a tropical storm Saturday after making landfall on Friday night as a Category 4 hurricane. Credit: Instagram/levitateapparel via Storyful

Holiday Resort Damaged Following Hurricane Irma12s

Holiday Resort Damaged Following Hurricane Irma

A holiday resort on the Caribbean island of Saint Martin reported damage to its building and grounds after Hurricane Irma brought extreme winds and rain to the island on September 6. Video shared by the Simpson Bay Resort showed damage to buildings, cars, and trees. The hurricane brought maximum sustained winds of 185mph to the island, according to the National Hurricane Center. Credit: Twitter/Simpson Bay Resort via Storyful

Los Angeles Fire Department Crews, Boats Seen in Orlando Heading to Help With Irma39s

Los Angeles Fire Department Crews, Boats Seen in Orlando Heading to Help With Irma

Seventy members of the Los Angeles Fire Department and a fleet of boats were spotted in southern Florida on September 9 heading south to help prepare for Hurricane Irma. This video showed a fire department vehicle pulling a trailer with two boats down Florida’s Turnpike just south of Orlando. An LAFD spokesperson said 70 fire fighters deployed to Houston on August 27 to help rescue people after Hurricane Harvey. FEMA directed them to Alabama on September 5 to help prepare for Hurricane Irma. In a Tweet in response to the uploader, the LAFD said its members were honored to help Floridians on behalf of the people of Los Angeles. The National Hurricane Center said? Hurricane Irma is anticipated to hit the Florida Keys on Sunday morning, September 10, as a Category 4 storm. Credit: Twitter/Franco Powers via Storyful

Drone Footage Shows Lightning Over Queensland56s

Drone Footage Shows Lightning Over Queensland

Severe weather warnings were issued for parts of Queensland on Monday, October 30, with damaging winds and large hailstones forecast. The storms came after similar weather in the southeast over the weekend, with reports of damaging winds, loss of electricity to thousands of homes, and over 100,000 lightning strikes. This footage shows lightning over Yeppoon, Queensland, on Monday. Credit: Facebook/Alexander Brown via Storyful

Snowball Fight at Dublin's Trinity College14s

Snowball Fight at Dublin's Trinity College

Students at Trinity College in Dublin made the most of the “beast from the east” by having a snowball fight on the university’s Front Square. Journalist Richard Chambers, who shared the video, said: “Brazilian, Venezuelan students are enjoying their first ever snow day.” Credit: Richard Chambers via Storyful

Western Russia Town Plagued by Mosquitoes38s

Western Russia Town Plagued by Mosquitoes

Waves of mosquitoes have descended upon western Russia’s Voronezh oblast since May 6, in what local media is calling an unprecedented number of insects. The mosquito invasion has drawn complaints from the inhabitants of multiple towns, but especially those living in Pavlovsk and its neighboring villages, where local livestock and dogs have reportedly died from insect bites. Residents said they were living in “a state of siege” and that their normal routines had been disrupted, according to It is unclear what factors have caused the insect invasion, but RIA Novosti reported that the Voronezh region has suffered from similar problems in the past, especially in 2013, and that flooding this year may have led to an especially large increase in the mosquito population. This footage, described as filmed in Pavlovsk, shows a glimpse of the mosquitoes. Credit: elfxax via Storyful

Oregon's Boxcar Fire Grows to 10,000 Acres in Two Days39s

Oregon's Boxcar Fire Grows to 10,000 Acres in Two Days

The Boxcar Fire near Maupin, Oregon, grew to 10,000 acres by Thursday, June 22, just one day after it was first reported. The blaze is believed to have been started by lightning, according to local news reports. A level 1 evacuation was issued for East Maupin, and portions of Highway 197 were closed. The Graham Fire was burning close to the Boxcar Fire and stood at 2,000 acres on June 22. Some residents in Jefferson County, Oregon, were asked to evacuate due to threatening winds fueling the fire. Credit: Brittany Farrell via Storyful

Belgian Horses Help Semi-Trailer Up Icy Minnesota Driveway30s

Belgian Horses Help Semi-Trailer Up Icy Minnesota Driveway

A pair of hardy Belgian draft horses pulled a semi-truck and trailer up Lizzie and Jacob Hershberger’s steep and icy driveway in south Minnesota on December 5, after the truck got in a bit of trouble trying to make the journey. The owner of the semi, Craig Helgeson, stepped out and let driver Josie Swartzentruber take over as Jacob’s team of Belgian horses helped get the semi and trailer up the hill. He shot video showing the horses nearing the top of the hill. This video, shot by Lizzie Hershberger, shows the horses and semi-trailer making it to the top. Speaking to Storyful, Lizzie Hershberger said that she and her husband grew up around horses. She said these Belgian horses, owned by Jacob, were bred and trained for such work and were unharmed. She said that while the horses regularly pull heavy loads, a semi-trailer was a first for them. Credit: Lizzie Hershberger via Storyful

Tornadoes Reported in North Dakota30s

Tornadoes Reported in North Dakota

At least one possible tornado was reported near Hatton, North Dakota, on Wednesday, June 7. The National Weather Service reported strong storms in the area and that tornadoes had been spotted. This video shows a possible tornado near Hatton.

Drone Video Captures Flooding in Cape Coral, Florida1m18s

Drone Video Captures Flooding in Cape Coral, Florida

Neighborhoods in Cape Coral, Florida, were swamped with floodwater on Saturday, August 26, after days of rainfall. Forecasters warned three to five more inches could fall in some areas, with a 70 per cent chance of storms through Monday. Credit: Kiley Bergin, Cape Drones via Storyful

Waterspout Appear on Zurich Lake38s

Waterspout Appear on Zurich Lake

A drop in temperature on August 26 gave rise to a waterspout on Lake Zurich. “I can’t get enough of it” said Daniel Gerstgrasser, a meteorologist who posted the footage along with several pictures of it. Waterspouts also formed on Lake Zug and Lake Constance, local reports said. Credit: Daniel Gerstgrasser/MeteoSchweiz via Storyful

Drone Footage Shows Hawaiian Island Before Hurricane Wiped It Off the Map1m03s

Drone Footage Shows Hawaiian Island Before Hurricane Wiped It Off the Map

A small island in Hawaii is no more, scientists have found, after taking a direct hit from Hurricane Walaka in early October. Half a mile long and just 400 ft wide, East Island was an atoll in northwest Hawaii. Scientists confirmed its disappearance after comparing satellite images of the surrounding French Frigate Shoals, which is part of an enormous protected marine area. Sharing this drone footage of the 11-acre island on YouTube in July this year, Dr Chris Fletcher wrote that it was a critical habitat for green sea turtles, monk seals, and many types of sea birds. “The Coastal Geology Group from the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST), University of Hawaii, is investigating the age, origin, evolution, and current status of this island, and Gin Island, to improve understanding of how they may respond to current and future sea level rise,” he said at the time. Speaking to the Guardian newspaper, Fletcher said: “The island was probably one to two thousand years old and we were only there in July, so for it to be lost right now is pretty bad luck." Credit: Chip Fletcher via Storyful

Lightning Strike Hits Iconic City Sculpture39s

Lightning Strike Hits Iconic City Sculpture

Lightning struck the New Plymouth Wind Wand, a 48-metre-high “kinetic sculpture” that’s a popular city icon. The Wind Wand had no obvious structural damage, but will be inspected to determine if any maintenance is required, city recreation and culture manager Teresa Turner told The lightning strike did blow out the light at the wand’s tip, according to the New Zealand Herald. The storm also knocked out power to hundreds of homes in the Taranaki region, Stuff and the Herald reported. This video shows the spectacular lightning strike and resulting power outage. Credit: Facebook/PrimoWireless via Storyful

Lightning Appears to Strike Empire State Building on May 1545s

Lightning Appears to Strike Empire State Building on May 15

A storm rolled through Manhattan on May 15, bringing with it heavy rainfall and lightning that appeared to strike the Empire State Building. Caleb Madison was recording the Manhattan skyline on Tuesday evening when he was given a special surprise. Madison posted the video to his twitter on Tuesday so his friends and family could see the special moment he captured. Credit: Caleb Madison via Storyful

Thunderstorm Drops Hail, Floods Colorado Streets31s

Thunderstorm Drops Hail, Floods Colorado Streets

A severe thunderstorm dropped nearly three inches of hail and an inch and a half of rain in Fort Collins, Colorado, on Tuesday, May 22. The storm flooded local streets, which had to be shut down, a news report said. The streets and intersections that had been closed were re-opened by Wednesday morning. At least one school remained closed on Wednesday due to flooding, and city workers were out cleaning up debris from the storm. This video shows one of the flooded intersections. Credit: Gabe Eles via Storyful

Timelapse Shows Rising Flames of California's Holy Fire48s

Timelapse Shows Rising Flames of California's Holy Fire

California’s growing Holy Fire expanded to over 18,000 acres and was 5 percent contained by the morning of August 10, according to a tweet from the US Forest Service/Cleveland National Forest. More than 21,000 people were evacuated from as many as 7,500 homes by August 10. Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency for Riverside and Orange counties on August 9, according to Fox 11. This timelapse shows the growing flames in Lake Elsinore, California, during the early hours of August 10. Credit: Courtney Grimshaw via Storyful