Check Out These Cool Facts About The Human Body5m30s

Check Out These Cool Facts About The Human Body

By now we are all convinced that our bodies are actually pretty damn awesome. But there are so many curious facts about the bundles of cells that form the human body, we just have to share them with you! Care for a relaxing swim after a long day at work? In our lifetimes, our bodies are able to produce roughly 6250 gallons of saliva. To put that in perspective, that amount is enough to fill 2 swimming pools! Like to smile a lot? The average adult smiles around 20 times a day, while an average child smiles around 400 times. So find good reason to smile, it is good for you! Our noses are pretty awesome too! A study has revealed that our noses can distinguish around 1 trillion odors, making them the most sensitive organ in our body. And while on the subject of that is inside our bodies, one 154 pound body is comprised of 7 billion billion billion atoms, or 7, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000. The average human heart creates enough energy in a day to power a truck for a 20 mile trip. Also, when we wake up, our brains produce enough energy to power a 40 watt light bulb. Ding! Seeing is believing, as the human eye can distinguish around 7 million colors. Another note on colors, people who have blue and green eyes have a higher tolerance for alcohol and pain that those with brown eyes. But not all is lost for those with dark eyes, as they have been found to be better at fine motor skills. The reason behind this is believed to be the genes that code a person’s eye color, which apparently are also involved in other processes in the body. Wonder what is the definition of our vision? If the human eye were a camera, it would take photos in 576 megapixels. The camera on the iPhone 7 is only 12! If you ever wanted to make some money off the chemicals that make up your body, you would only make around $160. But if you were to sell its components - heart, kidneys, DNA and bone marrow, you could fill your coffers with $45 million! The list goes on, so be sure to watch the video for more curious facts about your body! Subscribe: Read the list 20 Facts About The Human Body You Didn’t Know: htt

These Are Some Of The Ridiculous Laws From Around The Globe5m17s

These Are Some Of The Ridiculous Laws From Around The Globe

You think you country has some questionable laws? Check out the list Slapped Ham has prepared for us - if you don’t find yours on it, then you have no right to complain! It is illegal to die in the British House of Parliament. No one knows what the punishment would be, but if they saw you looking a bit sickly, they will carry you out right away! Also, you may not, under any circumstance, enter the House of Parliament wearing a full suit of armor! In Liverpool a person can appear topless in public only if they work in a tropical fish store. Not sure if you know what the weather in Liverpool is even like… If you live in Scotland and someone knocks on your door in dire need to use your facilities, by law you are obligated to accommodate them. Still on the subject of using the toilet in the UK, pregnant women are allowed to relieve themselves anywhere, even in a policeman’s hat. Protections! In California it is illegal for a driverless vehicle to drive over 60 miles per hour. Don’t know how that would even be possible, but okay… Fire hydrants in Danville, Pennsylvania must be checked an hour before a fire. They probably consult with an Ouija board for that. If you try and bite someone in Louisiana using your natural teeth, it is considered a “simple assault”. If you wore dentures, then it is an “aggravated assault”. Obese people in Italy are forbidden to wear polyester. We will not venture deeper into this... If you are in Chicago and the place is on fire, you cannot eat your meal there. Sorry. The list gets weirder after this, so be sure to watch the rest of the compilation. You will thank us later. Subscribe: Check out our website for 5 BONUS crazy laws not in our video: http://slap

20 Facts About Star Wars You've Never Heard - SlappedHamTV7m11s

20 Facts About Star Wars You've Never Heard - SlappedHamTV

From bizarre script re-writes to recycled Doctor Who costumes join us as we countdown 20 facts about the original Star Wars trilogy that will blow your mind. Subscribe: Check out Alltime Numbers' awesome video, Star Wars in Numbers: Check out Alltime

None Of These Clips Has A Reasonable Explanation5m48s

None Of These Clips Has A Reasonable Explanation

Ghosts, spirits and demons, do they really exist? From a creepy kid in an abandoned house to a winged creature caught on camera, join us as we take a look at 5 pieces of terrifying footage that can’t be explained. If there more to this world than we can perceive? Those misheard whispers and dark figures in our periphery - is it our mind playin tricks on us or is there something more to it? The first clip shows a group of guys walking through an old, abandoned house and what they find is truly chill-inducing! Things start getting very creepy, very fast for these strollers, as they begin hearing sounds they can’t explain, stuff like whispers and growls. Suddenly they hear something that sounds very much like “pray for me” and a little kid appears out of nowhere. The house is believed to be a Civil-war-ega house, that was heavily damaged by cannon fire. Many people died in that house, but some stayed behind. The next footage comes from a CCTV camera overlooking Cilandak Town Square in Jakarta. The winged apparition that appears for a second and then swiftly flies away, just as it appears is called “the angel of Jakarta” by many. While this footage could have easily been faked, there is some weightiness to the creature and it swoops to fle ground, as well as the light effects around the creature, as it reflects it light on the surrounding walls. What do you think? In the following footage, a dad and his daughter are playing hide and seek. But when the dad enters the bedroom, he looks at the corner next to the dresser and sees a pair of glistening eyes and a faint shadow. Thinking it is his daughter, he calls her name and then hears his daughter’s voice coming from the side of the bed. The girl apparently hid under a layer of bedding. But what was that in the corner? Number two on this list is a CCTV clip from Disneyland, showing a ghostly figure walking the park after hours, when no one was there. It has long been believed that the amusement park is haunted by employees who used to work there; some even believe that it is the ghost of Walt himself! Could this be proof? On the top of this list is the footage of Elisa Lam, reported missing on January 31 2013. When she failed to check out of the Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, an intense police search has begun. The Cecil Hotel had been linked to many mysterious disappearances, murders and suicides. This mystery was the inspiration for the 5th season of the famous American Horror Story series. Subscribe: Thanks to our very special guest, count-down king Pl

10 Chilling Ghost Photos You Have To See5m51s

10 Chilling Ghost Photos You Have To See

Chilling Ghost Photos. From a floating spectre in a crematorium to a man’s soul escaping his body, join us we take a cautious peep at this collection of 10 chilling ghost photos you have to see. WATCH MORE HAM: OUR STORE: OUR WEBSITE: OUR SOCIALS:

People Seem To Struggle To Explain These 10 Photos6m02s

People Seem To Struggle To Explain These 10 Photos

Are you a fan of a good mystery? It seems that whenever the word ‘inexplicable’ is mentioned, most people’s thoughts flicker towards ghosts and the paranormal. But can the deceased really haunt our plane? Many seem to believe so, although when they see photos like these, they have trouble explaining them! Join Slapped Ham as they examine these 10 ghost photos that can’t be explained. One ghostly photo was taken in 1929 in the Fanham Wood Mill by a builder named Robert D. Walsh. The young builder was repairing the old staircase and needed some reference photos. He said he was alone that morning, but the developed photograph shows a figure hovering over the stairs. He claims its authenticity to his death. When a large 19th-century family sat down for a group photo, they never expected the developed film to show a haunting face in the window behind them. They believed it was the face of a family member long passed. Little is knows about this next photo, as it was posted anonymously on a forum for the paranormal in the 90's. Someone took it while exploring an abandoned property and they claim that nothing and no one was with them when they took it. This following image was taken by Reverend Ralph Hardy in the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England in 1966. The Reverend was taking photos of the Tulip Staircase in the Queen’s House. He said he was alone since the staircase was off limits for visitors. Many experts tried to prove it wasn’t genuine but failed to do so. Not all ghosts appear in abandoned building or staircase; some pop up uninvited to birthday parties as well. In a photo taken in the 70's, a group of girls is having some fun during a birthday party. When they developed the photo, no one remembered who the girl at the bottom of the photo was. That is until their Grandmother saw it and said that the girl struck a resemblance with her daughter Maree, who passed away at a very young age! So far we couldn’t explain these apparitions. If this sparked your imagination, keep watching for the rest of the spooky list. Subscribe: PLANET DOLAN VID, 10 Paranormal Clips That Will Give You Chills:

These Near-Miss Moments Are Straight Out Of A Final Destination Movie4m55s

These Near-Miss Moments Are Straight Out Of A Final Destination Movie

Have you seen that film? If you haven’t then you probably shouldn't. But if you have, then we assume you already know what kind of moment are we talking about here. From a plane that almost lands on a beachgoer, to a photographer almost getting snacked on by a gator, Slapped ham bring you 10 near-miss moments caught on tape. The first one is too mysterious to handle. A street food vendor had her name written on a rogue tire that was rolling on its own down the street. As she approaches a driver that stopped for a purchase, the tire just rolls between the woman and the vehicle, not touching either of them. If you blink, you will probably miss the moment in this second footage. A crowd has gathered to watch the demolition of a condemned building. But as soon as the structure starts collapsing, a rock the size of a basketball flies straight towards the person recording. Shoot! This third one is probably more luck that we can muster, but if that woman decided to walk across the ski slope just a second sooner, she would have been left beheaded by a skier that was just passing by. Did she have a death wish or something? Now here is what we told you about in the beginning. A plane descends over a beach in Germany with but a few sunbathers around. As the plane approaches the ground, the landing gear almost skims across the back of a gentleman was is lying in the sand with his face down. He never saw it coming! The rest of the compilation goes from bizarre to just mind boggling! Keep watching if you don’t believe us. Hollywood will never make them this real! Subscribe: Check out this and more amazing top 10 lists at our website: http://

 We Better Not Mess Around With These Bugs6m27s

We Better Not Mess Around With These Bugs

Bugs are all around us and most of them is easy to take for granted. Some of them are on this list and when you watch it, you will know better then to swat at them! The Africanised Honey Bees, also known as killer bees, are a hybrid of European and African honey bees. Studies show they react to disturbances up to ten times faster than other species. They have been known to tenaciously chase after humans and animals up half a kilometer away, stinging them relentlessly. Their stings cause rapid swelling of the eyes, lips and throat, followed by cramping that may lead to shock or seizure. The giant Asian hornet, native to temperate and tropical Asia is the world’s largest hornet and if provoked, they inject a powerful venom that can cause anaphylactic shock, cardiac arrest and multiple organ failure. If you are allergic to their sting, it always means certain death! In Japan the death toll from the Asian Giant Hornet is around 30 to 40 people per year while in the Shaanxi Province in China more than 1500 people are injured each year by these flying death dispensers. You probably connect fire ants to that scene in Indiana Jones 4, but in reality they just sting, badly. If a nest of fire ants is touched or damaged, hundreds of these red and will attack anything and anyone in sight, stinging their victims hundreds of times. For an average person, a fire ant sting will be painful and cause a swelling that turns into a pustule. BUt to an allergic person they cause much severe reactions, accompanied by dizziness and vomiting, even suffocating! This mosquitoes are a nuisance? They aren’t deadly per se, but they bring a lot of terrible diseases, health issues and economical burdens. They can carry diseases and parasites, such as malaria, dengue fever and yellow fever, to name a few. Just google them! Have we tickled your fancy yet? Keep watching for the rest of this list, because the rest are the most exotic bugs that can really mess you up! Subscribe: Check out this and more amazing lists at our website: http://slappe

It Would Seem That These Celebrities Have The Ability Of Time Travel5m17s

It Would Seem That These Celebrities Have The Ability Of Time Travel

Ever wondered if time travel is real? Well turns out it is! And here’s proof. Join us as we expose the truth about time travelling celebrities! It seems that, whatever the method, it has to be mighty expensive, as only celebrities have been seen able to afford it. (Well, not really, but still they are mighty convincing doppelgangers!) Number 12 on this list is John Travolta, a proven Scientologist. Scientology believes in reincarnation and if this image is any proof, then Mr. Travolta has done it! The image is from the 1860 and when it’s owner saw the uncanny resemblance, he asked the internet for $50.000 for it. Next up is the actor that waited too damn long for his Academy Award and it seems now that he should get a Nobel prize for Time Travel. Leonardo DiCaprio was officially born in the mid-seventies, but according to this one image, he used to be someone else - a woman in the early sixties named Judy Zipper. Bruce Willis may have Died Hard a few too many times, which should serve as proof enough that he is in fact Unbreakable. According to this image, he had a doppelgangers in a man named General Doug MacArthur. Perhaps the most famous image of a celebrity and his doppelganger is mr. Nicolas Cage and a certain gentleman from Bristol, Tennessee, who is a dead ringer for Hollywood legend. The gentleman is believed to have lived in the late 19th century. People claim that Good ol’ Nic could in fact be a vampire for all we know! Keep watching because the rest of the list does have some uncanny similarities with some historical figures. You have to see it to believe it! Subscribe: Check out our website too: Come and chat with us: https://w

10 Creepy Photos That Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine5m07s

10 Creepy Photos That Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine

Must see creepy photos! From a photo of a mysterious city in the clouds to a creepy clown posing for a picture we take a peek at 10 creepy photos that will send shivers down your spine. Subscribe: Merch store: Check out more great articles on our website

These Celebrity Disappearances Are Shrouded In Mystery9m22s

These Celebrity Disappearances Are Shrouded In Mystery

If you love a good, unsolved mystery, then look no further! Slapped Ham is here to give all our curious minds a slice of the cake, with 10 famous people that have mysteriously disappeared. We start with big band leader Glenn Miller, who persuaded the US Military to ‘draft’ him in service, so that he may lead his band on tour to boost morale for the troops serving WW2. On his way to Paris, Miller’s plane disappeared in the bad weather. Some theories say that a faulty carburetor may have been the culprit, while other claim that a jettisoned bomb from an allied bombardier may have hit his aircraft. This next disappearance may as well come from some spy thriller. Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt disappeared while swimming Cheviot Beach near Portsea, Victoria, Australia. He was known to be an experienced swimmer, which led many to believe that he was a Russian spy that got picked up by a Soviet submarine somewhere off the coast. Next up is a man who went by the alias Dan D.B. Cooper, who hijacked a plane going from Portland, Oregon to Seattle, Washington, on November 24 1971. He demanded $200,000 in U.S. currency, 4 parachutes and a refueling tank to be waiting at Seattle airport. When the passengers and non-essential crew were released, he then ordered the plane to fly down to Mexico City. Shortly after takeoff, the crew, who were locked in the cockpit, noticed a change in cabin pressure, indicating that Cooper may have jumped off with his ransom. Another high profile disappearance is that of Richey Edwards, member of the Manic Street Preachers rock band. He went missing shortly before the band was set to go on a tour in the US. There were several strange details about his disappearance, one being that he had withdrawn 200 pounds a day for two weeks before he went missing. He was reportedly seen in the Newport passport office and the Newport bus station. A taxi driver also reported picking Edwards up from the Kings hotel in Newport and taking him to his childhood home. But when his car was found abandoned close to the Severn Bridge, a well known suicide location, there was even a theory that he may have taken his own life. Jimmy Hoffa is next on this list, so keep watching for the rest of the mysterious celebrity disappearances. Subscribe: Check out this and more amazing top 10 lists at our website: http://slappedham

These Are The 5 Most Haunted Forests In The World6m55s

These Are The 5 Most Haunted Forests In The World

Have they ever told you you shouldn’t go out in a forest all alone? There is a perfectly good reason for that too. There is something inherently forbidding about a dark, brooding forest. The unknown about these places is what draws us the most, making the hair on our back tingle. Anybody can say they have heard disembodied cries in some nearby forest,k but when it comes to these five locations, Slapped Ham guarantees they are real! Number 5 on this list in Pinewoods Cemetery in New York. Built in the late 19th century by a group of wealthy businessmen as a place for the urban dwellers to get some chill, the place is now the breeding ground for many an urban legend. Locals know it as ‘the gateway to hell’, saying they have felt some unusual cold spots, heard children laughing in the shadows and felt like someone was pushing them on the back. The latest is the story of a taxi driver, who told a historian that he picked up a girl in a party dress in front of the Emma Willard School, who asked to be taken to Pinewood, but vanished as soon as they passed by the cemetery. Number 4 is the Screaming Woods in Pluckley, also known as one of the most haunted villages in the UK. Pluckley is located in the Ashford district of Kent, a town that has reported a total of 15 ghosts that haunt various locations across the village. One such location is Dering Woods, where screams can be heard by all who travel pass it, dubbing it Screaming Woods. One most famous ghost is of a highwayman believed to be killed by the police in the 18th century. According to legends, on a still night, you can see the ghostly re-enactment where the police pin down the highwayman with a sword on an oak tree; his screams filling the forest. Number 3 is still in England. Wychwood Forest in rural Oxfordshire is known for the mystery that shrouds it. Locals have reported whispers and screams, even children crying. Curious tourists have said that they felt nauseated as they went deeper into the woods. In the deep of the forest, an eerie tree stands said to create feelings of dread to anyone who visits. Apparently, it was once used as a hanging tree. We skip from Europe to Japan, to a forest known as the sea of trees, a location popular as a suicide destination. Located along the northwest of mount Fiji, the dense forest of Aokigahara is chillingly quit due to the lack of wildlife. If you want to take a hike, your compass or GPS device will do you no good here. Last on this creepy list is a place known as the most haunted forest in the world. Keep watching if you are curious to find out where that is! Subscribe: Check out this and more amazing top 5 lists at our website: Come and

10 Richest Women in the World 20164m37s

10 Richest Women in the World 2016

The World's richest women. From the co-owner of BMW to the heiress of the L’Oreal fortune, join us as we take a look at the net worth of the 10 richest women in the world. Subscribe: Check out this and more amazing top 10 lists at our website:

10 Amazing Photos Taken At Just The Right Time2m34s

10 Amazing Photos Taken At Just The Right Time

Amazing photos. From an overzealous Prince inspecting his troops to a lightning strike on The Statue of Liberty we take a hilarious look at 10 amazing photos taken at just the right time. Subscribe: Check out this and more amazing top 10 lists at our website: http://slappedha

7 Surprising Hillary Clinton Facts You Need to Hear8m41s

7 Surprising Hillary Clinton Facts You Need to Hear

Hillary Clinton facts. From admitting to being a robot to possible links to murder, join us as we take a look at 7 surprising Hillary Clinton facts. Subscribe: Clinton Body Count: Check out this and more amazing lists at our website: http://slappedham.c

Check Out Some Of The Rarest Photos From History4m28s

Check Out Some Of The Rarest Photos From History

We only know of history what has been served to us. But there are so many aspects of the past that are hidden, known only to those who have been there to experience it themselves. Thanks to photography, an invention that has graced us for over a century, we can now see some of those hidden aspects of history. From a photo of Muhammad Ali posing with The Beatles to a picture of a man testing a bulletproof vest, Slapped Ham lets us take a peep at 10 rare photos from history. One incredible photo was taken during a demonstration of a bulletproof vest. The photo, taken in 1923, shows two men wearing the same vest, with one of them shooting the other at just 10 feet away. The demonstrator, luckily, was able to walk away. In 1964, a photo was taken of a young boxer named Cassius Clay bunching the member of the pop band The Beatles in a row. The band was there to appear on the Ed Sullivan show and took the time for a photo op with Clay, who later changed his name to Muhammad Ali. Have you heard of the punt gun? This is the first we hear of it too, making this photo exceptionally rare. The weapon was used in the 19th and early 20th centuries to kill a large number of waterfowl. One trigger of that thing could take down as many as 90 birds! This next photo was taken during World War One on the British Western Front in France. It depicts hundreds of spent 105 mm shells after just one day of fighting. They were used to literally pepper the German lines, making way for the advancing infantry. When we see the lion road during the intro for the Hollywood film studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, we rarely think about the actual big cat. The studio calls all of its mascots as Leo the Lion, but in fact, the first lion to shoot the famous intro is this one, called Jackie. His face adorned the credits from 1928 to 1956, including the one for The Wizard of Oz. The rest of this list is a lesson in history all on its own. We highly recommend you watch the whole thing. Have fun! Subscribe: Check out this and more amazing top 10 lists at our website:

Nature Sure Used Her Sense Of Humor On These Animals4m30s

Nature Sure Used Her Sense Of Humor On These Animals

If you think that Mother Nature was exercising her good sense of humor by giving you a big nose, think again. You definitely have not been on that list, because these animals have really felt her humorous side! From a squid that appears to have human teeth to an amphibian that looks like another body part of the human body, join us as we tell the joke of how these animals came to be. We start with the aforementioned squid with the pearliest if whites you have ever seen. The species is so rare, that scientists were only able to examine one individual, caught by a German research vessel! Next is something called Aardvark, or specifically, their young. When they are still infants, they are just pink and bald. If we didn’t know any better, we would assume is some kind of a freaky cross between a pink elephant and a kangaroo. There is a trip for yah! Fortunately for these little critters, their fur grows when they reach 5 weeks of age so that they can start munching on some termites. Speaking of freaky crosses, how about this next guy? The Saiga Antelope was once native from Europe to Mongolia but is now critically endangered. We hope it isn’t because of all the plastic surgeries they had for that trunk-like nose they were given! Since it could once be found in the grasslands of Russia and Kazakhstan, the trunk helped them regulate their blood temperature by warming or cooling the air they breathe. We follow up with the Tarsier, a primate unlike any other. Found on the islands of Southeast Asia, it is one of the world’s smallest primates. A shy little animal with eyes too big for its head, they actually help him target its prey, leaping at insects with their powerful hind legs. You could say they are the snipers of the animal world. Still curious about that amphibian? Keep watching the rest of the clip, because that animal is weird, it is very close to number one! Subscribe: Check out this and more amazing top 10 lists at our website:

Did You Know? 20 Amazing Facts #53m31s

Did You Know? 20 Amazing Facts #5

20 amazing facts #5. Who is the oldest mother in the World? How many brains does a leech have? Join us as we answer these questions and more in 20 amazing facts #5. Subscribe: Read this and many other amazing facts at our website:

11 Strange Casino Games That Actually Exist5m09s

11 Strange Casino Games That Actually Exist

Strange casino games. From playing tic tac toe against a chicken to guessing what hole a hamster will enter, we take a surprising look at 11 strange casino games that actually exist. Subscribe: Check out this and more amazing top 10 lists at our website:

5 Ghosts Caught On Camera You Have To See!4m05s

5 Ghosts Caught On Camera You Have To See!

Ghosts on camera. From a man getting possessed in a convenience store to a poltergeist tearing an office apart, we take a look at 5 ghostly spirits caught on camera. Subscribe: Check out this and more amazing top 5 lists at our website: Come and chat with us:

Did You Know? 20 Amazing Facts #4 - SlappedHamTV3m20s

Did You Know? 20 Amazing Facts #4 - SlappedHamTV

20 amazing facts #4. How much gold is in Fort Knox? How many people have ever lived on Earth? Join us as we investigate 20 amazing facts #4. Subscribe: Read this and many other amazing facts at our website: Come and chat with us

5 Ghosts Caught On Security Camera2m56s

5 Ghosts Caught On Security Camera

Ghosts caught on camera. From a strange blue spirit floating around a gas station to a terrifying poltergeist attack, join us as we take a look at 5 pieces of shocking ghost footage caught on security camera. WATCH MORE HAM:

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These Are Some Of Nature's Unusual Wonders That Just Have To Be Seen3m24s

These Are Some Of Nature's Unusual Wonders That Just Have To Be Seen

Nature is filled with wonder, but there are some hidden gems around the globe that just have to be seen to be believed. Flaming waterfalls, exploding lakes and endless lightning are but a few of the bizarre spectacles that Mother Nature has graced us with and they all look like they might just be a scene off a science fiction movie. Join us as Slapped Ham counts down the five most weird wonders of nature that just have to be seen to be believed. Antarctica hides a spectacle that many believe is the gateway to hell. When you think of Antarctica, you think pristine whiteness, but in reality, there is one bloody red waterfall, spewing rust-colored water from the frozen ground. In reality, the water is just tainted with iron oxide, which is literally rust, giving the water that recognizable bloody hue. We move further north to Venezuela, where the world’s biggest electric light show can be witnessed. Known as the Catatumbo Lightning, this event occurs at the mouth of the Catatumber River and Lake Maracaibo. Whoever visits the show is treated to a lightning storm 140 to 160 nights per year, 10 hours a day with up to 280 flashes per hour! Antarctica may have its bloody waterfall, but in Africa there is something known as the Bloody Lake. Located in Tanzania, Natron Lake has a pH level of over 12. High level of evaporation have left behind a corrosive mix of minerals that salt-loving microorganisms love to feast on. The red color comes from the bacteria, which creates it by photosynthesizing after munching on the salt. If you thought that water and fire don’t mix, think again! An incredible natural attraction is located Shale Creek Preserve in Chestnut Ridge National Park, New York State, where a natural gas seep can be found. Geologists who have studied the phenomenon say that seep has much higher concentrations of ethane and propane, keeping the light burning bright year round. This last location is probably the most dangerous of them all. Abraham’s Lake in western Alberta, Canada, is dotted with white bubbles across its frozen surface. It may look magical, but travelers, beware! The bubbles are actually created by plants deep down in the water, which produce methane gas. Photographers love the place, but they would never even think of lighting a cigarette nearby! Subscribe: Check out this and more amazing top 5 lists at our website:

10 Pieces Of Futuristic Military Technology You Won't Believe Exist4m59s

10 Pieces Of Futuristic Military Technology You Won't Believe Exist

Futuristic military technology. From invisibility cloaks to a real life Iron Man suit, join us as we take a look at 10 pieces of military technology you won’t believe exist. Subscribe: Check out this and more amazing top 10 lists at our website:

5 Ghosts Caught On CCTV 3m55s

5 Ghosts Caught On CCTV

5 ghosts caught on CCTV. From a centuries old ghostly drummer boy to a spooky face peering from a window, join us as we take a look at 5 real ghosts caught on tape. WATCH MORE HAM: OUR STORE: OUR WEBSITE: OUR SOCIALS: