Huge puppy 32s

Huge puppy "makes waves" learning how to swim

Samson is only 2 and has little swimming experience, but he really takes the plunge in this video. Samson makes huge splashes trying to figure out his swimming stride and making sure to fetch his toy. Newfoundland dogs like Samson usually have a smoother and more natural swimming stroke, but Samson is still learning and will certainly become a more confident and skilled swimmer as he continues to practice. Good Boy Samson!

Funny Newfoundland plays hide-and-seek with little girl1m59s

Funny Newfoundland plays hide-and-seek with little girl

Samson seems to rely more on his eyes than his nose when finding his best friend Sierra. He can see her through the window and gets excited, but becomes confused when he comes inside and seems to think she has vanished. Don’t worry Samson, we are sure you will become an expert at this game someday!

Water-Loving Newfoundland Doesn't Want Pool Time To End1m48s

Water-Loving Newfoundland Doesn't Want Pool Time To End

There is a form of silliness in every dog out there, be it big or small. Dogs never let go of their playful nature and make sure to always let it shine. Be it a squirrel, a bunch of autumn leaves, or just the sweet companionship of their owners, they will let that side of them loose and play like it is the best day ever! Smaller dogs are cute when they go loco during play time. But when you see a big pooch like Samson over here getting silly with something as mundane as a pool cover, then it is roll-on-the-ground hilarious! Apparently, sweet little Samson doesn’t want pool time to end. He really does love that pool. So when his owner went to pull out the cover over the pool, he didn’t want it to go! In fact, he has discovered he has a power to stop his owner from closing the pool. And boy, is he loving this new power! The machine that operates the tarp notices that there is an obstruction on its way and stops, beeping to notify its operator that something is amiss. She is right there though and she scolds the naughty Newfoundland to get off the rails. Samson whines in reply, asking his owner not to close the pool. Sometimes though Samson will make good use of the pool cover , even when it is in its place. He probably loves how bouncy it is and the sloshing sound it makes. He will take every opportunity he can get to get on that new toy of his, even if that means to get a stark scolding from his owner.

Dog Insists On Rescuing Little Girl Who Swims Carelessly In Pool32s

Dog Insists On Rescuing Little Girl Who Swims Carelessly In Pool

Surely you remember Nana, the fictional Newfoundland employed as a nanny by the Darling family in Peter Pan? It's true that the author’s fictional account of sweet-natured Nana as a round-the-clock babysitter stretches reality a bit. However, there is truth in his characterization of the dog. The Newfoundland really is a sweet dog who loves children. He's naturally gentle and friendly with them, as well as protective. Samson is a Newfoundland , known for his water rescue instincts, especially when it comes to children. Samson is still young and hasn’t been trained for water rescue yet but he knows something should be done here. He decides to bring his owner a float, hoping she will toss it to little Sierra in the pool. Once Samson gets more comfortable in the water, he will likely jump in and get Sierra out himself! Though Samson is a strong swimmer, Sierra doesn’t need rescuing. She is enjoying herself splashing and swimming in the pool. Sierra is so happy that she fills the air with shrieks of delight. However, Samson still thinks that she is in some kind of danger so he unstoppingly hovers around the pool. This wonderful family companion is so concerned for his little friend that he even barks at her as a warning sign of the “impending doom”. Enjoy swimming while you can Sierra! All dogs have the potential for heroism, but it seems to be a hardwired into this naturally strong swimmer. There are many accounts of Newfoundlands rescuing people from the cold waters of the Atlantic following a shipwreck or plucking children from icy deep water - just in time. Regardless of the purpose of the Newfoundland in your life, be it worker or companion, he will no doubt capture your heart.

Huge dog blocks owner, then complains1m07s

Huge dog blocks owner, then complains

Samson has assumed his sleeping guard position and when his owner tries to get through the gate, he tries to ignore her efforts. This is a common occurrence and he must think blocking the gate is more dutiful than letting even Mom onto the property. Her efforts fail over and over even though she seems to be using force in pushing open the gate. Finally, Samson stands up and moves out of the way. When his owner apologizes and asks if she woke him up, he quickly murmured insinuating she certainly did. Hilarious!

Little girl makes backyard obstacle course for her dog1m54s

Little girl makes backyard obstacle course for her dog

Sierra decided it would be fun to create her own obstacle course for her giant Newfoundland puppy Samson. Samson is always willing to work or play when treats are involved. Things don't go perfectly on his first try but it's still very impressive and totally adorable watching these two try new things. Maybe we'll see this show on tour someday!

Rebellious dog tries to come inside home after chewing pillows49s

Rebellious dog tries to come inside home after chewing pillows

Samson the 150 lb Newfoundland is still in his button-pushing teenage phase. Just when his owner thinks he's done chewing on the pillows, he does it again. He seems to know he is guilty by quickly going outside when she tells him- but not without a quick and hilarious mouthing back at her like a typical teen!! Then when he thinks is safe to come back inside he realizes his owner is right there. His reaction is priceless! A must watch until the end as this little buddy is so precious!

Independent dog learns how to get his own water1m25s

Independent dog learns how to get his own water

When Samson wants fresh water he uses a special faucet just for him. He learned how to turn it on in less than a day! After he drinks his owner summons him inside but he is still in his teenage phase and decides he will come in on his own time. His owner knows this and correctly predicts as soon as she shuts the door he would quickly come inside. What a huge and adorable character!

Little girl and her doggy have the best nighttime routine57s

Little girl and her doggy have the best nighttime routine

7 year old Sierra's nighttime routine consists of snuggling with her 150 lb Newfoundland and turning on “fish flix” for her 4 glowing pet fish. What a fun way to start the night for a child! Unfortunately, Samson the Newf isn’t ready for sleep and still wants to play. Mom will probably have to spend some more time trying to get everyone settled. What a cute scene!

Gigantic Case Of Zoomies Puts Giant Newfoundland Pup In Crazy Mode36s

Gigantic Case Of Zoomies Puts Giant Newfoundland Pup In Crazy Mode

Whenever this playful pooch has excess energy to burn, this is what he does! Check out those zoomies all across the bedroom! Samson the two-year-old Newfoundland pooch turns into a crazy puppy each night. Many dog owners are familiar with the zoomies! When our four-legged pals get zoomies, they spontaneously freak out and start running like crazy, circling like the Tasmanian devil over and over again until they collapse into a exhausted and panting pile of fur! Watch the intense moment when Samson gets that crazy look in his eyes and decides to ambush his owner with an adorable, but gigantic zoomie ! Hilarious!!! At first Samson seems to be trying to figure out what his owner is doing, but after a few seconds he turns into a complete crazy head and goes attack mode on owner. Finally, he jumps out of bed and continues to zoom out of the room, displaying his spooky behavior elsewhere. What a misbehaving gentle giant ! These frenetic random activity periods that our canine companions display are also describe as spazzing out, being temporarily possessed, having the ‘puppy power hour’, throwing tantrums, getting the wiggles out, etc. Many get the zoomies as puppies and then they grow out of it, others continue ‘zooming’ well into old age, like this playful pooch who still has powerful zoomies on daily basis! Most dogs just do the crazy running and circling, but zoomies are not a bad thing, in fact they are somewhat fun and entertaining! However, some dogs will get destructive during the zoomies and start nipping, bouncing off of people, tug-of-war with household items, in which case the zoomies can be bad. Also, large dogs who go into a zoomie tailspin can unintentionally be destructive and dangerous. Zoomies may be a behavioral issue, provoked by anxiety, stress, or other emotional discord, but they are mostly believed to be normal conduct in dogs at some point in their lives.

Newfoundland Jumps Into Girl’s Lap Because He's Scared Of Car Rides23s

Newfoundland Jumps Into Girl’s Lap Because He's Scared Of Car Rides

How does your dog feel about riding in cars? While some dogs love car rides, others are afraid of them. Is your dog afraid of car rides? Many dog owners look forward to taking their dogs with them on car rides. So, it can be disheartening to discover that your dog is terrified of riding in the car. Samson the two-year-old Newfoundland has never been very comfortable in the car. He is getting better but becomes very apprehensive once he steps in (or is gently forced) into a car. This time he quickly spots his best friend Sierra, his tiny human sister, and literally jumps into her lap for protection. He is afraid to sit in his own seat so he clings to this little girl and takes half of her seat. She doesn’t bother being squashed like a sardine in a can and she claims that she likes that. He then spots a crow outside the car which only causes him to become more nervous. While mom is concerned about Samson's 150 pounds hurting Sierra, the little girl is only concerned with comforting Samson and getting mom to drive so that he's no longer frightened by the crow. The whole car scene causes the dog to flatten his ears, whimper, and run and hide. There are many dogs which developed phobias associated with a variety of circumstances. Most typically, dogs are afraid of loud noises, such as thunderstorms and fireworks, but also they can become fearful of children, men, riding in cars, going down a flight of stairs and such, or esoteric things, such as butterflies or flickering shadows.

Massive Pooch Puts Puppy Eyes Into Action To Get What He Wants15s

Massive Pooch Puts Puppy Eyes Into Action To Get What He Wants

This is the heartwarming moment when an adorable pooch indirectly suggests what he wants from owner. Meet Samson, the Newfoundland dog who has perfected the ‘give me whatever I want’ look with his puppy eyes. This adorable pooch doesn't even need words to talk to his owner. Watch his hilarious and clear reactions to a very specific word! Hilarious! Could you say no to him? Samson the Newfoundland puppy is only four-months-old, but clearly he has already mastered the ‘sad puppy eyes’ look which he gives to owner whenever he wants to get something. How could you ever say no to that face! Footage emerged of an adorable dog demanding endless treats from owner. Watch as Samson takes a long, intense stare straight at owner’s eyes, urging her to present him with a delicious doggy treat! Pets can be hilarious sometimes and it is always great when those funny moments get documented on camera for the rest of the world to see and laugh! Isn't this dog just the cutest thing you have ever seen all day? Our heart melts as the dog keeps staring at owner, flaunting them puppy eyes , begging for treats over and over again. This dog is the type that everyone wants, someone that is faithful, loving and just wants to spend it's time with you. This dog is truly a great companion, as well as a hilarious pet that cannot get enough of them treats! If you ever heard of the expression “puppy dog eyes”, but have no clue as to what that looks like, well this needy pooch will show you just that! He may be a full grown, adult dog, but he has mastered the art of puppy dog eyes. It really comes in handy when you want to get infinite amount of treats from owner! Watch as the doggo sits in the living room, resting his big, heavy head on the couch, staring at owner with those big puppy eyes. We have no idea how his owner is able to say no to his adorable face, look at him! Ears down, sad frown, staring at owner with them big, innocent puppy eyes! Do you have any funny pet moments that you want to share? Let us know in the comment section below!

Dog Attempts To Engage Into Conversation By Mimicking Owner’s Movements1m04s

Dog Attempts To Engage Into Conversation By Mimicking Owner’s Movements

It seems our four-legged friends go a step further and even copy humans too. They automatically imitate hand movements with their paws and mouth movements with their muzzles. Humans are known to engage in ‘automatic imitation’, when another person’s body moving in a particular way elicits the same physical reaction in an observer. And now canines have been shown to do the same. It has often been observed that dogs resemble their owners. Dogs’ imitative abilities are shaped by the way their owners interact with them as they grow up. Samson the Newfoundland is desperately trying to learn to talk. His owner keeps bringing it up and he seems to know it has something to do with making noises and moving his mouth . He has such a desire to please her and watches attentively as he tries to do what she is doing. Hilarious and at this rate, he might get there. So, Samson listens to his owner extremely concentrated to what she is saying to him, watching her face excitedly and breathing deeply. He is trying to make a sound and shape his mouth in a way his owner does. It seems that he understands the meaning of the word ‘talk’ and when his owner mentions it, he quickly changes his sitting position and is thrilled to communicate like humans do. He is a keen observer because he knows that if you want to talk you just need to open and close your mouth in quick successions and wait for a sound to come out. Keep on talking Samson, you are a heck of a talker, the right buddy to hang out with.

Big Dog Doesn't Mind Pulling His Little Human On Roller Blades 21s

Big Dog Doesn't Mind Pulling His Little Human On Roller Blades

We said it a million times and we will say it a million more - every kid who has had the ultimate pleasure of growing up with a dog is one lucky kid! They are the greatest buddies a person can want. Patient beyond imagination, loving beyond reason and they are always there for you! They wait for you patiently to come back to them, even if it were for a five minute break to the toilet! Of course, some dog breeds are better with kids than others, but any dog will teach a kid some of the most important lessons in life and very early on, without uttering a single word. Be loyal, be patient, love unconditionally and play fair are things that sometimes only a dog can teach you. But if you were to ask us which dog is the best to be around kids, we will, without a doubt, give you a unison answer - the Newfoundland dog. They are the nannies of the dog world, even Jim Barrie knew so! Samson is huge Newfoundland, bred for many things including watching children and pulling heavy weight. Sierra is his favorite human and weighs only 45 pounds, but they both love spending time doing things like this together. Samson is careful not to go too fast as Sierra is rollerblading behind him. Samson has knows Sierra since she was just a bundle in her mommy’s arms and loves her with every fiber of his being. They are known to get into pillow fights together, but when it comes to handling him , Sierra is the only member of his family he listens to. Brilliant!

Ballerina runs out of treats for her giant puppy43s

Ballerina runs out of treats for her giant puppy

Little Sierra has run out of the treats for her beautiful giant Newfoundland dog Sebastian. These two are never far apart and best of friends. Sierra is sorry that she had run out of all her treats for her puppy. Watch how adorable this scene is as she runs back to pick up her bouquet of flowers she has picked and runs out to continue picking more flowers. A sweet girl just home from ballet, a beautiful loving Newfoundland and beautiful flowers to pick...We could all use scenes like this when the world gets too chaotic!


"Almost" snow captured on camera in Los Angeles

Sierra, a 7 year old who lives in Los Angeles, has always dreamt about snow at her house. In a freak isolated burst of weather, she got her least in her mind. The hail was actually softer and really did resemble snow. It was enough to make her ecstatic about the majestic occurrence. Don't forget about her giant Newfoundland puppy whose coat is perfectly equipped to handle and enjoy extremely cold weather. They both seemed to know it was a rare and special event. What a wonderful world!

Newfoundland And A Little Girl Up For A Pillow Fight 25s

Newfoundland And A Little Girl Up For A Pillow Fight

If you ever considered keeping a dog that would make your life entertaining on so many levels then Newfoundland, also known as "Newfie", is the right choice for you. Not that it is only generally quiet but it is also good-natured with everyone especially with children and since it is well-behaved, it has a strong positive influence on children’s personality as well. It may look large and strong on the outside but its mind and heart are sensitive. And the video proves that. One look at this adorable bedroom scene, be sure to melt your heart straight away. Samson and his bestie Sierra engage in a playful wrestling match. And from the beginning to the very end they both enjoy their play. Far from being afraid, Sierra looks comfortable with Samson around her. As satisfied as one can get, this little girl feels so blissfully happy around her dog . Though trying to hide his pillow, Samson cunningly circles his way round Sierra knowing that he will win the match at the end. But it seems that this adorable girl does not want to give up the battle or maybe just like every other child her appetites for a unique game grow bigger and bigger as long as she adds more time to the game. No matter how persistent she is, this thick hairy dog claims his rights over his pillow and what is his must be regained. With its strong jaws, firm bite and a soft muzzle, he snatches the pillow out of the girl’s hands and proudly gets off the bed. However, Sierra is still happy with her extra pillows.

Big Dog Breaks Gate, Acts Like Nothing Happened34s

Big Dog Breaks Gate, Acts Like Nothing Happened

If you ever came across a Newfoundland dog, then you probably know how big and menacing they look. Newfoundland dogs are massive beasts, with their thick black fur coat and deep set eyes that make them look like they came right out of the underworld. But just like any good “don’t judge a book by its cover” story, these dogs are not as they seem! Take Samson, for example. He might look all big and burly, but deep down, he is just a fat, clumsy toddler, not knowing his size or weight. He is so ignorant of it, that when he decided he should sit down, he sat down right on top of the gate rimming the concrete trail and the little bit of garden his owners have on their property and he broke it. The massive Newfie hears a snap and feels the gate behind him move. We're not sure, but we think he knows perfectly well he might be in trouble. The innocent look on his face seems to be trying to make his owner either forget or focus on his sweet face. Not knowing his size causes Samson to often break or knock over things. Who can get mad at such a sweet innocent but giant baby? Watch as he seems to try to cover his tracks, hilarious! “Nothing to see here Mom, move along.”

Giant Newfie Throws A Tantrum, And Only His Tiny Owner Can Handle Him38s

Giant Newfie Throws A Tantrum, And Only His Tiny Owner Can Handle Him

Animals are amazing companions that have brightened up our lives. From the time that humans have been around, we have co-existed with animals, even using them as faithful companions that help with everyday tasks. We have formed a bond with them that lasted years and still proves to be there even today. However, did you know that animals could form bonds with even the unlikeliest of animal? That seems to be exactly the case in this compilation here! What is it that puppies love most in life? They love their owners, their food bowl, the frequent walks in the park and the scratches behind their ears. When pups have these things, they are the happiest they can be. But when a treat is introduced to the mix, thing get too cute too soon! Its never too early to introduce you kids to animals, especially dogs, and teach them the importance of loyalty and true friendship. The importance of spending time with your pets and devoting some time to teaching them new tricks alongside with patience and the urge to earn their treats. Sierra has been raised with huge Newfoundland dogs her entire life. She seems to have learned the language and there is a mutual respect and love between them. Sometimes when Samson gets pushy with his owner, she just asks little Sierra to take over. He seems to be much more concerned about offending his best friend. Mom should start saying, 'Wait till Sierra gets home when he is being naughty'. Hilarious!

Tired dog thinks he can catch girl while lying down50s

Tired dog thinks he can catch girl while lying down

Samson loves playing 'catch Sierra', but at first he doesn't have the energy to get up to do it. Finally, after a few tries, he gets motivated to pick his 150 lb body up off the ground. Sierra and her Mom are laughing the whole time at his fruitless attempts. In reality, he just loves playing with Sierra and making her laugh. Such a good boy!

Huge Newfoundland dog sneezes on little girl1m05s

Huge Newfoundland dog sneezes on little girl

Sierra just got back from a trip away from her Newfoundland named Samson. Her mom wanted to take a picture but decided to video first. Sierra didn't let his huge sneeze bother her and she moved on to snuggling him and discussing her upcoming karate career. Too cute!