Little girl kisses dog goodbye before school22s

Little girl kisses dog goodbye before school

If you ever came across a Newfoundland dog, then you probably know how big and menacing they look. But just like any good “don’t judge a book by its cover” story, these dogs are not as they seem! Little Sierra is lucky enough to have not one, but two of these big, teddy-bear-like dogs at home, the famous Samson and Sebastian. She has a very deep connection with the two and the both just adore her! From playtime to naptime, the three are inseparable. When Sierra is getting ready to leave home for school, Samson is there to send her off. Just before she goes, Sierra gives fluffy Samson three kisses on the nose. We are melting, it’s so adorable!

Published: March 13, 2017Updated: March 16, 2017961,196 viewsVirality: 7%
Dog Knocks Over Furniture 21s

Dog Knocks Over Furniture

Samson's body grew so quickly, he doesn't realize he no longer has his puppy body. He must be confused when everything falls down around him!

Happiest Giant Puppy! 44s

Happiest Giant Puppy!

Samson doesn't see snow often in Los Angeles, so when his family brings him to the mountains, he is overjoyed!! Even his little girl owner is hesitant about his puppy crazy happiness!

Giant Newfoundland preciously watches over newborn baby2m11s

Giant Newfoundland preciously watches over newborn baby

Baby Sierra is the new addition to the family, and her new best friend can't contain his happiness when he sees her for the first time. A truly heartwarming moment unfolds when Sebastian the Newfie is introduced to baby Sierra. It's impossible to deny the love this dog had for her. Unbelievable! Dogs are the best beings on this planet, and this loving pooch sure proves it! Cuteness overload!