Game of peek-a-boo turns into chaos for giant Newfoundland1m01s

Game of peek-a-boo turns into chaos for giant Newfoundland

Sierra and her giant Newfoundland loves to play peek-a-boo. The only problem is, once Samson gets excited about the game, nothing is safe. Even though Samson is 3 years old, his exuberance is that of a 12 week puppy. What makes this even more adorable is that Samson weighs 160 pounds and is definitely not a puppy. Sierra seems to know how to get out of the way when her gigantic best friend explodes in a burst of energy. Unfortunately, the furniture can’t escape!

Two Newfoundlands engage in precious tug-of-war46s

Two Newfoundlands engage in precious tug-of-war

Samson and Ollie engage in the cutest tug of war ever over an emoji pillow. These two powerful dogs could potentially do a lot of damage to that pillow very quickly, but this appears to be a gentle match between the two. Samson seemed to give up but when Ollie claimed his win by giving himself permission to jump on the sofa, Samson seemed to have a change of heart! Samson shakes his head “no” as if he’s trying to tell Ollie he didn’t play fair. Poor Samson, but it’s certain he will get his chance for victory again.

Huge Newfoundland makes bedtime an amazing experience55s

Huge Newfoundland makes bedtime an amazing experience

What child (or adult) wouldn’t love to jump into there bed fort and wait for their giant puppy to join them for a peaceful slumber? With Samson, the 150 pound Newfoundland, the slumber might not always be peaceful but he does make it unpredictable and fun. After unsuccessfully trying to fit his gigantic body into the tent, Samson decides he’s done trying and ends up ripping off the entire tent from the bed. Sierra is a good sport and will most likely come up with more ideas to get Samson to stay with her as she goes to sleep. Sweet dreams you two!

Huge Newfoundland demands his freedom2m07s

Huge Newfoundland demands his freedom

Samson the Newfoundland is not ready for his playmate Sierra to go to school. Today, he has decided to try a different tactic by distracting his owner and making it impossible to leave. He hilariously runs around as fast as he can, and even clumsily falls for a minute because he can’t control his own speed! Sierra just watches from a safe distance and enjoys the attempts. She isn’t in a hurry to get to school either. Do Samson’s attempts work? Sorry puppy, not today.

Robot toy send huge Newfoundland into tailspin49s

Robot toy send huge Newfoundland into tailspin

Sierra got a new robot named Cozmo for Christmas and is having a blast programming it to talk to her Newfoundland dog Samson. Samson however, is completely freaked out by this new addition to the house. Watch Samson’s priceless reactions when Cozmo starts to talk to him. We’re not sure what to think about this new robot technology either Samson!

Huge Newfoundland makes it hard for little girl to enjoy gift27s

Huge Newfoundland makes it hard for little girl to enjoy gift

It’s Christmas Day and Sierra can’t wait to try out her new art set, filled with paints and chalks and colored pencils. But, her giant puppy Samson the Newfoundland doesn’t seem to understand the value of this gift and steps all over it just trying to be close to his friend Sierra. Sierra is getting frustrated as she is afraid he is breaking her new gift but restrains herself and moves Samson’s toy away in hopes he will follow it. Unfortunately, Samson has spotted the water Sierra intends to use with her paints and he proceeds to start drinking it! Sorry Sierra, hopefully Mom stepped in to help your budding art career!

Is there something that this guard dog can sense?1m37s

Is there something that this guard dog can sense?

Dogs can often sense big or small threats better than people. Today we think Samson is sensing a threat that is small, maybe very small. Watch Samson loudly warn his owner of the dire threat and then hesitantly go outside to check it out. Once Samson has cleared the area, he seems to calm down and possibly reflect on what a good job he did today of protecting his house. Good Samson!

Newfoundland makes enjoying Christmas movie impossible21s

Newfoundland makes enjoying Christmas movie impossible

When the holiday season comes, who doesn’t love to get cozy and enjoy their favorite Christmas flicks? Unfortunately, Samson the very big and very loud Newfoundland doesn’t respect this time honored tradition. Samson is more interested in warning the world that there is a squirrel on the TV and something must be done about it! Hilarious!

Little girl trains her gigantic Newfoundland puppy55s

Little girl trains her gigantic Newfoundland puppy

Little Sierra’s new puppy isn’t your average sized puppy. Samson the Newfoundland puppy has a big body, and some big teeth to go along with it! Sierra is determined to help Samson learn not to nip but it is a daunting task. These two have worked together from the start and have a special bond. Is there anything cuter than a child teaching a puppy about life? Good job, Sierra! You’ll get there Samson!

Huge Newfoundland finishes birthday steak in seconds45s

Huge Newfoundland finishes birthday steak in seconds

Samson the Newfoundland has officially turned three years old. His family decided to celebrate this occasion by giving him a delicious steak. He is so excited he forgets all his manners and climbs on the table and stops listening to his owners. Well, it’s Samson’s special day, so they are happy to see him enjoying his meal and all the attention! Happy Birthday Samson!

Little girl preps her giant puppy for Halloween57s

Little girl preps her giant puppy for Halloween

Tonight is Samson’s first night of trick or treating, so his best friend Sierra knows she needs to go over the rules with him to make it a successful night! Listen to the hilarious rules she decides are most important for her puppy to know!

Huge Newfoundland really misses his best friend1m00s

Huge Newfoundland really misses his best friend

Samson hates Mondays, not because he has to go to work, but because his best friend has to go to school. Watch as Samson comes upstairs, which he rarely does in search of Sierra, his little girl best friend. When his owner asks what’s wrong he seems to cry that he can’t find Sierra. The only thing that seems to help is suggesting they go outside to play. Don’t worry Samson, she’ll be home soon!

Mom documents hilarious bedtime routine with huge Newfoundland2m12s

Mom documents hilarious bedtime routine with huge Newfoundland

Bedtime is often a struggle for parents when they have young children. Here we have a video of a young and very awake little girl. That alone can be a struggle to get her to go to sleep. Now, add a 165 pound energetic Newfoundland to the mix and Mom is instantly over her head. Watch her completely lose control as the two have an epic and adorable pre-sleep game of tag, tug of war and chase! Mom just decides to let it play out for a while as the sight is amusing and they seem to be having too much fun. But finally, Mom drops the hammer and both seem to get the point.....we think. Hilarious duo!

Newfoundland Plays Balloon Volleyball With Little Girl1m03s

Newfoundland Plays Balloon Volleyball With Little Girl

If you love kids and you are in love with our furry friends, well, then, you are in the right place with this video. Grab the popcorn, your puppies, at least one balloon and children and prepare yourself for some afternoon at home entertainment. You will be cracking up at this Newfoundland dog playing with his little buddy and the funniest looking yellow balloon (plus a smiley face drawn onto the balloon) in their living room. These two friends and one balloon are having the best time jumping up on the couch and teasing each other with who can get the balloon. This puppy is so focused on playing he does not even realize he is a big old puppy in a small lounge, knocking over furniture and scrambling around. The funniest part is when the puppy tries to climb the wall to get the balloon as it rises away from him. Teasing him for a few minutes. This video is serious cuteness overload!! Our recommendation is to find your puppy, kids and add a balloon (must have smiley face lol) and you will be laughing in stitches on the floor for hours (if the balloon lasts). So have a few back ups of smiley balloons. The more we watch this video, the funnier it gets. Over and over again. We recommend you watching this clip a few times, and with your sound on is a must! At the middle of the clip, we were on pins and needles waiting for the balloon to pop and see what would happen. Would the puppy run and hide? Would the Newfoundland pup bark? Watch to find out! Now that we think about it this 'game' is a really entertaining way to get all that energy out of the kids and puppies on a rainy, cold day inside. So, thank you for the idea guys! This is a Win Win for families who want to get all that energy out during the day (or night)! We have to add this is such a sweet, sweet family. We love when kids interact with dogs so naturally and with so much love. We hope this balloon fun time goes viral and trends and we hope this gets kids inspired to play more with their puppies in their own creative way. Just a warning, keep an eye incase the balloons pop into many pieces. Then we recommend you clean up right away so the kids and dogs don't accidentally inhale the parts. This way you can have safety at home and safety first! After watching this video for the 50t time, we are now tempted to try this balloon game with my dogs at home and see how they will react. We are sure they will go crazy scared or try to eat it just like this cutie! Overall, such a sweet family, fun game and when we try this at home we will have my video waiting to capture the cuteness.

Newfoundland seeks out snack left on table19s

Newfoundland seeks out snack left on table

Samson the 165 pound Newfoundland has discovered some food left on the table. His owner usually stops this behavior but decided to let it go as she had the camera rolling and it was quite a scene to see. But, she is definitely going to need to spend extra time cleaning that table!

Counter-surfing dog gets caught in the act46s

Counter-surfing dog gets caught in the act

Samson is caught red handed checking out all the food in the table and counters in the kitchen. Once he realizes he is caught and possibly in trouble, he fights back by barking at his owner. Samson is probably trying to make a good argument about why he was doing it and how he is totally innocent of any wrongdoing. Oh Samson, we see right through you. Hilarious!

Newfoundland only behaves when owner isn't watching58s

Newfoundland only behaves when owner isn't watching

Sierra is trying to train her stubborn but sweet Newfoundland to walk well on a leash. Sierra is clever enough to sense Samson is acting out because Mom is overseeing the operation. Once she has Mom leave and hide inside, Samson quickly starts to walk happily with little Sierra. The bond between Newfoundland dogs and children is very strong and they were bred partly to watch over and accompany children. They are certainly a great match and Samson takes his role as guardian and friend very seriously, even though he often gives her a run for her money!

Huge Newfoundland gets excited for story time37s

Huge Newfoundland gets excited for story time

Eight year old Sierra wanted to tell a bedtime story to her 160 pound puppy named Samson. Samson was so excited about the story that he forgot to listen to it all! Sierra is starting to understand how 2 year olds don’t have attention spans long enough to follow a whole story. Good try Sierra, at least he seemed to love the beginning!

Huge puppy 32s

Huge puppy "makes waves" learning how to swim

Samson is only 2 and has little swimming experience, but he really takes the plunge in this video. Samson makes huge splashes trying to figure out his swimming stride and making sure to fetch his toy. Newfoundland dogs like Samson usually have a smoother and more natural swimming stroke, but Samson is still learning and will certainly become a more confident and skilled swimmer as he continues to practice. Good Boy Samson!