Taliban Targets Secdef Mattis After Insider Tipoff54s

Taliban Targets Secdef Mattis After Insider Tipoff

Secretary of Defense James Mattis “was the target of Taliban attack” in Afghanistan Wednesday. Saying they were tipped off on Mattis’ visit by insiders in the Afghan security forces, the Islamist terrorist group claimed credit for launching a volley of 40 rockets, including 29 rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs), at the military section of the international airport in Kabul just hours after the Secretary of Defense arrived. According to Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, the Defense Secretary's plane had been the target of the attack which injured at least five civilians. The bold attack emphasizes that the Taliban is again on the offensive since the withdrawal of US-led NATO combat troops at the end of 2014. Taliban insurgents in the Afghan security forces continue to pose grave risk for U.S. military personnel and our allies on the ground.

Nashville Shooting Of Christians Shows Media Double Standard34s

Nashville Shooting Of Christians Shows Media Double Standard

After a Sudanese immigrant admitted as a refugee was confirmed as the triggerman who killed one parishioner and seriously injured seven others Sunday at a Nashville-area church, why isn't this being branded by the media as terrorism or a hate crime? With the target explicitly identified given its affiliation with Christianity, why is there a double standard compared to when events like this occur targeting other religions?

North Korea Could Have Bigger Plans In Store1m05s

North Korea Could Have Bigger Plans In Store

A recent report suggesting North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un has directed efforts to develop an operational hydrogen bomb raises further concern about the leader’s intentions and capabilities amidst increasing anti-U.S. aggression. It should further underscore the need for tougher measures to keep the unstable leader in check.

Hillary Clinton 'Hopes' Trump Hasn't Killed Anyone58s

Hillary Clinton 'Hopes' Trump Hasn't Killed Anyone

During a recent interview, failed contender in the 2016 presidential election Hillary Clinton compared Trump to none other than Vladimir Putin with “tendencies toward authoritarianism.” Clinton said she hopes Trump has not “ordered the killing of people and journalists” like former KGB Putin whose critics – journalists or otherwise – have wound up dead under suspicious circumstances. She didn’t stop there, either. "I don’t think he really values democracy, Charlie," Clinton said. This is a bold statement considering Hillary Clinton's post-election efforts to remain relevant and in the spotlight. Even bolder is that unlike Hillary Clinton – whose loyals have thus far failed to pin any Russia conspiracy to Trump beyond fake opposition research and false analogies – Trump does not have a body count list connected to his family name. Nevermind the other victims of Hillary’s political ambitions. #Benghazi.

Jeff Sessions Gives Press Conference After President Trump Criticism1m09s

Jeff Sessions Gives Press Conference After President Trump Criticism

Attorney General Jeff Sessions held a press conference just one day after President Donald Trump expressed regret over his decision to nominate Sessions. During an interview with the New York Times, President Trump stated that had he known Sessions was going to recuse himself from the notorious Russia investigation, he would not have been nominated. The president called the recusal unfair, and said Sessions simply gave bad answers to questions he was asked. Despite criticism from the president, Attorney General Jeff Sessions delivered optimistic remarks, praising the Justice Department and reassuring the public that he would remain Attorney General for "as long as that is appropriate." Sessions recused himself after it was made public that he had met with a Russian ambassador during the campaign and failed to disclose that information during his confirmation hearing in January. He has continued to express his support for the Trump Administration and insists that he's truly passionate about leading the Justice Department.

New FBI Director Should Be Welcomed Change54s

New FBI Director Should Be Welcomed Change

The confirmation of new Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Christopher Wray should be a welcome development to all Americans. Given the tumultuous era the bureau has found itself in due in large part to politicization of its work at the top, rank and file special agents and the American public deserve a new leader to steady the ship.

North Korea Threatens Key Pacific Alliance59s

North Korea Threatens Key Pacific Alliance

Escalations by North Korea in recent weeks have a key pacific alliance partnership in its crosshairs. With Japan and South Korea directly in its line of site, and the United States interests in the region as well as the long-term aspiration of nuclear capability to reach America, North Korea proves to be the desolate country that is just dangerous enough to warrant attention. The challenge for this key alliance to all nation's involved will be showing restraint in the face of further antics by Kim Jong-Un while determining the best course of action to influence regime change in the dictator-led nation. Add to that China's might waiting in the wings and an unpredictable reaction, the task is tall, but the priority should be high.