Top 10 New TV Shows of 20164m04s

Top 10 New TV Shows of 2016

Depending on who you ask 2016 was a rotten year full of death and tragedy, but if you ask a television fanatic they’ll say that it was also an amazing year for television. Today we’re bringing you the best new shows that premiered in 2016! 10. THE GOOD PLACE Sitcom fans rejoice, Kristen Bell and Ted Danson top our list with their quirky take on the afterlife, in The Good Place. Due to a case of mistaken identity, Eleanor Shellstrop winds up taking another woman’s spot in heaven, despite her selfish past and she must hide her true colors from a cast of do gooders. 9. HORACE AND PETE Louis C.K. fans might have missed his surreal tragedy with a star-studded cast, because C.K. opted to independently release the series online. While fans of the stand-up heavy weight might be expecting nonstop laughs, Horace and Pete is actually more likely to put you in the crying mood. The series takes place within a Brooklyn dive bar where nothing goes right and happy endings are few and are between. Horace and Pete isn’t for everyone, but fans of poignant theatre praise the show as a heartbreaking masterpiece. 8. THE CROWN As Netflix’s most expensive series to date, the Crown explores Queen Elizabeth’s sudden rise to power. The sudden death of King George the 6th thrusts the carefree princess into the political spotlight, where her life plans are abandoned for her duties as a monarch. The Crown is lavish and perfect for history fans interested in seeing modern England unfold out of the British Empire. 7. INSECURE 2016 was the year Issa Rae took the comedic chops she honed in her break-out web series Awkward Black Girl to HBO with the acclaimed Insecure. Thoughtful and witty, Insecure is a millennial women against the world comedy with a honest approach to relationships and race, warts and all. 6. GETDOWN This year Netflix got to explore the origins of hip hop with the musical drama, The Get Down. Overseen by the lavish director of Moulin Rouge and icons of hip hop like Grandmaster Flash, The Get Down is both historically accurate and electrically entertaining. 5. The People verse OJ Simpson: American Crime Story In February 2016, the first session of the true crime anthology American Crime story took ahold of TV fans with the dramatic retelling of the People verse O.J. Simpson. Despite everyone knowing the trials verdict, American Crime was able to capture audiences with top notch acting and the fleshing out of major players in the case apart from OJ Simpson himself. The show went on to win several Emmy Awards and its second season will tackle the tragedy and politics behind hurricane Katrina. 4. THIS IS US As far as heart-string pulling family dramas, This Is Us has it all. Seemingly independent storylines interconnect to tell a multi-generational story that is equal parts joyous and tear-inducing. This Is Us prides itself in being a relatable drama about the struggles of real people as opposed to other network dramas that really on special agents, explosions, and high-stakes politics. For all its gooey sentimentality, This Is Us is powerfully effective at making you want to be the best version of yourself possible. 3. ATLANTA Atlanta is not only Donald Glover’s glorious return to television, but a humorous showcase of black culture from a lens that isn’t exploitative. Telling the story of a father hustling to get his cousin’s rap career of the ground, Atlanta plays with prejudices both towards and within the black community. Atlanta isn’t afraid of using surrealistic humor to make audiences think about race, such as having a black actor play pop star Justin Bieber. 2. WEST WORLD As Game of Thrones reaches its Twilight, HBO has been looking for a tent pole replacement, and this years West World may be just what the doctor ordered. Set in the near distant future, West World explores consciousness in a sprawling theme park with robotic hosts on the brink of self-awareness. Filled with action, mind blowing twists, and philosophical quandaries West World took the later half of 2016 by storm. 1 - That’s it for our top ten new television shows of 2016, let us know what shows you think deserve to be on or cut from our list in the comments, and don’t forget to like and subscribe for more pop-culture countdowns!

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Best Most Twisted Elf on the Shelf Holiday Ideas2m37s

Best Most Twisted Elf on the Shelf Holiday Ideas

Let’s get one thing perfectly clear folks: the elves on our shelves must be stopped. Sure it may seem like a cute idea at first: a watchful eye that reports to Santa nightly and helps keep children from misbehaving, but you need to realize that you’re openly inviting a foreign spy into your home, and a dangerous one at that! What you’re about to see may shock you, but today we’re uncovering photographic evidence that proves that the Elf on the shelf is not to be trusted. (AKA Elf on the Shelf ideas for twisted families). Which one was your favorite? Drop a naughty comment below.

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Greatest Spiderman Villains Of All Time3m55s

Greatest Spiderman Villains Of All Time

Subscribe For More Obsev Now! ►► http://bit.ly/SubToOBSEV It's hard to narrow down the most epic Spider-man villains to a short list. The superhero has met his share of opponents, each of them iconic in their own right. But, the question remains: Who reigns superior? Here are the TOP 5 Spiderman villains from Obsev. #5 - 00:19 - Rhino (Aleksei Sytsevich) #4 - 01:02 - Kingpin (Wilson Fisk) #3 - 01:41 - Doctor Octopus, aka Doc Ock (Otto Octavius) #2 - 02:26 - Green Goblin (Norman Osborn) #1 - 03:05 - Think you know? Watch and see! Check out our site: http://www.obsev.com Like us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/obsev Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/obsevstudios Find us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/obsev

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Top 5 Celebrities With The Biggest Brains3m09s

Top 5 Celebrities With The Biggest Brains

Check out our site: http://www.obsev.com Like us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/obsev Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/obsevstudios Find us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/obsev

Andy Warhol Put WHAT on The Moon?!1m19s

Andy Warhol Put WHAT on The Moon?!

There may be a tiny museum on the Moon with some original drawings from artists, including Andy Warhol. What could the drawings be of? Well, you wouldn't expect this.

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If Deadpool Went to Hogwarts...52s

If Deadpool Went to Hogwarts...

If Deadpool went to Hogwarts, what house would the foul-mouthed merc be in? Slytherin? Gryffindor? Ravenclaw? Definitely not Hufflepuff, right? Well, watch and see.

Published: September 29, 20161 views
Hayley Atwell Wants More Agent Carter49s

Hayley Atwell Wants More Agent Carter

Agent Carter wants a comeback. Hayley Atwell wants an Agent Carter special after the TV show was canceled. She is not letting this Marvel execs forget about Agent Peggy Carter.

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Play Snake On This Magic Cube48s

Play Snake On This Magic Cube

QCoo lets you play the classic game Snake in 3 dimesions. Check out what this llittle magic cube can do for your gaming experience.

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Ginger Dinosaurs44s

Ginger Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs could have been gingers. Studies have found chemical traces of red pigmentation in dinosaur fossils.

Published: September 28, 20165 views
Celebs Unite Against Trump In PSA1m16s

Celebs Unite Against Trump In PSA

Joss Whedon let out a hilarious, but very real star-studded PSA about getting out to vote. The PSA was definitely biased, not so much towards Hillary Clinton, but more against Donald Trump.

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Pottermore Patronus Test47s

Pottermore Patronus Test

Have you ever wanted to know what your patronus would be? Now you can. You can find out your official Harry Potter patronus by going on Pottermore!

You Can Vacation In SpongeBob's Pineapple!51s

You Can Vacation In SpongeBob's Pineapple!

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Well, you can if you go to Nickelodeon's resort in Punta Cana. You won't be under the sea, but you can stay in a villa that is a replica of SpongeBob Square Pants' home.

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Is Thor's Favorite Roommate In Ragnarok?44s

Is Thor's Favorite Roommate In Ragnarok?

Fans loved Thor's roommate Darryl. Darryl showed up in Marvel's video focusing on what Thor was doing during Civil War. Well, will Darryl have a role in Thor: Ragnarok?

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