Baby girl gets super emotional to Kesha's 1m48s

Baby girl gets super emotional to Kesha's "Praying"

We all come across that time in life when a song or movie can make us a little emotional, but we are all grown adults usually when that happens. In this video, this baby girl is listening to pop artist Kesha's "Praying" in the background and she starts to tear up and have a very sad face! So cute to watch a young baby have such emotion to the sound of a song. We know she cannot understand the lyrics of it yet so it must be the instrumental that goes to her little heart. Her mother was listening to the song through playlists during daily activities in the house while raising her new born. At first mom just thought something was wrong with her little girl. It wasn't until about the fourth or fifth time that mom realized her baby was actually tearing up the sound of Kesha's Praying over the weeks. That's when the camera broke out on numerous occasions to get her reaction at first hand!

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Crowd's Positive Chanting Keeps Man From Jumping Off Roof 1m16s

Crowd's Positive Chanting Keeps Man From Jumping Off Roof

When 50,000 concert goers attended a music festival called Boots and Hearts in August of 2015, near Barrie, Ontario, Canada they saw something that was totally unexpected. An intoxicated and emotionally distraught male climbed up onto the roof of the stage and hung his legs over the edge. Perhaps they initially thought it was one of the staff, but the spectators clearly did not grasp that something serious and potentially tragic was unfolding in front of their eyes. The man can be seen ripping off his wrist band that allowed him access to the park. He threw this into the crowd. People then realized that this man had nothing to do with the show. Police began moving the crowd back in case things went wrong. Officers and security also went around back and climbed the stage to try to get up to talk him down. The man had his phone out and it appeared that maybe he was just carrying out a stunt to get a selfie. It soon became clear that the man was upset as he threw his phone out into the crowd. It was this act that signaled to onlookers and police that he might be thinking of jumping. One brilliant man in the crowd made a decision that quite possibly changed the entire outcome. He began to chant "Get down safe!" and the crowd quickly followed him. This touching show of support and compassion seemed to have an effect on the young man and he then laid down on the roof. Police were able to reach the man and bring him down before things turned to tragedy. He was arrested on scene and then transported to hospital for examination. In a moment that could have gone either way, one person acted out of kindness and it became contagious.

How Not To Let Your Baby Sleep, Cute Though! 49s

How Not To Let Your Baby Sleep, Cute Though!

Here is a video of a five month old baby taking her afternoon nap. Filmed by the parents when they saw her roll onto her face via the baby monitor, they quickly grabbed the camera and went to go make sure she wouldn't suffocate herself. The video is more cuteness than anything you could imagine though as she is actually fine and not in any harm in the video. She is just having a very deep sleep breathing directly into the crib sheets, funny but also not funny as you want to keep an eye out for these things in the early stages of their infancy. But put the warm cute fuzzies aside and lets talk about babies at this age sleeping on their face. Sudden infant death syndrome can occur when babies sleep on their face at this age. If they never sleep on their stomach they won't develop behaviours to lessen the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. After four to five minutes of this position most babies wake up looking for fresh air. Even though SIDS is high on a parents worry list, statistics show it is a very rare tragedy. Sudden infant death syndrome is most likely to occur between two to four months of age, and after six months of age you are most less likely to have problems, so you can rest easy. Remember to always put your baby on their back for sleeping. And on a safe surface, like a proper crib mattress, and not on a couch or soft surface they will sink into. At the end of the video you will see the parents wake their daughter, they didn't want to wake her but felt it was necessary to do so. It is very cute how she wakes though, probably very mad as she was having such a good sleep! Enjoy watching

Infant Mesmerized by Her Dad Playing The Guitar 30s

Infant Mesmerized by Her Dad Playing The Guitar

Little baby Isla is just five months old in this video, now able to hold herself up in a bumbo chair, she can sit and watch her father playing songs on the acoustic guitar. Just her hearing the sounds of the acoustic guitar ring in her new born ears, you can tell she is mesmerized by the sounds of it. Her eyes always watching the finger placement and chord changing! Maybe one day this will be her dream, to learn the six string guitar and sing to her kids one day. It's a very warm feeling playing the acoustic guitar to your daughter at this age and how she stares in awe as she listens to your voice singing to her. It's so cute seeing her this way. Isla has always been interested in the guitar sitting around the house. She crawls up to it and plucks her fingers through the strings, even though it makes silly sounds when she does it, it puts her into a good little laugh. Or when dad is playing it she has to do everything she can to help, or make him stop because she can't stand the sounds of him? We just don't know. In the video dad is simply playing a few chords and singing to her, the song is a classic song "Can't you see" by Marshall Tucker Band. The song is a country folk, souther rock from 1973, even though he is singing it to her in a way that would be about love, the lyrics actually go on about heartache and a man running as far away as he can to begin the process of healing himself. This video was shot on a Sony hand held camcorder on September 12, 2017, more videos like this to come, so please subscribe if you like cute babies!

Amazing Under Ice Footage of Hundreds of Yellow Perch 37s

Amazing Under Ice Footage of Hundreds of Yellow Perch

Every wonder what it might look like directly under your boat, your ice fishing shack, or just under water where ever your lure might be sitting? Here is some close up footage of hundreds of perch swimming directly beneath our ice fishing shack. You can see our minnows and jigs in the footage and some perch attempting to strike. They sure have lots of interest but they are all so small none of them will strike! You will also see the odd bluegill in the shots. Video was taken with a GoPro Hero 4 camera using a specialized underwater housing which supports HDMI out, and USB power out. All contained in a sealed unit with no leaking, the wires travel up to a high definition television right inside our ice fishing hut. From there we can monitor and record what is happening beneath the ice hut. You actually watch live as the fish strikes your lure. It can sure be quite amusing, especially for friends and family watching with you. The Yellow Perch is a fresh water fish all throughout North America, known as a pan fish they are fished all over, especially targeted by children as they are an easy catch. They are also prey for a majority of fish species lurking in the lakes and rivers. When you have perch around you, likely there is larger fish moving in to feed on them. Perch swim in schools, like seen in this video. They will all be around your lures, then eventually leave to move on somewhere. Then the screen is empty. This footage was sped up two times to give for a quicker viewing. You can see the bottom of ice in the video also, meaning we are only about 8 feet deep of water here. Video was taken on Chemong Lake, near Bridgenorth Ontario Canada in February 2017 Comfortable Mystery 2 - Film Noire by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( ) Source: Artist:

Baby Loves To Ride On A Vacuum Robot1m01s

Baby Loves To Ride On A Vacuum Robot

Raising children is not an easy task to do. It is a call that demands commitment, attention, self-sacrifice and it binds you for life. Nothing can be compared to it. But at the same time nothing is as heart-melting as one gentle look from your baby’s eyes. That cute, little face that wakes you up at the break of dawn. And nothing matters as long as the baby is healthy with a smile on his face. Who can stay immune to those red cheeks, the chubby hands and legs and the smell of its skin. Isn’t priceless? Babies are indeed miracles of nature. Yes, parenting it is often tough but most of the time is too funny for words. Do you see this 5-month old baby ? Then, prepare yourself for cuteness overloaded. She will soften your heart, warm your soul and give you a good laugh. You will end up beaming with smiles while watching. And only because, according to her father’s conclusion, she is too lazy, just sitting all day in her lounge chair, watching the world goes by and does nothing. Well, if she can not speak for herself, her father can, and he decides that is high time for the baby to start doing some of the chores in the house, if not everything, at least vacuuming. And how is that managed? Of course with a robot vacuum. We see her already mounted on the robot, with the pacifier in her mouth, getting ready for a ride that will make the floor neat and tidy. She enjoys the comfortable ride as the robot zooms on the silky wooden floor. As the robot turns around, a shy smile appears on her adorable face. So, if you want your babies to acquire some cleaning habits at home, 5 months is the perfect time to start!

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Rare under ice footage of northern pike striking lures31s

Rare under ice footage of northern pike striking lures

There is no better experience than watching your lure gig live as you watch a variety of fish sneak in to strike them, and once it comes through that hole in the ice it can be quite satisfying. The northern pike is a very aggressive species, especially when it comes to feeding. These fish are one of North Americas top sport fishing species as they put up a very intense fight in both open water and under ice! Pike are know for cannibalism against their own species, even when sharing a lake with their similar opponent the muskellunge, they will wipe them out of the lake over time as they are far more aggressive and territorial. This footage was taken with a live feed using a GoPro Hero 4 Black hooked into a specialized underwater housing that has HDMI out and power out, therefore you can continuously monitor under the ice without loosing picture. This crew had the camera hooked into a 32 inch TV in a ice fishing shack. In this video you will see how the northern pike comes out of the dark back ground in the bottom right hand corner to strike the lure. He misses that lure and quickly engages to strike the second lure, eventually darting off like a torpedo with immense speed! He then later comes back and strike at both lures and gets caught on the one he first attempted to strike. Just watch his body movements to see how swift and fast they can be underwater! Footage was taken on Belmont Lake in Ontario, Canada in February 2018

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Young Scared Dog Skips Across Water 18s

Young Scared Dog Skips Across Water

Our younger Bernese Mountain dog has never been in water, but his older brother is very experienced. As he watched his brother go for a stick, he attempts to go after it too. The water touching his paws scares him, so he hops like a deer!

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Loving dogs share kisses with newborn 1m35s

Loving dogs share kisses with newborn

These parents bring their 4 day old daughter home from the hospital to meet the house pets - two gentle Bernese Mountain Dogs. Their first interaction will melt your heart!

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GoPro Dog Forest Hike!  1m27s

GoPro Dog Forest Hike!

Very fun to watch two funny & cute Bernese Mountain Dogs go for a walk in a snowy forest. Some scenes have a Doggy GoPro Harness mounted to their back!

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Hilarious Golden Retriever eats with 1m35s

Hilarious Golden Retriever eats with "human hands"

This is hilarious! A Golden Retriever gets the lucky opportunity to eat snacks for Christmas with human hands! Its owner sits behind the golden retriever with a shirt over his face so you can't see him. It is pretty amazing that they were able to pull off this crazy contraption. It actually looks like the golden retriever has real hands! So funny! The dog seems to be enjoying its meal very much, look at it eating the food with extra speed! This adorable retriever tries to take the drink from the smiley face glass, but for some reason, it has trouble bringing the cup to his mouth. Instead the dog brings it to its eye, silly dog! You got to use your hands properly! That doesn't stop him from eating the meal. The snacks are just too delicious. Maybe this Golden retriever should ask Santa for more delicious snacks . It is christmas time, what a great present! This video definitely puts a smile on your face. What a talented dog! It looks like its licked the bowl clean! I think this dog needs some more right away! Do you have some funny pet stories you want to share? Let us know in the comment section below!

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