RBOSV S1: Behind the Scenes4m48s

RBOSV S1: Behind the Scenes

Hello there, Here's a little behind the scenes video my good friend Kyle Herbert ( made. You're probably thinking 1 of 3 things right now. 1 would be; "Yeah yeah, thanks for this behind the scenes or whatever but where the fuck is Monday's video?" The answe

S1: E4: The Kickback8m26s

S1: E4: The Kickback

With only a couple hours until the kickback, the bros run into some major speed bumps. Will they be able to overcome them in time? Directed by Michael Gallagher & Jimmy Tatro Written by Jimmy Tatro https:


"The Real Bros of Simi Valley" Finale Trailer (Season 1)

SUBSCRIBE Directed by Michael Gallagher & Jimmy Tatro Written by Jimmy Tatro Christian Pierce Props b

S1: E3: Squashing The Beef6m31s

S1: E3: Squashing The Beef

A life changing moment puts things in perspective for Xander and he realizes that he can't let a petty beef with Bryce stand in the way of the kickback. Unfortunately, that's only the beginning of their problems. Directed by Michael Gallagher & Jimmy Tatr

S1: EP1: Meet the Bros8m43s

S1: EP1: Meet the Bros

The girls get back from Cancun tomorrow so Xander and the guys come up with something to do Directed by Michael Gallagher & Jimmy Tatro Written by Jimmy Tatro Christian Pier

S1: EP2: The Girls Are Back6m27s

S1: EP2: The Girls Are Back

With the kickback around the corner, tensions are getting high and Molly continues to act sketch. Directed by Michael Gallagher & Jimmy Tatro Written by Jimmy Tatro Christia

High Questions14m12s

High Questions

yupp. it happened. it finally happened. like i said, thanks to MNR Co-op in Woodland Hills for all of heheheh. I said supplies because I didn't want to say "for giving us a shit ton of weed and weed smoking things" so instead I'm typing it because who knows if this is even me. maybe

The Props Guy3m33s

The Props Guy

You're thinking, 'what's going on? why are all of these people together in the same house? did you set up all of this camera equipment just for this props guy video or did you shoot this props guy video in the middle of another shoot? why is cody wearing a bandana with a matching flannel? what is er

3am footage2m15s

3am footage

Nah. Song: Title: Conro - Chardonnay (feat. Karra) iTunes Download Link: Listen on Spotify: Video Link:



Bianca must choose one of these three guys to go on a date with, based only on what she finds in their rooms Bianca: Antje Utgaard Dom: Mike Tornabene Tyler: Christian Pierce Adam: Jimmy

Drunk Questions 8 (Daytime Edition)19m54s

Drunk Questions 8 (Daytime Edition)

Note to self; don't plan on editing drunk questions the day after shooting drunk questions, especially if you decide to do a daytime edition and combine champagne and sake. Another note to self; refrain from the champagne/sake combination in the future, you don't need to do that. Also just some advi

fuckin around on the balcony2m49s

fuckin around on the balcony

A lot of times when I'm editing these balcony conversations, I'll find some shit like this where Christian and I just get super weird and stray so far from the script that there's no chance of it going in the actual video because it's just completely irrelevant to the concept. And I usually watch it

Balcony Conversations - Hot Guy Stuff5m02s

Balcony Conversations - Hot Guy Stuff

Jimmy and Christian talk about stuff... hot guy stuff. As I finished typing that, I kinda thought to myself, 'Damn I've really been going off in these descriptions lately. I hope no one looks to the description for some long essay of nothingness full of chuckles and keen observations and then gets d

Low Blows3m50s

Low Blows

Jimmy tries to make things right with his girlfriend after some rough low blows. Starring: Arielle Vandenberg Jimmy Tatro Christian Pierce Written by: Jimmy Tatro and Christian A. Pierce Shot by: Chri

Balcony Conversations - Tryouts5m41s

Balcony Conversations - Tryouts

Prospects: Matt Cutshall: Mikey Bolts: Jimmy: Christian: Follow me! Instagram | Twitter | Faceboo

Drunk Questions Holiday Edition (w/ Lauren Elizabeth)21m53s

Drunk Questions Holiday Edition (w/ Lauren Elizabeth)

Thanks to our guest Lauren Elizabeth Jimmy: Christian: Follow me! Instagram | Twitter | Facebook |



You're thinking, Jim this video was alright. Like the concept was good but the execution was pretty eh. And I'm sitting over here like, I know guys. I'm not happy about it, Christian's dog isn't happy about it, Eric's goldfish just died and J Harp isn't as fast as he used to be. I'd honestly probabl

The No Budget Talk Show (Episode 2)4m42s

The No Budget Talk Show (Episode 2)

Another no budget talk show Jimmy? Really? You just posted one of these like a month and a half ago, are you out of ideas or what? No, fucker. This is my way of giving you an update on things. This was also supposed to come out like 3 weeks ago back when I was way more pissed about everyone stealing

Post Christmas Blooper1m08s

Post Christmas Blooper

Hey guys. You may be thinking, "Jimmy, why did you just post this blooper? It's kind of funny but I also could have gone about my day without watching this and been totally fine". And you know what? I'm aware of that. Obviously, because I just said it. And now you're probably thinking, "Oh here Jimm

Balcony Conversations - Post Christmas Depression3m55s

Balcony Conversations - Post Christmas Depression

Jimmy and Christian talk about stuff Jimmy: Christian: Follow me! Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Christian

Balcony Conversations - Festival Bands3m22s

Balcony Conversations - Festival Bands

Jimmy and Christian talk about stuff Jimmy: Christian: See the full episode of my new show Uproarious on FuseTV Fridays at 11/10 Central Follow me! Instagram | Twitter |