Black Friday HAUL + My New Tattoo!18m02s

Black Friday HAUL + My New Tattoo!

So we meet again, If anyone's confused about the upload schedule, videos will be going up every Sunday until the 12 days of Kmas (which will obviously be daily videos the 12 days leading to Christmas) If you guys have any 12 Days requests feel free to leave them below. LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU Stay l

Reading My HIGH SCHOOL Journal14m12s

Reading My HIGH SCHOOL Journal

oh the cringe. Did you guys write in or still write journals? What I write now is so different from what I used to write then which is what makes looking back on these so hilariously cringy. If you want a part 2 comment below! Even better, double dare you to write out an old journal entry in the c

Pack With Me FOR VACATION8m34s


My ultimate packing checklist: http://kalynnicholson.tumblr.com/post/159764115519 Also, I my travel playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/kalynnicholsonn/playlist/0ncsKEjZlDumP2ljwEPQHQ MUSIC BY: https://www.instagram.com/audiationofficial https://soundcloud.com/audiationofficial THANKS FOR

How To Budget & Save Money | ADULTING 1016m26s

How To Budget & Save Money | ADULTING 101

Here are all the easy to follow budgeting tips I've learned so far in my 23 years of life. Keep in mind every now in then it's totally cool to dip into your rainy day fund and get the pizza and wine, at the end of the day it's all about finding a happy (or tipsy) balance, you feel? Mint - spend tr

5 Go-To Fall Hairstyles6m23s

5 Go-To Fall Hairstyles

Here are a few my of my favourite fall hairstyles I've been rocking lately. 1. Let me know if you guys want me to bring back more hairstyle videos. 2. Shall I film a hair care routine next? LOVE YOU BYE LETS BE FRIENDS// Twitter - https://twitter.com/kalynnicholson Instagram - https://Inst

Last Minute DIY Costumes | QUICK & EASY8m57s

Last Minute DIY Costumes | QUICK & EASY

I bringeth you five last minute costumes ideas for those of you who haven't quite decided on what to be just yet. I'm not going to lie, after filming this I'm still debating actually being Bentley for Halloween, and then putting Bentley in a sweater with a mini camera and blonde wig. No matter wh

Chit Chat Get Ready With Me | HALLOWEEN DEVIL7m03s

Chit Chat Get Ready With Me | HALLOWEEN DEVIL

GET READY WITH ME for Halloween! What were you guys for Halloween/what are you being? I need to come up with a final costume tomorrow for handing out candy. If you have any ideas (bonus points if they include Bentley) let me know!! LOVE YOU LOVE YOU thank you guys so much for being so supportive

Reacting to Old Videos | Kalyn Nicholson11m28s

Reacting to Old Videos | Kalyn Nicholson

It's been a sweet 4 almost 5 years that we've been having on this channel, but my lord would someone PLEASE FILL IN MY OLD EYEBROWS. Hope you guys have fun reminiscing with me! Now let's never speak of this again. LETS BE FRIENDS// Twitter - https://twitter.com/kalynnicholson Instagram - https

Draw My Life | Kalyn Nicholson14m28s

Draw My Life | Kalyn Nicholson

Here is my life condensed into fourteen minutes. LETS BE FRIENDS// Twitter - https://twitter.com/kalynnicholson Instagram - https://Instagram.com/kalynnicholson13 Tumblr - https://Tumblr.com/kalynnicholson Snapchat - @kalynnicholson Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/user/kalynnicholson

I'll Be Back Soon16m35s

I'll Be Back Soon

LOVE YOU and thank you so much for hanging out with me for the last 31 days. This has been the most magical Youtober ever and I will miss our daily conversing. THAT SAID I'm officially going to be doing another 12 Days Of Kmas countdown in December! LETS BE FRIENDS// Twitter - https://twitter.c

My Life Isn't Perfect14m29s

My Life Isn't Perfect

Welcome to San Francisco! Here are the things I did, the people I saw and the food I ate. It's been forever since I've done a travel vlog and dang, it was fun to edit. Also if you watch the video to the end for our mini life chat then I just want to reconfirm that as you watch videos online and sc

HUGE Fall Try-On Haul17m08s

HUGE Fall Try-On Haul

** currently on the highway driving back home for Thanksgiving but promise i'll fill this out with all the links as soon as I get there.**

My DIY Dream Board | VLOG12m53s

My DIY Dream Board | VLOG

Welcome to the last vlog before Youtober Make sure you guys tag me if you decide to make yourself a dream board so I can see. LOVE YOU DIY DREAM BOARD: 1. Choose a place to display your dream board, ideally somewhere you'll see often such as above your desk, bedroom, fridge, hallway, etc. 2.

Things Are Changing..18m16s

Things Are Changing..

have I ever mentioned how much I love vlogs? Because this video reminded me ALSO, if you haven't seen it before, I toured my hometown if you want to check out where I'm from - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEWsLG5QByo LOVE YOU and just to reiterate, when things start feeling heavy, stale or unin

Fall Apartment Tour | NIGHT EDITION12m53s

Fall Apartment Tour | NIGHT EDITION

Welcome to our humble abode, feel free to grab yourself a warm beverage, kick back with a blanket and stay a while. MUSIC DETAILS: https://www.instagram.com/audiationofficial https://soundcloud.com/audiationofficial Today's Quote - “I live in my own little world. But its ok, they know me here.

5 Girlboss Habits | HOW TO ADULT 10112m32s

5 Girlboss Habits | HOW TO ADULT 101

The top 5 habits of a lady boss, or at least from my perspective. What would you consider to be a must-do girlboss habit? LOVE YOU ALSO SAD DAILY VIDEOS ARE GOING TO BE ENDING SOON HOW IS IT GOING SO FAST kk I'm off to make another coffee, over and out. LETS BE FRIENDS// Twitter - https://tw

Fall Accessories Haul | BOOKS, CANDLES, SCARVES11m43s

Fall Accessories Haul | BOOKS, CANDLES, SCARVES

Welcome to my shopping addiction, here are the things I spent my maple dollars on this time: The Program - https://www.amazon.ca/Program-Suzanne-Young/dp/1442445815 Urban Outfitters: Candles - http://shopstyle.it/l/kWiH Cardigan - http://shopstyle.it/l/kWkw Green Booties - http://shopstyle.it/l/



IF YOU WANT TO DO THE HALLOWEN PHONE HUNT: 1. Your scariest story 2. Scary scene from a movie 3. Halloween Wallpaper 4. Last Minute Costume 5. Scary Photo Also, make sure to check out the video we did on Karissa's channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/saturdaynightsalrite I Made That Witch Famou

DIY Girlboss Halloween Costumes9m09s

DIY Girlboss Halloween Costumes

Here are five ultimate girl boss costumes that are easy to do at home. I'm having a serious toss up between being Pumpkin Spice for Halloween or The Queen of Dragons and putting Bentley in a dragon costumes. Thoughts? If you decide to remake any of these TAG ME I WANNA SEE! Twitter: @kalynnicho

Cozy Fall Outfits Of The Week5m10s

Cozy Fall Outfits Of The Week

If you're looking for some comfy clothes to piece together for the fall time, here are seven outfits of the week! Also day 18 of Youtober, HOW IS IT GOING SO FAST? OUTFIT DETAILS: Monday Jacket - http://shopstyle.it/l/kRDy Top - http://shopstyle.it/l/kRDy Pants - http://shopstyle.it/l/kRFH Booties

8 Ways To Fill Your Journals & Notebooks8m40s

8 Ways To Fill Your Journals & Notebooks

Here are all the ways and ideas I use to fill up lists, notebooks and journals. If you guys have any other ideas, feel free to pop them below so I can continue to feed my weird notebook buying obsession. Random realization - I should seriously make some Koze notebooks. KK LOVE YOU BYE MUSIC DET

Books That Will Change Your Life14m30s

Books That Will Change Your Life

Here are some of my must read motivational books! LINKS: You Are A Badass - https://www.amazon.com/dp/0762447699/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_aG36zbBEF94NZ The Subtle Art Of Not Giving a F*ck - https://www.amazon.com/dp/0062457713/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_8G36zbS8E1Z0A BOLD - https://www.chapters.indigo.ca/en-

A Peek Inside My Real Life16m25s

A Peek Inside My Real Life

Obviously you guys get to see the fun, clipped, cut and edited snapshots of my life on Insta and Youtube, but this weeks vlog is the true, low key, behind the scenes of trying to navigate starting a new business, keeping on top of work events and the tiniest bit of social life I have left over these

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10PM Bedtime Challenge13m27s

10PM Bedtime Challenge

HAPPY SUNDAY. I hope you are all cozied up under 100 blankets, string light lit and mad chilling as you watch this. If not, then I hope this is a reality in your soon to be future. ENJOY! If you guys decide to try the 10PM Challenge (force yourself in or to prepare for bed at 10pm every night

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Halloween Movie Night | SNACKS & MOVIE LIST10m46s

Halloween Movie Night | SNACKS & MOVIE LIST

HAPPY HAUNTING FESTIVITIES lets the movie marathons commence. Here is the movie list: https://twitter.com/KalynNicholson/status/919654390516023297 Music Details: Vibe - Fly By Midnight https://open.spotify.com/track/2RirF8lLn3Fudea4pYo9Ll If you decide to recreate any of the snacks or build