Fw:Thinking: Planetary Defense!4m35s

Fw:Thinking: Planetary Defense!

In 2013 a meteor exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia with the force of 20 nuclear bombs. The scariest part? We had no idea it was coming. In this episode we look at ways to defend Earth against potentially hazardous objects from space.

Fw:Thinking: NASA Design Challenge!4m16s

Fw:Thinking: NASA Design Challenge!

NASA will soon be announcing the winners of its X-Hab 2017 Academic Innovation Challenge. From radially accelerated farms to an in-space manufacturing and recycling system, we take a look at this year's design topics.

Fw:Thinking: Do Death Differently!3m58s

Fw:Thinking: Do Death Differently!

From a company that wants to feed us to trees, to a method of shattering bodies Terminator-style, to turning us into vinyl records; we examine some of the more interesting and environmentally friendly methods of doing death differently.