How to make a green screen (2)3m25s

How to make a green screen (2)

Follow us on Twitter!! Live: Here we show you how to key out the green in our green screen footage. At the end of this video are links to even more in depth chroma key tutorials that you may consult for additiona

USB Powered Mini A/C!4m16s

USB Powered Mini A/C!

Make your own mini USB Air conditioner! All you need are some simple items to pull this off. A plastic box, some small fans, a USB cable and some ice. Make sure you subscribe for more awesome videos from the Household hacker channel! Like and Fav this video if you enjoyed it! Go enter the Tech

Team Fortress 2, FREE FOREVER3m21s

Team Fortress 2, FREE FOREVER

I am very proud to be able to add TEAM FORTRESS 2 to my FREE GAME SPREE top game picks! It's COMPLETELY FREE, FOREVER! No more weekend-only teases. GET IT HERE (but do us a solid and LIKE and FAVORITE first, maybe say thanks in the comments!) This video showcases t

Scientific Tuesdays - Candles + Tricks = Candle Tricks4m39s

Scientific Tuesdays - Candles + Tricks = Candle Tricks

Some simple and fun tricks you can do at home using candles. Amaze your friends and family! Maybe even win the Nobel prize. Help bring awareness to your favorite charity and help save the world! Vote for scientific tuesdays at Join the Ford Global Drive Initiati

Twitter knows about your tweeting SEX BED!3m45s

Twitter knows about your tweeting SEX BED!

HH Forums Online: Big thanks to for the awesome intro! The amazing tweeting squeaking sex bed: Nintoaster: Follow us: Friend Tr

9 Awesome New Uses For Paper Towels3m58s

9 Awesome New Uses For Paper Towels

Looking to get more out of your paper towels? Try some of these alternate uses and save time, money and even sooth away minor aches and pains! Phone Case Used: We'll show you how to make your own lysol wipes, make a quick moldable ice pack, replace your swiffer pads and even

Candy Cannon Prank! Trick or Treat.3m14s

Candy Cannon Prank! Trick or Treat.

This is the Halloween Candy Cannon. A tool for avoiding trick or treaters or pranking your friends. Check out Audible: We built this device using several pieces of 2 foot PVC pipe and ball valve, and a simple tire stem from a car tire. The pressure is built up from a bi

$3 Box Projector4m30s

$3 Box Projector

Ever wanted to project your iPhone on the wall? Here is how... and cheap. Music by CIRC: All you need is a box, a magnifying glass and some hot glue. Today's MAGIC ingredient is playdough, but you can improvise with any type of putty. Enjoy! Hang with me on Facebook Ya'l

The Bacon Smoke Screen3m43s

The Bacon Smoke Screen

Let's turn bacon into the world's most delicious smoke generating apparatus and pay homage to EpicMealTime. Most of us know that bacon is one of life's most magical treats. But did you know that the grease produced from cooking bacon will actually work as an excellent fuel for a smoke screen? On

Make Your Own Fire Pit!3m13s

Make Your Own Fire Pit!

It is starting to get cold... we need fire, it is our primordial right! But how can we safely burn wood without digging into the yard? Simple! Concrete! For just a few bucks you can buy a bag and utilize things laying around your house to make an awesome FIREPIT! Facebook:

These Amazing Uses For Wine Corks Will Declutter Your Household3m30s

These Amazing Uses For Wine Corks Will Declutter Your Household

Once you have poured yourself the last glass of wine from your favorite bottle, we assume the last thing on your mind is what to do with the cork. Next time you pop some bubbly or uncork a robust red, stash the corks somewhere safe and save it for future DIY projects! Whether you’ve got one on hand or a full-blown wine cork collection, get inspired by these 20 quirky ways to use wine corks. Declutter your kitchen and make use of your party leftovers with these simple wine cork hacks. Here are some great ways to utilize those wine corks you might have sitting around. No need to throw them away! Make some awesome projects instead! Check out these amazing projects: refrigerator magnets, planters, key chains, candle vase, mirror, candle, chip clip and much more. These are simple and easy projects that put all of those leftover corks to good use. The HouseholdHacker shows us eight different things we can do to recycle those freshness keepers! Household Hacker suggests getting crafty by cutting a cork into eight equal pieces and glues magnets to them. He decorates the opposite sides and use as picture magnet for the fridge. If you want to create a neat housing for air plants you should grab two air plants, magnets, a knife and a cork. Carve out one end of the cork and stick the air plant with glue. Then, attach the two magnets with glue and stick it on the fridge. Genius! List of items covered in this video: 1. Read more at

How to Prank your Roommate on April Fools3m33s

How to Prank your Roommate on April Fools

Shirts: Website: Live: In this April Fool's edition of Household Hacker, we will show you how to prank a roommate, sibling or anyone really.... Follow the video instructions and have

Scientific Tuesdays - Neverending Foam Snake!3m30s

Scientific Tuesdays - Neverending Foam Snake!

Get the shirts: In this episode of Scientific Tuesday we take some Peroxide and Yeast to see what happens when they mix. The results are quite foamy. Follow on Twitter: Stalk on Facebook: Music by: Rob

Invisibility through Refraction.4m16s

Invisibility through Refraction.

Make glass seemingly invisible! LIKE/FAV THIS VIDEO! What you need to do! Put a small glass inside the larger glass bowl. Pour baby oil into the bowl to cover some or most of the glass. The glass in the oil will become nearly invisible as you will and can See! Now take the glass out and t

Cheap Molten Metal & Crystals4m29s

Cheap Molten Metal & Crystals

Everyone loved gallium but wanted a cheaper solution. Introducing Bismuth! We all want to melt down some metal for ourselves and make crazy molds.... Well here is the CHEAP way to do it. Did you know that the active ingredient in that Pink Stomach medicine is actually a metal? Indeed, it is! Not

Melt Metal Easily! (Gallium)4m27s

Melt Metal Easily! (Gallium)

Have you ever dreamed of melting down a metal with nothing more than your fingers? Here is your chance. Gallium is a fun metal capable of breaking down to a liquid at 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Let's take a look at it and see what kinds of fun we can have with it. TWITTER ME at

How to Build a Hanger Safe3m18s

How to Build a Hanger Safe

Thieves spend on average 8 minutes inside the home they're robbing. They want to get in, grab what they can, and get out fast. The longer they snoop around the house the better chance they will get caught. They are looking for easy targets like a jewelry box, drawers, and other places they thin

10 Youtuber Impressions - Youtube has talent?!4m02s

10 Youtuber Impressions - Youtube has talent?!

The 10 third place winners in our impersonation contest. Youtube has TALENT! Winners: nFnBjR Punkd197 HowDaWorldTwerks GeorgeLucasIsMyBuddy kidguyperson nikovictorino2 GBHartists PigeyePilsner Wirelesstaco jelokin1 First and Second prize (3 people won second place) winners will be an

How to Hack Flash Games3m04s

How to Hack Flash Games

Cheat Engine: Music by: Reasoner Twitter: We are going to show you how to hack any flash game using Cheat engine. You can hack games like bloons, desktop tower defense and many others

Build a Trip Wire Alarm (Easy)4m47s

Build a Trip Wire Alarm (Easy)

How to make a homemade trip wire! Like/Fav if you enjoy privacy! Everyone wants some privacy at some point or another... Nobody wants their privacy invaded upon. Especially, when they are doing what they love best. Now, we have all been there... whether as a young person growing up... in college...

Scientific Tuesdays - Awesome Dry Ice Experiments4m51s

Scientific Tuesdays - Awesome Dry Ice Experiments

Get the shirts: In this episode of Scientific Tuesday, we show you 5 fun and interesting experiments you can do at home using dry ice. We took our favorite effects and mashed it altogether for you! Check out our facebook app here:

I feel the need...4m23s

I feel the need...

Fan page (enter to win free Xbox 360 game bundles!) My personal channel THE NEED FOR !!! Intro music by Pascal and Pearce "need for speed" "need for speed world" "raci

Gravity Light Glove!3m14s

Gravity Light Glove!

Create a Gravity activated Glove Light! If you loved the Mouse Glove you will enjoy this one as well! All you need are 3 basic components you can pick up at any electronics store. LED, Mercury Switch and Cell Battery. If you have ever need a quick light at night or while riding your bike you know

Household Hacker Busts 5 Food Myths That Everyone Believes In3m02s

Household Hacker Busts 5 Food Myths That Everyone Believes In

In a world wrought with misinformation, how can you know what to believe in anymore? Myths and urban legends still circle to this day, but the Household Hacker has taken to debunking them, one by one. In this episode, we bust 5 food related myths that everyone believes in today and we tell you how to get around them. You may have been taught that storing bread in the fridge will make it last longer, but that is as bad a myth as we have ever seen. Storing bread at low temperatures above freezing will cause the starch in the bread to form its crystalline structures faster, making it more prone to mildew, among other nuisances. That being said, just wrap your loaf tightly to prevent unnecessary air exposure and your bear will keep just enough. What about the old and famous “salt makes water boil faster"? The myth came from the fact that if you throw salt into hot water, it will roll into a boil instantly, but that is just caused by the crystalline formations of the salt granules hitting the surface of the water. In fact, salt actually rises the boiling point of water! Don’t believes us? Watch the video to see how salted water behaves next to unsalted water. Don’t forget to check out Household Hasker’s other videos for more awesome tricks, hacks and all sorts of useful information!

Stretch A Rubber Band And Fix Your Problems 3m02s

Stretch A Rubber Band And Fix Your Problems

Rubber bands were patented in 1845, however rubber base products date all the way back to 1600 BC, so let’s find some nifty, quick uses for this amazing product and make your life just a little bit easier. Soap dispensers are awesome and you can make one last almost twice as long just by adding a rubber band to the pump mechanism, just twist it around until you cover most of the empty space. This will cut off the amount of soap that is being dispensed by about half. It is not hard to fold a bag of chips or any other bag, but next time you do this wrap a simple rubber band around it to keep your food nice and fresh, without allowing air to enter inside the bag. Rubber bandscan be used to keep things in place, for example when your cutting board is slipping or when you don’t want to carry a wallet and can attach the cash and credit cards with a rubber band to your phone, and keep it all in one place. Very often we cannot open jars because the lid is too tight. Just place a rubber band around the lid. This will give you that grip that you need to pop the damn thing open. If your hose got a little damaged, wrap five or six rubber bands around the crack and that will solve your problem for a while, and if it doesn’t just add more rubbers! Put your rubber bands to work and check out other quick tips. Facebook: Twitter: Got some Rubber Bands tricks of your own? Let's hear em. Business Inquiries or Media Requests: