These Amazing Uses For Wine Corks Will Declutter Your Household3m30s

These Amazing Uses For Wine Corks Will Declutter Your Household

Once you have poured yourself the last glass of wine from your favorite bottle, we assume the last thing on your mind is what to do with the cork. Next time you pop some bubbly or uncork a robust red, stash the corks somewhere safe and save it for future DIY projects! Whether you’ve got one on hand or a full-blown wine cork collection, get inspired by these 20 quirky ways to use wine corks. Declutter your kitchen and make use of your party leftovers with these simple wine cork hacks. Here are some great ways to utilize those wine corks you might have sitting around. No need to throw them away! Make some awesome projects instead! Check out these amazing projects: refrigerator magnets, planters, key chains, candle vase, mirror, candle, chip clip and much more. These are simple and easy projects that put all of those leftover corks to good use. The HouseholdHacker shows us eight different things we can do to recycle those freshness keepers! Household Hacker suggests getting crafty by cutting a cork into eight equal pieces and glues magnets to them. He decorates the opposite sides and use as picture magnet for the fridge. If you want to create a neat housing for air plants you should grab two air plants, magnets, a knife and a cork. Carve out one end of the cork and stick the air plant with glue. Then, attach the two magnets with glue and stick it on the fridge. Genius! List of items covered in this video: 1. Read more at

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How to Prank your Roommate on April Fools3m33s

How to Prank your Roommate on April Fools

Shirts: Website: Live: In this April Fool's edition of Household Hacker, we will show you how to prank a roommate, sibling or anyone really.... Follow the video instructions and have

Scientific Tuesdays - Neverending Foam Snake!3m30s

Scientific Tuesdays - Neverending Foam Snake!

Get the shirts: In this episode of Scientific Tuesday we take some Peroxide and Yeast to see what happens when they mix. The results are quite foamy. Follow on Twitter: Stalk on Facebook: Music by: Rob

Invisibility through Refraction.4m16s

Invisibility through Refraction.

Make glass seemingly invisible! LIKE/FAV THIS VIDEO! What you need to do! Put a small glass inside the larger glass bowl. Pour baby oil into the bowl to cover some or most of the glass. The glass in the oil will become nearly invisible as you will and can See! Now take the glass out and t

Cheap Molten Metal & Crystals4m29s

Cheap Molten Metal & Crystals

Everyone loved gallium but wanted a cheaper solution. Introducing Bismuth! We all want to melt down some metal for ourselves and make crazy molds.... Well here is the CHEAP way to do it. Did you know that the active ingredient in that Pink Stomach medicine is actually a metal? Indeed, it is! Not

Melt Metal Easily! (Gallium)4m27s

Melt Metal Easily! (Gallium)

Have you ever dreamed of melting down a metal with nothing more than your fingers? Here is your chance. Gallium is a fun metal capable of breaking down to a liquid at 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Let's take a look at it and see what kinds of fun we can have with it. TWITTER ME at

How to Build a Hanger Safe3m18s

How to Build a Hanger Safe

Thieves spend on average 8 minutes inside the home they're robbing. They want to get in, grab what they can, and get out fast. The longer they snoop around the house the better chance they will get caught. They are looking for easy targets like a jewelry box, drawers, and other places they thin

10 Youtuber Impressions - Youtube has talent?!4m02s

10 Youtuber Impressions - Youtube has talent?!

The 10 third place winners in our impersonation contest. Youtube has TALENT! Winners: nFnBjR Punkd197 HowDaWorldTwerks GeorgeLucasIsMyBuddy kidguyperson nikovictorino2 GBHartists PigeyePilsner Wirelesstaco jelokin1 First and Second prize (3 people won second place) winners will be an

How to Hack Flash Games3m04s

How to Hack Flash Games

Cheat Engine: Music by: Reasoner Twitter: We are going to show you how to hack any flash game using Cheat engine. You can hack games like bloons, desktop tower defense and many others

Build a Trip Wire Alarm (Easy)4m47s

Build a Trip Wire Alarm (Easy)

How to make a homemade trip wire! Like/Fav if you enjoy privacy! Everyone wants some privacy at some point or another... Nobody wants their privacy invaded upon. Especially, when they are doing what they love best. Now, we have all been there... whether as a young person growing up... in college...

Scientific Tuesdays - Awesome Dry Ice Experiments4m51s

Scientific Tuesdays - Awesome Dry Ice Experiments

Get the shirts: In this episode of Scientific Tuesday, we show you 5 fun and interesting experiments you can do at home using dry ice. We took our favorite effects and mashed it altogether for you! Check out our facebook app here:

I feel the need...4m23s

I feel the need...

Fan page (enter to win free Xbox 360 game bundles!) My personal channel THE NEED FOR !!! Intro music by Pascal and Pearce "need for speed" "need for speed world" "raci

Gravity Light Glove!3m14s

Gravity Light Glove!

Create a Gravity activated Glove Light! If you loved the Mouse Glove you will enjoy this one as well! All you need are 3 basic components you can pick up at any electronics store. LED, Mercury Switch and Cell Battery. If you have ever need a quick light at night or while riding your bike you know

Household Hacker Busts 5 Food Myths That Everyone Believes In3m02s

Household Hacker Busts 5 Food Myths That Everyone Believes In

In a world wrought with misinformation, how can you know what to believe in anymore? Myths and urban legends still circle to this day, but the Household Hacker has taken to debunking them, one by one. In this episode, we bust 5 food related myths that everyone believes in today and we tell you how to get around them. You may have been taught that storing bread in the fridge will make it last longer, but that is as bad a myth as we have ever seen. Storing bread at low temperatures above freezing will cause the starch in the bread to form its crystalline structures faster, making it more prone to mildew, among other nuisances. That being said, just wrap your loaf tightly to prevent unnecessary air exposure and your bear will keep just enough. What about the old and famous “salt makes water boil faster"? The myth came from the fact that if you throw salt into hot water, it will roll into a boil instantly, but that is just caused by the crystalline formations of the salt granules hitting the surface of the water. In fact, salt actually rises the boiling point of water! Don’t believes us? Watch the video to see how salted water behaves next to unsalted water. Don’t forget to check out Household Hasker’s other videos for more awesome tricks, hacks and all sorts of useful information!

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Stretch A Rubber Band And Fix Your Problems 3m02s

Stretch A Rubber Band And Fix Your Problems

Rubber bands were patented in 1845, however rubber base products date all the way back to 1600 BC, so let’s find some nifty, quick uses for this amazing product and make your life just a little bit easier. Soap dispensers are awesome and you can make one last almost twice as long just by adding a rubber band to the pump mechanism, just twist it around until you cover most of the empty space. This will cut off the amount of soap that is being dispensed by about half. It is not hard to fold a bag of chips or any other bag, but next time you do this wrap a simple rubber band around it to keep your food nice and fresh, without allowing air to enter inside the bag. Rubber bandscan be used to keep things in place, for example when your cutting board is slipping or when you don’t want to carry a wallet and can attach the cash and credit cards with a rubber band to your phone, and keep it all in one place. Very often we cannot open jars because the lid is too tight. Just place a rubber band around the lid. This will give you that grip that you need to pop the damn thing open. If your hose got a little damaged, wrap five or six rubber bands around the crack and that will solve your problem for a while, and if it doesn’t just add more rubbers! Put your rubber bands to work and check out other quick tips. Facebook: Twitter: Got some Rubber Bands tricks of your own? Let's hear em. Business Inquiries or Media Requests:

The Bike Phone Charger3m23s

The Bike Phone Charger

Welcome Shay Carl fans, this is how we modded Shay's Bike! You can harness your heavy pedaling and generate some juice for your cell phone. With this nifty bike mod you can ride around all day and never worry about your phone dying on you. All you need is a cheap hand crank radio or flash light t

Here Are 10 Ways To Utilize Your Microwave To Its Full Potential4m13s

Here Are 10 Ways To Utilize Your Microwave To Its Full Potential

Not every household has one, but those who do can not stop praising the almighty microwave. This magical contraption has been heating our foods and popping our kernels since 1946 and we seem to be very emotionally attached to it. But what if we told you that there can be so much more than heating your dinner and popping popcorn in your microwave oven? First of all, let’s talk heating things up. Nobody else will tell you this, but the center of the oven is a dead zone, so if you want to avoid getting cold spots in your food, you can place it on the perimeter of the plate, if its rotatory. If not, make sure to leave an empty space in the middle of the plate, so that the food warms up evenly. You can bring life to stale potato chips by placing them in the microwave for 30 seconds. No more chewy chips, who wants that?! Cleaning the microwave can be a hassle, but not if you know this neat trick. Place a bowl of water inside with two tablespoons of vinegar and zap it in your stinky microwave for 5 minutes. The vinegar will evaporate along with the water, removing any caked up gunk on the walls and deodorizing the inside. The smell of vinegar will be gone in a jiff and your best friend will be good to go. Be sure to watch the rest of the clip for more ways to fully utilize your microwave oven.

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Evil Household Pranks3m39s

Evil Household Pranks

Facebook: In this video we show you some of our favorite pranks to play that take little effort but provide maximum enjoyment for you! Be careful who you prank, you don't want to end up pranked by a fist to your face! Disclaimer: As with this experiment and a

Command and Conquer: Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert!4m00s

Command and Conquer: Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert!

FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE these two original C&C games. Get em! Don't think they work for Windows 7 though, but you can try with Dos box if you're feeling frisky. Enjoy! Friend me on Facebook at . . Serious Business Inq



Get it here, bucko! Check out my FIRST EVAR game review on Chaos Rising! Tell me what you think! Intro Music by Pascal and Pearce: End Music by Slot: . . S

Scientific Tuesdays - UFO Faking 1014m32s

Scientific Tuesdays - UFO Faking 101

With some basic electronics and some helium. We can hoax the world. Looking for a good prank oo pull on the unsuspecting masses? Build a floating LED light! For best results only use in a dark part of town and experiment with different types of LEDs. Thanks to NetFlix check them out for free: http:

Awesome New Uses For Paper Towels3m58s

Awesome New Uses For Paper Towels

Looking to get more out of your paper towels? Try some of these alternate uses and save time, money and even sooth away minor aches and pains! Phone Case Used: We'll show you how to make your own lysol wipes, make a quick moldable ice pack, replace your swiffer pads and even

How to Charge an iPod using electrolytes and an onion3m26s

How to Charge an iPod using electrolytes and an onion

In this episode we show you how to charge your iPod (or other mp3 player) for up to 20 minutes using electrolytes derived from Gatorade or Powerade which are then stored within the cells of an onion. You will need: 1. 1 White onion 2. 2 cups of Gatorade 3. Screwdriver 4. iPod and USB cable

These Super Helpful Hacks Will Make Winter More Fun4m07s

These Super Helpful Hacks Will Make Winter More Fun

Drafty doors and windows? High Heating Bill? Got the sniffles? Here are 10 Amazing Winter Life Hacks to keep you warm and cozy, and even save some money on your bills! Time to heat things up. Let's admit - winters can be amazing period of the year with all the holidays and everything, but the snow, rain, and wind can really spoil all the fun. So, here's a video that we really enjoyed watching, and you're about to find out why! If you have problems with your winter shoes or boots, and if you keep coming home all wet and cold, all you need is a simple, cheap candle. Start scrubbing the candle onto your shoe until you form thick layer of wax. Next, turn on the dryer and blast the shoe until the wax melts into the material. Next, test the shoe under the sink - see, it's waterproof! Next time your shoes come in contact with water, it will bounce right off them! Next time there's a layer of snow in the yard, try grabbing a broom instead of shovel. It's much easier to get rig of the thin layer of snow instead of using the shovel, and much faster! However, if there's a decent amount of freezing sticky snow, grab your shovel and spray it with non-sticking cooking spray. The snow will simply glide through it, and you'll be done in no time. Here's another useful tip - next time you cook something in your oven in winter months, don't close the oven door right away. Leave it to spread the heat all over your kitchen. Watch for some more awesome hacks! Vader Shower Head: Where to buy some of these items: Pipe Insulators - These can b

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7 Genius Cleaning Tricks For Your Bathroom3m32s

7 Genius Cleaning Tricks For Your Bathroom

Cleaning might just be the most boring chore in the household, but nothing scares us witless like when the times comes to clean the bathroom! The stains, the grime, sometimes there is even mold there...not to mention the limescale! If you are like us and would love to know of some neat and time-saving tricks that will help you get a cleaner bathroom for a fraction of the time, then take a seat! The Household Hacker is here to teach us of 7 awesome tricks that will slightly take the pressure off the nasty bathroom cleaning chore. Scrubbing the shower has to be one of those tasks that we run especially fast from, but someone has to do it. Take a dish wand and fill it with half distilled vinegar and half dishwashing liquid. Now every time you get out of your second favorite spot in the house, just run the mixture along every nook and cranny. Clean shower forever! Got nasty limescale that don’t know how to remove? If you want to avoid using harsh chemicals, then all you need is a half of lemon! Run that sour juice all over the stained fixture and rinse. The acid will degrade the mineral deposits, but not your skin! If it’s a tougher buildup, soak some rags in trusty old distilled vinegar and let them sit on the spot for a few minutes. The grab an old toothbrush and scrub away any hard to reach place, then just rinse. Watch the rest of the video for more awesome tricks for when it's your turn to clean the bathroom! 7 Genius Ways to Get Rid Of Ants! -- Learn 7 awesome life hacks to quickly clean your bathroom, leaving it looking shiny and new! Many common household items can be used to clean up even the worst messes and stains so save your cash. Get Daily Updates @

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