Scientific Tuesdays - The Six Cent Battery4m07s

Scientific Tuesdays - The Six Cent Battery

Taking a few nickels and a few pennies we can create an awesome battery. We all know about the lemon battery, but did you know that by applying the same premise to coins, we can create a battery as well? All you need are a few nickels, a few pennies and either lemon juice or vinegar. The sequence

10 Amazing Mac Shortcuts You Should Be Using4m07s

10 Amazing Mac Shortcuts You Should Be Using

Save time and be more productive with our Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac OS. Windows Edition: Covered in this video are these awesome shortcuts: 0:21 Get more OPTIONS from your Mac menus 0:47 Adjust volume/brightness at smaller intervals 1:07 How to take screenshots

Scientific Tuesdays - Eggsplosion!4m03s

Scientific Tuesdays - Eggsplosion!

On this week's episode of Scientific Tuesdays, we take some hydrogen gas, an egg, and a little fire and find out what happens when you combine the three. Note: In the spirit of household items, we created the bottle plug by wrapping duct tape around a wad of rolled-up paper towels. We simply placed

EL Wire Superhero4m36s

EL Wire Superhero

Electroluminescent wire! Build awesome costumes, deck out your clothing or become the world's worst super hero. Go to for our outtake channel. *** TWITTER: *** Facebook: . . Serious Business Inquiries O

Magnetic Super Putty4m41s

Magnetic Super Putty

Take little putty. Take some metal filings. What do we get? Magnetic Super Putty! This stuff is amazing! By infusing a simple product with metal particles, we can show it off in an entirely new light. You can try this with cereal that has Iron infused in it, but the best bet to purchase some

Scientific Super Bubbles3m47s

Scientific Super Bubbles

Welcome back to Science and we are glad to be back! Due to popular demand we took a Little break to energize and come up with a science show that can be released on any day. That being said what we did for this episode required us to figure out the perfect solution to make Super Sized bubbles. The

7 Genius Ways To Get Rid Of Ants4m00s

7 Genius Ways To Get Rid Of Ants

Summer is when the ants invade, so this is probably a good time for us to present you with these 7 most effective and surprisingly simple methods to get rid of ants in your everyday life! We love picnicking in the summer and so do ant. We would love to stop these unwanted guests to climb on our tables and feast on our food, so there is a very simple, “how did I not think of this" solution. Crab four containers of your choice that you can fit the legs of your table in and pour water inside. Common ants can’t swim, so that should dissuade them from invading. Wanna leave ant traps that are easy on the environment and are practically chemical free? Grab a small, resealable container and fill it with three tablespoons of sugar with just one tablespoon of Borax. The ant slaying abilities of the thing are legendary! After that just add a few drops of water at a time to create a syrup, close the container and poke some ant-sized holes in the sides and top. That should do the trick. If you want to clear up the pheromones that ants leave behind for others to follow, fill a spray bottle with 1 part vinegar and one part water. Add a bit of dishwashing liquid for good measure and spray away until you are certain you got them all! Watch the rest of the video for some other cool tricks that will keep your summer ant free! Share away! Daily Updates @ FACEBOOK -

Timeless Cheat - The Watch Hack3m27s

Timeless Cheat - The Watch Hack

The easiest, most efficient way to ace any test with minimal effort. It's standard to glance at your watch many times during a test so, you will not bring any unwanted attention to yourself. That makes this the perfect cheat to use TIME and TIME again (no pun intended). Now don't go getting all stra

Scientific Tuesdays - How to Make Breakaway Glass (Sugar Glass)4m53s

Scientific Tuesdays - How to Make Breakaway Glass (Sugar Glass)

Ever wondered how they have such cool effects in movies where glass is shattering? Well, typically these effects are based on household sugar. We make make our own crude homemade version with some common household ingredients. For this demonstration you will need the following items: 3 1/2 Cups of

USB Burner!3m02s

USB Burner!

Dig this? Hit LIKE/FAV! Twitter: Create a USB powered hot plate out of your old junk! Coffee going cold? Hands frigid? You might need the USB Burner. Using a dead computer processor and some USB cable we can fashion it into a lovely warming device. Sorry

Metal Shank, Spin Tank, Sugar Prank3m48s

Metal Shank, Spin Tank, Sugar Prank

Melting metal, Spinning spheres and a delicious prank! Today we look at the best submissions and requests from our fans here at Scientific Tuesdays. You can check out all the videos seen at the following links: Gallium: Death Spheres: http://www.yo

How to make a Spy Clock!3m40s

How to make a Spy Clock!

Dylan's Facebook: _ Today we will show you how to take a simple clock and cheap walkie-talkies and turn them into the ultimate spy listening device. You can find both of these cheap items at Target, Walmart etc... don't spend more than $15-20 dollars! Musi

Release the Kraken! It's Smite!3m24s

Release the Kraken! It's Smite!

Get this game here: Play Smite with the HouseholdHacker guys! It's Smite Saturday. Add us and join our [HACKR] clan, send a friend request to

Smell-Be-Gone Poop Spray!3m32s

Smell-Be-Gone Poop Spray!

How to make your own "Poo-Pourri" or "Toilet Spray" using common items found in your bathroom. No need to buy expensive versions, you can make this in a couple minutes! Spray before you go! Subscribe to Rob Dyke: *Instructions Below* Shopping List: 1. 3/4 Cup of Water

Evil Xmas Pranks3m34s

Evil Xmas Pranks

Here are six evil (but fun) Xmas pranks that you can play on your friends, family or... in-laws. If you have some of your own, please let us know in the comments. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- New Video - How To Make 6 Secret Hiding Spots: -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

How to make a green screen (2)3m25s

How to make a green screen (2)

Follow us on Twitter!! Live: Here we show you how to key out the green in our green screen footage. At the end of this video are links to even more in depth chroma key tutorials that you may consult for additiona

USB Powered Mini A/C!4m16s

USB Powered Mini A/C!

Make your own mini USB Air conditioner! All you need are some simple items to pull this off. A plastic box, some small fans, a USB cable and some ice. Make sure you subscribe for more awesome videos from the Household hacker channel! Like and Fav this video if you enjoyed it! Go enter the Tech

Team Fortress 2, FREE FOREVER3m21s

Team Fortress 2, FREE FOREVER

I am very proud to be able to add TEAM FORTRESS 2 to my FREE GAME SPREE top game picks! It's COMPLETELY FREE, FOREVER! No more weekend-only teases. GET IT HERE (but do us a solid and LIKE and FAVORITE first, maybe say thanks in the comments!) This video showcases t

Scientific Tuesdays - Candles + Tricks = Candle Tricks4m39s

Scientific Tuesdays - Candles + Tricks = Candle Tricks

Some simple and fun tricks you can do at home using candles. Amaze your friends and family! Maybe even win the Nobel prize. Help bring awareness to your favorite charity and help save the world! Vote for scientific tuesdays at Join the Ford Global Drive Initiati

Twitter knows about your tweeting SEX BED!3m45s

Twitter knows about your tweeting SEX BED!

HH Forums Online: Big thanks to for the awesome intro! The amazing tweeting squeaking sex bed: Nintoaster: Follow us: Friend Tr

9 Awesome New Uses For Paper Towels3m58s

9 Awesome New Uses For Paper Towels

Looking to get more out of your paper towels? Try some of these alternate uses and save time, money and even sooth away minor aches and pains! Phone Case Used: We'll show you how to make your own lysol wipes, make a quick moldable ice pack, replace your swiffer pads and even

Candy Cannon Prank! Trick or Treat.3m14s

Candy Cannon Prank! Trick or Treat.

This is the Halloween Candy Cannon. A tool for avoiding trick or treaters or pranking your friends. Check out Audible: We built this device using several pieces of 2 foot PVC pipe and ball valve, and a simple tire stem from a car tire. The pressure is built up from a bi

$3 Box Projector4m30s

$3 Box Projector

Ever wanted to project your iPhone on the wall? Here is how... and cheap. Music by CIRC: All you need is a box, a magnifying glass and some hot glue. Today's MAGIC ingredient is playdough, but you can improvise with any type of putty. Enjoy! Hang with me on Facebook Ya'l

The Bacon Smoke Screen3m43s

The Bacon Smoke Screen

Let's turn bacon into the world's most delicious smoke generating apparatus and pay homage to EpicMealTime. Most of us know that bacon is one of life's most magical treats. But did you know that the grease produced from cooking bacon will actually work as an excellent fuel for a smoke screen? On

Make Your Own Fire Pit!3m13s

Make Your Own Fire Pit!

It is starting to get cold... we need fire, it is our primordial right! But how can we safely burn wood without digging into the yard? Simple! Concrete! For just a few bucks you can buy a bag and utilize things laying around your house to make an awesome FIREPIT! Facebook:

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