Hack Your Soda Can With These Simple Tricks4m42s

Hack Your Soda Can With These Simple Tricks

The world consumes over 200 billion aluminum cans each year. The thing is, these cans can provide good raw material for those who are kind of thrifty or creative. You can seriously find something clever to do with every part of the aluminum can so next time you are finishing that soda, save the can and think about these hacks. Do you have an art piece that you would love to hand but it seems impossible without the necessary accessories? Create a makeshift hook with the pop tab in less than one minute. Carefully remove the tab from the soda can by holding it up and bending it down. Just choose a central spot on the back to place the tab. We have a solution for you if you want to peel something, and we assure you that the top of a soda can can be perfect for peeling maneuver. Hey did you know that you don’t need a popcorn maker or a microwave to make popcorn, all you need is an empty soda can, heating source and a sharp tool. This may not be your first choice, but desperate times call for desperate measures. If you haven’t had time to learn magic tricks, you should try this easy trick and leave your friends amazed! All you need is an empty soda can. Pour some water into it, and try to balance it by bending it to the side. This is one hell of a trick! SUBSCRIBE HERE → Our Playlists: Quick & Simple Life Hacks: Cool Science Tricks: https://go

Have A Look At These 8 Awesome Grocery Bag Hacks5m18s

Have A Look At These 8 Awesome Grocery Bag Hacks

You recycle when you can, but it’s hard to toss away something useful as a grocery bag. Paper or plastic, you can end up with tons of them, occupying your home space. However, there are lots of ways to use and transform grocery bags into something useful. In this video, you can see several ways on how to use grocery bags in a smart way. First of all, you should find a suitable solution for all those you have in your home. Instead of leaving them hanging around your house or having overloaded drawers, you can make a grocery bag box out of a baby wipe container. You can also use some empty tissue box, cereal box, or even cardboard soda case. It only depends on your imagination. Plastic bags seems to have many uses around your house. If you don’t want your ice cream to get some ugly odour in the fridge, than you can wrap a plastic bag between your ice cream and the lid and then tie it up at the bottom. They are also good for gathering all your socks in one place and still have enough space in your drawers. It might not look pretty, but we all have skeletons in our closets. They are perfect for your car trips. If you easily get carsick, then making an improvised carsick bag is the right choice for saving you from a disaster. Place a plastic bag into a paper one for extra sturdiness, then fold it on itself and tuck it in your car to avoid disaster before it starts. If yellow jackets or wasps are invading your yard, than creating a paper nest is a good idea on how to get rid of them without harming them. It will look like the nest from another swarm of bugs, and since they are very territorial, they will steer clear from your yard. From making a magic wallet to locking down your bags with a bungee cord, check out our favorite grocery bag hacks! SUBSCRIBE HERE → Our Playlist

7 Awesome Things YOU Can Do With Zip Ties3m22s

7 Awesome Things YOU Can Do With Zip Ties

"Zip Ties are one of the most fantastic inventions the world has ever seen. If you want to learn some interesting ways to use them, then you have come to the right place. We can reuse them, unlock them and even mow the lawn with them! SUBSCRIBE HERE → Our Playlist

7 Awesome Fan Hacks To Try At Home4m00s

7 Awesome Fan Hacks To Try At Home

"Hack Your Fan and make EVEN more useful! Here are some fun and simple ways to improve your fans with some nifty modifications. Get a free audiobook with a 30 day trial go to Thanks to Audible for supporting this video! SUBSCRIBE HERE →

These Are The 7 Cool Ways To Use Those Extra Dryer Sheets2m27s

These Are The 7 Cool Ways To Use Those Extra Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are a fantastic and quick way to remove static, soften your clothes and give your laundry a nice clean scent. But nestled in that box of secrets are a ton of alternate uses that can save you money and get you out of a bind. Thanks to the Household Hacker, now you too can squeeze every last bit of dollar from your box of dryer sheets. When it comes to removing static, all you have to do is rub a sheet onto your ‘sticky’ garment to release the extra charge. Then you can go about your day with a fresh-smelling, static free look! Dryer sheets are good for scenting just about everything in your house! Stick a few behind the hanged clothes in your closet to keep your winter garment smelling fresh all season long, because, ‘winter is coming’. If you travel a lot, you can get rid of that nasty stale smell in your suitcase if you pop a dryer sheet on both bottoms of your case before packing for your trip. Then, when you reach your destination and pop that case open, your clothes will smell like they just came out of the dryer! Check out these and many more awesome ideas to get that dryer sheet smell in all the nooks and crannies in your house! SUBSCRIBE HERE →

17 Crazy Ways to Open a Bottle Without A Bottle Opener3m17s

17 Crazy Ways to Open a Bottle Without A Bottle Opener

Need to get that bottle open? You can find your way to beverage freedom using just about anything. We chose our favorite 17 methods to share with you. Have some of your own? SUBSCRIBE HERE → 6 Ways to Open a Bottle without an Opener (2012)

10 Hot Weather Life Hacks To Keep YOU Cool5m10s

10 Hot Weather Life Hacks To Keep YOU Cool

Want to keep cool in the summer heat? Here are 10 simple and easy tips to cool down for little to no money! Get cool on the cheap! From strawberry ice cubes to DIY coolers we've got you covered. Thanks to my buddy Grant Thompson for helping out, here is his channel:

10 Amazing Hot Glue Life Hacks You Should Try4m10s

10 Amazing Hot Glue Life Hacks You Should Try

HOT GLUE is THERE FOR YOU! Here’s 10 simple ways to put hot glue to the test. SUBSCRIBE HERE → You can fix all kinds of things around your house using hot glue. We will show you how to attach a button, dampen noisy cabinets, even resize a ring that is too big. --

8 Simple Dollar Store Hacks To Save You Money4m20s

8 Simple Dollar Store Hacks To Save You Money

Save MONEY and SOLVE Problems by utilizing the dollar store! SUBSCRIBE HERE → Want to make your own dryer sheets? What about a portable mini grill for a couple bucks? We'll show you how to do this an much, much more! ---------------------------- Our Top Playlist

10 Simple Vinegar Life Hacks To Try At Home5m11s

10 Simple Vinegar Life Hacks To Try At Home

From killing weeds to shining your shoes, vinegar is one of the most useful things you can find around your home. Here are 10 awesome life hacks you can use to solve common problems with VINEGAR! Casper: - Use code "household" at check out for $50 off! -SUBSCRIBE HERE-

10 Summer Life Hacks To Try Right Now6m08s

10 Summer Life Hacks To Try Right Now

Summer is the best time to do some LIFE HACKING! From water balloons to watermelon popsicles... Try out these Life Hacks right now! SUBSCRIBE HERE: ---------------------------- Our Top Playlists: ---------------------------- Quick & Simple Life Hacks: https://goo

Sneaky Ways To Hide Anything Using Household Items2m47s

Sneaky Ways To Hide Anything Using Household Items

Whether you have suspicious room-mates, snooping parents or just want to protect your valuables from burglars, hiding your items adds an extra layer of protection to your belongings. So let’s get sneaky and hide away your stash. If you have a four-legged pet, grab one of their toys and make a slice. Squeeze the toy open and place your items inside. Just keep it away from the dog and it will only appear as a boring pet toy. Create your own Sharpie safe by taking away the tube and placing all you tiny, valuable items inside. Then simply reassemble the marker and put it on its usual place. Cheap thermostats can also be a great hiding spot . Your item is locked down safe and sound without anyone knowing. Another great tip is to get an empty food container and place your valuables inside. Once closed, add the container inside the freezer. This is a great hiding spot that no burglar will ever suspect! Many brushes can have their pads removed, you can hide your cash in neat and it is a neat way too! The great sport for little emergency cash. Get some butter and heat it up in the microwave, place your valuable belongings into a glass tube and place it in the empty butter container. After you have stashed the tube inside the box, pour the butter inside and freeze it again. Subscribe here: More updates at: FACEBOOK:

8 Incredibly Simple Kitchen Hacks4m08s

8 Incredibly Simple Kitchen Hacks

From Chopsticks to Banana Peels-- Learn how to cut an onion like a pro, level-up your waffle-iron, rescue your sugar with marshmallows and a lot more! It's time for 8 incredibly simple kitchen hacks! SUBSCRIBE HERE: ---------------------------- Our Top Playlists: -

These Life Hacks Will Save You From Breaking The Bank4m46s

These Life Hacks Will Save You From Breaking The Bank

If you have found yourself in a pinch for money, but you still want to keep up the hygiene in the house, then boy, have we got you covered! The HouseholdHacker is back with 10 awesome money saving life hacks for you to try out at home. Dishwasher tablets too expensive? Mix 1 cup of washing soda, 1 cup of baking soda, ½ cup of salt and ½ cup of lemon juice, you will get a lovely mixture that you can pack into an ice cube tray and then use in the dish washing machine! We all hate carpet spills, especially the greasy ones, scrub some cornstarch and let it sit and do its job from 15 to 20 minutes. The cornstarch will absorb the liquids, and for cleanup just vacuum over the mess and call it a day! Stainless steel pan gathering oily gunk? Put the pan on the stove with some white vinegar covering the bottom and bring it to a rolling boil. After it cools, drop some baking soda and lightly scrub. Good as new! Bugs pestering your house? Soak a few paper strips in a cooked mixture of sugar, syrup and honey, leave them to dry and then hang them wherever those bugs appear. Watch the video for some other cool money saving tips and don’t break your piggy bank!

Check Out These 7 Brilliant Cleaning Hacks You Need To Try4m46s

Check Out These 7 Brilliant Cleaning Hacks You Need To Try

Hygiene is a must, but cleaning can be such a bore. All that rubbing and scraping, sometimes even without a result. What is we could tell you a few secrets to keep your stuff and home free of dirt and stains, without the extra elbow grease? Is your grill a disaster? Come the warmer months and you crack that thing open to reveal rust and grime gathered up after months of hibernation. Remove the grates and place them on a flat surface, then grab a potato, some salt and vegetable oil. Brush the oil of the grates, sprinkle some salt and the start rubbing them with the potato. The salt will provide plenty of abrasion without ruining the metal like a wire mesh would. Bathtub a mess? Get a scrub brush, preferably in a circular form, and strip it down to the base with the bristles. Attach it to a drill chuck using a threaded rod or a long bolt and scrub away with the detergent you normally use. Far faster than just by hand. What about food stains or greasy build up on your oven’s grease filters? Now THAT is a pain to clean, but not it you pop them in the dishwasher. It is very obvious really, just like you would wash your caked up casserole dish. We wish we thought of this sooner. Check Out Clorox Triple Action Dust Wipes: Thanks to Clorox for supporting our content and helping us #UnleashthePower

Spinning Death Spheres!5m00s

Spinning Death Spheres!

When you attach two ball bearings together and spin them, the results are simply amazing. You might have heard of Hurricane Balls before, but they aren't cheap. We can make them ourselves for just a couple bucks, and we can even rename them to whatever we want! We'll take you through all th

Auto-Off TV Remote Prank!2m14s

Auto-Off TV Remote Prank!

Let's modify a TV remote so it will shut off whenever the victim sits down on the couch. Many of you were begging for an "OLD SCHOOL" householdhacker video that used nothing but common items found around your house. Well I hope you have found it here.... Let's do this! . . Serious Business Inquiries

How to View Blocked Websites3m29s

How to View Blocked Websites

Ever wanted to view a site at work or school and it was blocked? Well try these techniques to get around it. Web Proxies: 1. 2. 3. Download TOR Browser Bundle here: Subscribe for more tips, tricks, ha

Build a wireless Finger Phone4m23s

Build a wireless Finger Phone

Shirts: Website: Here is what you need: 1. A bluetooth headset 2. Some standard wires 3. At least one Glove 4. A knife for cutting 5. Time That's it. How simple and how awesome?! Music by: Synaptic_Decay Link: http://ccmix

How to make Waterproof Firesticks.1m53s

How to make Waterproof Firesticks.

Make Self-Lighting, Waterproof-Firesticks. Next time you are in a pinch you will be prepared! Let's make some emergency fire starters that will last you almost 5 minutes each! You will need Strike Anywhere Matches, some Dryer Lint and some Candle Wax. You must wrap the matches in the dryer lint an

Never Lose Your Remote Again! (The Pillow Mod)5m57s

Never Lose Your Remote Again! (The Pillow Mod)

Sick of losing your TV remote? End it forever! LIKE/FAV if you enjoyed this video! All you need are basic buttons you can grab up for a few cents a piece, some wire, and an old television remote that you don't care about. Find a comfy pillow and let the modding begin. Hey! Friend me on FACEBOO

Make a Solar Powered Charger3m00s

Make a Solar Powered Charger

Get the shirts: Facebook: Buy a solar panel here: For this to work you will need a 6v Solar Panel and a Female USB connector. Solder the USB connector to the negative and positive contact points on the Solar Pa

5 Incredible Uses for Old Light Bulbs5m53s

5 Incredible Uses for Old Light Bulbs

Here are five ILLUMINATING ways to put your old bulbs to good use! Huge thanks to Audible for supporting us, check them out here: for a free download! Lights bulbs are awesome. And not just because they provide us with the ability to see in the dark… There are so many a

4th of July Party Pleasers!2m11s

4th of July Party Pleasers!

Happy 4th of July! Here's a great selection of simple and inexpensive party pleasers that you can recreate for just a few bucks! Dive on in and happy holidays! -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- New Video - How To Make 6 Secret Hiding Spots: -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

How to cheat on any test3m24s

How to cheat on any test

Shirts: Website: Live: As an homage to some of our favorite tricks, heres an old one that has been around for ages but some of you may not be aware of. In this video we show you ho