You Will Use Up Every Last Bit Of Your Zip Lock Bags With These Tips3m55s

You Will Use Up Every Last Bit Of Your Zip Lock Bags With These Tips

Ever since they were invented in 1968 by The Dow Chemical Company, the brand of reusable, resealable zipper storage bags has changed our lives for good. We use them for freezing, we used them for snacks; heck, we even used them for storage! But in the last half a century thousands of hacks revolving around the Ziplock bags have surfaced. But today, the Household Hacker is here to show you eight alternative ways to put those zipper bags to work. If you need to ship some large, fragile items, but can’t find any bubble wrap, the solution is as easy as blowing up a few Ziplock bags and placing them around the object. Just close the bag almost all the way, leaving some space to insert a straw through which you will blow it up. Carefully seal it to prevent leakage and repeat with as many baggies as you need. Need to vacuum-seal something, but don’t have the machine? Just full up your sink or a deep container with water and put the food you want vacuumed into a Ziplock bag. Again, close most of the zipper, leaving about an inch open. Submerge the baggie in the water up to the zipper, careful not to let water in. The pressure from the water will force air out of the bag - instant vacuum! Ziplock bags can help you reduce the time you need to clean off ice and snow off the side mirrors on your car. When you hear of a snowstorm heading your way, just slip a couple of ziplock baggies on those mirrors and next time you go to your car, they will be clean and dry. You can improvise a funnel by cutting one corner of a bag and use it to transfer any liquid or dry substance into a container with a narrow mouth. You can tape it to one side to make sure it doesn’t slip and spoil everywhere. Ziplock bags also make excellent ice packs. Just soak a sponge in water and put it in a bag without wringing it dry. Add some rubbing alcohol to the sponge to make it freeze to a gel-like consistency and seal it up. It might come especially handy if you are trying out those terrible life hacks. The list goes on, so make sure to keep watching for the rest of it. Really clever! SUBSCRIBE HERE → Ziploc or Zipper Bags have been around for 50 years and there are tons of different things you can use them for that you may have never thought of. Check these simple tricks out and post your own. For Business Inquiries or Media Requests: #HouseholdHacker

How To Make Pasta from Strawberries2m47s

How To Make Pasta from Strawberries

How to Make Pasta from Strawberries! This delicious dessert can be whipped together pretty quick and it is sure to impress anyone you serve it to (even yourself). SUBSCRIBE HERE → Recipe: ¾ Cup Of Fruit (Any Fruit Will Work) ⅓ Cup Of Water 1 TBSP Sugar (Optional but Delicious) 3 TBSP Agar-Agar Flakes (Found in Asian Foods Aisle) 1. Blend it all up until it is liquified and there are no lumps in the mixture. 2. Pour mixture into a pan and cook on medium heat. 3. Remove from heat when mixture begins to boil. 4. Add to a container and fill up a food syringe with the cooked mixture. 5. Eject the mix into vinyl tubing and place into cold water for 5 minutes. 6. Fill food syringe with air and push out the noodles from the tubing. 7. Add cream or extra fruit on the side and enjoy your delicious pasta dessert! For Business Inquiries or Media Requests: #HouseholdHacker

These Are 10 Terrible Life Hacks You Should Never Try At Home3m42s

These Are 10 Terrible Life Hacks You Should Never Try At Home

The Household Hacker is a genius when it comes to gathering and discovering hacks and tricks that will alter your life forever - maybe even make you some extra free time. A lot of people on the world wide web want to be like him, so they try and create some tips and hacks of their own that in turn create more dismay that comfort. The Household Hacker wouldn’t be what he is if he didn’t gather them all in one video to show us just how terrible those ideas are. They do get the credit though, just not in the comfort of your own kitchen...or elsewhere! Some of these tips truly are idiotic, but others seems legit enough...until you use them! Like the tip about overusing toilet paper: tie a zip tie down the middle, so that you split the pieces in half, doubling the amount? No, thanks! How about cooling your house down during the last days of summer by popping the freezer door open and mounting a box fan out front. What can possibly go wrong there? No space in your fridge for that 12-pack of soda? Someone said you can empty the cans of soda into an empty plastic bottle, because one large soda bottle takes up far less space than 12 cans...Come again? And if you get dirty everywhere you go, just squirt some liquid soap into the pockets of your pants and you can rub your hands with the soapy fabric anytime. Just brilliant, isn’t it? SUBSCRIBE HERE:

Check Out These 8 Expert Cleaning Tricks Using Household Items3m44s

Check Out These 8 Expert Cleaning Tricks Using Household Items

We don’t know what we would have done if it weren’t for the brilliant Household Hacker and his endless pursuit of tips and hacks to make his, and everyone else’s, life easier and create much needed peace and serenity. Did you know that you can clean around your home without ever having to buy those expensive, stinky chemicals that may do more harm than good? You probably have most of these items in your pantry or bathroom and you can use them in a variety of situations. Like, did you know that you can clean your windows with carbonated water? It is cheaper and far less damaging to your self and others and it actually does a pretty good job when you wipe it off with a soft cloth, or even better, with some newspaper. Here’s something that is definitely a pain to clean, those wooden window blinds that everyone hates cleaning. You just need an old glove and some fabric softener. Put the glove on and dip your index and middle finger in the softener, then just wipe away. Your room will smell like heaven and the dust from the blinds won’t fly everywhere! This one’s a no brainer - put a cup of baking soda with a few drops of essential oil mixed in into a mesh strainer and sprinkle it over your mattress to remove odors and keep it smelling fresh. Just brilliant! Be sure to also check out this other compilation of cleaning hacks that you just have to try! Visit us on Facebook: Twitter:

How to View the Solar Eclipse with a Saltine Cracker!3m05s

How to View the Solar Eclipse with a Saltine Cracker!

Eclipse Glasses Sold Out? Try this simple method to view the Solar Eclipse using common household items! With just a simple saltine cracker, a box and some scissors you will be well on your way to experiencing the 2017 Solar Eclipse while keeping your eyes safe. SUBSCRIBE HERE:

Check Out These 9 Super Quick Tricks That Will Save You Some Nerves In The Bathroom3m44s

Check Out These 9 Super Quick Tricks That Will Save You Some Nerves In The Bathroom

some of our favorite bathroom tricks to help you keep yours fresh and clean and most importantly... UNCLOGGED! First of all, let’s address the noise problem. Don’t you just hate it when you drop the seat of your toilet down, only for it to bang on the porcelain, the sound echoing across the bathroom tiles and you wish you knew how to use it without ever lifting it? All you have to do is save the cork from the next vintage you down, slice it up and stick it under to muffle the sound. You can also use self adhesive furniture casters or chair glides. When you are out of bathroom freshener, hide a few dryer sheets under the toilet paper roll. Wrap a few on the holder and put your roll on. Every time the roll spins, the sheets will release their scent and no one will ever know! Speaking of toilet paper, here’s a secret that will save you the agony when you find yourself without the fluffy white stuff. The empty roll can be deconstructed into the several rolls it is made of, which if you layer down enough, can be soft enough for your derriere and easy enough to flush. You’re welcome. Keep watching for more awesome tricks when in the throne room, and while you are there, check out HouseholdHacker’s other video with more tips, tricks and hacks that will make your life a breeze! If you enjoyed this, SUBSCRIBE HERE:

How To Make JUMBO JENGA!2m46s


Make your own EXTRA LARGE JENGA set! This giant version of Jenga stands nearly 2½ feet tall and can DOUBLE in height while playing, making the jumbo version even more fun! SUBSCRIBE HERE → 🍧🍧🍧 Quick & Simple Life Hacks: Cool Science Tricks

How To Make GIANT Yahtzee For Your Lawn!3m14s

How To Make GIANT Yahtzee For Your Lawn!

It's time to kick your summer into gear with our Summer Life Hack Series. Today: Learn how to create your very own YARDZEE set! Download Yardzee Scoresheet: Download Dice Template: Official Yahtzee Rules: -=Our Playlists=- Quick & Si

5 Quick & Simple Ways to Soften Butter2m18s

5 Quick & Simple Ways to Soften Butter

Don’t you just hate it when you’re in a hurry to make your breakfast in the morning and the butter is rock solid? It will probably take around an hour for it to soften up enough for you to use it. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few tricks on softening butter in no time. You can decide whether you want to cut it, grate it, pound it or maybe even microwave it. It’s so easy. Just spread it on your favorite piece of toast and you’re good to go. Bon appetit!

Check Out These 5 Quick And Simple Life Hacks3m02s

Check Out These 5 Quick And Simple Life Hacks

Having problem cleaning your house or you just hate washing your dishes? Here are five amazing hacks that you can find very nifty. Planning on having a party at your place, eat chips, but do not want to wash tones of dishes? You can easily transform your chips bag into a serving only by creating small holes in the chips bag and than peel of the center of the circle. Sometimes you have problem putting your tooth paste into the right place and at the end it always falls down? Take some duct tape and form a tab of your tube. Than create a small hole in it and you can hang it on a small hook. Easy to access, easy to use. Maybe your shower or sink are not draining as they used to. You can try putting two Alka-Seltzer tablets and some vinegar into the sinkhole and than flash water. It will clean all the dirt in it. Vinegar life hacks can be a real life saver at some point. Keeping your oven clean sometimes can be a hard mission. If you do not want to clean it every week, try putting aluminum foil over the grids and place your pizza to bake. It will keep all the cheese on the foil. At the end you will only need to remove the foil and your oven will remain clean as new. After you have been wearing your snickers for a longer period, they start to get that stinky smell. No need to panic. Just take some cat litter sand and put it in your socks. Tie them and place into the snickers. Problem solved! Check Out Our Playlists: Quick & Simple Life Hacks: ||| Cool Science Tricks: https://

Best April Fool's Pranks 2017 (Compilation)3m48s

Best April Fool's Pranks 2017 (Compilation)

Here are our favorite pranks for 2017! If you need some tricks or pranks to pull on your friends, look no further! SUBSCRIBE HERE → Our Playlists: Quick & Simple Life Hacks: Cool Science Tricks: DIY Pranks: https://goo.

These Simple Tricks Will Make The Upcoming Holidays A Breeze3m27s

These Simple Tricks Will Make The Upcoming Holidays A Breeze

The holidays do not have to be a huge bucket of stress. They usually are the period of joy, happiness and love. There are so many quick and simple ways to hack the holidays. Enjoy your time making Christmas crafts for your home and spend more time with your family and friends. Here are some awesome tips and tricks that will make your holiday season a breeze! You can turn you table napkin into a fasting tree in less than a minute! Easy to make, easy to take. After you finish it, put a bow on the top of your napkin tree and there you have a small Christmas tree right in your plate. For those people who love to travel, but refuse to take a travel pillow with them… you can make them out of your clothes. Safe your money and make your own pillow. Think outside the sunglasses box and re-purpose your everyday objects when you are on the go. Put smaller objects like phone charger, money and other stuff inside the box and safe some space in your backpack. Hate untangling lights every year before Christmas? Use an ordinary clothes hook to wrap them around it and avoid the chaos. Or maybe you want to hang or try some tasty M&M Christmas lights? Making them is a piece of cake. "It's time to Hack The Holidays!" Thanks Verizon for sponsoring this video. Check out more Holiday Tech Unboxing Videos here: SUBSCRIBE HERE → http://bit.

 Make Good Use Of Your Drinking Straws With These Tips3m42s

Make Good Use Of Your Drinking Straws With These Tips

We all have them sitting around in our houses. But did you know that drinking straws can do so much more than just act as a path for your beverage? Keep watching to check out how you can squeeze every bit of usefulness from them. Wanna make a dispenser from a two quart drink bottle? Take the cap off the bottle and make a straw-sized hole in the center. Connect three straws together by bending and inserting them inside one another. Pull the mega straw through the hole, making sure it gets as close to the bottom of the bottle as possible. Then, attach it to the neck of the bottle with a rubber band, making sure it doesn’t cut off the flow. Then just squeeze the bottle! Why bother squeezing the honey bottle or buying pre-packaged honey sticks, when you can make them at home? Seal the end shut of a straw by melting it over an open flame. Hold the end with pliers to make sure of a good seal. Then, fill the straw up with your desired amount of the sweet nectar, cut a bit above that line and seal it again. You will end up with a nice little honey packet that is perfect for a single serving. You can use this same method for anything from spices and toothpaste for your Travels! Speaking of travels, you can keep your shaving razor safe by making a makeshift razor cover out of a straw. Cut a portion that will fit the razor, then cut it open lengthwise. Then just slide it over the blades and your razor is good to go. Colorful straws make perfect cable labels! Use the same method as with the razor, just make sure you write a label on each piece to know which cable goes where! If you are out of bag clips, straws will do the trick just fine. Take two and cut only one of them lengthwise. Wrap the open end of a bag around the uncut straw and use the one that you did cut to seal it in place. Fresh chips for longer! Be sure to share this compilation with your friends to make their lives that much easier. Enjoy!

Simple Holiday Travel Hacks3m01s

Simple Holiday Travel Hacks

"We've put together some quick and simple travel hacks to use during the busiest time of year. Thanks Verizon for sponsoring this video. Check out more Holiday Tech Unboxing Videos here: 0:11 Roll up clothes and use zip bags 0:38 C

Can Your Microwave Make Gourmet Desserts In 90 Seconds?3m29s

Can Your Microwave Make Gourmet Desserts In 90 Seconds?

"3 Simple recipes that can be created in a matter of minutes, and cooked to perfection in the microwave. SUBSCRIBE HERE → | #HouseholdSnacker SHOPPING LIST BELOW: MICROWAVE BANANA BREAD: Start by lightly misting a large microwave safe mug with non-stick cooking sp

Time-Saving Hacks: 7 Ways to Make Your Life Easier3m04s

Time-Saving Hacks: 7 Ways to Make Your Life Easier

"Do your laundry faster, get your shower to the perfect temperature and even hack your headphones. Today we'll show you 7 awesome ways to save the day with these Time Saving Life Hacks. SUBSCRIBE HERE → Our Playlists: Quick & Simple Life Hacks:

7 Awesome Things YOU Can Do With Zip Ties3m22s

7 Awesome Things YOU Can Do With Zip Ties

"Zip Ties are one of the most fantastic inventions the world has ever seen. If you want to learn some interesting ways to use them, then you have come to the right place. We can reuse them, unlock them and even mow the lawn with them! SUBSCRIBE HERE → Our Playlist

7 Awesome Fan Hacks To Try At Home4m00s

7 Awesome Fan Hacks To Try At Home

"Hack Your Fan and make EVEN more useful! Here are some fun and simple ways to improve your fans with some nifty modifications. Get a free audiobook with a 30 day trial go to Thanks to Audible for supporting this video! SUBSCRIBE HERE →

These Are The 7 Cool Ways To Use Those Extra Dryer Sheets2m27s

These Are The 7 Cool Ways To Use Those Extra Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are a fantastic and quick way to remove static, soften your clothes and give your laundry a nice clean scent. But nestled in that box of secrets are a ton of alternate uses that can save you money and get you out of a bind. Thanks to the Household Hacker, now you too can squeeze every last bit of dollar from your box of dryer sheets. When it comes to removing static, all you have to do is rub a sheet onto your ‘sticky’ garment to release the extra charge. Then you can go about your day with a fresh-smelling, static free look! Dryer sheets are good for scenting just about everything in your house! Stick a few behind the hanged clothes in your closet to keep your winter garment smelling fresh all season long, because, ‘winter is coming’. If you travel a lot, you can get rid of that nasty stale smell in your suitcase if you pop a dryer sheet on both bottoms of your case before packing for your trip. Then, when you reach your destination and pop that case open, your clothes will smell like they just came out of the dryer! Check out these and many more awesome ideas to get that dryer sheet smell in all the nooks and crannies in your house! SUBSCRIBE HERE →

17 Crazy Ways to Open a Bottle Without A Bottle Opener3m17s

17 Crazy Ways to Open a Bottle Without A Bottle Opener

Need to get that bottle open? You can find your way to beverage freedom using just about anything. We chose our favorite 17 methods to share with you. Have some of your own? SUBSCRIBE HERE → 6 Ways to Open a Bottle without an Opener (2012)

Sneaky Ways To Hide Anything Using Household Items2m47s

Sneaky Ways To Hide Anything Using Household Items

Whether you have suspicious room-mates, snooping parents or just want to protect your valuables from burglars, hiding your items adds an extra layer of protection to your belongings. So let’s get sneaky and hide away your stash. If you have a four-legged pet, grab one of their toys and make a slice. Squeeze the toy open and place your items inside. Just keep it away from the dog and it will only appear as a boring pet toy. Create your own Sharpie safe by taking away the tube and placing all you tiny, valuable items inside. Then simply reassemble the marker and put it on its usual place. Cheap thermostats can also be a great hiding spot . Your item is locked down safe and sound without anyone knowing. Another great tip is to get an empty food container and place your valuables inside. Once closed, add the container inside the freezer. This is a great hiding spot that no burglar will ever suspect! Many brushes can have their pads removed, you can hide your cash in neat and it is a neat way too! The great sport for little emergency cash. Get some butter and heat it up in the microwave, place your valuable belongings into a glass tube and place it in the empty butter container. After you have stashed the tube inside the box, pour the butter inside and freeze it again. Subscribe here: More updates at: FACEBOOK:

Auto-Off TV Remote Prank!2m14s

Auto-Off TV Remote Prank!

Let's modify a TV remote so it will shut off whenever the victim sits down on the couch. Many of you were begging for an "OLD SCHOOL" householdhacker video that used nothing but common items found around your house. Well I hope you have found it here.... Let's do this! . . Serious Business Inquiries

How to View Blocked Websites3m29s

How to View Blocked Websites

Ever wanted to view a site at work or school and it was blocked? Well try these techniques to get around it. Web Proxies: 1. 2. 3. Download TOR Browser Bundle here: Subscribe for more tips, tricks, ha

How to make Waterproof Firesticks.1m53s

How to make Waterproof Firesticks.

Make Self-Lighting, Waterproof-Firesticks. Next time you are in a pinch you will be prepared! Let's make some emergency fire starters that will last you almost 5 minutes each! You will need Strike Anywhere Matches, some Dryer Lint and some Candle Wax. You must wrap the matches in the dryer lint an

Make a Solar Powered Charger3m00s

Make a Solar Powered Charger

Get the shirts: Facebook: Buy a solar panel here: For this to work you will need a 6v Solar Panel and a Female USB connector. Solder the USB connector to the negative and positive contact points on the Solar Pa