Whiplash Mama: Struggling Mother-Of-Three Pursues A Saucy Career3m55s

Whiplash Mama: Struggling Mother-Of-Three Pursues A Saucy Career

A STRUGGLING single mum turned snapping selfies into a career – as a fetish model. Mum-of-three Sabien Demonia was a struggling single mum on benefits who struggled to afford clothes for her children and after moving to the UK from Poland in 2010 she worked as a waitress and in a warehouse to make ends meet. But her life changed when she started taking racy selfies to escape the drudgery of day-to-day life and boost her confidence after childbirth. Her snaps soon captured the attention of fetish photographers on Facebook, landing the 27-year-old a string of high profile modelling jobs on the covers of alternative magazines. The mum, who lives in Edinburgh, has over 125,000 online fans and can earn up to £6,000 a shoot, meaning she can now indulge her family with luxuries like holidays and game consoles. Videographer / director: John Robertson Producer: Emma Pearson, Nick Johnson Editor: Kyle Waters

Body-Positive Teen With Rare Condition Challenges Beauty Standards3m24s

Body-Positive Teen With Rare Condition Challenges Beauty Standards

Teenager Isa-Bella Leclair, whose leg grew to twice its normal size is inspiring body positivity by posing in a bikini in spite of her condition. Isa-Bella, 19, was born with a genetic condition called Parkes Weber Syndrome, which caused her right leg to swell. The college student's leg grew to around 40lbs - leaving her unable to play most sports or tight-fitting jeans. However, the inspirational teen is now out to challenge modern beauty standards by showing her confidence in her body.

Best of Born Different 20162m13s

Best of Born Different 2016

This year on Barcroft TV we have celebrated the diversity of the world around us through 'Born Different'. We have met those whose incredible bodies and medical marvels are pushing the limits, such as Aditya Kumar Gangue, hoping to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records with his hyper-flexible body. We explored extraordinary heights when we met Broc Brown the 7ft 8in teenager and visited the world’s largest gathering of primordial dwarfs. We have been inspired by how people don’t let their differences stop them doing the things like love. From Tiyo Satrio who despite being limbless, loves to have fun with his Playstation, to Rose Geil embracing life with her full beard. Over this year have learnt from the best on how to embrace being unique. Producer: Nick Johnson Editor: Joshua Douglas

This Woman Probably Has The Longest Tongue In The World 3m36s

This Woman Probably Has The Longest Tongue In The World

Adrianne Lewis believes she has the world’s longest tongue measuring a whopping 4 inches. Her serpent-like appendage can touch her nose, chin, elbow, and even her eye with a little help. And she is currently in talks with Guinness World Records and waiting to see if she’s the new record holder. The current record holder is Nick Stoeberl's 3.9-inch long tongue. At 4 in. long, Adrianne Lewis may just have the longest tongue in the world. The 18-year-old from Michigan has made a name for herself on social media for having a tongue that Kiss rocker Gene Simmons would be proud of. Although she has not been officially judged, Lewis believes she has what it takes to break the Guinness World Record. Adrianne Lewis isn’t the first in the family to have an exceptional length in the tongue. Her mother’s side of the family all had extremely long tongues as well. “I feel as though I may have inherited it, but I think with time and me being the weird kid that I was and always sticking out my tongue, it could have stretched", says Lewis. The stretched out muscle that has been gaining attention all over the internet is actually eight muscles, according to Scientific American. “The soft patty of flesh we call the tongue is not just one muscle, it’s a conglomeration of eight separate muscles. Unlike other muscles, such as the bicep, tongue muscles don’t develop around a supporting bone. “ According to a University of Delaware study, only about 65-80 percent of the population can roll their tongues, and the debate about it being genetic is ongoing. Adrianne Lewis is an 18-year-old young lady who as of late picked up a reputation when she transferred a YouTube video exhibiting her peculiar limb, her tongue. The present world record for the longest tongue is held by Nick Stoeberl's 3.9-inch long tongue, however, Adrianne Lewis allegedly has a 4-inch long tongue. The tongue inside Adrianne's Lewis is fascinating to the point that she chose to submit it to 'Ripley's Believe It Or Not' at the ready time of just 13, to which she got an email back expressing 'Your tongue is extremely cool, we'd jump at the chance to see more.', which denoted the most irregular trade in the historical backdrop of email between a 13-year-old young lady and a vast organization. Exactly what precisely is so fascinating about Adrianne Lewis' 4-inch-long tongue? All things considered, she can lick her own eyeball, and that is not something you see each day: Like I said previously, it's few out of every odd day you go over an 18-year-old young lady whose tongue is so long she can lick her own particular eyeball. That is the sort of substance that influences you to stop for a moment and consider how you got sucked up into this insane diversion we call blogging. Adrianne's right now talking with 'Guinness World Records' tied in with getting her 4-inch tongue in the record books as the world's longest tongue, so the media scope of this high schooler is going to go up ten times.

Published: December 23, 2016435,121 views
Guinness World Record: Father and Daughter Have World's Widest Tongues3m15s

Guinness World Record: Father and Daughter Have World's Widest Tongues

MEET the 'Gobfather' Byron Schlenker and his teenage daughter - who together have the world's widest TONGUES. Byron's big buds measure a whopping 8.6cm across - the same width as a beer mat and 2cm wider than an iPhone 6. And daughter Emily 14, is not far behind at 7.3cm. Byron, 47, only discovered his rare gift when he picked up a copy of the Guinness Book of World Records while helping Emily with a school project at the library. The organisation has since crowned him the man with the world's widest tongue, making him something of a celebrity in his hometown of Syracuse, New York.

Plus-size Pole Dancer Is Beating Obesity One Spin At A Time4m00s

Plus-size Pole Dancer Is Beating Obesity One Spin At A Time

EDA MARBURY spins round a pole with considerable ease – despite her 260lb frame. The 25-year-old, from Missouri, USA, wows her friends and family with her athletic turns, defying gravity by hauling herself to the top before gracefully spinning down to the floor. Overweight Eda’s rise to the top is remarkable as she has only been dancing for two years – and never did any form of exercise before. The young accountant coordinator has always had issues with her body and went a year without looking in the mirror.

Is This The Most Dangerous School Run In The World?1m54s

Is This The Most Dangerous School Run In The World?

While adrenaline junkies around the world spend thousands on death-defying adventures, the schoolchildren of Dhaing village in Nepal have no choice but to face down danger on a daily basis. They are forced to endure a hazardous river crossing by cable to attend school, go shopping or meet friends and family who live the other side of the Trishuli River. There are a number of such crossings in the Benighat district of central Nepal, which require villagers to sit in either a basic loop of fabric or a small ramshackle wooden crate and operate the flimsy cable by hand.  Videographer / director: Manish Duwadi Producer: Kanika Dhupar, Nick Johnson Editor: Sonia Estal, Jack Stevens

Real Life Iron Man Builds Super Strength “Suit”3m48s

Real Life Iron Man Builds Super Strength “Suit”

A COMIC book lover turned wacky inventor has come one-step closer to realising his dream of becoming a superhero - by building his very own exoskeleton. The prototype has already allowed James Hobson, 25, to curl 170lbs, lift a Mini Cooper with ease and even pick up a truck. James, from Ontario, Canada, hand built the exoskeleton in his garage - which he has dubbed the ‘Inventorium’.  Inspired by one of his favourite comic book characters, Tony Stark - aka Iron Man, played by Robert Downey Jr in the Hollywood film franchise - James set up his own company called Hacksmith Industries. Like his childhood hero, James designs and builds an array of weapons and devices - attributing his passion for building machines to his love of comic books.  Videographer / director: James Hobson Producer: Bunmi Adigun, Nick Johnson Editor: Joshua Douglas

Sinking Ships: Indonesia Battles Illegal Fishing By Blowing Up Impounded Boats1m56s

Sinking Ships: Indonesia Battles Illegal Fishing By Blowing Up Impounded Boats

Thirty boats have been sank by the Indonesian government as the country continues its campaign against illegal fishing. This explosive footage shows rusted vessels being blown up and turned to debris. The Indonesian authorities are now taking a stronger stance against illegal fishing destroying vessels from surrounding countries such as Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Myanmar. The boats, which also included some from Indonesia itself, were apprehended in a region of more than 17,000 islands. According to the government, illegal fishing cost the economy billions of dollars each year. Videographer / director: Sijori Images Producer: Nick Johnson Editor: Sonia Estal

Flexiphone ‘Coming Soon’: Scientists Reveal First Bendable Smartphone2m45s

Flexiphone ‘Coming Soon’: Scientists Reveal First Bendable Smartphone

SMARTPHONES are getting slimmer, lighter and bigger - and in the near future they are set to become BENDIER too. The world’s first flexible smartphone ReFlex is as little as five years away from becoming a high street reality say its makers. Currently in development at Queen’s University’s Human Media lab in Kingston, Canada, the first prototype was recently unveiled to industry experts at a conference in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Calling it ‘revolutionary’, Queen University’s school of computing director Roel Vertegaal says the ReFlex will change how we use our smartphones in the future and make the current  ‘rigid’ smartphones seem out of date.  Videographer/ director: Human Media Lab Producer: Mark Hodge, Nick Johnson Editor: Joshua Douglas

Armless Artist’s Incredible Paintings1m56s

Armless Artist’s Incredible Paintings

BORN with no arms, artist Swapna Augustine can nevertheless paint stunning portraits - using her FEET to hold her brush. The 42-year-old, a resident of Ernakulam district in Kerala, India, makes a living from selling her artworks. When Swapna’s mum Sophie was pregnant, Swapna's father, Augustine, dreamt his wife would deliver a baby without arms, who would go on to bring glory to the family’s name. Three months later when she was born, the parents aptly named the baby Swapna - meaning a dream in Malayalam, their mother tongue. The inspirational foot artist has spent her life refusing to be defined by her disability - exhibiting widely and selling her artworks to clients across the globe.  Videographer / director: Milton PT Producer: Neha Routela, Nick Johnson Editor: Ian Phillips

Sensei-tional Grandpa: 92-Year-Old Jack Is Britain’s Oldest Judo Teacher2m06s

Sensei-tional Grandpa: 92-Year-Old Jack Is Britain’s Oldest Judo Teacher

MARTIAL arts master Jack Hearn is the oldest Judo Sensei in the UK - and at 92-years-old, he has no plans of bowing out. The great-great-grandfather aims to complete his 10th Dan – the highest possible accolade – after his 100th birthday. And the plucky pensioner says that 64 years of grappling and body slams has kept him young in body and in mind. Jack, from Cramlington, Northumberland, is one of the country’s highest graded players and has practiced the sport for 64 years. Videographer / director: Paddy Hughes Producer: Jack Fletcher, Nick Johnson Editor: Kyle Waters

Howzat? Armless Cricketer Makes State Team3m45s

Howzat? Armless Cricketer Makes State Team

A BUDDING cricketer has defied the odds after mastering the sport despite having no arms. Amir Hussain Lone lost both his arms aged just eight years old in a tragic accident at his father’s sawmill. Ironically dad Bashir made cricket bats at the mill and had to sell the business to pay for his son’s treatment. But the injuries weren’t enough to stop Amir’s love of the game. Now aged 26 and captain of the Jammu and Kashmir state para-cricket team, Amir is able to bat, bowl and even catch out opponents using his feet. His unusual technique for batting involves holding the bat between his neck and shoulder. Amir, from Indian-administered Kashmir, bowls with his toes using a sweeping leg movement to launch the cricket ball. Videographer / director: Mohammad Younis Zargar Producer: Haziq Qadri, Nick Johnson Editor: Sonia Estal, Kyle Waters

Vitiligo Hunk: Aspiring Model Embraces His Skin Condition3m39s

Vitiligo Hunk: Aspiring Model Embraces His Skin Condition

WITH his rippling muscles and classic good looks, this aspiring male model should have no problem finding a date. But shy Darius Vernon has spent the past fourteen years avoiding the opposite sex after a chronic skin condition left his self-esteem in tatters. Darius, from Willesden, North London, suffers from vitiligo – a condition that causes the skin to lose its pigmentation creating white patches on the body. Darius spent years trying to hide his condition, but after being noticed by modelling scouts on Instagram, the 30-year-old is hoping to show that diversity is beautiful. Videographer / director: Jon Dean Producer: Emma Pearson, Nick Johnson Editor: Jack Stevens

Flying Ace: Aircraft Enthusiast Guns For Spitfire Revival3m42s

Flying Ace: Aircraft Enthusiast Guns For Spitfire Revival

THIS Saturday (March 5) marks the 80th anniversary of the first Spitfire flight ­ and the most iconic of British fighter planes could soon be making a more frequent appearance in UK skies. The Spitfire Club, is embarking on an ambitious project to build a whole squadron of 12 new Spitfires. The team already has two of the planes completed, with another one under construction and due by the end of 2016. The Spitfire Club is aiming to ensure ordinary people have access to the legendary aircraft, a policy that extends to the construction of the aircraft. Videographer / director: Mike Garrod Producer: Tom Midlane, Nick Johnson Editor: Jack Stevens

Daughter Double: $58,000 Surgery To Become My Child's Twin3m12s

Daughter Double: $58,000 Surgery To Become My Child's Twin

WITH their peroxide blonde locks, svelte size eight figures and stunning youthful looks, these two women are often mistaken for sisters. But 57-year-old Janet Horrocks has spent £40,000 and endured extensive cosmetic surgery to look like her 35-year-old daughter Jane Cunliffe. Janet’s extensive beauty regime includes regular Botox and fillers to keep up with her only daughter – much to Jane’s disdain. For whilst Janet is adamant that she will never give up in her quest for eternal youth, Jane is firmly anti-surgery and fears that one day she will look older than her plastic-obsessed mum. Videographer / director: Ben Morgan Producer: Emma Pearson, Nick Johnson Editor: Joshua Douglas, Ian Phillips

Gender Neutral Parenting: Why Shouldn’t Our Sons Wear Dresses?3m57s

Gender Neutral Parenting: Why Shouldn’t Our Sons Wear Dresses?

A COUPLE who allow their twin boys to wear dresses and play with dolls say their relaxed parenting will make their sons better fathers. Gabriella and Joe Haughton-Malik allow their five-year-old twins, Caleb and Kai, to make their own decisions when it comes to dressing up and choosing their toys. And as well as toy guns, cars and lego, the excitable twins also love princess dresses, dolls houses and playing hairdressers. As well as playing dress up, Kai and Caleb also enjoy playing with each other’s hair and having their nails done. And rather than rebuke such ‘feminine’ behaviour, Gabriella, 33, and Joe, 34, encourage their sons to be creative and express all sides of their personality without restriction. Videographer / director: Thomas White Producer: Emma Pearson, Nick Johnson Editor: Joshua Douglas

Body Paint Artist Transforms Humans Into Realistic Animals: MAKING MAD1m50s

Body Paint Artist Transforms Humans Into Realistic Animals: MAKING MAD

AN artist brings animals to life using body paint and contorted models. At first glance, these images could be mistaken for portraits of wildlife in their natural habitat were created with paper and paint. However, they are actually the incredible works of illusion by talented body painter Gesine Marwedel, who paints models to creates realistic animals. Marwedel, 29, from Dortmund, Germany has always been fascinated by the concept of transferring her designs to human bodies and her latest project features models posing in contorted positions. One image appears to show an elegant swan in a park pond, whilst another picture shows a mother penguin and its chick in a snowy landscape. Videographer / director: Gesine Marwedel Producer: Crystal Chung, Nick Johnson Editor: Ian Phillips

Snake Catchers: Protecting The World's Deadliest Snakes2m24s

Snake Catchers: Protecting The World's Deadliest Snakes

A fearless snake catcher rescues some of the world’s most dangerous snakes using his bare hands. Animal lover Barry Goldsmith has been handling the animals for 40 years without ever being seriously injured. The 52-year-old Australian and his wife Karen run a rescue service called Snake Catcher Victoria, based in the Mornington Peninsula in southern Australia.

Newly Dreads: Woman With World’s Longest Dreadlocks Weds Her Hairstylist3m58s

Newly Dreads: Woman With World’s Longest Dreadlocks Weds Her Hairstylist

THE WOMAN with the world’s longest dreadlocks has found love with a hair stylist whose massive dreadlocks rival her own. Real-life ‘Rasta-Rapunzel’, Asha Mandela, has locks that measure a lengthy 55ft - longer than a London bus. Now the 50-year-old, from Florida, has found a match made in heaven with new husband, Emmanuel Chege, a qualified hair stylist from Kenya. The smitten couple mutually worship each other’s bountiful barnets and say that their beautifully maintained dreadlocks are their crowning glory. Videographer / director: Ruaridh Connellan Producer: John Balson, Nick Johnson Editor: Kyle Waters

Best of Barcroft TV 20162m29s

Best of Barcroft TV 2016

FROM the woman on a quest to weigh over 1000lbs, to the man living his life as a ‘virtuous’ paedophile, BTV has featured some of the most incredible and controversial stories of 2016. Ballerina Gabi Shull, who thought her dancing days were over when a rare bone cancer robbed her of her right leg, but thanks to pioneering surgery her fancy footwork is now back on pointe. Another inspiring youngster was seven-year-old Sophi Green, from Utah, who proved that she could do anything despite being born with no arms - even use chopsticks! Taking feminism to the next level was Kim Anami who teaches ‘Vaginal Kung Fu.’ And the heart wants what the heart wants and for DeAnna Rivas that meant inviting another woman into her marriage. Marimar Quiroa, from California, used to hide her face in public because of her large facial tumour. She is now challenging traditional beauty standards with her successful YouTube channel of inspiring make-up tutorials. Famous real-life cartoon Pixee Fox travelled to India to have the colours of her eyes changed from blue to green. And an incredible Hulk-inspired bodybuilder, who was risking his life to pump his muscles by injecting oil into his arms. Producer: Nick Johnson Editor: Joshua Douglas

Reindeer Herding In Snowy Mongolia2m24s

Reindeer Herding In Snowy Mongolia

Navigate the snowy wilds of Mongolia with this nomadic reindeer herding family. Photographer Joel Santos dived 1000km into the depths of Northern Mongolia to visit the Ganbaa family near Khovsgol Lake. Despite only being able to spend three days in the Tsaatan family’s camp, Santos travelled for four days to reach them - three driving and one on horseback - before repeating the epic journey to return home. Travelling with an interpreter and a fellow photographer from Mörön, Mongolia, the photographer met the Ganbaa family, led by matriarch Purev who lives with Buyantogtokh, a widowed reindeer herder. Videographer / director: Joel Santos Producer: Hannah Stevens, Nick Johnson Editor: Joshua Douglas

Spectacular Northern Lights Illuminate Voyageurs National Park1m50s

Spectacular Northern Lights Illuminate Voyageurs National Park

Brothers capture mesmerising sights of the Northern Lights in Minnesota. Film project More Than Just Parks managed to capture the extraordinary light display at Voyageurs National Park, northern Minnesota. Filmmakers - and brothers - Will and Jim Pattiz began the project to share the wonders of America’s national parks to ensure their continued protection and enjoyment for generations to come. Videographer / director: More Than Just Parks Producer: Shannon Lane, Nick Johnson Editor: Joshua Douglas

Real-Life Robin Hoods: Stunt Couple Fire Arrows From Horseback3m41s

Real-Life Robin Hoods: Stunt Couple Fire Arrows From Horseback

An archer fires an arrow into the bullseye of a target - while sitting on a galloping horse. Karl Greenwood, 43, and Zana Cousins-Greenwood, 36, have set their hearts on bringing the ancient art of horseback archery back to the UK. The couple, who have been stunt riders for 12 years and perform jousting and equine stunt shows in the UK and overseas, run the Centre of Horseback Combat - the only venue in Britain which teaches the discipline. The dramatic, high-adrenaline sport gives competitors 14 seconds to shoot multiple arrows at a row of targets whilst riding a cantering horse along a 90 metre track.

Rare Footage Of Waterspouts Stretching From Clouds To The Sea1m02s

Rare Footage Of Waterspouts Stretching From Clouds To The Sea

TWO enormous waterspouts twist together in a dramatic display of nature's power and beauty. The footage was captured by Nicola Ferrarese, who spotted the phenomena while working in his hotel in San Bartolomeo al Mare, Italy. Waterspouts are tornadoes which form over water during severe storm weather. And the 34-year-old said that the pair of twisters appeared to be moving in unison on the Ligurian Sea.