I’ve Spent $60,000 Turning Into An Elf: HOOKED ON THE LOOK8m34s

I’ve Spent $60,000 Turning Into An Elf: HOOKED ON THE LOOK

A YOUNG man has spent $60,000 on plastic surgery to transform into a real-life elf. With his pointy ears, enlarged eyes and white hair, Luis Padron doesn’t just look out of place in his home country of Argentina, he looks out of place on planet earth. The 26-year-old has made it his life-long mission to look like a Pleiadian, a cross between an elf and an alien. And thanks to numerous surgical procedures, an impressive contact lens collection and a lot of bleach, Luis is well on his way to achieving his ‘otherworldly’ look.

My Blistering Skin Causes Me Constant Pain | BORN DIFFERENT5m57s

My Blistering Skin Causes Me Constant Pain | BORN DIFFERENT

INSPIRATIONAL Shardai Cousino was born with Epidermolysis Bullosa – an incredibly rare condition that causes her ‘butterfly' skin to blister and tear with the slightest touch. Shardai, 24, has lived her life in constant pain, pain that has been likened to having your body covered in second-degree burns. Epidermolysis Bullosa, or EB, affects just one in every 50,000 children in the United States and Shardai, who lives in Palm Bay, Florida, now uses a wheelchair to get around and has to change the bandages that she wraps around her burns at least twice a week. But despite the terrible hardship her condition has brought to her, Shardai continues to thrive and battle on – attending college, volunteering at her local church with friends and even driving her mother’s car. She remains determined to make something of her life.

I Absorbed My Twin5m26s

I Absorbed My Twin

A MODEL was shocked to discover that her unique two-tone skin colouring which she viewed as a ‘birthmark’ was actually the result of absorbing her own twin in her mother's womb. After battling autoimmune issues, Taylor Muhl from Los Angeles, California, was diagnosed with ‘chimerism’ - a condition in which a fraternal twin dies in utero and is fused into the surviving twin. As a result of her chimerism, Taylor has two sets of DNA, two sets of blood cells and two immune systems. Taylor's physical abnormality appears as a straight line that runs down the centre of her torso dividing it into two different colours - the left side of the pigmentation being her twin’s genetic makeup and the right side being her own. To follow Taylor’s journey visit her Instagram account at:

Trading Races: Model Turns Herself Black | HOOKED ON THE LOOK8m07s

Trading Races: Model Turns Herself Black | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

BUSTY white German model Martina Big is ‘transforming’ into a black woman. In 2017, Martina began using controversial tanning injections - which are illegal in Britain - to achieve what she described as a ‘crispy brown’ tan. But after turning her skin a deep brown, the blond-haired, fair-skinned model has now decided to controversially ‘transition’ into an ‘African Black Woman.’

Champion Athlete With Dwarfism Inspires Others | BORN DIFFERENT4m22s

Champion Athlete With Dwarfism Inspires Others | BORN DIFFERENT

A man with dwarfism has become a giant in the world of badminton - despite being only 4 feet 2 inches tall. Mark Dharmai, a fisherman’s son, is not only making India proud by winning medals internationally, but has also become a beacon of hope and inspiration for the dwarf community. 32-year-old Dharma, from Mumbai, India, was born with a form of dwarfism called Achondroplasia, which results in short arms and legs. But since taking up badminton Mark has won over 50 medals in tournaments across the world.

This 12-Year-Old Prodigy Performs Amazing Stunts4m46s

This 12-Year-Old Prodigy Performs Amazing Stunts

There is a belief that babies are born as tabula rasa, a blank page, eager to write their experience of this world they live in on those pages. They have to learn everything from scratch and it’s pure survival instinct that makes them the most eligible students. Everything from the very first breath they take, to the first chew and the first coherent speech is new for them, and an absolute delight to their parents. It is too precious to just watch your kid grow within a moment’s time. It’s like you held them in the palms of your hands only yesterday, and today they are screaming ‘mama’ at the tops of their lungs. You want to seize that moment and cherish it for the rest of your life. There is no greater feeling than watching your kid succeed in what they are doing. It’s a special kind of satisfaction to look at the smile on their face after the first success and each success after. A twelve-year-old is showing the world his gravity-defying tricks in the hopes of landing a future career as a professional stunt double. Trinity Lewis, from Phoenix, Arizona, began training at the age of three, inspired by the martial arts moves of his father Robert. These days Trinity shares his impressive array of backflips, parkour tricks and balancing skills on his YouTube channel, which has racked up more than 17 million views.

Cosplay Gives Little Woman Confidence | BORN DIFFERENT5m30s

Cosplay Gives Little Woman Confidence | BORN DIFFERENT

A PINT-SIZED cosplayer is showing the world that there are no height restrictions for superheroes. Although she’s never been formally diagnosed with dwarfism, Asta Young, 25, was always made to feel different by her peers at school. Standing at just 4ft 5in, this cosplayer from Arizona, found her confidence in the nerd world when she realised that her height couldn’t stop her from transforming into heroes like Kida from Atlantis, DC’s Aquaman, Princess Leia and Disney’s Kim Possible.

The Beauty Salon For Women In Need7m39s

The Beauty Salon For Women In Need

A DOMESTIC abuse survivor is giving free monthly treatments to homeless women, domestic abuse survivors and cancer patients. After leaving an abusive relationship, Vanessa Howard was homeless for nearly two years and moved from shelter to shelter with her three children. Now that she’s found her feet again, Vanessa from Tampa, Florida gives monthly free beauty treatments at her salon Giving Hands Beauty Salon to homeless women, domestic violence survivors and women fighting cancer. Find out more about the salon at:

These Inspirational Sisters Share The Same Rare Facial Disorder5m01s

These Inspirational Sisters Share The Same Rare Facial Disorder

Two inseparable sisters born with facial deformities are proving that beauty doesn’t have to be conventional. Asia Williams, 22, and India Walls, 20, were born with Treacher Collins Syndrome (TCS), a genetic craniofacial disorder that affects the bones and tissue in the face and can also affect hearing and eyesight. The sisters, from Marion, Ohio, inherited the syndrome from their mother, Nicole, who inherited it from a great-great grandparent, and taught her girls from day one to embrace their unique beauty. After enduring years of bullying, the sisters - whose hearing has been affected by the syndrome - decided to share their story online to encourage more people with TCS to accept the traits that set them apart from the crowd. Asia told Barcroft TV: “I won’t say that it has affected us negatively just because we were brought up and told that we were beautiful no matter what. We just took it upon ourselves and just started posting pictures and just started being us and it affected us in a really positive way.” Their mother Nicole worked hard to boost her girls’ confidence, since they experienced bullying both in real life and online that has diminished their self-confidence for many years. The condition is hereditary. But after one of their family photos went viral, Asia and India have attracted thousands upon thousands of followers to their Instagram, where they continue to share their story in the hopes of connecting with other people like them.

Fireman Spends Thousands Of Dollars Preparing For The End Of The World9m18s

Fireman Spends Thousands Of Dollars Preparing For The End Of The World

Doomsday prepping is usually seen as the preserve of paranoid off-grid types living in fortified bunkers, but one New York City firefighter is convinced even city-dwellers should be preparing for an emergency. ‘Urban prepper’ and married father-of-five Jason Charles has stocked his small fifth-floor apartment in Harlem, New York, with enough supplies for him and his family to survive alone for around nine to 10 months. He has 10 knives stored securely in his apartment, including a BK9 combat knife, and another 50 or so at his lock-up in the Bronx. His ’End of the World’ closet is packed with medicine, water, tools, and even homemade detergent, and he keeps a ‘bug out bag’ on hand at all times in case he needs to leave the property at short notice. “I’m prepping for everything, it’s not one thing: financial crisis, hurricane, tornadoes. If a couple of nuclear bombs go off in this country, who are you going to rely on? The government is not going to be able to ship you anything. People think that the country can save you no matter what happens.” - he says. The former EMT, who was at Ground Zero when one of the towers fell during 9/11, is the organiser of the New York City Prepper Network – a group of NYC residents including doctors and construction workers. Initially, Jason began stockpiling MREs - 'Meals Ready to Eat’ - spending around $1,000 in his first month on the pre-packaged meals and other supplies.The 40-year-old also keeps a separate storage lock-up in The Bronx, where he stores additional supplies. The prepper estimates he’s spent around $10,000 to $15,000 on supplies and equipment since starting on his prepping journey.

I Fell In Love With My Wife’s Girlfriend | EXTREME LOVE8m27s

I Fell In Love With My Wife’s Girlfriend | EXTREME LOVE

FINDING out your wife is in love with someone else would be cause for divorce for most couples. But when part-time police officer Joey Triplett’s wife Crystal told him that she had fallen for a younger woman, he gave his blessing to their relationship - and set in motion a chain of events that led to the three of them living together in a polyamorous 'triad'. Now Joey, 37, and Crystal, 35, share their lives with 23-year-old Jamie, with their 8-year-old son Jamison even calling her ‘mom’.

Meet The 10-Year-Old CrossFitter Aiming For The Olympics5m21s

Meet The 10-Year-Old CrossFitter Aiming For The Olympics

An amazing 10-year-old girl is weightlifting more than adults twice her age at her CrossFit gym - where she trains up to nine hours a day. Brooklyn Sittner, from Billings, Montana, started weight training at six-years-old after falling in love with the sport at her dad’s gym and can now lift 45 kgs (almost 100 lbs) - the equivalent weight of a teenage boy. The pint-sized weightlifter set three state records at the Montana State Weightlifting Championships - lifting a combined total of 74 kgs (163 lbs) - and is on her way to dominating at the Youth Nationals in June. Her ultimate goal is to compete in the Olympics when she turns 14. Her love for the sport developed when she set eyes on the rings. She would try to pull herself up on and on and nowadays she does it with an extreme ease. She is highly competitive and doesn’t mind challenging others twice her size and triple her age. She takes them on and wins almost every time. Even her father admits that she has mastered the sport to a point where now she is the one training him. Brooklyn is very happy doing what she does. She says that this way of living is giving her a purpose, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. She has dedicated a lot of her time to CrossFit, training 6 or 7 days a week and getting homeschooled so that she would have more time to do what she really loves. She admits that one of her favorite things about it is that she can travel a lot, something that her peers aren’t able to do.

I Have Half A Body | BORN DIFFERENT6m08s


DESPITE living with just half a body – inspirational Rowdy Burton is determined to not let his condition define him. 30-year-old, Rowdy, was born with a rare lower spinal disorder called Sacral Agenesis. Affecting only one in 25,000 births, the condition resulted in Rowdy having both of his legs amputated when he was just three years old – with doctors using pins to stop his bones growing any further. Rowdy, who resides in Alabama, USA, was left to live his life with two stumps positioned directly beneath his waist and now that he is older, he prefers to use his hands and elbows to get around rather than a wheelchair. After all the hardship Rowdy has faced over the years, he is still determined to live his life to the full – playing tennis with his friends and riding his skateboard.

Man Has His Hand Sewn Inside His Stomach In A Groundbreaking Surgery3m48s

Man Has His Hand Sewn Inside His Stomach In A Groundbreaking Surgery

A man whose hand was saved after it was sewed inside his abdomen is now set to have pioneering surgery, the first of its kind in the world, to restore full use of his fingers. Former machine operator Carlos Mariotti, 43, from São Ludgero in southern Brazil, lost all the skin from his hand and fingers in a horrific workplace accident in March 2016. However, quick-thinking surgeons decided that rather than amputate, they could salvage the totally mutilated hand by surgically tucking it into a soft-tissue pouch in his belly, where it stayed for 42 days. The doctor had never done that type of surgery and he had never seen it performed before. Carlos had two more surgeries in May 2016, which left his hand looking like a boxing glove, and despite of its gruesome appearance, he is lucky to have a hand at all. He had to remember every day that he cannot take his hand out of his body, which is a really strange sensation. Now, he is set to have two more procedures to radically improve the range of movement in his hand, by separating his fingers and repairing his nerves. He has not been able to work since the injury, but he started to pick up things and exercise, making small improvements, and now faces a financial battle to raise money for the surgery . Videographer / director: Janet Tappin Coelho Producer: Tom Midlane, Ruby Coote Editor: Joshua Douglas

Real Life Vampires Find Love At First Bite: EXTREME LOVE5m05s

Real Life Vampires Find Love At First Bite: EXTREME LOVE

When fetish model Lea met tarot-reader Tim, it was love at first bite. The 20-year-old fanged beauty and the 31-year-old psychic are real-life ‘vampires’, from Austin, Texas, who have a passionate relationship based on sucking each other’s blood – and say it’s better than sex. ‘Countess Lea of House Van Doorn’ and ‘Count Tim of House Van Doorn’ met two years ago at a vampire festival and felt an instant ‘connection of darkness’, which quickly developed into a blood-sucking relationship. Now the pair, who care for Tim’s three-year-old son, Daedric, are planning to tie the knot in a vampire themed wedding ceremony next year. These people don’t have the supernatural abilities that we associate with the likes of Dracula, but are rather individuals who claim that they have a condition which requires them to drink blood for sustenance. Videographer / director: Ruaridh Connellan Producer: Emma Pearson, Ruby Coote Editor: James Thorne

I Want The World’s Biggest Hips Even If It Kills Me: HOOKED ON THE LOOK3m36s

I Want The World’s Biggest Hips Even If It Kills Me: HOOKED ON THE LOOK

Bobbi-Jo Westley is on a one-woman quest to have the world’s biggest hips - even if doing so KILLS her. Currently measuring 95 inches, she has her sights firmly set on the current record of 99 inches, held by LA-based Mikel Ruffinelli. And her supersized hips have already earned her a supersized following, with legions of fans from around the globe buying and trading her pictures online. Despite the warnings of doctors and nutritionists that her current lifestyle means she is a ‘ticking time bomb’, she is determined to keep on growing her hips until she sets a new world record - or die trying. Her super-sized hips have already garnered her a super-sized following; her fans are actually collecting and trading with her pictures online. They don't stop at pictures; people actually pay money for the New Yorker to sit on them and squash them. The dark side of her over-sized fame is that Bobbi-Jo is constantly on the sharp end of the hateful messages from Internet trolls. This doesn't make her want to quit though; in fact, she thinks that her hips are what makes her unique. "I want to be remembered for something, and I think having the world’s biggest hips is what I was meant to be remembered for.” says the SSBBW, which stands for “super sized big beautiful woman” Videographer / director: Carlos Chiossone Producer: Tom Midlane, Ruby Coote Editor: Marcus Cooper

700lb BBW to 465lb Proud Mum | HOOKED ON THE LOOK7m53s

700lb BBW to 465lb Proud Mum | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

WHEREAS she once drank 3,500 calorie milkshakes through a funnel to intentionally gain weight, new mum Monica Riley has now swapped funnel feeds for bottle feeds. Dining out on up to 10,000 calories a day, Monica Riley, 29, of Fort Worth, Texas, dreamed of being the fattest woman in the world and of being “immobile”. She ballooned to over 700lbs and set her sights on becoming so large that she would be bedbound, but the 29-year-old decided to change her life – and her body – after discovering she was pregnant in March 2017. Determined to ensure a healthy pregnancy after two previous miscarriages, Monica dropped to 520lbs through healthy eating and gentle exercise, and gave birth to baby Michelle in October 2017 by C-section. Though Michelle initially had trouble breathing and had to be kept in hospital for observation for six weeks due to reflex and four small holes in her heart, she is now back home with her besotted parents, and Monica is now planning gastric bypass surgery in a bid to lose even more weight.

Model Promotes Psoriasis Positivity | SHAKE MY BEAUTY5m30s

Model Promotes Psoriasis Positivity | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

A YOUNG model is spreading a message of body positivity by embracing the severe skin condition that at one point left 90% of her entire body covered with painful scabs. Celia Martinez from Guadix, Spain, was diagnosed with psoriasis aged 16 when she discovered small red dots on her stomach that eventually spread everywhere, including parts of her face. But rather than airbrushing or Photoshopping away her imperfections, Celia has amassed an online following of more than 10,000 followers on Instagram by confidently displaying some of her worst outbreaks to help encourage others to be comfortable in their own skin.

Disabled Sisters Are Queens Of Beauty Pageant | BORN DIFFERENT8m30s

Disabled Sisters Are Queens Of Beauty Pageant | BORN DIFFERENT

THE world of beauty pageants has helped two disabled sisters find their confidence and, for one of them, her first words. From a young age, both Ava, 9, and 4-year-old Jessa struggled with their confidence, with Jessa unable to speak at all. Ava was born with achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism, and Jessa has spina bifida milamidiseal - one of the most complex forms of spina bifida. Parents Jacqueline and Jason Whipple turned to beauty pageants to see if they could bring the girls out of their shells. Between them, Ava and Jessa have appeared in 40 beauty pageants, winning several crowns along the way, not to mention the hearts of everyone who meets them - and their parents couldn’t be prouder.

Woman With Past Eating Disorders Inspires Others To Start A Recovery8m07s

Woman With Past Eating Disorders Inspires Others To Start A Recovery

This is the emotional story of a 28-year-old woman, whose weight dropped to 88lbs due to her eating disorders, leaving her with anorexia and bulimia. She decided to share her story with the world and show other sufferers that recovery is indeed possible. Listen to her inspirational story! Meet Lindsey Hall, from Fort Worth, Texas, whose teenage eating disorders caused her serious health problems, leaving her struggling with anorexia and bulimia. She would drink wine on an empty stomach just to curb her appetite. How horrible! Four years ago Lindsey went to an eating disorder treatment centre and is now still in recovery, which according to her is a process that will last for the rest of her life. In addition, she writes about her recovery on her blog ‘I Haven’t Shaved In 6 Weeks’, trying to inspire others who are struggling with eating disorders to seek treatment and feel better. Lindsey, now lives in Denver, Colorado, and doesn’t think that anybody ever fully recovers from eating disorders . She will have to live with it and fight against this awful health condition for the rest of her life. It is interesting that this condition develops early in life, and it is boosted by the unhealthy eating habits . Lindsey explains that even as a child, her relationship with food ‘was always tumultuous’. She restrained herself from certain foods and ate only about 12 or 14 items of food. She fancies French fries, breakfast food, waffles, oatmeal, eggs and cereal. Can you imagine living on these foods only, for the rest of your life? Surprisingly, these early eating patterns weren’t about counting calories and carbs, but sure contributed for Lindsey to establish a distorted relationship with food throughout the teen and adult years. The cycle of food restriction and bulimia continued throughout the years. Alongside her exercise addiction, Lindsey was suppressing her hunger by drinking. When Lindsey started drinking alcohol to mask her appetite her condition was referred to as drunkorexia which refers to those who save all their calories for binges. However, she knew she had a problem and agreed to spend six weeks as an inpatient at the Renfrew clinic in Florida and continue as an outpatient at the Renfrew Centre in Dallas. She now exercises and eats in moderation and blogs and speaks publicly about her recovery journey in an attempt to inspire others to do the same and tackle this disease.

My Wife, Our Sex Robots, And Me | EXTREME LOVE8m02s

My Wife, Our Sex Robots, And Me | EXTREME LOVE

AN INVENTOR building the next generation of sex robots with his wife reckons the cyborg lovers could help save marriages - and have improved his own. Robotics expert Dr Sergi Santos and his partner of 16 years, Maritsa Kissamitaki, are the brains behind ‘Samantha’, an artificial intelligence-driven love doll that he says is capable of enjoying sex. Sergi, from Rubi, Catalonia, Spain, credits Samantha - who has three different sexual personas, ranging from shy to raging nymphomaniac - with enhancing his sexual endurance. He also claims the love bot improves his marriage by offering a sexual outlet when his wife isn’t in the mood.

Car Crash Scars Won’t Kill My Modelling Dreams | SHAKE MY BEAUTY6m29s

Car Crash Scars Won’t Kill My Modelling Dreams | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

A TENACIOUS model has learnt to show-off her scars after a tragic car accident left her fearing for her future. When she was just 23 years old, Neli Zuma was fighting for her life in ICU with internal bleeding after her friend’s car span out of control and hit a wall. Neli, now 25, was left with a gaping hole in her stomach and doctors had no choice but to remove skin from her thigh and sew it to the open wound to prevent her bleeding out. Unfortunately, there was nothing they could do for her close friend who passed away two days later. Neli, who had just started out with her modelling career, was left with unusual scarring on her stomach and thigh and she had to use a colostomy bag for 10 months. Her body-confidence had hit an all-time low. But after months of trying to improve the way she saw herself, Neli from Durban, South Africa, decided it was time to show the world that she is no longer ashamed of her scars.

This Fitness Fanatic Won't Let Her Brittle Bones Stop Her5m31s

This Fitness Fanatic Won't Let Her Brittle Bones Stop Her

She is young and brimming with vigor - and she won’t let her brittle bone condition get in the way of her fitness goals! Jasmine Manuel is only 22 years old, but she suffers from Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type 3, a severe type of disorder of the bones, making them incredibly susceptible to fractures. That is the reason why she is much shorter than other women her age. The severely brittle bones are not her only issue. Jasmine also suffers from severe scoliosis and has to move around in a power chair. But the fitness fanatic, who is also a student at Kennesaw State University and produces music under the pseudonym “Mini Producer”, uses her condition and stoic mental attitude to advocate for disabled fitness. “I like working out because it’s proving that I can do it. A lot of doctors have said different things about what I was going to be capable of, and every day I am just proving that I got this. I can do whatever.” Jasmine says. “I don’t have time to pity myself because there is nothing to feel sorry for, this is what it is… I don’t really have a choice but to be positive and live my life.” The heroine says she has broken anywhere between 100 and 200 bones in her lifetime and has undergone 22 surgeries. Still, these setbacks have not slowed her down - she has even taken on Fitness guru Shaun T’s Insanity Max 30 workout regimen. Her program has her doing push-ups , crunches and using all sorts of gym equipment on her university campus. She admits she was just curious if she could do it. But after seeing how she could work out without her bones breaking, she kept persevering and now has even started training another woman who is also in a chair, which she says gives her a great sense of pride.

My Husband Is An Asexual Drag Queen | EXTREME LOVE7m21s

My Husband Is An Asexual Drag Queen | EXTREME LOVE

AN UNCONVENTIONAL couple are breaking relationship stereotypes: both consider themselves asexual and the husband is an agender drag queen. Dancing on stage in full make-up and a revealing metallic one-piece, Jeremiah Dauberly has a passion for performing in drag; and sitting in the crowd is his number one fan - his wife Meagan. The couple, who are both 25 and live in Richmond, Virginia with their pet beagle, have known each other since they were teenagers and got married in their early twenties; so far, so conventional - but Jeremiah and Meagan both identify as asexual, meaning they have no sexual feelings or desires towards each other or anyone else.

I Won’t Hide My Vitiligo With Makeup | SHAKE MY BEAUTY7m07s

I Won’t Hide My Vitiligo With Makeup | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

A STUDENT has finally embraced her vitiligo after years spending hundreds of dollars a month on make-up to disguise it. Up until a year ago, 21-year-old Mariah Perkins, from Timonium, Maryland, would hide the white patches on her face with thick make-up. Vitiligo is caused by a lack of the pigment melanin and the criminology student would spend hundreds of dollars a month on her heavy-duty foundations. By the time she got to college she would even sleep in her make-up. But a year ago Mariah grew tired of caking her face in foundation and decided to go “cold turkey”. Posting pictures of her natural beauty on social media, Mariah was amazed by the positive comments and finally stopped disguising her vitiligo with make-up, even when performing with her dance group.