The Women Stripping Off - For Men’s Rights5m31s

The Women Stripping Off - For Men’s Rights

A GROUP of young women are hoping to raise awareness of men's’ rights - by stripping off for a sexy calendar. Vanessa Lussier, from North Carolina, leads a group of men's’ rights activists called the ‘Lovely Ladies For Men’s Issues’. And for 2018, the group has big ambitions to empower men by posing in skimpy outfits for the ‘Lovely Ladies for Men’s Issues 2018’ calendar. Vanessa, aged 22, believes that 'feminism is a good idea that got taken advantage of by bad people’ and hopes to challenge ‘toxic’ stereotypes of men. Videographer / director: Adam Gray Producer: Hannah Stevens, Ed Baranski, Ruby Coote Editor: James Thorne

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His Scars Won't Kill His Bodybuilding Dreams4m43s

His Scars Won't Kill His Bodybuilding Dreams

A bodybuilder enjoys flexing his ripped muscles on stage despite suffering from a condition that leaves his chest and back covered in large lumps of scar tissue. At the age of 17, Isaiah Griffin, now 23, from Wichita, Kansas, noticed his first keloid on his leg, a benign growth caused when the body over heals itself. His acne turned to keloids, and treatments helped to stop progressing. He witnessed changes in the way he sleeps, sometimes he cannot hug because of the bursts on his chests, he was in extreme pain and he cried to the point where he knows he needed a life-changer. The condition gave Isaiah extremely low self-esteem, to the point where he couldn’t bear to look at his own reflection in the mirror, but bodybuilding helped him regain his confidence. He started bodybuilding because he was skinny and wanted to lift, so his father dragged him to the gym, and taught him discipline, which later on inspired him to achieve more. Isaiah's biggest strength is his hunger for hard work. He had doubts whether to start lifting, but he is big daddy's boy, and his father pushed him and encouraged his way through. It was encouraging for him to do something without thinking what people might say, and that didn't stop him from achieving, he strives to succeed. He helps people, talks openly by his battle with keloids and turned out better looking than his father. He won third place in his very first competition and, while his biggest web-like keloid on his chest often prevents him training since it can lead to bleeding and bursting, nevertheless Isaiah has his sights set on becoming a bodybuilding champion. Videographer / director: Adam Gray Producer: Nora Hakramaj, Ed Baranski Editor: Grant Hanson-Vaux

The Brooklyn Superhero Supplies Store | STORE CRAZY3m32s

The Brooklyn Superhero Supplies Store | STORE CRAZY

The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. is the destination of choice for existing and wannabe superheroes wanting to stock up on their capes, x-ray goggles and tins of immortality. Featuring everything from a cape-testing area, a “Devillainiser”, and a mind-reading machine, the store, based in the Park Slope district of Brooklyn, New York, also functions as a front and money-spinner for 826NYC, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping students ages 6-18 with their writing skills. Students access the writing room via a secret door in the store. Founded in 2004, 826NYC is the New York chapter of the non-profit originally set up by novelist Dave Eggers and educator Nínive Calegari in San Francisco. Here, wannabe caped crusaders can come here to replenish their supplies of capes, x-ray goggles and “immortality". They can also stockpile tins of super powers, including justice, chutzpah, magnificence, immortality and vengeance. New York is Metropolis; it is Gotham. All the best superheroes live here and store manager Chris Eckert says that theirs is the best superhero supply store in all five boroughs. Behind a secret door in the store is the writing room for 826NYC, a New York chapter founded in 2004. There are seven 826 chapters in total, including a robot store in Detroit, secret agent supplies in Chicago and Big Foot research station in Boston. Videographer / director: Adam Gray Producer: Tom Midlane, Ruby Coote Editor: Thom Johnson

This Man Is Slicing Up Brains For Parkinson’s Research3m14s

This Man Is Slicing Up Brains For Parkinson’s Research

In a small laboratory in London are hundreds of human brains, labelled and ready for dissection - all in the name of science. At Imperial College London there is one of the UK's Brain Banks, established for diagnoses and research into neurological disorders. The college’s brain bank specifies in research for Parkinson’s, a degenerative neurological condition. The brains are donated by members of the public, both those with Parkinson’s and people without, as comparisons between the different tissue need to be made. The bank is due to receive its 1,000th brain in October. The human brain is a strange, enigmatic entity – a 3-pound witness to the world, it pilots our body from the safety of our skull. A powerful product of evolution and a force to reckon with, but also incredibly fragile and prone to error. In steps the neuropathologist – the man behind the scalpel that slices and dices the brain in order to learn why it fails in some and not in others. "Ideally, we need to get [the brain] back here in under 48 hours because the tissue starts to lose its quality after that time," said Steve Gentleman, professor of neuropathology at Imperial College London and scientific director for the Parkinson’s UK Brain Bank. "If a donor’s brain arrives within 48 hours, we will bisect it down the middle, half of which will be frozen and the other half is fixed and used for diagnostics." Why would anyone donate their brain to science? One retired nurse based in London decided to do just that, after her husband was diagnosed with an early-onset Parkinson’s at just 52 years of age. Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative brain disorder. Symptoms typically include tremors, shaking, and difficulty with balance. It is linked to the decreased production of dopamine in the substantia nigra – a region of the midbrain that influences movement and reward. Although the disease is not fatal, quality of life is reduced, with as many as 10 million people worldwide living with the condition. Videographer / director: Darragh Mason Field Producer: Shannon Lane, Ed Baranski Editor: Marcus Cooper

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LET’S STRAY TOGETHER | The Polyamorous Love Coaches Who Practice What They Preach3m20s

LET’S STRAY TOGETHER | The Polyamorous Love Coaches Who Practice What They Preach

A POLYAMOROUS couple has lifted the lid on the jealousy-filled and intensely intimate world of open relationships. Carl and Kenya Stevens have been happily married for 22 years, with over half of their relationship opened to having multiple lovers. The couple from Asheville, North Carolina, quite literally practices what they preach by sharing their relationship, which has been the model for their coaching business, a ‘love academy’ called JuJuMama. Carl, 46, and Kenya, 42, invited Barcroft TV to their modern love therapy sessions to get the inside scoop on what it’s like living as a polyamory couple - in and out of the bedroom.

The Fat Footballers Tackling Obesity One Goal At A Time5m35s

The Fat Footballers Tackling Obesity One Goal At A Time

AN INGENIOUS league for fat footballers is tackling obesity across the UK. Founded in January 2016, MAN v FAT Football grants overweight men the opportunity to shift some unwanted pounds by joining up with exclusive teams and winning points for results and weight loss. There are now 25 leagues across the UK helping to support men with a BMI of 27.5 or more – targeting those who want to lose weight by regularly playing a sport they love.

Little Fashion Blogger With Big Style | BORN DIFFERENT5m14s

Little Fashion Blogger With Big Style | BORN DIFFERENT

A 3ft 8ins fashion blogger is proving that fashion is for all heights and sizes. 28-year-old Doris Jeong is a fashion blogger with dwarfism, and shares style tips for women all over the world on her blog “I Wear Shirts As Dresses”. Her blog advises women on how to dress for your size and where to find pieces that are fit for fashionista’s on the smaller side. Check out Doris’s blog at: Videographer / director: Andres Aponte Producer: Hannah Stevens, Ed Baranski Editor: Sonia Estal

Inside Las Vegas’ 24-Hour Nail Salon | GET NAILED 24/77m14s

Inside Las Vegas’ 24-Hour Nail Salon | GET NAILED 24/7

THE owner of Las Vegas’ first twenty-four hour nail bar has lifted the lid on the ‘freaky’ world of Sin City salons. Nyisha Goodwin, 36, the co-owner of Get Nailed 24/7, sees the weird and wonderful as rowdy tourists and quirky locals live it up in the entertainment capital of the world. Videographer / director: Braden Party Producer: John Balson, Ruby Coote Editor: James Thorne

These Parents Are Intent On Raising Their Kids Free-Range, Meaning No Medicine, No Rules And No Bedtime5m13s

These Parents Are Intent On Raising Their Kids Free-Range, Meaning No Medicine, No Rules And No Bedtime

Parents Adele and Matt Allen from Brighton believe in an all-natural approach to bringing up their children - so much so they refuse modern medicine, traditional schooling and encourage full-term breastfeeding. They call their parenting style ‘Off-Grid Parenting’ and their children Ulysses, five and Ostara, one, are therefore both still breastfed, have never visited a doctor and will not attend a mainstream school. When Adele, a writer, fell pregnant with her son, the couple’s controversial methods felt completely natural to them. Adele gave birth to both her children, completely unassisted and with no medical intervention with only her husband Matt by her side. The mom said: “The thought of giving birth in a hospital just didn’t appeal to me because of many reasons - mostly the observer effect. Also, the interventions I think can be gently nudged on you when you are in a very vulnerable state.” She gave birth to both of her children at home, completely unassisted. The opted for ‘lotus births’, meaning that both the placenta and the umbilical cords were left to fall off naturally. As for the breastfeeding, the of-the-grid mom says it is just as natural as a hug, it’s a form of connecting with one’s child. She also uses her breast milk as a dietary supplement for her children, but also as a medicine; Adele squirts some of it in the children’s eyes if they have an infection, or gives them lemon juice if they are ill. Videographer / director: Jon Dean Producer: Charley Sutton, Ellie Winstanley Editor: Marcus Cooper

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Plus-Size Ballerina Is 'On Pointe’ | SHAKE MY BEAUTY6m59s

Plus-Size Ballerina Is 'On Pointe’ | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

A PLUS-SIZE ballerina is breaking stereotypes one ‘pointe’ at a time. Professional dancer Thaina Silva, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, may not fit the stereotypically slim, long-legged stature of a ballerina, but that hasn’t stopped her from wowing crowds with her elegance and showing anyone can dance, whatever their size. The size 18 student says she learnt to dance before she could walk and has dreamt of becoming a professional ballet dancer since she was a young girl - despite the uncomfortable looks and nasty comments she’s endured throughout her life. Videographer / director: Kadeh Ferreira Producer: Camile Rocha-Keys, Ed Baranski Editor: Sonia Estal

Kids Taught Me How To Accept My Keloids | UNBREAKABLE ME5m02s

Kids Taught Me How To Accept My Keloids | UNBREAKABLE ME

A YOUTH worker with giant lumps of scar tissue covering his face and body has credited the teenagers he mentors with helping to save his life. Since the age of nine, Tony Perkins, 57, from St. Louis, Missouri, has been living with keloids - a type of benign growth caused when scar tissue grows excessively at the site of a healed skin injury. He currently works at Roosevelt High School at the Boys and Girls after-school club where his students look past his scars and appreciate his character and heart. To donate towards Tony’s surgery campaign visit: Videographer / director: Jordan Wyatt, Lilton Stewart Producer: Nora Hakramaj, Ruby Coote Editor: James Thorne

Surgery Addict Injects Risky ‘Eternal Youth’ Bacteria | HOOKED ON THE LOOK8m19s

Surgery Addict Injects Risky ‘Eternal Youth’ Bacteria | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

AN ACTRESS is risking her life for ‘eternal youth’ by injecting herself with doses of a 3.5 million year-old bacteria discovered in Siberia. The 45-year-old, who uses the moniker Manoush and refuses to give her real name, has been pumping an extract of Bacillus F into her blood stream for the past three months and says it has made her look and feel younger. The ancient bacteria was discovered in the permafrost of north-west Russia by scientists in 2009 and has been hailed a ‘scientific sensation’ by some. The injections are just the latest in a longline of procedures for mother-of-one Manoush who has already spent $50,000 on plastic surgery over the last 20 years. Videographer / director: Aaron Fiora Producer: John Balson, Ed Baranski Editor: Sonia Estal

This Hairdresser From Britain Gives Free Haircuts To The Homeless4m59s

This Hairdresser From Britain Gives Free Haircuts To The Homeless

A British hairdresser is raising awareness of the plight of people sleeping rough - by giving free haircuts to the homeless. With the number of people sleeping rough on a steady rise, hairdresser Josh Coombes is providing the haircuts as part of his campaign #DoSomethingForNothing. Josh started his initiative in 2015 and has since been joined by Veterinarian Jade Statt of Street Vet Ltd, a service where vets and veterinary nurses go to the streets and aid rough sleepers’ dogs. Most recently they visited Shoreditch, East London in search of those who could use their help. The pair travel with backpacks filled with their supplies; Jade has everything from antibiotics to dog treats, and Josh has all of his hairdressing equipment. The main focus of the campaign is to encourage people to do something for nothing, and to show that a small gesture can make a huge difference. According to Crises UK there were an estimated 4,134 people sleeping rough in England on a single night in the Autumn of 2016 - a rise of 16% since 2015. The London based CHAIN database figure is even more shocking, showing London rough sleeping levels having risen 104% since 2010. The hairdresser has extended his selfless work overseas and is currently visiting the rough sleepers of New York. Videographer / director: Marcus Cooper Producer: Shannon Lane, Ruby Coote Editor: Marcus Cooper

This Artist Turns Trash Into Treasured Art | MAKING MAD2m32s

This Artist Turns Trash Into Treasured Art | MAKING MAD

Many of us have look at a piece of artwork at some point and thought “what a load of trash”. This artist is putting paid to the saying ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ with his experimental new art, using recycled materials. Oskar Krajewski transforms broken electronics, used plastic containers, and unwanted toys into striking sculptures designed to make you think. The London-based artist finds his raw materials in local rubbish bins and calls his art ‘Recyclism’. The bins down his block have become a new and exciting source of free art materials. This goes beyond experimentation for Oscar, as he hopes to raise awareness about the problems our world is facing today. “We are suffocating our planet with plastic and I believe that art can play an important role in our survival“ he says. He has made a few small pieces, dedicated to marine life and its environment, like the sea turtle he made, completely out of plastic, and filled with LEGO bricks, just like the many sea turtles have been found, with their bellies full of trash. His most striking work, ‘Recycled Future’ is inspired by sci-fi movies like Blade Runner and features 25,000 different parts. Videographer / director: Oskar Krajewski Producer: Hannah Stevens, Ed Baranski Editor: Sonia Estal

The Champion Pole Dancer With Only One Arm | BORN DIFFERENT6m01s

The Champion Pole Dancer With Only One Arm | BORN DIFFERENT

A WOMAN who was born with one arm has defied the odds to become a two-time pole dancing world champion. Australian Deb Roach was born without her left arm but decided to take up pole dancing after being inspired by two pole dancers she saw performing in a club. Deb took to it so well that she now teaches the sport and has won two international championships. Videographer / director: Adam Gray Producer: Hannah Stevens, Ed Baranski Editor: Sonia Estal

At These Pop-Up Restaurants You Can Enjoy A Five-Course Feast Of Insects | MAKING MAD5m01s

At These Pop-Up Restaurants You Can Enjoy A Five-Course Feast Of Insects | MAKING MAD

At most restaurants you’d probably complain if you found an insect in your dinner, but at Eat Grub’s pop-up restaurants, that’s exactly the point. Selling roasted crickets with garden herbs, edible grasshoppers, insect protein powders and energy bars, Eat Grub also puts on pop-up dining experiences to promote using insects as a sustainable and delicious food source. One of the founders Shami Radia said: "We think that actually they can be easily incorporated into people’s daily lives, instead of having nuts or crisps while watching the football you can have some roasted crickets." Along with chef Seb Holmes, co-founders Shami and Neil Whippey, devised a 5-course meal for their latest pop-up, which combined chef Seb’s love of Thai street food and the co-founders’ passion for insects. Grasshoppers, mealworms, house crickets and buffalo worms were all on the menu at the pop-up. Seb says: "It starts with a snack, Pandan Crickets, which is like nutty, salt and pepper crickets basically. Then we go for a cricket flour Miang [Kham, a Thai snack] with fresh ginger, peanuts, coconut, served in a Betel Leaf. "Then we have a play on tempura shrimp, with tempura grasshoppers. After that we go for a crispy Vermicelli salad with buffalo worms. Served alongside that we have a Som Tam salad, which is a green papaya salad made fresh in a pestle and mortar; we just use crispy roast crickets rather than shrimps like you would traditionally. "Then to finish off we do a grasshopper praline ice cream.” If this menu doesn’t bring water to your mouth, we wouldn’t blame you! Be sure to check out BarcroftTV's other videos, for more unique stories like this one. Videographer / director: Jay Sohrabi Producer: Shannon Lane, Ed Baranski Editor: Sonia Estal

This 500lb Beautician Is Making Plus-Size Women Feel Beautiful6m12s

This 500lb Beautician Is Making Plus-Size Women Feel Beautiful

Following a humiliating experience, Jamie Lopez was inspired to open Babydoll Beauty Couture in Las Vegas. The 31-year-old, who weighs 500lbs, said: “I set up this place because I was humiliated in a regular salon. I went there to get my hair done and I went to sit down and greet my stylist and the chair loudly broke. “I knew I wasn’t the only one that ever had to suffer something like that, so I saved all my money. I had this dream and I was like, ‘I’m going to make a salon that caters to plus-size women because I know I’m not the only one who goes through this.’” Her first salon in Los Angeles was up and running very successfully, so the businesswoman has now expanded to Nevada. Her salons are fit for every figure, kitted out with styling chairs that hold weights of up to 800 pounds, and heavy-duty beauty benches supporting up to 600 pounds, because even big girls need to get waxed, without feeling humiliated that they are seated in a ‘special chair’. Jamie glammed out out her salon with black and gold fittings, complete with red roses and prints of Marilyn Monroe, who was recognized as a plus-size icon. “It’s really important to me to make them feel even more beautiful when they leave than they do when they come in. As women, we should be able to get beautiful anywhere.” Be sure to check out BarcroftTV's other videos, for more unique stories like this one. Videographer / director: John Balson Producer: Sophia Rahman, Ruby Coote Editor: Marcus Cooper

The Woman Who Is Constantly Aroused | BORN DIFFERENT5m20s

The Woman Who Is Constantly Aroused | BORN DIFFERENT

Amanda McLaughlin has Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD) - a rare condition that means she feels as though she is always on the brink of orgasm. Incredibly painful, Amanda is under the care of Dr Gupta who is trying different therapies to try and help her. Amanda hopes to raise awareness of the disorder and find help by speaking out. Videographer / director: Jeremiah Fabre Producer: Katie Mercer, Ruby Coote Editor: James Thorne

Inside London’s Wackiest Arcade | STORE CRAZY4m05s

Inside London’s Wackiest Arcade | STORE CRAZY

Hidden in the backstreets of central London is a tongue-in-cheek arcade poking fun at modern society. Novelty Automation in Holborn, London is the brainchild of eccentric inventor and engineer Tim Hunkin. He was trained as an engineer but started building his arcade machines as a way of poking fun at power and authority. Tim says: “I enjoyed the course but one thing I knew when I came out of it was that I didn’t want to work in an office.” You won’t find no Pac Man or PinBall machine in this arcade. But if you want to see what it feels like to win a Nobel Prize or to experience a divorce, then this is the place for you! Some of the other machines include My Nuke; Personal Nuclear Reactor, Money Laundering, Autofrisk, Alien Probe, Microbreak, Pet or Meat, and Celeb! - where the player must fly as a paparazzi drone to photograph celebrities. Tim starts by building prototypes; he says that the most fun about building these machines is that he loves being in his workshop and “thinking” with his hands. His latest creation is called iZombie, which in turn pokes fun at the generation addicted to their smart phones. The goal of the game is to avoid oncoming zombies, as they are engrossed in their smart devices. That is one man who managed to make his job fun! Video Credits: Videographer / director: Marcus Cooper Producer: Shannon Lane, Ed Baranski Editor: Dan Cousins

The British Woman Risking Everything To Fight ISIS6m01s

The British Woman Risking Everything To Fight ISIS

Blackburn born Kimberly Taylor is fighting ISIS with the Women’s Protection Units in Syria’s unofficial “capital” Raqqa. Women who fight against ISIS in this stronghold have two incentives: they fight for a better future, with more freedom and rights, and the Islamic belief that a soldier will not go to paradise if he is killed by a woman. The 27-year-old is believed to be the first female Brit to have travelled to Syria to fight against ISIS – and made headlines earlier this year for her efforts. Her original intent to stay for just a few weeks changed when she got invited by a women’s organization to write about the women’s revolution. “Why would I go home to continue studying books about politics and revolution when I can live the life of them?” says the Brit, who is also known by her adoptive Kurdish name Zilan Dilber. She fights alongside Kurdish and Arab women alike. The UN estimates there are still between 20-50,000 civilians in Raqqa and has called for the US-backed coalition to call a temporary halt to its assault in order to evacuate more civilians. For the YPJ women, fighting on the front line is about more than the immediate battle against ISIS. Videographer / director: Deniz Producer: Nathalie Bonney, Ruby Coote Editor: Sonia Estal, Joshua Douglas

A Day In The Life Of Katie, The Girl No Doctor Can Diagnose5m32s

A Day In The Life Of Katie, The Girl No Doctor Can Diagnose

Nine-year-old Katie Renfroe suffers with a condition so rare that it doesn’t even have a name. She was diagnosed with megalencephaly at birth, a growth development disorder characterised by the overgrowth of the brain. But that diagnosis does not explain the other symptoms that the little girl experiences and doctors have said her mystery condition is so rare, they are unable to identify it. Katie’s mother Angie Renfroe has been awaiting a full diagnosis of her daughter ever since her birth and doctors have started to discuss the possibility of naming the unknown condition after Katie. The Florida resident said: “Katie is very rare – she has not been diagnosed with anything and they’re still trying to find out what she has. “We found out when I was about six months pregnant with her that she was going to have megalencephaly. But I do not know why her face is the way it is - I do know that when she has surgeries the only thing they move from her face is like fatty tissue.” When Katie was first born, the family traveled to Hollywood, Florida to visit doctor Roman Yusupov – a specialist in pediatric genetics and pediatric cleft and cranio-facial disorders. But unfortunately, he was unable to diagnose Katie and has continued to monitor her progress since then. He said: “I have never seen anything like it, she is truly unique and perhaps one in a million.” Despite her disadvantage, Katie goes to a school for children with disabilities – but she is able to work on the computers and of course get involved in circle time with the help of her favorite teacher. Videographer / director: Ryan Vanderploeg Producer: Danny Baggott, Ruby Coote Editor: Jack Stevens

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The Colour Blind Special Effects Make-up Artist4m17s

The Colour Blind Special Effects Make-up Artist

A colour blind make-up artist is proving that you don’t need to see the full colour spectrum to succeed. Toby Michael, 23, is an “extreme deutan”, meaning he struggles to distinguish between blues and purples, greens and browns, and reds, browns and greens all together. Even though some doubted his ability to master make-up without a full colour spectrum at his disposal, Toby has proven them wrong by becoming a successful social media FX artist. Videographer / director: Toby Michael Producer: Hannah Stevens, Ed Baranski Editor: Sonia Estal

Our Superhero Son Whose Bones Break Like ‘Glass’ | BORN DIFFERENT6m42s

Our Superhero Son Whose Bones Break Like ‘Glass’ | BORN DIFFERENT

Superhero-obsessed Kaden Casebolt has a rare condition which causes his bones to break as easily as a ‘glass doll’. But despite his physical fragility, the spirited five-year-old loves nothing more than dressing up as comic book hero Iron Man or ‘Man of Steel’ Superman. Kaden, from Dallas, Texas, has a brittle bone condition that means his bones can shatter simply by sneezing, but won’t let anything hold him back. Despite suffering over 40 fractures since birth, he enjoys play fighting, dancing and singing, playing his guitar and racing around on his specially adapted bike with his mum, Valorie Salsman, dad, Kelby Casebolt and stepdad, Benjamin Herzog. Videographer / director: Chris Sinclair Producer: Emma Pearson, Ruby Coote Editor: James Thorne

Man Lightens His Skin Using ‘Natural Remedies’ | HOOKED ON THE LOOK3m45s

Man Lightens His Skin Using ‘Natural Remedies’ | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

AN African-American man claims to have found a natural remedy for lightening the colour of his skin. Fraink White has been tampering with his skin pigmentation since he was a child in the hope of making his facial features “more prominent”. The 28-year-old strongly maintains that lightening his skin tone has nothing to do with wanting to change race. And now, the self-proclaimed 'social media personality’ claims that he has developed a '100 percent natural' skin lightening product that he sells to customers around the world as part of his cosmetic business. Videographer / director: Silton Buendia Producer: Danny Baggott, Ruby Coote Editor: Sonia Estal

Woman Quits Expensive Rents To Live In A Van5m46s

Woman Quits Expensive Rents To Live In A Van

A 31-year-old woman has turned her back on expensive rents and property prices - by living full time in a van. With an interior measuring just 13ft 2in long, 5ft 8in wide and 6ft 2in high, Eileah Ohning’s home is her Freightliner Sprinter High Top van. The photographic producer from Columbus, Ohio, has lived in her compact four-wheel home since May 2017. Complete with a memory foam mattress, storage compartments, a desk and a camping stove, she even has plans to add in a shower, toilet and fridge. Eileah parks her van close enough to her workplace that she never needs to worry about the morning commute and showers at her local gym. Not many people would go for a move as bold and unusual as this one, but when faced with astronomic sums for bills and rent in total, this seems like a perfectly acceptable option. Plus, she gets to travel whenever she feels like it, and has one of the most unique homes in the world! This shows that with a bit of research in tiny houses, a small investment and a lot of creativity, you can make your dream home yourself! Would you consider doing this? Speaking of unusual homes, check out how this man turned a school into a dream home for the entire community. Spectacular! Videographer / director: Adam Lee Producer: Nathalie Bonney, Ruby Coote Editor: Marcus Cooper

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