Sabrina The Millennial Witch6m33s

Sabrina The Millennial Witch

INTRODUCING the 21st Century witch who casts spells to earn more money, find love and have better sex. Sabrina Scott is a design teacher and self-proclaimed witch living in Toronto, Canada. The 27-year-old has been practicing witchcraft from the age of seven, encouraged by one of her parents. Despite lacking a wand, the millennial witch does cast spells, or rather, rituals, using herbs, candles and flowers. Using effigies and specific coloured candles, Sabrina performs the rituals for money, love and even sex - she claims with positive results.

Teen Footballer Will Amaze You With These Incredible Trick Shots2m42s

Teen Footballer Will Amaze You With These Incredible Trick Shots

AN INDIAN teenager is dreaming of Premiership stardom after wowing the internet with his incredible trick shots. Huzaif Shah, from Indian Administered Kashmir, is a trick shot artist who developed his skills watching football videos online. The 19-year-old began creating his amazing trick shots in December 2016, practices for up to three hours a day and dreams of meeting his hero, Chelsea star Eden Hazard.

76-Year-Old Mother Struggles To Keep Up With 6-Year-Old Son2m26s

76-Year-Old Mother Struggles To Keep Up With 6-Year-Old Son

A curious video has emerged of world’s oldest mother of twins. Meet Omkari Singh, 76, who gave birth to twins in 2008 at the age of 70. Unfortunately, her daughter passed away at the age of four, after the doctor gave her the wrong medicine. Omkari now lives with her six-year-old boy Akashvani, her husband and son’s father Charan, 89, in Utter Pradesh in northern India. Akashvani keeps his elderly mother on his feet with his youthful energy, helping her cope with her loss after the female twin, Barsaat, tragically passed away. The elderly parents were desperate to have a son so after year and years of trying, she finally gave birth to one, making her the oldest mom of twins in the world. By that time, Omkari and Charan already had two grown up daughters and five grandchildren. However, their strong desire to have a son in order to help out with the household work finally came true in 2008, when the couple was blessed with two twins. Of course, the twins were conceived via IVF for which the couple paid with all of the savings they had, and left doctors in shock after it proved that Omkari managed to conceive and give birth to healthy twins via C-Section one month premature. Doctors said that they haven’t seen anything like it before. Their oldest daughter, aged 56, will be the one to take care of their youngest son because both parents are nearly 80 and they cannot take care of Akashvani properly. The boy who survived is living together with his parents and people often mistake his parents for his grandparents. Omkari and Charan know that they don’t have much time left to live, but their dream is to live to see their son’s wedding.

I Got 99 Problems, But Fat Ain’t One | SHAKE MY BEAUTY5m20s

I Got 99 Problems, But Fat Ain’t One | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

A PLUS-SIZE Model claims she has '99 problems, but being fat, ain't one.’ Julianna Mazzei, AKA Jewelz is confident, humorous and sassy, and has no shame when it comes to posing with little clothing and talking to her thousands of social media followers about ‘fat problems.’ The 25-year-old from Toronto, Canada told Barcroft TV: “I feel sexy in my body and I feel like everybody should.” Although the body positive advocate is now confident in her size 22 clothes, Jewelz hasn’t always been proud to show off her physique in revealing clothing.

I Am Allergic To Everything6m40s

I Am Allergic To Everything

A rare disorder has made a young woman allergic to everything - including her own tears, growing hair and even exercise. Natasha Coates, from Nottingham, has an immunological disorder called Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS), which causes severe allergic-like symptoms due to the mast cells over-responding to a trigger such as food or weather. Natasha has allergic reactions to her own tears, growing her hair, changes in the weather, many foods and the process of digestion. Her hair can cause her scalp to blister and certain foods could kill her, but despite all this Natasha has become an elite disability gymnast.

I Escaped A Sex Cult7m49s

I Escaped A Sex Cult

A woman who escaped from a cult as a teenager is sharing her story to help encourage other victims to come forward. Dawn Watson grew up in the notorious and international sex cult The Children of God. As a child, she dreamed of escaping from the realities and abuses of cult life. Age 13 she was able to escape for real from the Children of God – now known as Family International - but her journey to recovery has been a long one, marked with painful memories that have taken far longer to be set free from.

Married Couple Are India’s First Bodybuilding Champion Duo | HOOKED ON THE LOOK3m33s

Married Couple Are India’s First Bodybuilding Champion Duo | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

MEET the first Indian couple to win medals in international bodybuilding championships. Married couple, Borun and Mamota Devi Yumnam from New Delhi are dedicating their lives to becoming India’s top bodybuilding couple. And with over 28 awards between them, they’re taking the sport by storm. Borun, 39, has been competing for over 20 years, whilst his wife began her bodybuilding career in 2012 - after having three children.

Teenager With Facial Tumour Proves Doctors Wrong | BORN DIFFERENT5m41s

Teenager With Facial Tumour Proves Doctors Wrong | BORN DIFFERENT

A defiant teenager born with a rare facial tumour that leaves her unable to speak or eat dreams of becoming a nurse. Doctors said Jacqueline Rodriguez would not live to see her first birthday, but the now 16-year-old has truly defied all odds and is set to graduate from college next year. Jacqueline suffers with lymphatic malformations, an extremely rare condition that has formed large masses of tumour in her cheeks, tongue and chest. Undeterred by having to speak through an iPad and eat through a formula tube, the brave teen from California takes regular guitar lessons, plays tennis for a local club and has high hopes to study nursing at Stanford University.

“Acne Doesn’t Make You Ugly" | SHAKE MY BEAUTY4m01s

“Acne Doesn’t Make You Ugly" | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

A teenage girl uses social media to fight the stigma of acne by showing off her pimples rather than covering them up with heavy make-up. Since the age of 11; Hailey Wait; from Buena Vista; Colorado has been dealing with cystic acne – a skin condition that occurs when hair follicles become clogged underneath the skin leaving behind painful bumps. The 17-year-old decided she didn’t need to say sorry for how she looked and wanted to fight back by helping other young people struggling with their skin by posing pictures barefaced to “take one for the team.”

Wheelchair Basketball Team Gives Hope To Paralyzed Men5m05s

Wheelchair Basketball Team Gives Hope To Paralyzed Men

A MAN who suffers from a facial tumor and is paralyzed from the waist down has found a new lease of life as part of a wheelchair basketball team. Mohammad Rafee Parray, from Indian Administered Kashmir in India, was born with a Hemangioma face tumor that surgeons concluded was too dangerous to attempt to remove. Then, in 2010, he became paralyzed after falling from the roof of his house. But, after sinking into depression, Rafee has found a new purpose in life as part of a wheelchair basketball team.

Storm Chaser Braves 2017’s Most Dangerous Weather2m47s

Storm Chaser Braves 2017’s Most Dangerous Weather

Even though he has been an avid storm chaser since 2009, 2017 has proven to be a particularly challenging year for Jason Weingart, especially due to the hurricanes that have devastated various countries. Between the months of April and May, Jason witnessed an incredible 14 tornadoes, as he chased them down, storm after storm. “The most memorable storm of the year was the swarm of tornadoes that occurred on April 29th near Canton, Texas” he says. “It was one of those days that looked very marginal in the morning but as the day progressed, everything came together to create a prolific localized tornado outbreak.” The storm chaser saw a supercell in New Mexico, a mesocyclone in Colorado and some breathtaking lightning in Oklahoma, all in the month of May. Jason attempted to follow hurricane Harvey, which formed on August 17 and dissipated on September 3, but struggled to keep up with seemingly unstoppable storm. Harvey hit Texas and Louisiana with devastating effect and caused billions of dollars worth of damage. "Intercepting the eyewall of a Category 4 hurricane was intense, but nothing prepared me for assisting in high water rescues in Houston” adds Jason. “Venturing into those flood waters was the scariest moment of my life. Way worse than any tornado I have seem, including the largest in recorded history.” 2017 may have been a tough year in storm chasing, but Jason has also seen some stunning displays of nature’s fiercest weather. He said: “My favorite timelapse is the mammatus clouds on June 13th in O'Neill, Nebraska. It was a perfect scene; no danger, no fear. Just cameras and an incredible sky, to me that's what storm chasing is all about.”

Empowered Teen Proud of Prosthetic Leg | SHAKE MY BEAUTY2m59s

Empowered Teen Proud of Prosthetic Leg | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

A TEENAGER is embracing her birth defect by appearing in a campaign for self-love. Zainab Mohammed from London was born with proximal femoral focal deficiency - a rare birth defect affecting the bones in her leg, causing her femur not to grow properly. School was difficult for Zainab and she endured rude remarks, stares and being treated differently. But recently Zainab fully embraced her insecurities by doing a photoshoot for a self love campaign for clothing brand, NuNude.

This 21-Year-Old Girl Has Spent Over £10,000 To Look Like A Porcelain Doll5m15s

This 21-Year-Old Girl Has Spent Over £10,000 To Look Like A Porcelain Doll

Jade Smith from Wallington,, or Princess Jadette, as she is known on social media, wants to look like a porcelain doll and admits that she would like to have plastic surgery to enhance her doll-like looks. This 21-year-old girl’s obsession began when she was just 11. Jade first started to dress like a princess or as she calls it, in Lolita style, when her mom would dress her up in frilly dresses. "When I was 11 I got really interested into the Japanese anime scene. I started cosplaying and at my first ever convention I discovered Lolita fashion and from then on it has just grown from what it is now" says Jade. Now she dresses in a frilly pink dress with knee high socks, a furry headband around her platinum blond hair and full eyelashes. Wanting to look like a real life ‘Lolita’ doll, Jade, from Wallington, Surrey, estimates she’s spent £10,000 to date on her doll-like outfits, £8,000 on shoes, not to mention the extra money spent on accessories, wigs, key chains and toys. She even has a monthly £20 glitter budget. She has faced lots of different "problems" in school and on the streets of her town. She usually says to people who don't like this fashion that if they haven't tried it, they won't understand it. In school, cruel bullies made Jade's life hell as they used to beat her up. She was picked on for everything: her eye color, her hair color, having braces, having glasses. Everything about her was mocked. The doll-wannabe was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a chronic condition that causes muscle pain and bruising throughout the whole body. She takes pain medication daily, but the cutesy 'Lolita' outfits and toys are the form of escapism from the condition. "I don't believe this is the way for me to hide because this to me is my real self and this is me showing everyone my real side. I believe this is the real me because inside I am cute, I am cuddly and I just like to project it to the world."

Best Of Barcroft TV 20174m26s

Best Of Barcroft TV 2017

BARCROFT TV has featured some of the most incredible, inspiring and jaw-dropping stories from all over the world in 2017. We met one-in-a-million kids, followed plastic surgery addicts undergoing incredible transformations, and met unbelievable record breakers - including the man with the half-meter penis. It’s been another eye-popping year at the home of amazing true stories - for more fascinating, inspirational stories from around the world, subscribe to Barcroft TV today.

Meet The Rapunzel That Owns The World's Longest Dreadlocks3m00s

Meet The Rapunzel That Owns The World's Longest Dreadlocks

The 47-year-old "Black Rapunzel" from Atlanta, Asha Mandela, has a lock on a world record that others might dread: The world’s longest dreadlocks. This hair fanatic has 55ft locks which are longer than a London bus! Her hair weighs almost three stone, the weight of a child ripe for kindergarten, and takes two days to wash and dry. She also worries that someone with a 'hair fetish' will cut a chunk off when she is not looking. Mandela first started growing her lovely locks 25 years ago, after she moved from Trinidad and Tobago to New York and decided to have a more "natural" hairstyle. "When I first started, it was more of a spiritual journey. It wasn’t anything to do with a fad or style in fashion. After 25 years of growth, my hair has really become part of me and I feel that if I ever cut my hair I’d really be taking away my life." Mandela said according to the International Business Times. She washes the dreads once a week, using up to six bottles of shampoo at a time. Then it takes two days for the dreadlocks to dry, as they weigh 25 pounds when wet. Asha says the extra weight of her hair makes her doctors very concerned. But despite owning a world record and even though doctors warn she could paralyze herself, this lady wants to go bigger. She refuses to cut "her baby", saying it has helped her overcome cancer, two strokes and two heart-attacks. However, there is one area it has not affected - her love life. Three-times married Asha even claims it adds "a bit of spice". "My hair has never caused a problem with intimacy. I think it adds a little spice on top," she said. Ladies, you might try this recipe, it works like magic!

My Rare Facial Deformity Nearly Ruined My Life | BORN DIFFERENT4m06s

My Rare Facial Deformity Nearly Ruined My Life | BORN DIFFERENT

AN INSPIRING young woman has taken it upon herself to become an advocate for the condition. Cynthia Murphy was born with the rare craniofacial disorder, Treacher Collins Syndrome - a genetic disorder characterised by the deformity of the eyes, ears, cheekbones and chin, affecting only one in 50,000 people. With no cure for the condition, patients often undergo various surgeries to try and reduce the severity of their facial deformities. The 32-year-old, from Green Valley Lake, California, experienced an onslaught of bullying throughout her childhood – getting beaten up after school and being labelled as ‘ugly', the abuse plagued her for years into her adult life. But now, after more than 16 plastic surgeries and one major jaw reconstruction, Cynthia has found strength through advocating for her condition and helping others with craniofacial deformities in their quest to find happiness.

My Lupus Blisters Won’t Hold Me Back | SHAKE MY BEAUTY4m09s

My Lupus Blisters Won’t Hold Me Back | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

DESPITE being plagued by burn-like lesions all over her body, this fiery aspiring model loves every inch of her skin. At just 23-years-old, Jokiva Bellard is a regular at her local A&E, thanks to countless visits caused by the debilitating autoimmune disease mistakenly attacking healthy tissue - lupus. The autoimmune disease comes in many forms, with most sufferers experiencing mild symptoms, but for those who suffer from systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), it can be life-threatening. When Jokiva, from Sunset, Louisiana, was first diagnosed while studying, she thought that she could just carry on as normal, but she swiftly found out that the disease would change her life forever. After her kidneys failing landed her in A&E, Jokiva lost 50 lbs in just 10 days and realised that she had to take the disease seriously. After liveblogging an A&E experience on Facebook, Jokiva has used her online presence to raise awareness of lupus and to celebrate her unique beauty - blisters and all.

Suicide Survivor Now Helps Others To Work On Their Mental Health7m14s

Suicide Survivor Now Helps Others To Work On Their Mental Health

Sometimes the things that happen to us can make us stronger, but sometimes they can make our fears and insecurity to come up to the surface. Not everybody reacts calmly and reasonably when faced with loss and failures. Christen McGinnes was very close to her grandmother, so when she passed away, this girl felt heartbroken. Even worse, at that same time she lost her job, and the boyfriend she was living with broke up with her. All of a sudden, she felt left alone, with nobody to give her comfort and safe place. After a while she started living with a friend. But, as it seemed, she couldn’t find happiness and hope in anything. Then one foggy morning in 2010 she loaded her 357 revolver at her home in Virginia and calmly made the decision to shoot herself in the head. Luckily for Christen, her roommate was at home, so she quickly called the ambulance. She was airlifted to a hospital and was in a coma for three weeks. The bullet had destroyed the right side of her face. It took 49 surgeries to reconstruct Christen’s face, but at the end all that mattered was that she was alive. The love and care she received from the people around her showed this woman that life was worth living. Her friend Howard says: "For Christen to go through all these surgeries and watching her go through the process, it only underlined what I always thought about her. I always thought that she was a strong person, I always thought that she was a capable person, I always thought that she had great compassion for others." Now Christen spends her time helping others break the stigma that surrounds mental health and suicide attempts by volunteering at the Trauma Network Centre in Virginia. "I don’t believe that things happen for a reason. I believe it’s up to us to find the reason in the things that happen" says Christen.

My Girlfriend Is A World Famous Porn Star | EXTREME LOVE5m23s

My Girlfriend Is A World Famous Porn Star | EXTREME LOVE

A DOWN-TO-EARTH events planner has revealed what it’s like to date one of the world’s biggest porn stars. Mike Adkins, 32, has been dating Allie Haze for the last four years after being introduced by a mutual friend. 30-year-old Allie is the star of a string of famous adult movies - including Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody where she plays a more sexually adventurous version of Princess Leia. Despite Allie’s controversial day job, Mike, who lives with Allie in Las Vegas, says he wasn’t intimidated the first time they had sex. And, most surprisingly, he doesn’t feel jealous that Allie has sex with other men - and women – every day.

Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves Explores Delhi | HOOKED ON THE LOOK6m00s

Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves Explores Delhi | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

HUMAN Ken Doll, Rodrigo Alves swapped the pristine surroundings of spas and plastic surgery clinics for an authentic Indian experience on a recent trip to Delhi. Rodrigo spent the last day of his trip to India visiting some of Delhi’s tourist spots, eating local food, exploring the market, and, of course, clothes shopping. Despite having visited India before, Rodrigo, 34, believes this trip is the first time he’s really got to understand and appreciate more of the country’s culture. And he’s already planning his next visit, where he hopes to have yet more cosmetic procedures, this time changing his eye colour.

Model Mom Embraces Stretch Marks To Inspire Others | SHAKE MY BEAUTY4m16s

Model Mom Embraces Stretch Marks To Inspire Others | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

A DETERMINED mother has launched an online campaign to inspire women to embrace their stretch marks. Striving to be a swimsuit model all her life, Talmesha Jones, from San Antonio, Texas, struggled to accept her post-baby stretch marks when she gave birth to her only son, Chase, five years ago. Talmesha’s confidence was at an all-time low – often receiving abuse online, she would refuse to look at herself in the mirror. But when best friend, Johnathan Benton, convinced her to take part in a photo-shoot for the first time since giving birth, Talmesha decided enough was enough and that her stretch marks actually made her unique and special. Talmesha, 27, then launched the popular Instagram hashtag, ‘Tiger Stripes On A Tuesday’ – challenging the stigma attached to stretch marks and encouraging women from around the world to post pictures of their post-baby bodies.

Cyclists Set Himalayan Speed Record5m04s

Cyclists Set Himalayan Speed Record

A TOUR DE FRANCE veteran has smashed the speed record for cycling one of the highest roads of the Himalayas. ŠKODA AUTO brought four riders and two support cars to the grueling 40 km Khardung La route in India to beat the 3 hours 4 minutes 6 seconds STRAVA record, previously held by Christophe Klugge from Austria in 2012. Bartosz Huzarski, 37, battled vicious snowstorms in oxygen-depleted air to complete the challenge in just 2 hours, 36 minutes and 16 seconds. The uphill route is known as one of the world’s toughest hills, with a constant five-per-cent gradient and severe threat of altitude sickness. The Polish former pro-cyclist shaved just under 30 minutes off the previous STRAVA record for the 5,359 metre high challenge, which crosses through Jammu and Kashmir, in India. As well as Bartosz, keen cycling enthusiast Andrea Schiliro, from Milan, Italy also beat Klugge’s former record with a time of 2 hours 46 minutes and 9 seconds, while Swede Eva Lindskog set a new women’s record completing the challenge in 2 hours 50 minutes and 8 seconds. "The rider’s epic challenge is showcased in the film, ‘Catching Breath’. To watch the full documentary visit:"

The Knockout Boxer Who’s Only 9 | KICK-ASS KIDS4m21s

The Knockout Boxer Who’s Only 9 | KICK-ASS KIDS

NINE-year-old boxing star Kira Makogonenko is so good that she’s having trouble finding boys willing to get in the ring with her. Nicknamed the “Pink Panther” due to the colour of her boxing outfit, the undefeated nine-year-old's lightning-fast punches have won her a total of nine fights - half of them against boys in an older age category. Her deadly shots and quick footwork were honed with the help of her father and coach Artem Makogonenko.Little Kira, from Kharkov, Ukraine, has only been in training for one year, but wowed audiences online with videos of her shadow sparring with her dad while blindfolded. To keep up with Kira’s boxing skills visit:

This Hoarder Is So Out Of Control, He Can’t Get Into His Own House11m43s

This Hoarder Is So Out Of Control, He Can’t Get Into His Own House

A 74-year-old hotel worker's hoarding has got so out of control, he can’t get into his own home. Michael Saunders is a hard working, well-presented man, but his two houses, in the West Midlands, UK, tell a different story. The front door and windows to one of his semi-detached homes is blocked by seven foot high piles of furniture, bin bags and boxes and both have gardens that could be mistaken for jungles. So the local council has called in extreme cleaners Tee and Caz from N Gervais Extreme Cleaning Team. Michael says that he works as a duty manager in a luxury 69 bedroom hotel, where he plays the piano and cooks the breakfasts for the guests. Michael says: “I lead a very, very busy life. I then went into hospital with cancer. I was in hospital for six months. I had the loss of salary for six months and then I was asked not to lift anything for about 11 weeks. And obviously things got in to a dilapidated state.” The Cleaning Team estimated Mr. Sanders’ hoarding to be a level five, which is the highest level. At first, he wouldn’t allow Tee and Caz into either of his houses, so they started with the gardens, before moving onto his cars. In total, the garden clean-ups alone took a team of five, two weeks to complete. The N Gervais team offered the elderly man an aftercare service, where they will visit him once every month after the cleanup. Videographer / director: Adam Gray Producer: Charley Sutton, Ruby Coote Editor: Sonia Estal

This Woman’s Leg Has Swollen Up Three Times Its Size4m17s

This Woman’s Leg Has Swollen Up Three Times Its Size

This mum of two is living with a painful condition that has made her leg swell up to three times its original size. For 12 years, Lisanne Casalinuovo, 56, from New Jersey, has been living with lymphedema, which is a swelling caused by blocked lymph vessels, that made her right leg swell up to three times its original size. Lisanne says that she had an original fall 10 years ago right in her kitchen and she broke her kneecap and and about a year later my leg started to swell. However, the swelling on Lisanne’s leg unfortunately did not disappear, but instead it gradually grew larger, taking a huge toll on her social and love life, even making her bed ridden. Before the had this medical condition, she always wore dresses and high heels, but the drastic size of her right leg has made it nearly impossible for her to exercise, or even find clothes that are able to fit over both of her legs. Luckily, she has the support of her family, including her son Taylor Astin, 33, who helps her with any everyday activities that she struggles with. Taylor takes a huge burden off his mother by helping around the house, the animals and the yard, doing lot of her chores, taking a lot off her shoulders. He is a great son! Lisanne's mother also suffered with lymphedema for the past twenty years that was triggered after tripping over a toy and injuring her leg. This condition is very much genetic and it can run in the whole family. Her kids and siblings can get it, and it is kind of frightening.