The 12-Year-Old Made of Elastic | KICK-ASS KIDS7m46s

The 12-Year-Old Made of Elastic | KICK-ASS KIDS

A tiny contortionist is amazing audiences with her foot archery skills in the world’s only kids circus. Lila Woodard, 12, joined Le PeTiT CiRqUe at nine and, according to her coach, is a “child prodigy”. Nicknamed Elastic Lila, the 4’7” spitfire has performed all over America and even performed at the Noble Peace Prize concert in Oslo, Norway last year. Nimble Lila now trains up to 30 hours a week in gymnastics, contortion, aerial arts foot archery and ballet.

New York Has A Real Superhero Couple6m31s

New York Has A Real Superhero Couple

Life in the 21st century can be very hard. The money, the tempo, the stress can really get to us, and if that’s not enough, we always have the mass media to tell us about something terrifying that happened half a planet away from us. It seems like everyday it gets harder and harder to enjoy the little things in life and just genuinely relax. But sometimes, there are stories like this one that makes us feel grateful to be human, grateful to be kind and grateful to have the ability to help others. It is really easy to succumb to the pressure of society. It’s easier to not care at all about what is right and what is moral when you’re struggling for a piece of bread to get you through tomorrow. Having no shelter and living in 2018 BC without water and electricity is not something everyone can bear. It takes a lot of resilience and a bit of help from others to keep you on the right track. We often see movies where there is that one person in the city who is trying their best to keep these people’s spirits lifted. They protect them from harm and from the evils lurking on every corner, they give them food and warmth and act as a shadow that watches their every step. Each and everyone of us has grown up with one of these imaginary superheroes as idols. We all want to be like them but we have long accepted the fact that it can’t be done and it can never be real. After all, we don’t own a fortune our parents left us, nor do we have a cave where we can keep all of those fancy gadgets. We haven’t fallen to earth from outer space (that we know of) and we didn’t get bitten by a radioactive spider. We can’t just go and start jumping off of buildings and barging in other people’s homes unannounced. We just have to accept the fact that there are some rules of society and some laws that prevent us from going on this kind of an endeavor. Luckily for the people of New York , some residents have decided not to follow society’s rules and have actually become the real protectors of the city. Meet the world’s first real life superhero couple - who patrol New York's streets confronting criminals and helping the needy. When Victoria’s Secret manager Nicole Lund’s love interest Chris Pollak claimed he was a superhero, she had no idea he was being serious. Now the crime-fighting duo patrol side-by-side across New York, with Nicole, 27, dressed as her leather-clad alter ego ‘Nykita’, and Chris, 33, as action man ‘Dark Guardian’. Confronting drug dealers has seen the couple threatened with violence and even death threats but the pair are determined to carry on making the streets a safer place. What dо you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Bearded Woman Proves Hairy Isn’t Scary | SHAKE MY BEAUTY5m20s

Bearded Woman Proves Hairy Isn’t Scary | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

A woman has grown out her facial beard after years of shaving every day and refusing to let anyone touch her face. Nova, 26, from Virginia Beach, first started growing facial hair when she was just 12-years-old and began shaving it off after she was bullied. She wasn’t diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), until she was 16-years-old. The condition causes a hormonal imbalance and can result in excess facial hair. The bearded beauty decided to grow out her luscious beard during No Shave November 2017 - and hasn’t looked back since. Finally embracing her hair growth, proud partner Ash loves Nova's new furry face.

My Birthmark Made Me A Meme | BORN DIFFERENT5m47s

My Birthmark Made Me A Meme | BORN DIFFERENT

A woman, whose birthmark made her a viral meme, has used her online fame to help others with facial differences. Crystal Hodges, 26, from California, was born with a port wine stain birthmark on her left cheek, which induces extra blood flow to the face and affects the symmetry of her face and jaw structure. Up until 2014, Crystal was at peace with her birthmark until one day she came home from college to find that she had gone viral as a meme on Facebook. The meme - titled ‘One Like = Beautiful’ - subjected her to brutal cyberbullying and it reached over 30 million views. Although the experience affected her confidence, Crystal decided to use her new online fame to expand her motivational speaking career to help other people with facial differences.

Quadruple Amputee Becomes National Trampoline Champion7m04s

Quadruple Amputee Becomes National Trampoline Champion

A QUADRUPLE amputee, who was given a less than 1% chance of survival, has overcome incredible odds to become a national trampoline champion. At the age of seven, Isabelle Weall, of Derby in the UK, suffered organ failure and a heart attack after contracting Meningitis, which resulted in her losing the lower part of her arms, and her legs to stop the infection spreading. But the 14-year-old’s resilient spirit has led to an incredible list of achievements, including becoming a national trampoline champion and winning awards for her inspirational story. Isabelle, who trains twice a week, told Barcroft Media: “At one point I did have a less than 1% chance of survival. With how well I’m doing now, it’s amazing that I took the 1%.”

Elite Matchmaker Helps The Rich Find Love - From $30,0008m37s

Elite Matchmaker Helps The Rich Find Love - From $30,000

A WOMAN is playing cupid to the wealthy elite, with her services costing from $30,000. Taylor Francois-Bodine runs a matchmaking service from her home in Washington, DC, and travels throughout the USA for her clients. Taylor began her career whilst working for a private senator on Capitol Hill when her successful matchmaking for colleagues inspired her to take it up professionally. She now counts doctors, lawyers and celebrities amongst her wealthy clients and claims that her success rate for clients finding love is 85-90%.

My Hardening Skin Is Turning Me Into A Doll | SHAKE MY BEAUTY5m37s

My Hardening Skin Is Turning Me Into A Doll | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

A young woman living with a skin-hardening condition has found confidence with her ‘Tragic Doll’ persona. At just nine-years-old Shirley Alvarez was diagnosed with systemic scleroderma, an autoimmune disease which hardens soft tissue throughout the body and can affect the entire body, including blood vessels. Within a matter of months, Shirley went from using a walker to being a full-time wheelchair user and had to quickly adapt to her new life. Shirley, from Queens, New York, created a new persona called the ‘Tragic Doll’ to express how it feels to live with scleroderma.

I’m 30 But Look 60 | BORN DIFFERENT5m50s

I’m 30 But Look 60 | BORN DIFFERENT

A NEWLYWED ageing at twice the normal rate is refusing to let her condition slow her down. At 30-years-old, Challi Muguira is one of the oldest surviving people with progeria in the world. Progeria is a rare genetic disorder characterised by premature ageing, growth delay, short stature, small face and hair loss. Challi, from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has a rare form, which was so unusual that it took doctors 16 years to formally diagnose her. Her form of progeria is different from the classic form and she does not age at quite the same rate, but is still mistaken for someone who is decades older. After meeting her partner online, Challi tied the knot with the love of her life in November 2017.

World’s Tallest Policeman Is 7ft 6in3m16s

World’s Tallest Policeman Is 7ft 6in

A TRAFFIC COP who measures a massive 7ft 6in is the tallest policeman in India - and possibly the world. Jagdeep Singh, from Punjab is so big he has to have his uniform especially made by a personal tailor and imports his enormous size 19 shoes from abroad. The colossal constable has been dubbed ‘a monster’ on social media but has become a local celebrity, with locals constantly stopping him for selfies. Previously the world’s tallest traffic cop was believed to be Rajesh Kumar, from Haryana in India, who is two inches smaller than Singh, at 7ft 4in.

Meet The “Real Barbie Of Berlin” | HOOKED ON THE LOOK4m59s

Meet The “Real Barbie Of Berlin” | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

AN INSTAGRAM model believes she has the biggest breasts in Germany following surgery to fit her third set of implants. Paris Herms, known as the ‘Real Barbie of Berlin’, has forked out more than £35,000 on plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures to achieve her pneumatic doll-like appearance. While the 27-year-old German model loved her iconic namesake from playing with the dolls as a little girl, her cosmetic transformation began after she was bullied at school for being ‘ugly’. Paris’ grandma - with whom she still lives - paid for her first set of breast implants, and Paris has since had a nose job, facial fillers, and two more boob jobs taking her cup size up to an eye-popping 80 L. Paris currently has over 200,000 Instagram followers, and frequently posts lingerie-clad snaps from photoshoots, often garnering thousands of likes on the social networking site.

Breast Cancer Survivor Relaunches Modelling Career | SHAKE MY BEAUTY7m07s

Breast Cancer Survivor Relaunches Modelling Career | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

A MODEL who has undergone a double mastectomy has successfully relaunched her modelling career on a New York catwalk. Allyson Lynch, 30, started out as as a fit and catalogue model for alternative fashion brand Sourpuss clothing in 2014, but feared a breast cancer diagnosis would end her career before it could really take off. The young woman from Philadelphia found the lump during a routine breast exam when she was just 26 and elected to have a bilateral mastectomy for 'peace of mind.' Despite her fears, Allyson found that her experiences opened up even more doors for her modelling career and she hopes to encourage more survivors to embrace their new bodies.

"Telepathic” Genius Child Tested By Scientist5m11s

"Telepathic” Genius Child Tested By Scientist

FIVE-year-old prodigy Ramses Sanguino has astonished his mother by displaying signs of being TELEPATHIC. According to Nyx Sanguino, 32, Ramses is able to recite random numbers written in secret - and is now the focus of a scientific study on the subject. Nyx is used to being surprised by her child, who at just five is already learning seven languages and solving complex mathematical equations. The youngster from Los Angeles, California, is believed to be one of the top five savants in the world and Nyx posts videos of her son showing off his talents online. Now his exploits have even caught the eye of a respected neuroscientist - who is studying Ramses as part a cutting-edge research project into telepathy.

Living Without Hands And Knees | BORN DIFFERENT5m28s

Living Without Hands And Knees | BORN DIFFERENT

AN INSPIRATIONAL woman born without fully developed limbs is making waves in the motivational speaking and beauty blogging world. Sinikwe Kademaunga, from Harare, Zimbabwe, manages to do her own and others’ makeup and hair without hands - using just her arms, which end at the elbow. The pretty 24-year-old has an unknown disability that caused her limbs to stop growing in the womb, leaving her with shortened legs which stop before the knee. Sinikwe now educates about disabilities in her native country, and inspires thousands at her speaking events and online.

The Dancer With Tourettes5m25s

The Dancer With Tourettes

A YOUNG dancer with Tourette Syndrome is pursuing her dream career by using her 150 different tics to transform her movements. Cassidy Richardson, 20, was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome at eleven but started displaying tics at seven-years-old and believed the disorder would stop her from ever dancing professionally. The dancer, who is training at Transit Dance School in Victoria, Australia, has learned to incorporate her tics into her movements and says she never feels more free than when she’s dancing. While many still associate Tourette Syndrome with swearing, Cassidy wants to educate people about the different ways the syndrome can present.

I’m A Living Art Doll | HOOKED ON THE LOOK6m36s

I’m A Living Art Doll | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

A NEW YORK artist has transformed herself into a 'living art doll.’ Otherworldly performer Toshi Salvino, 24, has always been intrigued by dolls and the Harajuku style, so she has spent her life to transforming into an 'art doll'. The make up artist and hair stylist, originally from Pennsylvania, plans out three hours a day to become her doll self and wears her full doll look four to six days a week.

I’m Scarred, Not Scared | SHAKE MY BEAUTY6m27s

I’m Scarred, Not Scared | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

A SCARRED body confidence coach campaigns for other women to embrace both their bodies and scars. From a young age, Michelle Elman had 15 surgeries to correct an obstructed bowel, a punctured intestine, resect a brain tumour and remove a cyst in her brain. Michelle, from London, who also lives with hydrocephalus, quickly became aware of how different her body was to her peers and spent years hiding her scars away. After coming to terms with the trauma her body had been through, Michelle, now 24, decided to bare all and embrace her bikini body.

The Family ‘Made Of Glass’ Have Broken 600 Bones | BORN DIFFERENT8m48s

The Family ‘Made Of Glass’ Have Broken 600 Bones | BORN DIFFERENT

BETWEEN them, the Lamoreaux-Ferrerio family have broken over 600 bones. Mum Lisa, dad Chris and daughter Anicee all suffer from a genetic condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta or OI, which causes their bones to be so brittle, simply sneezing or going over a bump in the road is enough to break them. There is no known cure for OI, and those living with it experience pain on a daily basis, but in spite of their condition, mum Lisa says in many ways they are just like any other family.

I Married An Inmate Serving Life For Murder | EXTREME LOVE10m56s

I Married An Inmate Serving Life For Murder | EXTREME LOVE

Kacey Rush married her husband in 2012, two years after becoming his pen pal, and 18 years into his two life sentences for double murder. Travis Berry is a 49-year-old former Crip gangster and crack dealer, she is a 43-year-old realtor, former model and mother of one from Los Angeles, CA. She is convinced he did not commit the crimes he was imprisoned for, and has spent thousands of dollars in legal fees appealing his conviction. Despite having only spent nine days together since they were married, she says she knew from their first kiss that Travis is her soulmate.

The Sisterhood Of The Long Nail Goddesses | HOOKED ON THE LOOK7m15s

The Sisterhood Of The Long Nail Goddesses | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

A SISTERHOOD of women with gigantic, intricately decorated nails - as long as 19 INCHES - call themselves the Long Nail Goddesses. At Maria Ortiz’s nail salon in Newark, New Jersey, the group of women meet regularly to share stories about the pleasures, trials and tribulations of the long nail lifestyle. The group was founded when Maria began specialising as a nail technician for women who preferred to have elaborately designed nine-inch nails, than trim French-manicures. As her client list (and her eight inch nails) grew, so did the Long Nail Goddesses group. Now, the Goddesses meet monthly and Maria charges $100 for a manicure, which can take her up to seven hours to do.Maria, who is a transgender woman, struggled to find her place in the world, but now she has found a sisterhood that truly love and accept her. and, as her client list grew, so did the sisterhood. Maria, who is a transgender woman, struggled to find her place in the world, but now she has found a sisterhood that truly love and accept her.

9-Year-Old Ninja Is 4-Time World Champion | KICK-ASS KIDS6m47s

9-Year-Old Ninja Is 4-Time World Champion | KICK-ASS KIDS

INCREDIBLE Channah Zeitung is already a four-time martial arts World Champion and second-degree black belt – and she’s only nine years old. Entering her first competition when she was just three, Channah was inspired by watching her idols Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee and has always dreamt of following in their footsteps. The little warrior, who resides in San Diego, California, specialises in Taekwondo and is particularly skilled with her Bo Staff weapon. Training 10 to 12 hours a week, Channah became the youngest ever person to achieve a martial arts State Championship title when she was just four. And now, the talented youngster has high hopes of turning her biggest dreams into reality as she aims to become a professional martial arts actress.

Feminist Wrestlers Are The Real Life GLOW7m38s

Feminist Wrestlers Are The Real Life GLOW

MEET the all-women wrestling movement and the woman behind it who overcame a breakdown and being sectioned to put on the biggest women’s wrestling show in Europe. Once a month at the Resistance Gallery in Bethnal Green a rosta of approximately 12 female wrestlers step into the 16ft by 16ft wrestling ring to chokeslam, dropkick and maybe even moonsault one another; all in the name of entertainment – and feminism. In a black vest, with a shock of neon pink hair, Emily Read gets the crowd going at an EVE pro wrestling evening: “Are we ready to have a good time? Are we ready for some wrestling?” Emily, 32, co-founded EVE in 2009 with her then partner, now-husband, Dann, who she met on the promoting circuit. Wanting to give female wrestlers a platform to be the main event rather than the bikini-clad side attraction, Emily and Dann began EVE, “an all women’s Pro Wrestling Promotion” with a “grass roots punk vibe”.

The Real Life Kawaii Princess | HOOKED ON THE LOOK5m23s

The Real Life Kawaii Princess | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

A LARGE, colourful bow in her pastel pink hair, doll-like makeup and a cutesy outfit topped off with a sprinkle of glitter is 32-year-old Michelle’s every day style. Inspired by the Japanese culture derived from the district Harajuku, Michelle, from Portsmouth, says that the quirky trend has helped her gain confidence. Michelle even extends her passion for Kawaii Japanese fashion to her bedroom, which is adorned with cute trinkets and countless stuffed toys.

Eight-Year-Old Gator Wrangler Handles Beasts With Ease5m45s

Eight-Year-Old Gator Wrangler Handles Beasts With Ease

Daredevil youngster, Charlie Parker, has helped his parents care for the animals at Ballarat Wildlife Park in Victoria, Australia, since the moment he was able to walk. Meet the tiny eight-year-old reptile ranger who spends his days cuddling up to alligators and giant snakes. Charlie, who has his very own pint-sized ranger uniform, held his first snake when he was one and tackled his very first crocodile just two years later. And now, in and around his time at school, Charlie interacts with the animals more than ever, and has big dreams of becoming a professional zookeeper like his idol, Steve Irwin. He likes to play with alligators, snakes, lizards and frogs. He says that his passion for animals first started when he holded his first snake when he was only one-year-old. His favorite snake is the reticulated python because they squeeze their prey. He says he is not afraid of handling snakes or gators , because he had worked with them his entire life, and built up trust in them. His mother, Julia Leonard, co-owner of Ballarat Wildlife Park, says that Charlie is very natural around animals. His father, Greg Parker, says that we cannot promote conservation without people meeting animals up close, and Charley says that when people see him, they are amazed because of his age and courage to handle beasts with such an ease! We couldn’t believe our ears when little Charlie started listing all the animals who have beaten him over the years.The confidence in his voice shows us that he is genuinely proud with that and regards it like big accomplishment. Way to go Charlie!

Heart Melting Moment Of A 13-Week-Old Baby Saying 'I Love You' To Her Mother22s

Heart Melting Moment Of A 13-Week-Old Baby Saying 'I Love You' To Her Mother

A beautiful baby girl is the luckiest princess in the world to be able to call you mom. She is going to look up to you every day after she is born and picture exactly what she wants her future to be like. There is nothing more inspiring for a little girl than to see her mom taking on the world and still managing to make her biggest priority. Having kids is a true blessing! Motherhood is a roller coaster ride of emotions, one where you learn on the go. But it is also the best thing that ever happened to a woman! This mother received a true preceless moment and heart-melting words from her mother. A video where Claire tells her daughter 'I love you' and the 13 weeks old Ellie repeats her mother. A new dad has described his astonishment after watching a video of his 13-week old baby appearing to say ' I love you ' in response to her doting mother. Grant Reid, 32, was left gobsmacked after his partner Claire Reid, 28, sent him a video of their daughter Ellie, who was born in January, appearing to respond to her mother's words of affection. It so amazing that this moment was captured on camera, it truly remarkable! Claire, you are one lucky mother with such an adorable daughter! The words “I love you” and a little hug from a child is a piece of heaven!

Welcome To My Real Barbie Dream House5m30s

Welcome To My Real Barbie Dream House

A 36-YEAR-OLD woman loves Barbie so much she has spent $80,000 to turn her apartment into a Barbie shrine. In a pink, pink kitchen, in a pink, pink apartment, a pink, pink Barbie superfan cooks some pink, pink eggs. Azusa Sakamoto doesn’t just like Barbie, she LOVES her. The 36-year-old has dedicated her adult life to building up a Barbie collection worth an estimated $80,000. Every inch of Azusa’s West Hollywood apartment is crammed full of Barbies and related memorabilia. Azusa, who works as a nail artist, even customises her furniture so that everything from her fridge and kettle in the kitchen, through to the loo in her bathroom, have all been Barbie-fied.