Our Interabled Love Life | TRULY9m18s

Our Interabled Love Life | TRULY

AFTER almost giving up on finding love, a quadriplegic has found his soulmate - at the rehabilitation centre that helped him with his paralysis. Cole Sydnor, from Richmond, Virginia had a life changing accident in August 2011, when diving in a local river and hitting a rock, that left him paralysed from the triceps down. The now 23-year-old has gone through rigorous rehabilitation to help accept his new body, but also found love in Charisma Jamison, who was a Rehabilitation Technician at the centre. The couple have been together for a year and now run a frank YouTube channel documenting their lives as a interabled couple and the discussions that come with it.

Boy With Giant Mole Beats The Bullies | BORN DIFFERENT7m47s

Boy With Giant Mole Beats The Bullies | BORN DIFFERENT

AN 11-YEAR-OLD boy who was born with a rare mole covering his entire body, is finally learning to deal with the bullies after battling through more than 15 surgeries in order to survive. Lucas Starr, who resides in Alaska, lives with Giant Congenital Nevus - a dark-coloured, often hairy patch of skin that is present at birth in only one in 500,000 children. The Nevus is also on the inside of Lucas’ body, with other symptoms including Hydrocephalus, which needs to be monitored every three to six months, and Neurocutaneous Melanosis (NCM), which are lesions on the brain. The Nevus on Lucas’ brain led to the biggest scare of his life so far, when he was rushed to hospital in the summer of 2018 with a tumour. But despite the constant health scares and bullying that Lucas has to endure, he always comes out fighting and dreams of becoming a professional racing driver.

Comedian With “Spatula" Hand Laughs Off Condition | BORN DIFFERENT6m30s

Comedian With “Spatula" Hand Laughs Off Condition | BORN DIFFERENT

A 33-YEAR-OLD TWIN born with a curved spine, missing kidney and deformed arm is embracing his differences through comedy. Matty Oxley, an aspiring comedian from Middlesbrough, was born with VATER Syndrome, a set of birth defects that often occur together, and include the curvature of his spine, or scoliosis. However, this hasn’t stopped him from fulfilling his dream: for the past five years, Matty has been performing stand-up comedy and has recently opened his own comedy club.

I Had A Stroke Aged 12 | TRULY9m21s

I Had A Stroke Aged 12 | TRULY

A TEEN model has beaten the odds and has relearned to walk and talk after surviving a stroke age 12. Growing up with three older sisters, Rafi Solaiman was the typical younger brother: full of energy and enthusiasm he would run around the house, play sports in the garden and do whatever he could to wind up his siblings. All of that changed when aged 12, Rafi suffered a stroke and brain haemorrhage so severe it left his body in locked in syndrome. Rafi had to learn how to walk, talk - and even blink again. Now 18 years old, while Rafi is still affected by the stroke, he has an exciting future ahead of him.

My Life As A Living Doll Is Liberating | HOOKED ON THE LOOK6m37s

My Life As A Living Doll Is Liberating | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

A WOMAN is calling herself a ‘living doll’ after connecting to the dolls she uses in her art. Fifi, who goes by the name ‘Fifi Doll’, has been dressing like a doll for three years – and she’s almost always in pink. Although Fifi calls herself a living doll, she wants people to understand it’s more about identity and not performance. When it comes to her look, Fifi draws inspiration from ball-jointed dolls, as anyone of any shape can enjoy the look. Fifi always tries to incorporate her doll-style into her outfits, drawing inspiration from the antique look of lace, chiffon and soft fabrics.

Birthmarks Won’t Stop My Modelling Dreams | SHAKE MY BEAUTY6m02s

Birthmarks Won’t Stop My Modelling Dreams | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

A YOUNG mother who was born with birthmarks covering her entire body has finally learnt to embrace her unique image – by becoming a successful model. Marika Nagy, 21, lives with Congenital Melanocytic Nevus, an extremely rare skin condition that affects just one percent of infants worldwide. Marika, who resides in Bremen, Germany, had to undergo seven skin removal surgeries in order to survive past birth and she has always been much more prone to skin cancer. Despite the years of bullying throughout her school life, Marika now describes herself as a model, Instagrammer and young mother – and she thanks her baby boy for her newly found confidence.

My Rare Dwarfism Makes Me One In 500 Million | BORN DIFFERENT6m52s

My Rare Dwarfism Makes Me One In 500 Million | BORN DIFFERENT

DESPITE being born with a rare form of Primordial Dwarfism that affects just over a dozen people worldwide, 3”6 Monica Zaring continues to defy all the odds. Monica, 30, is currently the oldest female in the world to be living with Saul-Wilson Syndrome – a condition that has baffled doctors for decades. Saul-Wilson Syndrome is an extremely rare skeletal disorder characterised by a significantly short stature, a pronounced forehead, hearing loss and microcephaly – the appearance of a smaller head. Six years ago, Monica, who resides in Louisville, Kentucky, provided a sample of her DNA to doctors who were working on a groundbreaking study of Saul-Wilson Syndrome at the National Institute of Health. And in the latter stages of 2017, Monica’s years of heartache and unanswered questions were finally resolved, with doctors successfully identifying the root cause of her rare dwarfism.

I’ll Never Stop Modifying My Body | HOOKED ON THE LOOK7m27s

I’ll Never Stop Modifying My Body | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

A YOUNG MAN, who went through more than 40 body modification procedures, claims to be “the world’s most modified youth.” Ethan Bramble, from Melbourne, Australia has had a string of body modifications including getting his tongue split, the removal of his belly button and even tattooing his eyeballs black. Ethan, who recently turned 22, has always had a passion for body art and started modifying his body at just 11-years-old.

I Swiped Right On Tinder - And Got A Kidney | TRULY8m48s

I Swiped Right On Tinder - And Got A Kidney | TRULY

A YOUNG WOMAN suffering from kidney failure has finally found a replacement organ – from the boyfriend she met on Tinder. 22-year-old Cheyenne HanLee, from Santa Ana, CA, met Gavin on Tinder after he ‘super-starred’ her. Just over two years later, he has saved her life by donating his kidney to her.

I Wear My Scars Like Diamonds | SHAKE MY BEAUTY7m14s

I Wear My Scars Like Diamonds | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

A FIERCE mum is wearing her severe burn scars like diamonds. Alyssa McDonald, 27, from Stillwater, Oklahoma, was severely burned at two years old when she accidentally pulled a pot of boiling butter off the stove and onto herself. She endured surgeries every other year until she was 17 and struggled to face her scars. But everything changed in high school when she woke up one day and decided enough was enough - she was going to learn to love her scars and ‘wear them like diamonds.'

30 Year Age Gap But Our Lovelife Is HOT! | EXTREME LOVE8m25s

30 Year Age Gap But Our Lovelife Is HOT! | EXTREME LOVE

A MARRIED COUPLE with a 30 year age gap hasn’t let their age difference get in the way of their relationship and has recently welcomed a baby girl. Wesleigh, 24, and Vince, 54, from Little Rock, Arkansas, met each other online and have been together for three years. Vince is divorced and has a son from his previous marriage who is two years older than his new wife – but that didn't stop the couple from starting a romance. Wesleigh said she was always interested in older men and was looking for a protective, older male figure to fill the emotional void left when her father passed away when she was a child.

Lymphedema Warrior Embraces Her Pear Shape | SHAKE MY BEAUTY6m35s

Lymphedema Warrior Embraces Her Pear Shape | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

A BOLD lymphedema sufferer is embracing her jiggle after years of being ashamed of her condition. Cara Cruz, 36, from New Brighton, Pennsylvania, developed lipoedema and lymphedema as a teenager and the growing problem had a devastating impact on her confidence. But after starting an Instagram on a dare from her boyfriend, Cara burst out of her shell and into the body positive community and now she is determined to flaunt her curves. Through her 25,000 Instagram following and meet ups with Yinz’s Bopo group, the curvaceous beauty hopes to inspire more people to start their own journey to self love.

The Amazing Armless Army Cadet | BORN DIFFERENT10m00s

The Amazing Armless Army Cadet | BORN DIFFERENT

A YOUNG girl has become an accomplished Junior Reserve Officer cadet, despite being born with no arms. Donavia Walker, 16, was born with a rare condition called Bilateral Amelia and has learned to use her feet to do everything from driving to using her phone. Now, she is a squad commander and a part of the Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC). The Winterhaven, Florida-native told Barcroft Media: “People would put me down because they didn't think I could do as much as I can.

Trans Twin Supports 9-Year-Old Trans Girl | MY TRANS LIFE7m42s

Trans Twin Supports 9-Year-Old Trans Girl | MY TRANS LIFE

TWO sets of identical twins have become firm friends, united by their shared experience of watching a sibling transition from a brother to a sister. Nataisha and Jakeb Smiley, aged nine, came across a Barcroft TV documentary featuring Jada Tahiry and Branden Miguel for My Trans Life. After seeing the film and reaching out, Branden and Jada have become close to the Smiley family.

Told I Was Too Fat To Dance | SHAKE MY BEAUTY6m18s

Told I Was Too Fat To Dance | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

A WOMAN has started a dance group for fellow plus-size women to prove dancers come in all shapes and sizes. Since she was young, Charity Holloway has lived and breathed for dancing. But when she was told, as a teenager, she was too fat to dance, she nearly gave it up altogether. Thankfully Charity didn’t and she is now the proud founder and choreographer of 4Thirty-Two, a plus-sized dance group in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Mum Spends Thousands Turning Into Barbie | HOOKED ON THE LOOK5m36s

Mum Spends Thousands Turning Into Barbie | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

SINGLE mother, Sindy Starlet, has spent the last 21 years trying to perfect the ultimate ‘Barbie’ image – and she’s now set to triple the size of her 700cc breasts. Sindy describes herself as the ‘Norwegian Bimbo Doll’, and with her bleach-blonde hair and bright pink lipstick, she is now targeting the crown of having ‘Norway’s biggest breasts’. Sindy, who runs a salon in Oslo, has already spent more than $10,000 on cosmetic procedures and now plans on taking her breast size to 3,000cc with the help of new expanders. Away from the glitz and glamour that Sindy displays for her thousands of Instagram fans, the 36-year-old is a single mother to her 14-year-old son, Leo.

Teenager With Butterfly Skin Inspires Others | BORN DIFFERENT8m53s

Teenager With Butterfly Skin Inspires Others | BORN DIFFERENT

Despite being born with an incredibly rare condition that causes his skin to blister and tear with the slightest touch – John Hudson Dilgen is inspiring people with his motivational speaking. John, 15, was born with Epidermolysis Bullosa, a condition that leaves him in constant pain and affects only one in every 50,000 children in the United States. On a daily basis, John has to have the majority of his body wrapped in bandages to save him from infections and further harm – around 95 percent of John’s body is covered in open wounds.

World’s Longest Dreadlocks Reach 110 FEET | HOOKED ON THE LOOK4m56s

World’s Longest Dreadlocks Reach 110 FEET | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

IT’S BEEN 10 years since Asha Mandela claimed the Guinness World Record for the longest dreads in the world - but how long are her locks now? Asha’s two longest dreads, which she affectionately refers to as her ‘antennae’, measure an incredible 110ft – more than the length of three double decker buses. Asha, who was recently on a trip to the UK, visited the Quattro Lounge in Wellingborough for a day of pampering suburban style. And staff at the beauty salon, which is located within a leisure centre, took full advantage of the nearby squash courts to measure Asha’s dreads.

Cerebral Palsy Won’t Stop Me From Modelling | SHAKE MY BEAUTY7m47s

Cerebral Palsy Won’t Stop Me From Modelling | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

A YOUNG WOMAN with cerebral palsy is promoting inclusivity within the fashion industry. Autumn Kinkade may have been born with cerebral palsy, rendering her to use a walker, but she was also born with a sense of adventure that has enabled her to model all over the country. The 18-year-old from Adair, Oklahoma, believes the fashion world should feature more disabled models to give other people with different challenges a try.

The Goth Who Lives With A Lolita Doll | HOOKED ON THE LOOK7m26s

The Goth Who Lives With A Lolita Doll | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

TWO BRITISH girls are the most unlikely best friends as one is a goth, and the other a pastel lolita. Rosie Hinton, 21, is a pastel-coloured ’80’s space baby’ living in London with her best friend, and goth, Jude. Not only do the pair dress in massively contrasting styles, they have even themed their bedrooms around their unique looks. Rosie’s bedroom is jam-packed with pink toys, happy clowns, and colorful stuffed animals, while Jude has taken the more minimal approach, choosing only black and white decor. And they even share a dressing room which is split entirely down the middle, divided by a sofa which is half pastel pink and half gothic black.

Real-Life Rapunzel And Her Six-Foot Hair | SHARE THE HAIR4m33s

Real-Life Rapunzel And Her Six-Foot Hair | SHARE THE HAIR

A REAL-LIFE Rapunzel with six-foot long hair uses her long locks as ’something to wear’ when posing naked as a life drawing model .Frankie Cluney from Brighton, England has been growing her hair since she was six years old, after falling in love with mythical women in fairytale books that had long, flowing hair.Now the 32-year-old artist has cascading locks that that any princess would be jealous of.

The Pre-Teen Drag Queen | TRULY3m49s

The Pre-Teen Drag Queen | TRULY

AN 11-YEAR-OLD boy with a sassy alter-ego is proving that you can slay as a drag queen at any age. Jason Kerr, otherwise known as Suzan Bee Anthony, is already making a name for himself as a successful drag queen in Missouri - and he’s only 11-years-old. Jason has been dressing up since the age of three, and has all of the traits you’d expect to see in a fully-fledged drag queen. Jason told Barcroft TV: “When I am a full drag I feel confident, strong and independent.

Russian ‘Hulk’ Injects Dangerous Chemicals To Look BIGGER | HOOKED ON THE LOOK6m12s

Russian ‘Hulk’ Injects Dangerous Chemicals To Look BIGGER | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

Kirill Tereshin has risked his life injecting dangerous chemicals into his biceps to make them appear bigger. The 22-year-old man, from Pyatigorsk, southwestern Russia, rose to fame for his unbelievable large arms as a result of painful synthol injections. The incredible Hulk-inspired man’s biceps measure an astonishing 61 centimetres. He is proud to be known locally as ‘Ruki Bazuki’ and despite all risks, Kirill intends to carry on injecting synthol oil into his muscles.

I’m Finally Ready To Show The World My Tumours | BORN DIFFERENT7m52s

I’m Finally Ready To Show The World My Tumours | BORN DIFFERENT

INSPIRED by her son, a woman with three serious medical conditions has shared her incredible her story of overcoming depression and accepting her physical appearance. Vanessa Cornelio, 25, was born with Neurofibromatosis (NF), a genetic condition which causes tumours to grow on her nervous system, as well as Scoliosis and Kyphosis which cause sideways and outward curvature of her spine. Her son, Daniel Jr., was also born with NF and Vanessa says she has finally decided to speak out in the hope it will one day inspire him. Vanessa, of Glendale, Arizona, told Barcroft Media: “It’s hard to have what I have on my body and be okay because women around the world work out, they have perfect bodies, they have everything.

‘UK’s Shortest Family’ Welcomes Second Baby With Dwarfism | BORN DIFFERENT11m27s

‘UK’s Shortest Family’ Welcomes Second Baby With Dwarfism | BORN DIFFERENT

A MOTHER with dwarfism - and half of ‘Britain’s shortest couple’ - has given birth to her second baby. Laura and her husband, Nathan Phillips, welcomed their son, Jax, into the world on September 5 2018. The parents from Newcastle have different forms of dwarfism, Laura has Achondroplasia and stands at 4ft 1, whereas Nathan has Pseudoachondroplasia and is 3ft 11. Four years ago, Laura gave birth to their first son, Nathan Junior. Miraculously, Nathan Jr was named as a ‘double-dwarf’ as he has both of his parent’s dwarfism, which is a extremely rare. And now, Laura, 28, and Nathan, 38, have received the news that their new baby boy, Jax, was born with Achondroplasia only – following in his mother’s proud footsteps.