These Plus-Size Dancers Are A 'Pretty Big' Deal | SHAKE MY BEAUTY7m18s

These Plus-Size Dancers Are A 'Pretty Big' Deal | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

A GROUP of plus-size dancers in New York prove size is no barrier to being a great dancer. When Akira Armstrong appeared in not one but two Beyonce videos, she thought she had hit the big time. But as a plus-size dancer she struggled to find regular work and, for a few years, even gave up on her dream of becoming a professional dancer. Determined to succeed – and give other fuller-figured women the opportunity to perform - Akira founded Pretty Big Movement, a plus-size dance group who train in New York City and have performed across the globe. Pretty Big Movement is made up of eight core dancers who train together at least twice a week. The troupe also puts on monthly dance workshops in NYC that women of all shapes, sizes and ages can attend – no matter what their dance ability. Most recently Pretty Big Movement has run an apprenticeship scheme for aspiring professional dancers. Together they hope to challenge the stereotypes that you can only be a good dancer if you are a size zero. Akira, who describes Pretty Big Movement as “her baby” founded the group 10 years ago and challenged the assumption that larger-sized women are unable to dance.

The 8-Year-Old Basketballer Shooting For The Stars | KICK-ASS KIDS4m47s

The 8-Year-Old Basketballer Shooting For The Stars | KICK-ASS KIDS

A BASKETBALL-obsessed girl is already running rings around her father on the court - despite being only eight years old. Samaya Clark-Gabriel, from Brooklyn, New York, regularly trains with high school students twice her height and has an impressive array of tricks in her repertoire. She wowed crowds during the half-time show at a Harlem Globetrotters game in December last year by simultaneously dribbling two balls between her legs while BLINDFOLDED. The pint sized star only began playing aged six, but is already able to easily outmatch her dad in a one-v-one. Prodigy Samaya does intensive training sessions three times a week and dreams of one day playing in the WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association).

Twin Sisters Become Twin Brothers | MY TRANS LIFE7m26s

Twin Sisters Become Twin Brothers | MY TRANS LIFE

IDENTICAL twin brothers who were born female both transitioned gender at the same time. Identical twins Angel and Fabian Griffin do everything together: they are both aspiring rappers, they train together at the gym, are each other’s wingman on a night out and both drive trucks for a living. But most dramatically, in their early twenties, both made the decision to transition from female to male. The 29-year-old brothers, from Atlanta have been able to support one another every step of their joint journey – from surgery and dating to the realities of what it means to be a young black man in America.

I Can’t Stop Falling Asleep | TRULY8m06s

I Can’t Stop Falling Asleep | TRULY

A PERSONAL TRAINER suffers with an extreme form of narcolepsy – a condition that causes her to uncontrollably fall asleep up to 15 times a day. For most people, sleep is a luxury, but for Belle Hutt, it’s something she spends most of her time trying to avoid. Whether she’s sat in a restaurant with a group of friends, or she’s on the sofa at home watching a film, the 23-year-old has to battle excessive sleepiness, hallucinations and cataplexy on a daily basis. Belle, from Surrey, was diagnosed with the condition when she was 17. It was impossible for her to study and she had to drop out of college. Narcolepsy has since left her unable to work a full-time job, but fortunately, Belle has found two big saviours in her life – personal training and her boyfriend, Maikel Breukelman.