Teen Footballer Will Amaze You With These Incredible Trick Shots2m42s

Teen Footballer Will Amaze You With These Incredible Trick Shots

AN INDIAN teenager is dreaming of Premiership stardom after wowing the internet with his incredible trick shots. Huzaif Shah, from Indian Administered Kashmir, is a trick shot artist who developed his skills watching football videos online. The 19-year-old began creating his amazing trick shots in December 2016, practices for up to three hours a day and dreams of meeting his hero, Chelsea star Eden Hazard.

76-Year-Old Mother Struggles To Keep Up With 6-Year-Old Son2m26s

76-Year-Old Mother Struggles To Keep Up With 6-Year-Old Son

A curious video has emerged of world’s oldest mother of twins. Meet Omkari Singh, 76, who gave birth to twins in 2008 at the age of 70. Unfortunately, her daughter passed away at the age of four, after the doctor gave her the wrong medicine. Omkari now lives with her six-year-old boy Akashvani, her husband and son’s father Charan, 89, in Utter Pradesh in northern India. Akashvani keeps his elderly mother on his feet with his youthful energy, helping her cope with her loss after the female twin, Barsaat, tragically passed away. The elderly parents were desperate to have a son so after year and years of trying, she finally gave birth to one, making her the oldest mom of twins in the world. By that time, Omkari and Charan already had two grown up daughters and five grandchildren. However, their strong desire to have a son in order to help out with the household work finally came true in 2008, when the couple was blessed with two twins. Of course, the twins were conceived via IVF for which the couple paid with all of the savings they had, and left doctors in shock after it proved that Omkari managed to conceive and give birth to healthy twins via C-Section one month premature. Doctors said that they haven’t seen anything like it before. Their oldest daughter, aged 56, will be the one to take care of their youngest son because both parents are nearly 80 and they cannot take care of Akashvani properly. The boy who survived is living together with his parents and people often mistake his parents for his grandparents. Omkari and Charan know that they don’t have much time left to live, but their dream is to live to see their son’s wedding.

Married Couple Are India’s First Bodybuilding Champion Duo | HOOKED ON THE LOOK3m33s

Married Couple Are India’s First Bodybuilding Champion Duo | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

MEET the first Indian couple to win medals in international bodybuilding championships. Married couple, Borun and Mamota Devi Yumnam from New Delhi are dedicating their lives to becoming India’s top bodybuilding couple. And with over 28 awards between them, they’re taking the sport by storm. Borun, 39, has been competing for over 20 years, whilst his wife began her bodybuilding career in 2012 - after having three children.

Storm Chaser Braves 2017’s Most Dangerous Weather2m47s

Storm Chaser Braves 2017’s Most Dangerous Weather

Even though he has been an avid storm chaser since 2009, 2017 has proven to be a particularly challenging year for Jason Weingart, especially due to the hurricanes that have devastated various countries. Between the months of April and May, Jason witnessed an incredible 14 tornadoes, as he chased them down, storm after storm. “The most memorable storm of the year was the swarm of tornadoes that occurred on April 29th near Canton, Texas” he says. “It was one of those days that looked very marginal in the morning but as the day progressed, everything came together to create a prolific localized tornado outbreak.” The storm chaser saw a supercell in New Mexico, a mesocyclone in Colorado and some breathtaking lightning in Oklahoma, all in the month of May. Jason attempted to follow hurricane Harvey, which formed on August 17 and dissipated on September 3, but struggled to keep up with seemingly unstoppable storm. Harvey hit Texas and Louisiana with devastating effect and caused billions of dollars worth of damage. "Intercepting the eyewall of a Category 4 hurricane was intense, but nothing prepared me for assisting in high water rescues in Houston” adds Jason. “Venturing into those flood waters was the scariest moment of my life. Way worse than any tornado I have seem, including the largest in recorded history.” 2017 may have been a tough year in storm chasing, but Jason has also seen some stunning displays of nature’s fiercest weather. He said: “My favorite timelapse is the mammatus clouds on June 13th in O'Neill, Nebraska. It was a perfect scene; no danger, no fear. Just cameras and an incredible sky, to me that's what storm chasing is all about.”

Empowered Teen Proud of Prosthetic Leg | SHAKE MY BEAUTY2m59s

Empowered Teen Proud of Prosthetic Leg | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

A TEENAGER is embracing her birth defect by appearing in a campaign for self-love. Zainab Mohammed from London was born with proximal femoral focal deficiency - a rare birth defect affecting the bones in her leg, causing her femur not to grow properly. School was difficult for Zainab and she endured rude remarks, stares and being treated differently. But recently Zainab fully embraced her insecurities by doing a photoshoot for a self love campaign for clothing brand, NuNude.

Meet The Rapunzel That Owns The World's Longest Dreadlocks3m00s

Meet The Rapunzel That Owns The World's Longest Dreadlocks

The 47-year-old "Black Rapunzel" from Atlanta, Asha Mandela, has a lock on a world record that others might dread: The world’s longest dreadlocks. This hair fanatic has 55ft locks which are longer than a London bus! Her hair weighs almost three stone, the weight of a child ripe for kindergarten, and takes two days to wash and dry. She also worries that someone with a 'hair fetish' will cut a chunk off when she is not looking. Mandela first started growing her lovely locks 25 years ago, after she moved from Trinidad and Tobago to New York and decided to have a more "natural" hairstyle. "When I first started, it was more of a spiritual journey. It wasn’t anything to do with a fad or style in fashion. After 25 years of growth, my hair has really become part of me and I feel that if I ever cut my hair I’d really be taking away my life." Mandela said according to the International Business Times. She washes the dreads once a week, using up to six bottles of shampoo at a time. Then it takes two days for the dreadlocks to dry, as they weigh 25 pounds when wet. Asha says the extra weight of her hair makes her doctors very concerned. But despite owning a world record and even though doctors warn she could paralyze herself, this lady wants to go bigger. She refuses to cut "her baby", saying it has helped her overcome cancer, two strokes and two heart-attacks. However, there is one area it has not affected - her love life. Three-times married Asha even claims it adds "a bit of spice". "My hair has never caused a problem with intimacy. I think it adds a little spice on top," she said. Ladies, you might try this recipe, it works like magic!

Two Men And A Woman Share A Unique Menage A Trois2m56s

Two Men And A Woman Share A Unique Menage A Trois

Two men and one woman are tearing up relationship rules with a unique status - meet the ‘thruple.' Taking “three’s company” to a more intimate level, Cait Earnest shares an intimate one-bed apartment with her two boyfriends and their two adorable pups. Her partners Chris and Matt, 28, Brandt - who are married - have been together for eight years and were exploring an open relationship when Cait, 28, met Chris, 38, on a dating app in 2015. When they realized that they had strong feelings for each other, Chris asked Matt if he could invite Cait into their relationship. Chris explains: “Matthew had never had any experience with women before he’d met me. And before I met Matthew I had dated quite a few girls and quite a few guys. I suggested to Chris, ‘How would you feel about involving a woman in some fashion?’ At first he was completely opposed to the idea but after a while we talked about it and he warmed up to the idea.” Before long the threesome, from New York, were smitten with each other and became inseparable. Nine months into their relationship with Cait, Matt and Chris tied the knot but they made sure Cait was right there with them. While Chris and Cait are both bisexual, Matt identifies as homoflexible, meaning that he is flexible towards women, he just prefers men. Another issue the 'thruple' has faced was jealousy, because having to share Chris with Matt presented a challenge with Cait and vice versa. Now that they have been living together for two years, the 'thruple' are even discussing future children. But, as Matt says, they have two dogs for now and that is enough.

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The Pensioner Cheerleaders High Kicking Into Retirement3m31s

The Pensioner Cheerleaders High Kicking Into Retirement

A GROUP of acrobatic pensioners are refusing to let age or arthritis cramp their high kicks in a cheerleading squad for the over 50s. The Arizona-based troupe is a marching and performance group for women over 55 - with an average age of just over 70. While plenty of women use retirement as an opportunity to rest on their laurels, these dancers are glittering and shaking into their twilight years. Videographer / director: Dave Cruz Producer: Hannah Stevens, Ruby Coote Editor: Grant Hanson-Vaux

Is The Vampire Breast Lift The New Boob Job? | HOOKED ON THE LOOK3m49s

Is The Vampire Breast Lift The New Boob Job? | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

A NEW cosmetic procedure inspired by the bloodsucking ways of the vampire is offering women the promise of plumper breasts - without having to go under the knife. While botox and Brazilian butt lifts have hit the mainstream in recent years, the ‘vampire breast lift’ is the latest sensation in the world of New York cosmetic beauty treatments. While celebrities like Kim Kardashian have advertised their use of 'vampire facials’, the new procedure involves women having themselves injected with their own blood to achieve a more voluptuous look. Videographer / director: Adam Gray Producer: Sophia Rahman, Nora Hakramaj, Ruby Coote Editor: Sonia Estal A NEW cosmetic procedure inspired by the bloodsucking ways of the vampire is offering women the promise of plumper breasts - without having to go under the knife. While botox and Brazilian butt lifts have hit the mainstream in recent years, the ‘vampire breast lift’ is the latest sensation in the world of New York cosmetic beauty treatments. While celebrities like Kim Kardashian have advertised their use of 'vampire facials’, the new procedure involves women having themselves injected with their own blood to achieve a more voluptuous look. The beauty enchantment costs $1,150 and requires a doctor to withdraw blood from the patient, which is then span in a centrifuge to separate the red blood cells from the platelet-rich plasma (PRP). The PRP is then removed and an area of the breast is prepared with micro-needling to open up channels to allow the blood to go into, before the PRP is finally injected. Dr George Liakeas, 46, medical director at Smooth Synergy Cosmedical Spa, said: "Blood is made up of two major parts the plasma and red blood cells. "We don’t want the red blood part, we want the plasma. In the plasma are platelets. Those platelets help stimulate your natural stem cells. “That’s what we are trying to utilise to tell your body to pick up, rejuvenate and revive. You are trying to get your body to stimulate new fullness which gives the appearance of the lift. “Plasma-rich platelets are a little bit different and it’s exciting specifically for those people who don’t want to have surgery or are scared to have surgery or the cost is prohibitive to them. “PRP its not to replace the 'wow factor' in terms of size of implants, but it’s for those people who feel like they somehow lost their size." Brave patient, 25-year-old Arielle, decided to take advantage of this new beauty regime in order to give her a fuller look to her breasts and help cover up her stretch marks. She said: "I usually come here for my laser hair removal. I just grabbed a brochure and I saw the vampire breast lift in the catalog. “It's your blood, it's not like I am going and getting implants. I don’t really want a huge change to my breast. That’s why I feel like this is the best decision. “I don’t want to grow up a size, I just want it to have volume at the top. I am comfortable with the size but they are little low for my age and I don’t have any kids so I just feel that it’s a little uncomfortable. "It would make me more confident if my boobs were little bit fuller at the top. " The sinister-sounding treatment takes about 30 minutes to an hour to perform, but usually takes three months to produce a chance that it is claimed can last for up to two years. Speaking after the procedure, Arielle said: “I was skeptical at first because taking blood is not for me and that needle size was ridiculous. "It feels like burning. But now I feel kind of good. It’s not as bad as I thought it would be. I’m happy I did it. "I think it’s worth the money. But we will see, obviously I want it more full at the top. I feel like it does look a little bit full. But for the stretch marks we are going to see about that. "I think its was worth the pain. It wasn't as bad as people say.”

The Brooklyn Superhero Supplies Store | STORE CRAZY3m32s

The Brooklyn Superhero Supplies Store | STORE CRAZY

The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. is the destination of choice for existing and wannabe superheroes wanting to stock up on their capes, x-ray goggles and tins of immortality. Featuring everything from a cape-testing area, a “Devillainiser”, and a mind-reading machine, the store, based in the Park Slope district of Brooklyn, New York, also functions as a front and money-spinner for 826NYC, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping students ages 6-18 with their writing skills. Students access the writing room via a secret door in the store. Founded in 2004, 826NYC is the New York chapter of the non-profit originally set up by novelist Dave Eggers and educator Nínive Calegari in San Francisco. Here, wannabe caped crusaders can come here to replenish their supplies of capes, x-ray goggles and “immortality". They can also stockpile tins of super powers, including justice, chutzpah, magnificence, immortality and vengeance. New York is Metropolis; it is Gotham. All the best superheroes live here and store manager Chris Eckert says that theirs is the best superhero supply store in all five boroughs. Behind a secret door in the store is the writing room for 826NYC, a New York chapter founded in 2004. There are seven 826 chapters in total, including a robot store in Detroit, secret agent supplies in Chicago and Big Foot research station in Boston. Videographer / director: Adam Gray Producer: Tom Midlane, Ruby Coote Editor: Thom Johnson

This Man Is Slicing Up Brains For Parkinson’s Research3m14s

This Man Is Slicing Up Brains For Parkinson’s Research

In a small laboratory in London are hundreds of human brains, labelled and ready for dissection - all in the name of science. At Imperial College London there is one of the UK's Brain Banks, established for diagnoses and research into neurological disorders. The college’s brain bank specifies in research for Parkinson’s, a degenerative neurological condition. The brains are donated by members of the public, both those with Parkinson’s and people without, as comparisons between the different tissue need to be made. The bank is due to receive its 1,000th brain in October. The human brain is a strange, enigmatic entity – a 3-pound witness to the world, it pilots our body from the safety of our skull. A powerful product of evolution and a force to reckon with, but also incredibly fragile and prone to error. In steps the neuropathologist – the man behind the scalpel that slices and dices the brain in order to learn why it fails in some and not in others. "Ideally, we need to get [the brain] back here in under 48 hours because the tissue starts to lose its quality after that time," said Steve Gentleman, professor of neuropathology at Imperial College London and scientific director for the Parkinson’s UK Brain Bank. "If a donor’s brain arrives within 48 hours, we will bisect it down the middle, half of which will be frozen and the other half is fixed and used for diagnostics." Why would anyone donate their brain to science? One retired nurse based in London decided to do just that, after her husband was diagnosed with an early-onset Parkinson’s at just 52 years of age. Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative brain disorder. Symptoms typically include tremors, shaking, and difficulty with balance. It is linked to the decreased production of dopamine in the substantia nigra – a region of the midbrain that influences movement and reward. Although the disease is not fatal, quality of life is reduced, with as many as 10 million people worldwide living with the condition. Videographer / director: Darragh Mason Field Producer: Shannon Lane, Ed Baranski Editor: Marcus Cooper

LET’S STRAY TOGETHER | The Polyamorous Love Coaches Who Practice What They Preach3m20s

LET’S STRAY TOGETHER | The Polyamorous Love Coaches Who Practice What They Preach

A POLYAMOROUS couple has lifted the lid on the jealousy-filled and intensely intimate world of open relationships. Carl and Kenya Stevens have been happily married for 22 years, with over half of their relationship opened to having multiple lovers. The couple from Asheville, North Carolina, quite literally practices what they preach by sharing their relationship, which has been the model for their coaching business, a ‘love academy’ called JuJuMama. Carl, 46, and Kenya, 42, invited Barcroft TV to their modern love therapy sessions to get the inside scoop on what it’s like living as a polyamory couple - in and out of the bedroom.

This Artist Turns Trash Into Treasured Art | MAKING MAD2m32s

This Artist Turns Trash Into Treasured Art | MAKING MAD

Many of us have look at a piece of artwork at some point and thought “what a load of trash”. This artist is putting paid to the saying ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ with his experimental new art, using recycled materials. Oskar Krajewski transforms broken electronics, used plastic containers, and unwanted toys into striking sculptures designed to make you think. The London-based artist finds his raw materials in local rubbish bins and calls his art ‘Recyclism’. The bins down his block have become a new and exciting source of free art materials. This goes beyond experimentation for Oscar, as he hopes to raise awareness about the problems our world is facing today. “We are suffocating our planet with plastic and I believe that art can play an important role in our survival“ he says. He has made a few small pieces, dedicated to marine life and its environment, like the sea turtle he made, completely out of plastic, and filled with LEGO bricks, just like the many sea turtles have been found, with their bellies full of trash. His most striking work, ‘Recycled Future’ is inspired by sci-fi movies like Blade Runner and features 25,000 different parts. Videographer / director: Oskar Krajewski Producer: Hannah Stevens, Ed Baranski Editor: Sonia Estal

Man Lightens His Skin Using ‘Natural Remedies’ | HOOKED ON THE LOOK3m45s

Man Lightens His Skin Using ‘Natural Remedies’ | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

AN African-American man claims to have found a natural remedy for lightening the colour of his skin. Fraink White has been tampering with his skin pigmentation since he was a child in the hope of making his facial features “more prominent”. The 28-year-old strongly maintains that lightening his skin tone has nothing to do with wanting to change race. And now, the self-proclaimed 'social media personality’ claims that he has developed a '100 percent natural' skin lightening product that he sells to customers around the world as part of his cosmetic business. Videographer / director: Silton Buendia Producer: Danny Baggott, Ruby Coote Editor: Sonia Estal

Shaking Up The Art World With Salt | MAKING MAD1m49s

Shaking Up The Art World With Salt | MAKING MAD

Artist creates photorealistic portraits, galaxies and intricate meals using nothing but salt. Using salt he dyes himself, Afghan-Canadian artist Bashir Sultani spends up to five hours creating each of his masterpieces. His pieces can use between ten and 20 full salt shakers and, since he started experimenting with salt, he has taken over 100 time lapses of his creations for his YouTube channel. In this video, you can check him out creating a yummy hamburger, a scary skull, very lifelike pickle, and also some famous fictitious and real people. His talent is undeniable, and also very creative. All of his works are very lifelike, especially the food (kinda makes you want to eat it, but it's probably really, really salty). But probably the most satisfying part of the video is the part where he goes through the salt with his hands, destroying his masterpieces only to create new ones. Would you consider trying to paint with salt yourself? You may not be this good, but it's a really fun activity that you can do with your kids, and it requires ingredients that you probably already have at home. Give it a try, maybe with some hard practice, you can create incredible and intricate masterpieces yourself. Videographer / director: Bashir Sultani Producer: Hannah Stevens, Ruby Coote Editor: James Thorne

The Boy With The Giant Hands | Born Different3m15s

The Boy With The Giant Hands | Born Different

A teenager in India has three of five fingers on both hands grown unusually large for a human. 12-year-old Tarik from Uttar Pradesh in India is facing scrutiny from his surrounding because of the way his hands have swollen in size. His hands have been unusually big since early age, but as he grew older, his fingers would grow even bigger. Now, his hands have grown to a staggering 12 inches. Tarik lives with his brother, aunt and uncle. His late father used to take him to see doctors from an early age, but every specialist that has seen him told the father that they should see someone on a higher level in medicine. Now, the boy is left without being able to get any sort of treatment. The locals are afraid of the unfortunate boy, thinking he might be cursed by the Devil himself. Tarik can’t even go to school, because the institutions have denied him admission. He doesn’t even have any friends, other than his brother. His family is too poor to pay for specialists to find a cure for him. The one doctor that has agreed to examine the boy says that this is the first case like this that he has seen and speculates that it might be similar to the Elephant Foot Disease. Videographer / director: Rare Shot Producer: Haziq Qadri, Ruby Coote Editor: James Thorne

Baby Baller: 6-Year-Old Basketball Star Aiming For The NBA2m52s

Baby Baller: 6-Year-Old Basketball Star Aiming For The NBA

A six-year-old boy is dedicating his days to becoming the best basketball player around and already has his heart set on the NBA. Jeremiah Barjolo Jr has been playing basketball since he was two-years-old, with his dad teaching him how to bounce a ball with a tennis ball. The Barjolo family has a no-days-off policy when it comes to the sport. Come rain, snow or sunshine, basketball comes first! His dada Jeremiah Sr. was a basketball star in college, while mom Dorothy played tennis. It all started in the kitchen of family’s home, where Sr. would train Jr. in dribbling by using tennis balls. Mom Dorothy says that every day, when Jr. comes back from school, he goes straight to basketball practise with his dad. Training starts at 5 p.m. and they don’t come home until 8 or 9 p.m. on most days. Even Jr. little two-year-old sister is into sports. When the father and son duo go for practise, the mom usually brings her around as well, so that she can bounce a few tennis balls around. Jeremiah Sr. is actually a coach at his own basketball school, but this star pupil gets special attention. And it’s now wonder - the basketball prodigy already owns a collection of basketball trophies. Videographer / director: Brett McGinnes Producer: Hannah Stevens, Nick Johnson Editor: Jack Stevens

Armless Tailor Makes Clothes - With His Feet: BORN DIFFERENT2m54s

Armless Tailor Makes Clothes - With His Feet: BORN DIFFERENT

AN INSPIRATIONAL man has defied the odds by becoming a professional tailor - despite having no arms. Madan Lal, 45, from Haryana in India was born without arms and was afraid that he would never be able receive an education or earn a living. But, determined to make his way in life, Madan found a tailor who was willing to teach him and now makes a living as a professional tailor - stitching garments using his feet. Videographer / director: Rare Shot Producer: Haziq Qadri, Ruby Coote Editor: James Thorne

Bonkers Berlin Butchers Sell Meat Cushions2m38s

Bonkers Berlin Butchers Sell Meat Cushions

Hidden in the backstreets of East Berlin is a butchers where nothing is edible. At first glimpse, Aufschnitt Textile Butchers on Boxhagener Street, Berlin, looks like a traditional butchers. But it is actually a quirky shop that'll guarantee to satisfy your homeware appetite, selling cushions that look like sausages, bacon and cold cuts of meat. The variety of meat inspired soft furnishings fill the fake butcher counter and hang from the ceiling - just like a real-life butchers. CEO and owner of Aufschnitt, Silvia Wald, originally studied Clothing Technology in Berlin, before beginning a studio for pattern construction and production. The name Aufschnitt Berlin was first coined as a cheeky play on words using the German word ‘schnitt’ meaning ‘pattern’ and the butchery expression “aufschnitt,” which describes a particular genre of sliced meats or cold cuts. The shop looks like a real butchers with a meat counter and hanging meat on the wall. Germany is known for their love of sausages, and Silvia wanted to use this in a humorous way in her textiles. She said: "Aufschnitt Berlin is one of the most unusual label for design of lifestyle products and home accessory.” Using cotton, lycra, synthetic leather and natural dyes, the five ‘textile butchers’ at Aufschnitt create a variety of sausages, meat cuts and organs to sell. Videographer / director: Aufschnitt Berlin Producer: Shannon Lane, Ruby Coote Editor: Sonia Estal

Skateboarder With No Legs Aspires To Be A Pro3m22s

Skateboarder With No Legs Aspires To Be A Pro

GROWING up as teenager is never easy, especially for Vinicios Sardi who was born without his lower legs. But six years ago the 21-year-old Brazilian found a way to accept his disability - skateboarding. "I always liked skateboards. I always saw videos, magazines and photos of other skateboarders. And one day I saw on television, someone skating without their legs like me. It changed my life. I thought, ‘Well, if he can do it, why can’t I?'” At the beginning Vinicios, from Sao Paulo in Brazil, attempted staking with his prosthetic legs, but they were too simple for the sport and one of them broke. Seeing how he was unable to replace the broken prosthetic to skate, he continued without them. Vinicios admits he had always felt ashamed about his condition but that his passion for skateboarding is greater than the shame he felt about his legs. “A huge obstacle I had in my life was being ashamed of exposing myself without my legs. I was really ashamed of accepting that.” Vinicios's aunt Aparecida is his biggest fan. She says that the media exposure he has been receiving for the past two years has granted him to perform in championships and he has been acing them. His ambition is now to become a professional skateboarder and his dream is getting closer and closer, showing that he has no limits! Videographer / director: Janio Edwards Producer: Shannon Lane, Ruby Coote Editor: Ian Phillips

Artist Paints Stunning Portraits On His Fingernails: MAKING MAD2m29s

Artist Paints Stunning Portraits On His Fingernails: MAKING MAD

We bet that you have never seen a video like this before! Wacky artist M. Narahari has become renowned for his unique portraits – painted on his own especially grown FINGERNAILS. For the past 22 years, the 40-year-old has been growing his nails to a particular size, cutting and storing them – before painting brilliantly intricate images on them. The art teacher, from India, is an inspiration for his students who want to pursue his style of painting. This style of art is truly unique! Never has an art form like this crossed our paths before, that is until today! When you think of painting your nails, you think of applying nail polish or things of that sort, but not actually painting art on them! M. Narahari is a very unique individual that really does bring out the beauty in painting your nails! You don't have to go to this extreme to make your nails look colorful and unique. You could always purchase some nice looking nail polish to bring out the full potential in your nails! Videographer / director: Chandra Sena Producer: Shatabdi Chakrabarti, Michael Muncer Editor: James Thorne

Inside London’s Secret Silver Vaults: STORE CRAZY2m43s

Inside London’s Secret Silver Vaults: STORE CRAZY

Tucked away in an unassuming road in central London is the largest retail collection of fine antique silver in the world. If you’re looking to pick up some dazzling antiques, look no further than the London Silver Vaults. From sparkling jewelry, to decorative candle sticks, to a cucumber slice dated back to 1805, the vaults sell thousands of pieces of silverware. John Walter is the current proprietor at William Walter Antiques, a third generation silver dealer who first opened their doors back in 1940, to keep London’s silver hoard safe against the Nazi's bombs. It was his grandfather who first came down there and opened a storage. From the on it grew to become an antique center. William Walter Antiques is effectively like a safe deposit within a safe deposit, guarding items that are valued from a few pounds to nearly a million. It is one of the top five most secure buildings in the world, right behind Fort Knox and The Back of England, so if you want to enter the place, you will have to go through a vigilant system of safety measures. And for a good reason. The London Silver Vaults cater to collectors, presenting pieces dating from well into the 1600s to the present. One of the retailers, Langfords, boasts a silver bowl from one of Queen Victoria’s sons and a silver teapot that dates from an era when tea was more expensive than silver. Videographer / director: Adam Gray Producer: Shannon Lane, Ruby Coote Editor: Ian Phillips

I Want The World’s Biggest Hips Even If It Kills Me: HOOKED ON THE LOOK3m36s

I Want The World’s Biggest Hips Even If It Kills Me: HOOKED ON THE LOOK

Bobbi-Jo Westley is on a one-woman quest to have the world’s biggest hips - even if doing so KILLS her. Currently measuring 95 inches, she has her sights firmly set on the current record of 99 inches, held by LA-based Mikel Ruffinelli. And her supersized hips have already earned her a supersized following, with legions of fans from around the globe buying and trading her pictures online. Despite the warnings of doctors and nutritionists that her current lifestyle means she is a ‘ticking time bomb’, she is determined to keep on growing her hips until she sets a new world record - or die trying. Her super-sized hips have already garnered her a super-sized following; her fans are actually collecting and trading with her pictures online. They don't stop at pictures; people actually pay money for the New Yorker to sit on them and squash them. The dark side of her over-sized fame is that Bobbi-Jo is constantly on the sharp end of the hateful messages from Internet trolls. This doesn't make her want to quit though; in fact, she thinks that her hips are what makes her unique. "I want to be remembered for something, and I think having the world’s biggest hips is what I was meant to be remembered for.” says the SSBBW, which stands for “super sized big beautiful woman” Videographer / director: Carlos Chiossone Producer: Tom Midlane, Ruby Coote Editor: Marcus Cooper

This Is The Shortest Middle-Aged Man In India At Only 29 Inches Tall3m05s

This Is The Shortest Middle-Aged Man In India At Only 29 Inches Tall

An Indian man has become a local celebrity – because he’s 50 years old and only 29 inches tall. Basori Lal, from Madhya Pradesh in India, has become a hero in his village and is regularly visited by curious travelers from the surrounding area. Basori was born an average height but his family noticed he stopped growing at the age of five. Basori lives with his brother Gopi Lal, who is of regular height, and Gopi's wife Satia. The couple consider themselves blessed to have Basori in their family. Even Basori himself is quite happy with his diminutive stature, saying that he eats, sleeps and works and lives like normal people. When he was born, his family didn't notice anything strange about the child, because he was of average height, just like the rest of the children. It wasn't until Basori reached the age of five that they noticed he isn't growing. Until this day, no doctor has been able to find a diagnosis for Basori’s condition. Basori experienced some bullying in his youthful days, but they are long gone. Now, Basori is content to spend his life living with his brother and working in the factory to earn more money for the family. He is indeed so happy, that he drinks a special toast to it each evening before bed, with a shot of whiskey to celebrate life. Videographer / director: Rare Shot Producer: Haziq Qadri, Ruby Coote Editor: Sonia Estal

Trans Couple Pause Transition To Become Parents: MY TRANS LIFE3m14s

Trans Couple Pause Transition To Become Parents: MY TRANS LIFE

TRANS couple who stopped transitioning to have a baby celebrate their daughter’s first birthday. For couple Liam Johnson, 20, and Racquelle Trammell, 30, their biological daughter’s first birthday is a celebration they thought they might never experience. After meeting through a mutual friend in 2011, the couple started dating and quickly realised their relationship was serious. Although they both wanted to have a family, it was a tough decision to halt their transitioning in order to have a baby. Liam identifies as a man but he is still able to get pregnant and give birth naturally. Racquelle had to stop taking oestrogen to ensure her sperm could fertilise an egg. Videographer / director: Phil Rossi Producer: Eve Wagstaff, Ruby Coote Editor: Jack Stevens