Male Model Transitions Into Real Life Doll: MY TRANS LIFE4m26s

Male Model Transitions Into Real Life Doll: MY TRANS LIFE

A FORMER male model who walked the runways for big designers and graced the pages of Vogue is now cracking the industry as a woman. Eden Estrada, from Los Angeles, took the world by storm while working as a male model, but she always knew she wasn't in the right body. At just 20-years-old, Eden accepted her true self and began her transition from male to female, completing it with top and bottom surgery at the age of 21. Videographer / director: Brett Wheat Producer: Hannah Stevens, Ruby Coote Editor: James Thorne

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Armless Tailor Makes Clothes - With His Feet: BORN DIFFERENT2m54s

Armless Tailor Makes Clothes - With His Feet: BORN DIFFERENT

AN INSPIRATIONAL man has defied the odds by becoming a professional tailor - despite having no arms. Madan Lal, 45, from Haryana in India was born without arms and was afraid that he would never be able receive an education or earn a living. But, determined to make his way in life, Madan found a tailor who was willing to teach him and now makes a living as a professional tailor - stitching garments using his feet. Videographer / director: Rare Shot Producer: Haziq Qadri, Ruby Coote Editor: James Thorne

Bonkers Berlin Butchers Sells Meat Cushions: STORE CRAZY2m38s

Bonkers Berlin Butchers Sells Meat Cushions: STORE CRAZY

Hidden in the backstreets of East Berlin is a butchers where nothing is edible. At first glimpse, Aufschnitt Textile Butchers on Boxhagener Street, Berlin, looks like a traditional butchers. But it is actually a quirky shop that'll guarantee to satisfy your homeware appetite, selling cushions that look like sausages, bacon and cold cuts of meat. The variety of meat inspired soft furnishings fill the fake butcher counter and hang from the ceiling - just like a real-life butchers. CEO and owner of Aufschnitt, Silvia Wald, originally studied Clothing Technology in Berlin, before beginning a studio for pattern construction and production. The name Aufschnitt Berlin was first coined as a cheeky play on words using the German word ‘schnitt’ meaning ‘pattern’ and the butchery expression “aufschnitt,” which describes a particular genre of sliced meats or cold cuts. The shop looks like a real butchers with a meat counter and hanging meat on the wall. Germany is known for their love of sausages, and Silvia wanted to use this in a humorous way in her textiles. She said: "Aufschnitt Berlin is one of the most unusual label for design of lifestyle products and home accessory.” Using cotton, lycra, synthetic leather and natural dyes, the five ‘textile butchers’ at Aufschnitt create a variety of sausages, meat cuts and organs to sell. Videographer / director: Aufschnitt Berlin Producer: Shannon Lane, Ruby Coote Editor: Sonia Estal

Skateboarder With No Legs Aspires To Be A Pro3m22s

Skateboarder With No Legs Aspires To Be A Pro

GROWING up as teenager is never easy, especially for Vinicios Sardi who was born without his lower legs. But six years ago the 21-year-old Brazilian found a way to accept his disability - skateboarding. "I always liked skateboards. I always saw videos, magazines and photos of other skateboarders. And one day I saw on television, someone skating without their legs like me. It changed my life. I thought, ‘Well, if he can do it, why can’t I?'” At the beginning Vinicios, from Sao Paulo in Brazil, attempted staking with his prosthetic legs, but they were too simple for the sport and one of them broke. Seeing how he was unable to replace the broken prosthetic to skate, he continued without them. Vinicios admits he had always felt ashamed about his condition but that his passion for skateboarding is greater than the shame he felt about his legs. “A huge obstacle I had in my life was being ashamed of exposing myself without my legs. I was really ashamed of accepting that.” Vinicios's aunt Aparecida is his biggest fan. She says that the media exposure he has been receiving for the past two years has granted him to perform in championships and he has been acing them. His ambition is now to become a professional skateboarder and his dream is getting closer and closer, showing that he has no limits! Videographer / director: Janio Edwards Producer: Shannon Lane, Ruby Coote Editor: Ian Phillips

4-Year-Old Biker Is A Motocross Superstar4m39s

4-Year-Old Biker Is A Motocross Superstar

A four-year-old motocross biker is destroying his competition and snatching trophies away from competitors years older than him. Born and raised in the world of motocross, Jaydin Smart is already outstripping older competitors and his parents believe he is on his way to a sparkling professional career. Jaydin’s parents - Jocelyn and Patrick Smart - are also motocross lovers and the family live on a stretch of land in California, which has their very own race tracks to practice on. This is one talented kid! He is doing something that most people cannot do! And at just 4 years old makes it even more impressive. Don't you wish that you had your own motocross course in your back yard? We could all learn a thing or two from this kid as you are never too young or old to do something that you love! Jaydin practices a whole lot. There is no doubt that he will make it pro one day. Being pro also means that you have the best motocross gear you can get! Videographer / director: David Johnson Producer: Hannah Stevens, Michael Muncer Editor: Marcus Cooper

Artist Paints Stunning Portraits On His Fingernails: MAKING MAD2m29s

Artist Paints Stunning Portraits On His Fingernails: MAKING MAD

We bet that you have never seen a video like this before! Wacky artist M. Narahari has become renowned for his unique portraits – painted on his own especially grown FINGERNAILS. For the past 22 years, the 40-year-old has been growing his nails to a particular size, cutting and storing them – before painting brilliantly intricate images on them. The art teacher, from India, is an inspiration for his students who want to pursue his style of painting. This style of art is truly unique! Never has an art form like this crossed our paths before, that is until today! When you think of painting your nails, you think of applying nail polish or things of that sort, but not actually painting art on them! M. Narahari is a very unique individual that really does bring out the beauty in painting your nails! You don't have to go to this extreme to make your nails look colorful and unique. You could always purchase some nice looking nail polish to bring out the full potential in your nails! Videographer / director: Chandra Sena Producer: Shatabdi Chakrabarti, Michael Muncer Editor: James Thorne

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Inside London’s Secret Silver Vaults: STORE CRAZY2m43s

Inside London’s Secret Silver Vaults: STORE CRAZY

Tucked away in an unassuming road in central London is the largest retail collection of fine antique silver in the world. If you’re looking to pick up some dazzling antiques, look no further than the London Silver Vaults. From sparkling jewelry, to decorative candle sticks, to a cucumber slice dated back to 1805, the vaults sell thousands of pieces of silverware. John Walter is the current proprietor at William Walter Antiques, a third generation silver dealer who first opened their doors back in 1940, to keep London’s silver hoard safe against the Nazi's bombs. It was his grandfather who first came down there and opened a storage. From the on it grew to become an antique center. William Walter Antiques is effectively like a safe deposit within a safe deposit, guarding items that are valued from a few pounds to nearly a million. It is one of the top five most secure buildings in the world, right behind Fort Knox and The Back of England, so if you want to enter the place, you will have to go through a vigilant system of safety measures. And for a good reason. The London Silver Vaults cater to collectors, presenting pieces dating from well into the 1600s to the present. One of the retailers, Langfords, boasts a silver bowl from one of Queen Victoria’s sons and a silver teapot that dates from an era when tea was more expensive than silver. Videographer / director: Adam Gray Producer: Shannon Lane, Ruby Coote Editor: Ian Phillips

We Believe The Earth Is Flat: CONSPIRACIES UNCOVERED8m29s


THERE is an ever-growing community of people who reject scientific wisdom and insist that the world is FLAT. Nathan Thompson, 31, a network marketer based in Orange County, California, set up the Official Flat Earth and Globe Discussion group on Facebook in June 2016. The group now now boasts more than 42,000 members and even Nathan has been taken aback by its rapid growth. These ‘Flat Earthers’ believe that our planet is encircled by a giant, heavily-policed ice wall and that gravity is just an unproven theory. They also claim that NASA is a fraudulent organisation and that all the photographs and video footage we have from space are computer-generated imagery (CGI). And while their views may sound far-fetched, the movement has attracted a number of celebrity adherents in recent months, including rapper B.o.B., former reality TV star Tila Tequila and basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal. Videographer / director: Joel Forrest Producer: Tom Midlane, Ruby Coote Editor: Joshua Douglas

Burns Survivor Mom Rebuilds Her Life5m47s

Burns Survivor Mom Rebuilds Her Life

Life is a funny thing; it can go from perfect to grim in a blink of an eye. A young mom is battling to reclaim her life after experiencing horrific burns as the result of a terrifying campfire accident. On September 30, 2016, Courtney Waldon, 27, from Tallapoosa, Georgia, went through the most excruciating pain that left her with burns over 40% of her face and body, after her husband poured gasoline into a camp fire in the hopes of keeping it alive for longer. After being through several skin grafts and being in the hospital for 51 days, Courtney and her husband separated, which left her and her daughter with no income. With medical bills over two million dollars, a local church decided to pitch in by building a new home for the loving family. Courtney wasn't left completely alone though. Her community rallied up to help the young single mother by donating their time and money and eventually built a new house for Courtney and her 5 years old daughter. “I’ve been managing to get my life back, I’m just pushing forward everyday to make myself better for myself and for my daughter,” said Courtney. She may look different on the outside, but she is just as strong as she ever was on the inside. Maybe even stronger. Videographer / director: John-Paul Steele Producer: Nora Hakramaj, Michael Muncer Editor: Sonia Estal

I Want The World’s Biggest Hips Even If It Kills Me: HOOKED ON THE LOOK3m36s

I Want The World’s Biggest Hips Even If It Kills Me: HOOKED ON THE LOOK

Bobbi-Jo Westley is on a one-woman quest to have the world’s biggest hips - even if doing so KILLS her. Currently measuring 95 inches, she has her sights firmly set on the current record of 99 inches, held by LA-based Mikel Ruffinelli. And her supersized hips have already earned her a supersized following, with legions of fans from around the globe buying and trading her pictures online. Despite the warnings of doctors and nutritionists that her current lifestyle means she is a ‘ticking time bomb’, she is determined to keep on growing her hips until she sets a new world record - or die trying. Her super-sized hips have already garnered her a super-sized following; her fans are actually collecting and trading with her pictures online. They don't stop at pictures; people actually pay money for the New Yorker to sit on them and squash them. The dark side of her over-sized fame is that Bobbi-Jo is constantly on the sharp end of the hateful messages from Internet trolls. This doesn't make her want to quit though; in fact, she thinks that her hips are what makes her unique. "I want to be remembered for something, and I think having the world’s biggest hips is what I was meant to be remembered for.” says the SSBBW, which stands for “super sized big beautiful woman” Videographer / director: Carlos Chiossone Producer: Tom Midlane, Ruby Coote Editor: Marcus Cooper

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God’s Own Junkyard Is London’s Neon ‘Wonderland’: STORE CRAZY4m12s

God’s Own Junkyard Is London’s Neon ‘Wonderland’: STORE CRAZY

HIDDEN behind inconspicuous shutters in an East London warehouse is a neon wonderland. God’s Own Junkyard in Walthamstow is the brainchild of British artist Chris Bracey, nicknamed the ‘Neon Man’. Chris spent 37 years sourcing, creating and revamping neon from all around the world. Following Chris’ death in November 2014, the neon nirvana is now solely owned by his son Marcus, who is continuing the trade with a passion. Videographer / director: Adam Gray Producer: Shannon Lane, Michael Muncer Editor: Jack Stevens

6ft 9in Woman Bids To Be World’s Tallest Model4m38s

6ft 9in Woman Bids To Be World’s Tallest Model

Former basketball Olympic medalist Ekaterina Lisina has a new target in her sights - being named the world’s tallest model. Standing at 6ft 9in in her bare feet, Ekaterina, from Penza, Russia, has already been named the tallest woman in Russia. After retiring from basketball, the leggy beauty launched a career in modeling and now believes she is the world’s tallest model. The 29-year-old Russian beauty has won fans all over the world, thanks to her striking height. Many of said fans are men with a penchant for tall, “Amazonian” woman, preferably with big feet. Because of her stature, Ekaterina has trouble finding wardrobe for her 6 foot 9 inch frame, mostly pants, jeans and shoes. Her feet have officially been recognized as the biggest in Russia, with a European size of 47, or a men's US size 13. The current record for world's tallest model is held by Amazon Eve, who is 6 feet 8 inches tall, making Ekaterina the sure contender to snatch that title. Ekaterina also is the proud owner of the world's longest pair of legs, measuring 52.4 inches, which is also longer than the current record holder. Ekaterina doesn't shy away from the attention she's been getting so far; in fact, she hopes that by winning these two titles, she will be getting even more attention. Videographer / director: Nikita Sergeev Producer: Katie Mercer, Ruby Coote Editor: Sonia Estal

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Aged 50 And Only 29 Inches Tall: BORN DIFFERENT3m05s

Aged 50 And Only 29 Inches Tall: BORN DIFFERENT

An Indian man has become a local celebrity – because he’s 50 years old and only 29 inches tall. Basori Lal, from Madhya Pradesh in India, has become a hero in his village and is regularly visited by curious travelers from the surrounding area. Basori was born an average height but his family noticed he stopped growing at the age of five. Basori lives with his brother Gopi Lal, 55, and Gopi's wife Satia. The couple consider blessed to have Basori in their family. Even Basori himself is quite happy with his diminutive stature, saying that he eats, sleeps and works and lives like normal people. When he was born, his family didn't notice anything strange about the child, because he was of average height, just like the rest of the children. It wasn't until Basori reached the age of five that they noticed he isn't growing. Basori experienced some bullying in his youthful days, but they are long gone. Now, Basori is content to spend his life living with his brother and working in the factory to earn more money for the family. He is indeed so happy, that he drinks a special toast to it each evening before bed, with a shot of whiskey. Videographer / director: Rare Shot Producer: Haziq Qadri, Ruby Coote Editor: Sonia Estal

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Trans Couple Pause Transition To Become Parents: MY TRANS LIFE3m14s

Trans Couple Pause Transition To Become Parents: MY TRANS LIFE

TRANS couple who stopped transitioning to have a baby celebrate their daughter’s first birthday. For couple Liam Johnson, 20, and Racquelle Trammell, 30, their biological daughter’s first birthday is a celebration they thought they might never experience. After meeting through a mutual friend in 2011, the couple started dating and quickly realised their relationship was serious. Although they both wanted to have a family, it was a tough decision to halt their transitioning in order to have a baby. Liam identifies as a man but he is still able to get pregnant and give birth naturally. Racquelle had to stop taking oestrogen to ensure her sperm could fertilise an egg. Videographer / director: Phil Rossi Producer: Eve Wagstaff, Ruby Coote Editor: Jack Stevens

Half A Million Dollar Skateboard Collection3m26s

Half A Million Dollar Skateboard Collection

A skateboard enthusiast believes he has amassed the world’s largest collection - worth over half a million dollars. Skateboard mega collector Todd Huber estimates he’s spent over $100,000 on boards and related memorabilia – although recent valuations of the collection are more than five times Todd’s original spend. Who knew something like collecting skateboards can yield such a substantial profit? The 51-year-old, originally from San Francisco but now living in Simi Valley, California, had been keeping his collection in a one-car garage - much to his wife’s dismay. The 5,000 skateboards are now housed in a 30,000 square feet warehouse, which also includes a shop, indoor skatepark and, according to Todd, 'the very first Skateboard museum ever in the world'. Todd Huber has purchased many different skateboards from many different places to add to his collection. Maybe he has seen some of the best selling skateboards on Amazon and seen some of the unique and crazy designs there. The Videographer/Director of this unique video is Joel Forrest, produced by Charley Sutton and Michael Muncer with editing by Ian Phillips.

“I Haven’t Seen The Floor In Four Years": BRITAIN’S HIDDEN HOARDERS12m33s

“I Haven’t Seen The Floor In Four Years": BRITAIN’S HIDDEN HOARDERS

A hoarder who hadn’t seen her floor in four years has called in Britain’s most extreme cleaners. Sally-Ann Howell, 45, from Tivadale, West Midlands contacted cleaning specialists N Gervais in November 2016 after the council received complaints about a strong smell coming from her flat. So hoarding specialists Tee and Caz, from N Gervais were brought in to attempt one of the most extreme cleans they’d ever encountered. Videographer / director: Marcus Hessenberg Producer: Charley Sutton, Nick Johnson Editor: Joshua Douglas

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26-Year-Old Model Wears Her ‘Wrinkles’ With Pride: BORN DIFFERENT4m46s

26-Year-Old Model Wears Her ‘Wrinkles’ With Pride: BORN DIFFERENT

A 26-YEAR-OLD woman with a rare condition that makes her look decades older is challenging beauty standards by becoming a model. Hoping to break into the modelling industry, Sara Geurts from Minneapolis, Minnesota, is determined to carve out a successful modelling career despite battling with Dermatosparaxis Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) - a genetic condition that leaves her with excessively saggy skin. Each and every day, we look at ourselves and others literally or figuratively, judging one another, worrying about what you believe to wrong with them or yourself. We as people spend too much time with these narcissistic behaviours that we lose sight of what's important in life. Sara truly shows that it is ok to be different, in fact it is amazing to be different. You should love and embrace who you are as a person on the inside, rather than obsess about looks on the outside. These picture taken look stunning and makes your wonder, what were cameras used while taking them? Videographer / director: William McLeod Producer: Bunmi Adigun, Ruby Coote Editor: Joshua Douglas

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London’s Monster Supplies Shop: STORE CRAZY3m19s

London’s Monster Supplies Shop: STORE CRAZY

WHETHER you’re a vampire, zombie, werewolf or mummy, Hoxton Street Monster Supplies has everything you need. Located in an inconspicuous high street in Hackney East London, the unusual shop's shelves are lined with weird and wonderful items - ranging from cubed earwax, a tin of night terrors and jars of salt made from tears of sorrow. But the reason the quirky shop sells things that go bump in the night is not just to give you the heebie jeebies, it’s actually to encourage children to write. Videographer / director: Adam Gray Producer: Shannon Lane, Michael Muncer Editor: Marcus Cooper

2’6” Tall Fashion Vlogger Stands For Beauty In All Sizes: BORN DIFFERENT5m24s

2’6” Tall Fashion Vlogger Stands For Beauty In All Sizes: BORN DIFFERENT

Fashionista Michaela Davert has a rare condition that means she can break a bone as easily as a piece of chalk. The 18-year-old, who measures 2ft 6ins in height, has broken over 90 bones in her body and was isolated at school. But now trendy Michaela, from Michigan, USA, inspires her 30,000 YouTube subscribers with beauty and fashion vlogs and inspires other girls to do away with traditional beauty standards and embrace their differences. Videographer / director: Jeremiah Fabre Producer: Emma Pearson, Ruby Coote Editor: Sonia Estal

World’s Tallest 8-Year-Old: BORN DIFFERENT2m55s

World’s Tallest 8-Year-Old: BORN DIFFERENT

A giant schoolboy is towering over his classmates and teachers – measuring a whopping 6ft 6in at the age of EIGHT. Karan Singh, from Meerut in India, believes he is the world’s tallest eight-year-old and comes from a towering family - his dad Sanjay is also 6ft 6in and mum Shweatlana is an incredible 7ft 2in. His mom is actually India’s tallest woman. She plays for India’s national basketball team has has represented her country in numerous sporting events. Despite being unusually tall for his age, Karan’s regular endocrinological tests show that he is actually very normal. He’s just lucky to be born in a family with some very “tall” genes! :) Videographer / director: Shams Qari Producer: Shatabdi Chakrabarti, Ruby Coote Editor: Marcus Cooper

500lbs and Pregnant: HOOKED ON THE LOOK4m53s

500lbs and Pregnant: HOOKED ON THE LOOK

Morbidly obese Monica Riley once wanted to be the fattest woman in the world and would eat over 10,000 calories a day in an attempt to become immobile. The 28-year-old ballooned to 700lbs and hoped to become so large that she became bed bound under the care of her feeder fiancé, Sid. But after suffering two miscarriages, Monica, from Fort Worth, Texas, is pregnant again and now overhauling her lifestyle in a bid to ensure a healthy pregnancy and be a fit mom. Monica’s dream was to be recognized as the world’s fattest woman. She even “hired” her fiance to be her feeder, using a funnel to help her devour those insane amounts of food. But when she finally got pregnant, she decided to shed the excess weight in order to become the mom that her child will need her to be. She’s lost a whopping 196 pounds so far. Videographer / director: Ryan Barbosa Producer: Emma Pearson, Ruby Coote Editor: Marcus Cooper

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Mechanic Offers Discounts To Make Men Have Prostates Checked3m29s

Mechanic Offers Discounts To Make Men Have Prostates Checked

A MECHANIC is offering a 20 percent discount to customers that agree to see the doctor about their prostate. Errol McKellar launched the campaign called ‘MOT Yourself’ from inside his garage in Hackney, London to get more men in Britain talking about prostate cancer and eliminate the taboo associated with it. After being diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2010, the 59-year-old is now determined to get more men to go for screenings to avoid the hardships he went through in his battle with the deadly disease. Videographer / director: Adam Gray Producer: Bunmi Adigun, Michael Muncer Editor: James Thorne

Real Life Vampires Find Love At First Bite: EXTREME LOVE5m05s

Real Life Vampires Find Love At First Bite: EXTREME LOVE

When fetish model Lea met tarot-reader Tim, it was love at first bite. The 20-year-old fanged beauty and the 31-year-old psychic are real-life ‘vampires’, from Austin, Texas, who have a passionate relationship based on sucking each other’s blood – and say it’s better than sex. ‘Countess Lea of House Van Doorn’ and ‘Count Tim of House Van Doorn’ met two years ago at a vampire festival and felt an instant ‘connection of darkness’, which quickly developed into a blood-sucking relationship. Now the pair, who care for Tim’s three-year-old son, Daedric, are planning to tie the knot in a vampire themed wedding ceremony next year. These people don’t have the supernatural abilities that we associate with the likes of Dracula, but are rather individuals who claim that they have a condition which requires them to drink blood for sustenance. Videographer / director: Ruaridh Connellan Producer: Emma Pearson, Ruby Coote Editor: James Thorne

World’s Oldest Cigar Seller: STORE CRAZY3m39s

World’s Oldest Cigar Seller: STORE CRAZY

Take a look inside the world’s oldest cigar merchants - and one of the last remaining public places in the United Kingdom where people can still smoke inside. Cigar merchants James J. Fox, based in London’s upmarket Mayfair region first opened its doors in 1881 in Dublin, before moving to London in 1947. The tobacconist has received eight Royal Warrants over time, with the last being issued by the Queen Mother in 1997 and they still continue to supply cigars to the royal household. The cigars they make range in price from £20, but if you feel like splurging, you will have to cough up hundreds of pounds for one of their ultra-rare pre-Castro pieces. Cigar lovers can also take a stroll around the in-store museum, filled with historical memorabilia. The collection includes historical ledgers and cigars from the 1851 Great Exhibition and even one of Churchill's many famous hats and the chair he would sit in whilst choosing his cigars in store. Videographer / director: Adam Gray Producer: Crystal Chung, Michael Muncer Editor: Sonia Estal

Boy With Hairy Tail Worshipped As God In India: BORN DIFFERENT1m57s

Boy With Hairy Tail Worshipped As God In India: BORN DIFFERENT

An eight-year-old boy is being worshipped in an Indian village after growing a long hairy tail. Dulha Singh was born with a patch of hair on his lower back with locals believing that he is an incarnation of Hanuman – a monkey like God. The young boy lives with his uncle Sahib Singh and aunt Majeer Kaur in Amritsar, Punjab. Little Dulha says that he doesn’t mind the tail and that he would leave it, believing it’s a gift from God. “Some kids used to make fun of my tail. They are not my friends and do not tease me anymore.” admits Dulha, obviously feeling the burden of fame. The uncle told media that Dulha’s mother decided to cut his tail when he was younger, but unfortunately she died before she had the chance. Now that Dulha is in his custody, he decided not to cut it and people from the surrounding villages are flocking to see the incarnation of the Monkey God and pray. Videographer / director: Rare Shot Producer: Haziq Qadri, Ruby Coote Editor: Joshua Douglas

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