I Built A 200MPH Supercar | RIDICULOUS RIDES4m28s

I Built A 200MPH Supercar | RIDICULOUS RIDES

A PRIVATE car designer has spent 10 years building a one-off supercar from scratch – and it can now reach 200mph. Adam Taylor completed the unique vehicle inside his Hawaiian garage, the build process spanned several states and he enlisted the help of two shops that had specialised shaping equipment. During his student and grad years, Adam worked tirelessly to bring his initial design to life and ended up achieving his dream with a 950hp and 8,000rpm engine. Adam describes the vehicle, dubbed the RX777, as a ‘work of art’ and something that can never be replicated.

LED Chevy Is Light Show On Wheels | RIDICULOUS RIDES3m44s

LED Chevy Is Light Show On Wheels | RIDICULOUS RIDES

THOUSANDS of specialised LED lights have been used to transform a 2007 Chevrolet Suburban into a light show on wheels. TJ Dickenson, of Titusville, Florida, is behind the pimped-out truck, which he refers to as the ‘Boom X’. It features custom LED lights that respond differently to bass, mids, and treble – creating a fully unique light show. TJ, who has been customising trucks since the mid-90s, told Barcroft TV: “I did all this myself. There is no truck or car in the automobile world that’s done to this magnitude.

The $5 Million Learjet Limo | RIDICULOUS RIDES5m56s

The $5 Million Learjet Limo | RIDICULOUS RIDES

A SHOWSTOPPING Learjet limo has been unveiled, featuring a fully-custom design that has transformed a former plane into a club on wheels. The one-of-a-kind vehicle, which cost more than $1 million to construct and can transport up to eight passengers, uses four 28-inch wheels attached to a wingless Learjet fuselage. Before it was debuted in 2018, the 28-metre (42ft)-long ‘Limo-Jet’ was in the making for 12 years, and is the brainchild of designer Dan Harris and owner Frank DeAngelo. Frank told Barcroft Media: “We’ve had people pull over on the side of the road, and they’ll get out of the car and video tape the limo."