Speedycopter, World's First Amphibious Car Made From Helicopter3m36s

Speedycopter, World's First Amphibious Car Made From Helicopter

We are sure you have already heard about amphibious cars but check out this speedycopter, a street-legal amphibious car made from a helicopter. Ambitious mechanic Jeff Bloch has spent 3000 hours converting a Vietnam attack chopper and an 86 Toyota chassis into one vehicle capable of operating on land and water. In addition to being street-legal and race-ready, it is also fully amphibious. Are you impressed? Jeff Bloch, 45, also known as the Speedycop, worked hard and managed to merge a Vietnam attack chopper with an 86 Toyota chassis and create one very unique and practical vehicle. In 2016, Jeff and his team joined forces and worked hard for six months to successfully built one incredible ‘speedycopter’ vehicle. It is a 1969 Bell OH-58 Kiowa Vietnam attack aircraft sitting on an 86 Toyota van chassis. Using a 2002 Audi Quattro V6 engine, the vehicle can do 0-60mph in an impressive eight seconds. Jeff is well-known in the engineering world for his whacky creations, including the world’s first sideways VW camper van and an upside down Camwith aro racer, and now adding this amphibious vehicle to the collection, Jeff admitted that the helicopter car is one of his most popular builds. Obviously, people are amazed with this creation because they haven’t seen a road-racing helicopter before, and certainly not one that is amphibious. Unfortunately, Jeff and his team had only two months to enjoy their little invention, because their beloved helicopter car dramatically caught on fire and was destroyed soon after.

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Italian Hairstylist Transformed Her Vehicle By Covering It With Human Hair3m22s

Italian Hairstylist Transformed Her Vehicle By Covering It With Human Hair

This Italian hairstylist has spent more than €80,000 covering her car in human hair. Maria Lucia Mugno holds the official Guinness World Record for owning the world’s hairiest car which took her more than 150 hours to complete. Today, Maria’s Fiat 500 is concealed in 100 kg of women’s natural hair that she acquired from India. The 47-year-old draw inspiration from a bet, whilst she was working, when her friend challenged her to make a car that was entirely covered in real hair and thought that she wasn’t capable of completing the mission. When this friend saw her finished work of art, he was completely shocked by what she made out of the car, and won the first Guinness World Record for it in the process. Who would have thought that a bet can cost you a Guinness World Record. Talk about the prize! Maria’s car is still drivable, as she made it street legal and refrained from covering the engine in hair. She drives her car about once a week or sometimes even more if there’s an occasion. Of course, this comes as a shock to many people who spot her, because it’s something strange, unusual and new vehicle. At first, they think it’s a creature, an animal or even a very weird thing, however when they see it’s actually hair, it disgusts them. Nonetheless, they do understand that it took a meticulous process to construct and are amazed. With one kilogram of hair costing €800, Maria calculated that she had spent €80,000 on the transformation of her car. Maria also has to ‘service’ her vehicle once a week in order to keep it clean and in a respectable condition. Talk about pimp my ride!