World’s Biggest Pitbull Hulk Stars In Rap Video | DOG DYNASTY15m01s

World’s Biggest Pitbull Hulk Stars In Rap Video | DOG DYNASTY

MOVE aside Snoop Dogg, 2 Chainz and Bow Wow, there’s a new canine at the top of the rap game - superstar pit bull Hulk. The 175lb giant had a starring role when hip hop duo Usual Suspecktz visited dog breeders, Dark Dynasty K9s HQ to film the music video for their new song ‘Every Dog Has Its Day’, inspired by the life and success of Hulk’s owner Marlon Grennan. And Hulk almost proved too much to handle for Usual Suspecktz members Bobby O and Medisin, who were pulled along the driveway when the colossal 175lb canine took off after a stray ball. The rap pair visited Dark Dynasty K9s HQ in early November 2018, with the shoot featured in the second episode of season three of Barcroft TV’s hit digital reality series Dog Dynasty.

Home Invasion! Hulk Takes Down An Armed Intruder | DOG DYNASTY14m11s

Home Invasion! Hulk Takes Down An Armed Intruder | DOG DYNASTY

CANINE INTERNET sensation the Hulk made light work of a masked and armed intruder who climbed into the family’s New Hampshire home. The colossal 180lb pit bull went on the attack and apprehended the invader after being ordered into action by owner Lisa Grennan, of protection dog breeders Dark Dynasty K9s. Luckily for Lisa, 28, and husband Marlon Grennan, 31, the burglary was part of a simulated home invasion scenario, with trainer Jeff Cummings the man behind the mask. The high-impact stunt features in the new season of Barcroft TV’s hit online show Dog Dynasty, which has racked up more than 150 million views on YouTube and Facebook. The show follows the fortunes of Hulk and the other DDK9 protection dogs, which sell for between $5000 and $25,000.

Doggy Style - World’s Craziest Dog Grooming | CUTE AS FLUFF5m28s

Doggy Style - World’s Craziest Dog Grooming | CUTE AS FLUFF

Step into the weird and wonderful world of creative dog grooming, where pet groomers gather each year in Hershey, Pennsylvania, to showcase their most outrageous and intricate dog designs. With a $2,500 cash prize on the line, the competition is serious business. The dogs need to be dazzingly shaved, trimmed and coloured in under three hours to be in with a chance of winning the prestigious award.

The 11-Year-Old Insect Collector With 1400 Bugs | TRULY5m53s

The 11-Year-Old Insect Collector With 1400 Bugs | TRULY

WHILE most 11 year olds are only interested in watching YouTube videos and playing Fortnite, Shelby Counterman would rather spend time with her enormous INSECT collection. Shelby from Claremore, Oklahoma, is an insect and reptile enthusiast living in Claremore, Oklahoma. The pre-teen became obsessed with creepy crawlies when she was just 18 months old and has been collecting all kinds of bugs since she was three. Shelby currently has approximately 1,400 insects, comprising of about 20 different species of roaches, including lobster roaches, question mark roaches and hissing roaches. As well as stick insects, mealworms, Monarch butterflies, a corn snake and a Mediterranean house gecko. Her prized possession is a Simandoa cave roach, which is extinct in the wild.

Abandoned ‘Ugly’ Dog Finds A Happy Home | CUTE AS FLUFF2m46s

Abandoned ‘Ugly’ Dog Finds A Happy Home | CUTE AS FLUFF

ONE HAPPY dog had a rough start in life, after being diagnosed with a fatal disease. Murray the Weimaraner was found as a puppy with his three siblings on Dead Dog Beach in Puerto Rico. The name 'Dead Dog Beach' is attributed to this spot because it is a well known dumping spot for stray animals. Whilst in Puerto Rico, Murray and his siblings showed signs of distemper, a virus that is fatal to most dogs as it affects their respiratory and nervous symptoms. Murray was due to be euthanised, however after a wag of his tail - the vet changed their mind and did what they could to treat him. Due to the virus, Murray now has no teeth, causing his tongue to flop out of his mouth. He also has bone deformation that makes him look a little different. But this didn't stop him from being adopted by Mackenzie Gallant and her family.

Male Jaguars Engage Into A Fierce Territorial Fight 2m26s

Male Jaguars Engage Into A Fierce Territorial Fight

Territorial claims and disputes are as deadly to animals as well as to humans. This video shows how determined one is to protect and maintain their territory. Nonetheless, with the overwhelming strength of the younger giant cat, the other is subdued. Should he fight till his last breath? Check the video to find out what happened. Territory – a factor that is so vital for anything that lives. Anyone who does not have a space he or she can claim as their personal territory feels so restricted and not totally free to thrive. Thus, it is so important for one to define his or her own personal territory, no matter how small it is. Whether one is willing to share the enjoyment of such territory to another living creature is a choice that could be deadly. For cats, territory is very important - as important as life itself. Marc Nussaume, a wildlife photographer is so lucky to have captured pictures and recorded videos while these jaguars fought. The two jaguars are named Scarface and Marley. They appear to be of the same size so it is difficult to say if they are young or old. But, as mentioned in the video, Scarface is twelve years old while Marley is four years old. At the start of the video, Scarface was shown doing his routine patrol over his territory of about thirty square miles. Wow, that is a wide territory, is it not? Well, if you read about the territory of jaguars online it says that female jaguars usually maintain a range of about twenty square kilometers to twice than this. On the other hand, the males have about double the range of the females territory. If humans build walls or fences to mark their boundaries, how do jaguars mark their territory? Perhaps, there is no need to answer this question as you already know the answer. Now, marking is as important as protecting and maintaining the boundary of such territory thus, the more important question is how do these big cats ward off intruders? No trespassing is their rule. These big cats are solitary in nature. They do not stay in a group like lions stay in a pack. Their tolerance level is so low that an intruder would surely spark a fierce fight. Nature photographer Marc Nussaume and his girlfriend Pailin were so lucky to have witnessed, snapped photos and take a video of this startling incident at Pantanal, Brazil when one male fights to defend his territory while the other fights to conquer and gain a new home. It must take much courage to track jaguars knowing that they are the beast of prey . With their long and sharp teeth and claws with a muscular body built and massive weight that may go as heavy as one hundred fifty kilograms, humans can easily be overpowered by these giant cats. Will you dare track jaguars to obtain a unique video of how they defend their territory? If you dare go, be careful. You are not a rival or an intruder of these giant cats’ territory but you are to them a sumptuous meal. Remember that these creatures, no matter how gorgeous their coats are, are extremely dangerous.

Family Shares Their Home With Two Bobcats4m31s

Family Shares Their Home With Two Bobcats

Cats are captivating, thus it is no wonder that people love having them in their homes. Nonetheless, here we are talking about domesticated cats. Will you be thrilled by the thought of sharing your home with wild cats, bobcats for instance? The thrill is real as wild cats may display divergent behavior compared to domesticated species. If you are up for the thrill, take a look at this video to know what to expect having bobcats in your home. If you are a cat lover, you might be considering keeping these interesting and awesome creatures.. Watching the video, one may not instantly notice that these cats are wild. If you do not pay attention to their size, their tails and ears, it is convenient to maintain the impression that the video is just another cat video posted on the Internet. Looking closely, these cats are much bigger than a home cat we regularly see. According to Melissa and Mick McAllister, the owners of these two bobcats named Gypsy and Monaco, owning bobcats mean having scratches. The good thing about it is that these injuries are suffered not because of aggression or anger. Melissa said that never were they hurt because their pets were angry – it is all during play. Since the claws of bobcats are longer and they are stronger too, the scratches that they cause may be deeper than those of domesticated cats. Cat owners of domesticated species agree that it is inevitable to sustain injuries when looking after for cats. While playing with them, they tend to bite and have a tight grip – this is how their claws manage its way penetrating our skin. If you are a cat person, you will agree that cats do put up efforts not to hurt their owners. When they bite, they won’t thrust their teeth with full force. However, they may still cause injuries and bleeding during the play. Other scratches are incurred while giving them a bath or grooming them – their claws are really sharp and once the they get in touch with the skin, it will sometimes cause tiny or even deep incision. Imagine having a cat that is double the size of what you have now, with claws that are longer and strength that is perhaps two times greater, too. This means you should always be prepared for injuries. Despite all these, the couple in Texas opted to keep two bobcats in their home. Why? Melissa mentioned that these cats are more loyal than any other pets that the couple ever had. She described how these creatures are so attached to them. Watch the video to hear the owners talk enthusiastically and with pride about these bobcats in their home. The owners also mentioned the lifespan of these cats and it is much longer than the domesticated ones. This means that owners won’t get very depressed for for the loss of their loving pets soon after they start looking after them. There is a longer period of time for bonding and caring, having fun and spending an exciting time with them. One question that a watcher may have in mind is since these cats are wild, can they be trained? One of the biggest concerns of pet owners is how to deal with the stench of their waste materials. Can bobcats learn to discharge their wastes in a particular place? You will find the answer in this video. Domesticated or wild, cats are amazing!

Meet Hope, The Blind and Deaf Dachshund | CUTE AS FLUFF3m49s

Meet Hope, The Blind and Deaf Dachshund | CUTE AS FLUFF

This determined sausage dog refuses to let being blind and deaf get in her way. The double dapple dachshund was left at a rescue centre a few years after being born. Lauren Ann Kramer-Theuerkauf, from Freeburg, Illinois, found Hope on a rescue website and instantly fell in love with her.

Inside The Charm School For Rescue Kittens | CUTE AS FLUFF6m28s

Inside The Charm School For Rescue Kittens | CUTE AS FLUFF

A school for kittens is rescuing and socialising stray cats so that they can be adopted into loving homes. In 2012, Shawn Simons, 50, set up Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats in Los Angeles after recovering from temporary paralysis caused by a double disc rupture in her spine, and giving up her life as a high flier in the television industry. Shawn developed her own curriculum for the cats and has dedicated her entire life to changing theirs. Since then the ‘Headmistress' has successfully rescued and rehabilitated thousands of cats.

Amputee Turtle’s Epic Adventure | WILDEST ANIMAL RESCUES2m42s

Amputee Turtle’s Epic Adventure | WILDEST ANIMAL RESCUES

A YOUNG turtle with only three flippers has exceeded expectations and migrated across the ocean. The loggerhead turtle was rescued on 12 July 2016 by environmental non-profit organisation Equinac, off the coast of Spain. At the time of discovery, the endangered animal, who rescuers have called Benjamin, had an almost-dead fin due to it being entangled in fishing equipment. Sadly, there was nothing that could be done to save the flipper, so the organisation chose to amputate the limb. When it came time to release him back into the wild in July 2018, the team decided to fit a tracking device to his shell. He was released in Cabo de Gata Natural Park in the Mediterranean, and has already travelled further than the team at Equinac ever expected.

The Woman Who’s Rescued Thousands of Guinea Pigs | CUTE AS FLUFF4m23s

The Woman Who’s Rescued Thousands of Guinea Pigs | CUTE AS FLUFF

A woman has dedicated her life to caring for hundreds of adorable guinea pigs. Saskia Chiesa set up Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue 20 years ago in Chatsworth, California. After discovering that there was no place for rescued guinea pigs to go in LA, Saskia knew she had to set up her own to save her spirit animal. The guinea pig lover expected to start slowly but she found herself with 20 guinea pigs with health problems within the first month.

Mississippi Mom Is The $15,000 Pit Bull Queen8m01s

Mississippi Mom Is The $15,000 Pit Bull Queen

GIANT Pit Bulls and happy family life might not traditionally go hand-in-hand, but one Mississippi mum is changing perceptions of the breed. Renee Castleman, 27, and her husband, Patrick, own Gatorhead Bullies – a breeding business specialising in XL Pit Bull Terriers and French Bulldogs. The company’s prestige puppies, which are bred for their athletic ability and protective instincts, sell for anything between $4,000 to $15,000. Renee, who runs the company from her 17-acre farm in rural Mississippi, quit her job as a sales manager for a computer company to run the business full time.

Coalition Of Cheetahs Attack Female | SNAPPED IN THE WILD2m01s

Coalition Of Cheetahs Attack Female | SNAPPED IN THE WILD

In June 2018, whilst on safari in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, Botswana, photographer Anton Campbell-Harris got a little too close for comfort with a coalition of cheetahs. During this safari, a female presumably on heat was being harassed by four male cheetahs. After failing an escape up a tree, this female cheetah sought safety in the fleet of cars, where a fight broke out between the angry female and persistent males - right next to the photographers vehicle. Luckily the males were so engrossed in the female cheetah, they didn’t notice all the cars windows were still open.

Snake Catchers: Protecting The World's Deadliest Snakes2m24s

Snake Catchers: Protecting The World's Deadliest Snakes

A FEARLESS snake catcher rescues some of the worlds most dangerous snakes using his bare hands. Animal lover Barry Goldsmith has been handling the animals for 40 years without ever being seriously injured. The 52-year-old Australian and his wife Karen run a rescue service called Snake Catcher Victoria, based in the Mornington Peninsula in southern Australia. The area is home to some of the world's most venomous snakes, including tiger snakes, copperheads, eastern brown snakes and red-bellied black snakes. Barry has also spent time with Bali Reptile Rescue in Indonesia.

I Share My Bedroom With A 16ft Python  | BEAST BUDDIES5m39s

I Share My Bedroom With A 16ft Python | BEAST BUDDIES

An animal lover has turned her small London flat into a secluded paradise for her collection of snakes, including a 16 foot Burmese python. Zee, 21, who is training to be a veterinary nurse, first saw a snake at six-years-old and has been obsessed with them ever since. At 14-years-old, she split the price of her first snake with her brother before bringing it home to her mum, who quickly had to get used to the idea of living in a mini reptile house. Now the animal lover has collected 16 snakes, including her majestic Burmese python, who likes to slither around the hallways to relax, a boa constrictor, royal python and a blood python.

Hulk ‘Attacks’ 6-Year-Old Pit Bull Trainer | DOG DYNASTY15m14s

Hulk ‘Attacks’ 6-Year-Old Pit Bull Trainer | DOG DYNASTY

A DOG trainer lets his six-year-old son don the 'bite sleeve' as a 175lb pit bull attacks - before passing the sleeve on to his TWO-year-old brother. Dark Dynasty K9s owner Marlon Grennan, 31, of New Hampshire, is the owner of Hulk, the star of Barcroft TV’s hit internet series Dog Dynasty. Grennan trains some of America’s most ferocious protection dogs, and has earmarked his two sons Jordan, 6, and Jackson, 2, as his heirs - and says he has no qualms about allowing them to get hands on with the pit bulls. After unleashing Hulk on his father, the elementary schooler put on the bite sleeve to be ‘Hulk smashed’ himself by the colossal canine. And as the training session came to a close, Grennan decided to let Jackson, 2, follow in his brother’s footsteps. Dog Dynasty season 2 is available on Barcroft TV’s YouTube and Facebook Watch pages, with a new episode released every Friday.

Hulk Ink - The World’s Biggest Pitbull Tattoo | DOG DYNASTY10m20s

Hulk Ink - The World’s Biggest Pitbull Tattoo | DOG DYNASTY

THE owner of the world’s biggest pitbull has paid tribute to his supersized canine companion - with an equally supersized tattoo. Dark Dynasty K9s founder Marlon Grennan, 31, had a giant image of Hulk, the 175lb pit bull who has taken the internet by storm, inked on to his chest. Hulk has become the figurehead of the New Hampshire-based protection dogs company and Grennan said he wanted to immortalise the canine colossus as a mark of respect for changing his life. Hulk’s size and power has catapulted him to internet stardom, with his own book deal, dog food brand and merchandising line - and regular guest appearances at dog shows. The enormous mutt recently attended a dog event in Manhattan to try out his new chunky gold collar, the ‘Midas’, made by the team at Big Dog Chains. Dog Dynasty season 2 is available on Barcroft TV’s YouTube and Facebook Watch pages, with a new episode released every Friday.

Pimp My Kennel - Hulk’s New $25,000 Home | DOG DYNASTY12m21s

Pimp My Kennel - Hulk’s New $25,000 Home | DOG DYNASTY

INTERNET sensation Hulk has a new kennel for his puppies - worth a cool $25,000. The colossal canine's pups are expected to grow so large that his owners Dark Dynasty K9s (DDK9s), turned to a company that specialise in building horse barns and stables to house them. The pampered pooches will enjoy full air conditioning during the summer, and heating to get them through the freezing New Hampshire winters. The pimped-up kennel also comes fitted with drainage, running water, a lobby, a “feed hall” and automatic doors. Dog Dynasty season 2 is available on Barcroft TV’s YouTube and Facebook Watch pages, with a new episode released every Friday.

Hulk’s Pitbull Puppies Fight For Survival | DOG DYNASTY14m36s

Hulk’s Pitbull Puppies Fight For Survival | DOG DYNASTY

THE world’s biggest pitbull Hulk celebrated the arrival of three new puppies after the litter faced a dramatic battle for survival. Breeder, Dark Dynasty K9s’ (DDK9s) huge 140lb female pitbull Stella was carrying canine colossus Hulk’s latest litter, with everything going to plan in the pregnancy. But with her due date rapidly approaching, a major storm hit the northeastern USA, with 70mph-plus winds felling trees and leaving 1.3 million people in the region without power. Unfortunately two of the puppies were stillborn, while two others passed away in the days after the birth, leaving three surviving pups. And the sole surviving male, King Kong, is being tipped to outgrow his famous doggy dad by owner Marlon Grennan - who predicts Kong could one day top the 200lb mark.

Getting Smashed By Hulk - The World's Biggest Pitbull | DOG DYNASTY13m20s

Getting Smashed By Hulk - The World's Biggest Pitbull | DOG DYNASTY

The owner of the world’s biggest pitbull has described the pain of being flattened by the gigantic 175lb beast. Marlon Grennan, 31, is the owner of protection dogs company Dark Dynasty K9s - home of the world-famous pitbull Hulk. During a training session at their New Hampshire HQ, Grennan was clattered by the giant dog, leaving him sprawled on the floor in serious pain. The huge hit is featured in the second season of Barcroft TV’s web series Dog Dynasty, which follows the exploits of Hulk. Series one was viewed over 150 million times and catapulted Hulk to global superstardom, and the loveable giant now has his own literary agent, dog food brand and merchandise line.

The Creepy Crawlies Helping People With Dementia5m53s

The Creepy Crawlies Helping People With Dementia

AN ANIMAL enthusiast is helping the elderly with dementia by visiting care homes with snakes, tarantulas and cockroaches. Kris Freeman is the owner and founder of Tropical Discovery Workshop, offering interactive and educational wildlife workshops to schools, parties and nursing homes across the UK. Kris, from Wiltshire, is passionate about animals and surrounds himself with them daily - living with approximately 400 of them in his home.

I Treat My Monkey Like A Baby | CUTE AS FLUFF5m11s

I Treat My Monkey Like A Baby | CUTE AS FLUFF

A WOMAN claims that her pet monkey has stopped her from getting a boyfriend - but she’ll never give him up. Stephanie Fusco grew up dreaming of owning a pet monkey, and her dreams came true two years ago. The 26-year-old's monkey, Alexander Laurence Fusco, also known as Xander, is a white faced capuchin lives with her in North Carolina, where it is legal to own certain exotic pets. Capuchins are medium-sized New World monkeys, native to Central America, however their intelligence and adaptability has made them sought after pets. Unsurprisingly domesticating a monkey hasn’t always been the easiest of tasks and Stephanie admits that her dedication to Xander the monkey has even affected her dating life.

Amazing Real Life Heroes Save A Hawk Trapped In A Tree3m22s

Amazing Real Life Heroes Save A Hawk Trapped In A Tree

In May 2015 a place called ‘Hope’, a rehabilitation center for birds of prey received a call about a red-tailed hawk trapped 60 ft up in the tree and it had been dangling perilously for 16 hours before a team could attempt to challenge in rescue. The male hawk had managed to get its leg wedged in a crevice in a tree. Poor little guy! Trying to escape, he got exhausted! Having no chance and no strength to free himself, the team had attempted a rescue 60 ft in the air! For us, these are the real heroes, who think only for the good of the animals! The real life heroes set up some rope lines and started climbing the tree so they can set this little guy free and enjoy again the blue skies and the priceless freedom! They released the hawk's legs from the tree and carrying him safely to the ground this story ends with a happy ending and one happy hawk thanks to this everyday heroes! After saving him the team made sure that the hawk is not hurt and give him the proper help and care he needs! Luckily, he was not hurt a lot so they gave him the proper medication to make sure he doesn’t have pain or any kind of infection before he was taken to the rehabilitation center! After a few days into the rehabilitation center, the hawk was recovering very well and his leg was recovering marvelous! He is going to be free again and be again with his family! We salute heroes like this who make the world a better place for humans and animals too!

Take A Look A These Prison Inmates Who Run A Zoo6m20s

Take A Look A These Prison Inmates Who Run A Zoo

Animals are always the spread of fun and joy. They offer great companionship and never has anyone felt alone or rather lonely around animals. This goes to say that people who love animals often seem to get them as companions and sometimes they feel they need more. The story here is that not one or two buy more then 50 animals are in this zoo where these inmates work and a place where mutual help is insured. The inmates help the animals with providing them food and cleaning their shelters while the animals provide the inmates with great companionship and lots of love. This Florida prison has a furry little secret - a zoo full of alpacas, birds, alligators, a lemur and even a sloth. The farm at Stock Island Detention Centre, in Key West was founded by accident in 1994 when the prison fenced off an area underneath to protect a gaggle of ducks that kept getting injured while crossing the road between the jail and a golf course. Now the prison is home to over 150 animals, ranging from the original ducks and farm animals to alligators and a ten foot python. Jeanne Selander, who manages the farm, takes four volunteers from the prison to help care for the animals and maintain the farm. This is a great and inspirational way how one can give back to the community, especially someone who has run into some rough patch. This Florida prison has come up with one of the greatest ideas as far as giving the inmates a chance to be a part of something while also giving back to the community and growing aside these animals.

Leopard Lady Living With Wild Cats | BEAST BUDDIES5m50s

Leopard Lady Living With Wild Cats | BEAST BUDDIES

FOR this conservationist, there is only one way to start her day - by hanging out with leopards. Babette De Jonge, 50, founded Wild Cats World in 2010 to help conserve endangered big cats, such as leopards, black-footed cats and African wildcats. Based in Kirkwood, South Africa, the sanctuary, started in 2012, is home to four leopards, and one cub, cheetahs, servals, caracals and Africa’s smallest cat - the black-footed cat. By building up a mutual respect with the leopards - who were rescued from exploitation - Babette has been able to work hands on with them during their rehabilitation.