This Aussie Couple Has Turned Their Home Into A Kangaroo Sanctuary5m44s

This Aussie Couple Has Turned Their Home Into A Kangaroo Sanctuary

Inside this ordinary suburban home there lives a host of hopping surprises - a troop of baby kangaroos. When a stranger pulled up at their home with an orphaned kangaroo in 2010, this couple’s lives changed forever and Our Haven Wildlife Shelter was born. Theresa and Tony Matthews had always loved wildlife, but after being told that the healthy orphaned joey would have to be euthanized, they realised that they had to do something for the helpless animal. “That was our first kangaroo and his name was Bobby. We mainly take on eastern grey kangaroos, they’re the only ones down here and also swamp wallabies,” says the couple. Their home might be far from ordinary, what with the constant stream of animals coming in, but it also comes with a lot of heartache. Namely, baby kangaroos are delicate because they get stressed so easily. It can be very dangerous for them. But the Matthews’s have a very high success rate and have been able to rehabilitate a lot of the youngsters that have come their way. They realized that these joeys were euthanized for one reason alone - not because there was something wrong with them, but because they had nowhere to go. Eight years later, the couple had just had their first vacation, as they have to take care of the baby animals 24 hours a day, every day. The couple raise the joeys at their home until they are ready for release and then they are transported to be released back into the wild. “It’s hard to say goodbye and I always cry all the way home but, you know, it’s about them not us. We’ve done our job, so we’ve gotta let them go," Theresa says. To find out more about Our Haven Wildlife Shelter and to donate visit:

This Guy Has Adopted A Crocodile That Is Now A Member Of The Family  4m44s

This Guy Has Adopted A Crocodile That Is Now A Member Of The Family

We've all been introduced to the unusual friendship terms, but some of us decide to take things to a whole different level. Some people nowadays choose to take are of animals such as Tigers, Lions, and eve Crocodiles in this particular case. Even though these kinds of friendships might seem weird and even crazy, somehow this owner and his crocodile have found a way to create a friendship and live to together for as long as 20 years. In A small pool of water in an Indonesian back yard, lives Kojek the crocodile. Kojek spends his days in a small channel of water at the back of Irwan's garden. The family's washing hangs right next to it and Irwan's three children are free to play ballgames on the turquoise-green ceramic tiles parallel to the crock. Because he's been with the same family for 20 years, Kojek, according to Irwan, poses no threat to humans. In the whole time he's lived with Irwan, there have been no accidents or injuries, to humans at least. Irwan story of how he saved this crocodile is really inspiring and definitily worth to hear and see.The is truly one of those inspiring stories where A Beast and A Human have come to terms and have crossed all boundaries just to prove that such animal can be domesticated and become part of the family. Take a look as this incredible story and the true frendhsip between human and beast.

Florida Family Shares Their Home With 14 Bears6m44s

Florida Family Shares Their Home With 14 Bears

A daring mother and son duo have hand-raised 14 bears in their back garden. In the heart of Bearadise Ranch, Florida, Monica Welde and her son, Johnny IV, spend their days rolling around with bears that weigh up to 1,000lbs. The Welde family have looked after grizzly bears, black bears and polar bears for the last 91 years – using their license to provide for those in need of a home. But the family tradition came under threat last year when Monica’s husband, Johnny III, died of a heart attack just after he turned 60. But with the help of her son, a devastated Monica has put her loss to one side so she can concentrate on continuing the family legacy and caring for their beloved pet bears. It was Johnny III’s grandfather who introduced the giants to the Welde family in 1946. They have been training the bears for appearances in movies and TV shows. The youngest Johnny in the family was introduced to the potentially dangerous animals when he was only three and has always seen them as part of his family. “Here at Bearadise Ranch our bears have natural habitats to come out and enjoy.” Monica says. “And our daily interaction with the bears is communication, loving, petting. They thrive on physical contact. That’s the greatest form of enrichment for the bears – the relationship we share with them which is based on mutual love and respect.” Still, this dynamic duo admits they have a few scars from their interaction with the bears, but they say it is only natural when you deal with such powerful animals. They might not be your run-of-the-mill pet, but when you learn to read their signals, everyone can be a good friend with a wild animal.