I Treat My Monkey Like A Baby | CUTE AS FLUFF5m11s

I Treat My Monkey Like A Baby | CUTE AS FLUFF

A WOMAN claims that her pet monkey has stopped her from getting a boyfriend - but she’ll never give him up. Stephanie Fusco grew up dreaming of owning a pet monkey, and her dreams came true two years ago. The 26-year-old's monkey, Alexander Laurence Fusco, also known as Xander, is a white faced capuchin lives with her in North Carolina, where it is legal to own certain exotic pets. Capuchins are medium-sized New World monkeys, native to Central America, however their intelligence and adaptability has made them sought after pets. Unsurprisingly domesticating a monkey hasn’t always been the easiest of tasks and Stephanie admits that her dedication to Xander the monkey has even affected her dating life.

Trapped Hawk Down: Bird Of Prey Released After Being Caught In Tree3m22s

Trapped Hawk Down: Bird Of Prey Released After Being Caught In Tree

A BIRD of prey had to be rescued after getting trapped upside down in a tree. The red tailed hawk was spotted flapping helplessly 60ft in the air after getting its leg caught in the crux of trunk. Rescuers from A Place Called Hope sanctuary were called in to assist the distressed animal. Husband and wife rescuers Todd Secki and Christine Cummings founded the sanctuary in Killingworth, Connecticut, to save injured birds of prey.

Take A Look A These Prison Inmates Who Run A Zoo6m20s

Take A Look A These Prison Inmates Who Run A Zoo

Animals are always the spread of fun and joy. They offer great companionship and never has anyone felt alone or rather lonely around animals. This goes to say that people who love animals often seem to get them as companions and sometimes they feel they need more. The story here is that not one or two buy more then 50 animals are in this zoo where these inmates work and a place where mutual help is insured. The inmates help the animals with providing them food and cleaning their shelters while the animals provide the inmates with great companionship and lots of love. This Florida prison has a furry little secret - a zoo full of alpacas, birds, alligators, a lemur and even a sloth. The farm at Stock Island Detention Centre, in Key West was founded by accident in 1994 when the prison fenced off an area underneath to protect a gaggle of ducks that kept getting injured while crossing the road between the jail and a golf course. Now the prison is home to over 150 animals, ranging from the original ducks and farm animals to alligators and a ten foot python. Jeanne Selander, who manages the farm, takes four volunteers from the prison to help care for the animals and maintain the farm. This is a great and inspirational way how one can give back to the community, especially someone who has run into some rough patch. This Florida prison has come up with one of the greatest ideas as far as giving the inmates a chance to be a part of something while also giving back to the community and growing aside these animals.