Abandoned ‘Ugly’ Dog Finds A Happy Home | CUTE AS FLUFF2m46s

Abandoned ‘Ugly’ Dog Finds A Happy Home | CUTE AS FLUFF

ONE HAPPY dog had a rough start in life, after being diagnosed with a fatal disease. Murray the Weimaraner was found as a puppy with his three siblings on Dead Dog Beach in Puerto Rico. The name 'Dead Dog Beach' is attributed to this spot because it is a well known dumping spot for stray animals. Whilst in Puerto Rico, Murray and his siblings showed signs of distemper, a virus that is fatal to most dogs as it affects their respiratory and nervous symptoms. Murray was due to be euthanised, however after a wag of his tail - the vet changed their mind and did what they could to treat him. Due to the virus, Murray now has no teeth, causing his tongue to flop out of his mouth. He also has bone deformation that makes him look a little different. But this didn't stop him from being adopted by Mackenzie Gallant and her family.

Male Jaguars Engage Into A Fierce Territorial Fight 2m26s

Male Jaguars Engage Into A Fierce Territorial Fight

Territorial claims and disputes are as deadly to animals as well as to humans. This video shows how determined one is to protect and maintain their territory. Nonetheless, with the overwhelming strength of the younger giant cat, the other is subdued. Should he fight till his last breath? Check the video to find out what happened. Territory – a factor that is so vital for anything that lives. Anyone who does not have a space he or she can claim as their personal territory feels so restricted and not totally free to thrive. Thus, it is so important for one to define his or her own personal territory, no matter how small it is. Whether one is willing to share the enjoyment of such territory to another living creature is a choice that could be deadly. For cats, territory is very important - as important as life itself. Marc Nussaume, a wildlife photographer is so lucky to have captured pictures and recorded videos while these jaguars fought. The two jaguars are named Scarface and Marley. They appear to be of the same size so it is difficult to say if they are young or old. But, as mentioned in the video, Scarface is twelve years old while Marley is four years old. At the start of the video, Scarface was shown doing his routine patrol over his territory of about thirty square miles. Wow, that is a wide territory, is it not? Well, if you read about the territory of jaguars online it says that female jaguars usually maintain a range of about twenty square kilometers to twice than this. On the other hand, the males have about double the range of the females territory. If humans build walls or fences to mark their boundaries, how do jaguars mark their territory? Perhaps, there is no need to answer this question as you already know the answer. Now, marking is as important as protecting and maintaining the boundary of such territory thus, the more important question is how do these big cats ward off intruders? No trespassing is their rule. These big cats are solitary in nature. They do not stay in a group like lions stay in a pack. Their tolerance level is so low that an intruder would surely spark a fierce fight. Nature photographer Marc Nussaume and his girlfriend Pailin were so lucky to have witnessed, snapped photos and take a video of this startling incident at Pantanal, Brazil when one male fights to defend his territory while the other fights to conquer and gain a new home. It must take much courage to track jaguars knowing that they are the beast of prey . With their long and sharp teeth and claws with a muscular body built and massive weight that may go as heavy as one hundred fifty kilograms, humans can easily be overpowered by these giant cats. Will you dare track jaguars to obtain a unique video of how they defend their territory? If you dare go, be careful. You are not a rival or an intruder of these giant cats’ territory but you are to them a sumptuous meal. Remember that these creatures, no matter how gorgeous their coats are, are extremely dangerous.

Meet Hope, The Blind and Deaf Dachshund | CUTE AS FLUFF3m49s

Meet Hope, The Blind and Deaf Dachshund | CUTE AS FLUFF

This determined sausage dog refuses to let being blind and deaf get in her way. The double dapple dachshund was left at a rescue centre a few years after being born. Lauren Ann Kramer-Theuerkauf, from Freeburg, Illinois, found Hope on a rescue website and instantly fell in love with her.

Amputee Turtle’s Epic Adventure | WILDEST ANIMAL RESCUES2m42s

Amputee Turtle’s Epic Adventure | WILDEST ANIMAL RESCUES

A YOUNG turtle with only three flippers has exceeded expectations and migrated across the ocean. The loggerhead turtle was rescued on 12 July 2016 by environmental non-profit organisation Equinac, off the coast of Spain. At the time of discovery, the endangered animal, who rescuers have called Benjamin, had an almost-dead fin due to it being entangled in fishing equipment. Sadly, there was nothing that could be done to save the flipper, so the organisation chose to amputate the limb. When it came time to release him back into the wild in July 2018, the team decided to fit a tracking device to his shell. He was released in Cabo de Gata Natural Park in the Mediterranean, and has already travelled further than the team at Equinac ever expected.

Coalition Of Cheetahs Attack Female | SNAPPED IN THE WILD2m01s

Coalition Of Cheetahs Attack Female | SNAPPED IN THE WILD

In June 2018, whilst on safari in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, Botswana, photographer Anton Campbell-Harris got a little too close for comfort with a coalition of cheetahs. During this safari, a female presumably on heat was being harassed by four male cheetahs. After failing an escape up a tree, this female cheetah sought safety in the fleet of cars, where a fight broke out between the angry female and persistent males - right next to the photographers vehicle. Luckily the males were so engrossed in the female cheetah, they didn’t notice all the cars windows were still open.

Snake Catchers: Protecting The World's Deadliest Snakes2m24s

Snake Catchers: Protecting The World's Deadliest Snakes

A FEARLESS snake catcher rescues some of the worlds most dangerous snakes using his bare hands. Animal lover Barry Goldsmith has been handling the animals for 40 years without ever being seriously injured. The 52-year-old Australian and his wife Karen run a rescue service called Snake Catcher Victoria, based in the Mornington Peninsula in southern Australia. The area is home to some of the world's most venomous snakes, including tiger snakes, copperheads, eastern brown snakes and red-bellied black snakes. Barry has also spent time with Bali Reptile Rescue in Indonesia.

Amazing Real Life Heroes Save A Hawk Trapped In A Tree3m22s

Amazing Real Life Heroes Save A Hawk Trapped In A Tree

In May 2015 a place called ‘Hope’, a rehabilitation center for birds of prey received a call about a red-tailed hawk trapped 60 ft up in the tree and it had been dangling perilously for 16 hours before a team could attempt to challenge in rescue. The male hawk had managed to get its leg wedged in a crevice in a tree. Poor little guy! Trying to escape, he got exhausted! Having no chance and no strength to free himself, the team had attempted a rescue 60 ft in the air! For us, these are the real heroes, who think only for the good of the animals! The real life heroes set up some rope lines and started climbing the tree so they can set this little guy free and enjoy again the blue skies and the priceless freedom! They released the hawk's legs from the tree and carrying him safely to the ground this story ends with a happy ending and one happy hawk thanks to this everyday heroes! After saving him the team made sure that the hawk is not hurt and give him the proper help and care he needs! Luckily, he was not hurt a lot so they gave him the proper medication to make sure he doesn’t have pain or any kind of infection before he was taken to the rehabilitation center! After a few days into the rehabilitation center, the hawk was recovering very well and his leg was recovering marvelous! He is going to be free again and be again with his family! We salute heroes like this who make the world a better place for humans and animals too!

The Backpacking Cat That Travels The US With His Human3m54s

The Backpacking Cat That Travels The US With His Human

An adventurer has found the perfect traveling purr-tner - his house cat Simon. He adopted the feline two years ago, and they have been travelling together across land and water ever since - with Simon normally nestled in his backpack. He wants to familiarize us with his ‘catventures’ by retelling his story and recounting events that happened along their way. We can find out that all started way back when he was a little kid exploring in the creeks in his backyard. However, his real outdoor career began in college when he started the excursion club. He realized at that moment that that was his calling, that was the way he could help the world and help the earth. So when he graduated college, he knew he needed to take his outdoor adventures on a bigger scale with the help of the media as a key to be able to influence more people on a much larger scale especially those that are unable to travel as much and see as much of the world. With only one difference, his pal Simon, the most loyal cat you can imagine. Like all cats, Simon loves nature, too. In fact, he is so used to his trips with his owner that whenever his owner walks near the door to go outside, Simon races to the door and gives a short little meow that makes his human know that he’s ready to go out. Simon and his owner have gone on road trips across the US, road trips that have been as long as 20 consecutive hours, they have gone to deserts, they have gone to majestic forests and they have even camped in the snow. The 35-year-old has been travelling the world for most of his life and has been sharing his travels on social media and as he says having Simon has helped him to embrace more of the journey and really appreciate the moment, appreciate the beauty of mother nature .

At 4 Feet Long, This Is New York's Biggest Cat2m48s

At 4 Feet Long, This Is New York's Biggest Cat

Meet Samson, New York's biggest cat - weighing 28 pounds and measuring an incredible four foot in length. The hulking feline is chauffeured around in his very own super-size carriage and spends his downtime playing fetch - just like a dog. The insatiable kitty eats six cans of food a day to feed his massive appetite. Despite popular belief, Samson is not a cross between a bear and a Persian cat. Can you even imagine that? Actually, he is a maine Coon , a cat breed known for their hulking sizes. He is the proud owner of DJ Jonathan Zurbel, who says: "I just watched his weight start to grow and grow. "I went to the vet and she said this is the largest cat we have in the registry. I decided to claim that name and claim that throne." Jonathan inherited the cat from his brother and dedicated himself to making Samson a celebrity on Instagram. Being a celebrity feline on social media doesn’t just make you look good, it works wonders for your entourage as well! Jonathan says that he has changed his love life completely, as many girls want to come over and meet the big fella. But having a big cat means having even bigger responsibilities. Jonathan had to get him a huge litter box and even a dog carrier and a dog leash! All joking aside, Jonathan hopes that Samson’s fame will help promote cat adoption . He says: "I like to share him with people and that’s really the goal - just get him out there. “I want to spread pet ownership and encourage people to adopt because there’s lots of cats out there that need homes.” Since he is convinced he has the largest cat in New York, a challenger is invited to come and say they have a bigger feline pet! The four-year-old Maine Coon has now reached celebrity status due to his impressive stature - and has amassed over 104,000 followers on Instagram. For more information, visit

This Tiny Rescued Pup Is Really Enjoying His Bath Time1m47s

This Tiny Rescued Pup Is Really Enjoying His Bath Time

We think it is pretty safe to say that we can divide all dogs in this world in just two categories - those who love bath time and those who run from it, never looking back. Whenever their owners mention the tedious activity, dogs either run straight for the bathroom, whining and barking at the tap to start running, or they run and hide behind anything they can think of, just to avoid getting a drop of water on them. It may have something to do with how they were treated when they were babies, which brings us to the conclusion that this little guy will love bath time forever and ever! A two-week-old puppy was found abandoned in a dumpster with his two sisters. The small litter was found by Dallas Animal Service and referred to the DFW Rescue Me animal shelter, where volunteer Claire Fowler was tasked with looking after the babies. Claire, a 21-year-old student, said: “The little guys need round-the-clock care – they can’t use the restroom by themselves or even regulate their own body temperature. I do everything for them and they need to be fed every couple of hours.” When asked for what made her decide to film the puppy’s glorious moment of blissful nirvana, Claire said: “I decided to film him in the bath because he was enjoying it so much and I really wanted to capture it. He just looked so content.” She adds that his sisters don’t enjoy bath time as much and would rather stay dirty , but it still has to be done. None of the babes have names yet because they are still so young, but Claire is certain they will all get good, strong names.

This Tiny Chihuahua May Only Weigh 2 Lbs, But She Has A Big Attitude2m33s

This Tiny Chihuahua May Only Weigh 2 Lbs, But She Has A Big Attitude

Weighing in at only 2lbs, this tiny chihuahua has a big attitude and even bigger wardrobe. Petite pup Layla from Petersburg, Florida is the canine companion of Kathy Sherback. She was born on December 23, 2014, in a litter of four puppies. Layla was the runt of the litter and was not even half the size of her two siblings. Kathy says that her minuscule pet was adorable when she was young. Her apple head is a quality many chihuahua lovers breed, but many don’t know the problems that accompany that quality. One being hydrocephalus, a buildup of fluid inside the skull, putting pressure on the brain causing seizures, blindness, and behavioral changes. It is a congenital condition that occurs in miniature and toy breeds, mostly chihuahuas. "By the time Layla reached four months old it was becoming very evident she was losing control of her legs, almost like the wires in her brain were crossed and she could no longer walk properly. Her rear legs were crossed over and her front legs would buckle.” says the concerned owner. A vet suggested surgery, which has a high success rate in humans, but for a puppy Layla’s size, it can be dangerous. Naturally, Kathy decided against the surgery. Instead, she vowed to try and give Layla the best possible life. “We started Layla on homemade dog food consisting of meats, fruits, and vegetables. We also began supplementing her with probiotics, herbs, and superfood supplements,” Kathy says. Layla’s entire appearance changed within a month, but her legs didn’t improve enough for her to hold herself up. So, Kathy had a special wheelchair designed for her miniature doggy . She certainly has made many sacrifices for her pet, but it is comforting to know that Layla the tiny chihuahua lives her best life.

Best Friends Dog And Duck Celebrate Christmas | CUTE AS FLUFF1m45s

Best Friends Dog And Duck Celebrate Christmas | CUTE AS FLUFF

This feisty duck and his doggy best friend are getting in the festive spirit for quackmas. Proud duck owner Pam Ishiguro has a flock of seven ducks but her four-year-old Pekin duck Rudy and her golden retriever Barclay have formed the strongest bond. As the Christmas season revs up, the duo are getting into the spirit with Christmas movies, tasty treats and presents that are just asking to be torn apart.

Florida Woman Keeps Bengal Tigers In Her Garden2m37s

Florida Woman Keeps Bengal Tigers In Her Garden

While most people spend their golden years relaxing in their garden, Janice Haley chose to hand feed the two tigers she keeps in hers. Saber, a 600 pound white Bengal male and Janda, a 400 pound orange Bengal female live in a cage in the back of Janice's unassuming suburban home. "As far as they’re concerned, I am mommy," explains 57-years-old Janice Haley. "They rub me in the face, they’ll let me kiss them on the nose." It all began back in 1995, when Janice decided to quit her boring desk job as an admin assistant to spend more time working outdoors. At her husband’s advice, she began working with exotic animals. After spotting an ad for a tiger training course in her local paper she applied and two years later arrived home with Chuffer the tiger cub . She was immediately "bitten" by the tiger bug and since that, she has been taking care of quite a few different big cats. In 2002 she bought Janda, who is now 12, to live with Chuffer. After Chuffer's death in 2007, little Saber who was only two weeks old at the time was introduced to the enclosure. Well, much to the annoyance of Janda... Plenty of volunteers help her take care of them and play with them as well. Each day she hand feeds the gentle giants and Saber, the baby of the pair, which can't get off to sleep without suckling on her finger. The tigers live in an enclosure in her backyard and are fed by hand three times a day. "People who consider it cruel to keep them in captivity have a point, to a point. It is not the ideal place for a tiger to be, in a cage. But at this point, in the wild, there isn’t a lot of hope out there for them anymore, and if there aren’t some of them left in cages, there aren’t going to be any left at all in a couple of years from now… They are provided for and loved here. In my opinion, I wouldn’t mind being a tiger in my backyard." Watch the full story of this "tiger" lady and see how these giant cuddlers love spending time with her!

Woman In India Lives With 500 Bats3m32s

Woman In India Lives With 500 Bats

Shantaben Prajapati is a 73-year-old lady who lives in a small village in Rajpura, Gujarat in India. In her village, she is known as the Bat Lady. It all started 20 years ago, when all of her neighbors had old mud houses. Then they started upgrading and renovating their homes. That is when these little night mammals started entering her old mud house. First she noticed a single bat hanging from the ceiling of one of her rooms, but after a while a bat invasion had begun. At the beginning, she was scared of them and even tried to remove them but now, between 500 and 1000 bats come every single day to roost in her house. They fly in and out as they please. "At first, I tried to remove them, but it is considered a sin, so I let them be. I have had them for all these years in my house and I look after them. There was only one bat at first. Then the numbers slowly started to increase." says Shantaben. Since then, her home turned into a bat shelter where she welcomes the critters, feeds them and takes care of them. Same as any other pet, bats have their favorite food too - they love bananas. Some of her neighbors are bothered by the smell the bats leave behind, while others salute her noble gesture. Shantaben is sweeping and swabbing the floors and walls of her house everyday. She also burns neem leaves to maintain hygiene. "People ask why I keep the bats and say that I will fall sick and my house will stink. But burning the leaves and swabbing the floors and walls takes care of it. And how can I get rid of the bats? They are like family now," she says. Kids seem to love this “mysterious” lady, so they stop by on their way to school to see the animals. "Sometimes the children come to see them and hear their 'chee chee' noises." says the old lady.

The 'Birdman' Of Gujarat Feeds Thousands Of Birds Every Day3m28s

The 'Birdman' Of Gujarat Feeds Thousands Of Birds Every Day

Harsukhbhai Dobariya and his family have been feeding thousands of birds every single day for the past 17 years. Parrots, weaver birds, pigeons and crows are some of the species which flock in every morning to the rooftop of Harsukhbhai’s home in Gujarat, India. This generous family spends over £1100 every three months to feed these birds on sticks of pearl millets. “The fact that these birds come is what pleases me the most. The more birds come the more I enjoy”, says Harsukhbhai. These people wake up early in the morning and get busy preparing food for their early morning guests, who start arriving in flocks with the first rays of the sun. This has been their tradition, and they’ve been doing it for 17 years. To feed this large number of birds , he made a special contraption which makes it easier for him to hang out the sticks of pearl millets. Harsukhbhai is a farmer by profession and also runs a showroom. Along with juggling work in the fields and the showroom, he also makes small bird shelters which he decorates with beads and glitters to sell to people. These birds come from as far as 50 kilometres away, however none of them are caged and they fly back to their nests and the tree tops once they are done with the feeding. The birds bring their chicks along and the number keeps increasing over the years. Friends come over for tea and watch the spectacular flocking in the mornings. And the entire household of Harsukhbhai is equal in their love and compassion for these winged creatures. Videographer / director: Shams Qari Producer: Haziq Qadri, Ruby Coote Editor: Marcus Cooper

Fefe The Plucking Cute Cockatoo | CUTE AS FLUFF1m38s

Fefe The Plucking Cute Cockatoo | CUTE AS FLUFF

She might be a little on the bald side, but Fefe is like any other happy Goffin cockatoo. Her previous owner had kept her in bad conditions, with a lack of stimulation and poor nutrition. Sadly this lead to the little cockatoo plucking out her feathers due to stress. Fortunately the 16-year-old <a href=" " target="_blank">parrot</a> was adopted by nurse, Eve Butler, one and a half years ago, in Miami, Florida. "She was relinquished to Parrot Outreach Society by a woman who had to care for her sick mother and could no longer care for Fefe. It was my understanding when the women prior to me got her she was three years old and was already plucking her feathers." said Fefe’s new owner. "I am a volunteer at Parrot Outreach and fell in love with her as soon as she came in. The funny thing is she has fallen in love with my husband. Every waking moment she wants to be with him!" Fefe’s hair follicles are so damaged from her previous stress, that the feathers will never grow back on her head and back. In an attempt to prevent the bird from plucking herself further, Eve tried putting clothes on her, like flower petal collars or sock sweaters. But Fefe was smart, so she would figure out how to get them off. "The petal collars stayed on a little longer but you could tell how miserable she was. My husband and I finally decided to quit putting her through misery just to try to get her feathers to grow back. We love her just the way she is." According to the organisation In Defense of Animals, the companion parrot has 'joined the ranks alongside the most discarded, homeless pets in America'. They further reported that 'parrots are surrendered or sold and live in at least five homes before dying prematurely or finding their <a href=" " target="_blank">forever home</a>'. Videographer / director: Eve Butler Producer: Shannon Lane, James Thorne Editor: James Thorne

The Orphaned Gibbon Looking For Love | CUTE AS FLUFF3m49s

The Orphaned Gibbon Looking For Love | CUTE AS FLUFF

HAPPILY SWINGING AROUND his enclosure, it’s hard to believe this gibbon had a difficult start to life. When he was a baby, Carlos’ mother couldn’t look after him due to a breast infection and he almost died. Carlos was hand reared by Joan Thygesen and Jorgen Ankergren, the directors and founders of the Foundation Odsherred Zoo Rescue, where Carlos was born - and still lives. Videographer / director: Nikolai Ankergren Producer: Shannon Lane, Ruby Coote Editor: Grant Hanson-Vaux

Meet The Bald And Beautiful Skinny Pig1m44s

Meet The Bald And Beautiful Skinny Pig

This bold, but beautiful guinea pig lives with his owner Jessica in the Southern parts of the Netherlands. Pim is in fact a Skinny Pig, a type of hairless guinea pig. Today’s Skinny Pig is a cross between haired guinea pigs and a hairless lab strain, traditionally bred for laboratory use in dermatology studies. Skinny pigs are as healthy as ordinary guinea pigs , they just typically only have hair on their muzzles, feet and legs. With his hairless body and pink skin you could mistake this animal for a piglet rather than a rodent. Because of his hairless body, this piggie needs warm clothes to keep him warm, so his owner Jessica has made him tons of sweaters. Because of him being very cute when dressed in this cozy clothing and cuddling under the warm blanket , Pim has become a rising Internet star. Everybody seems to love tiny Pim! Pim has lots of animal friends. Dogs, hamsters, chickens just name it and you can find it on his animal friends list. This pink chubby skinny pig has a healthy appetite. Man, he’s an eating machine! Everything that goes inside his mouth is "grinded" in just a few seconds. Pim’s owner Jessica Pires is very aware of his eating abilities, as she says "Every time my mother comes into my room when the curtains are closed, he will scream until he gets his vegetables." According to Jessica, little Pim loves all his fans and he loves to be famous. Some of her followers are so in love with him that they would love to see him every day. And for some people he is the best piggy of Instagram. Videographer / director: Jessica Pires Producer: Shannon Lane, Ruby Coote Editor: Sonia Estal

'Deadpool’ Prevents Epic Battle Between Alligators 2m59s

'Deadpool’ Prevents Epic Battle Between Alligators

An Alligator wrangler dressed as superhero Deadpool courageously breaks up a fight between two gators going head-to-head over territory. Someone needed to suit up to end this battle, and Deadpool walks in to tame the mighty reptiles. The man behind the mask was not Ryan Reynolds, who played the former Special Forces operative in the 2016 film of the Marvel comic series, but experienced gator wrestler Jason McDonald. McDonald, 36 from Aurora, Colorado works at The Colorado Gator Farm and has been wrestling gators for 12 years - and says he has only been bitten once. This farm was celebrating gator fest, the theme of which was superheroes, going somewhat to explain Jason's bizarre choice of outfit. Despite his heroic costume, he says the outfit made his job even more dangerous by restricting his vision while helping a wounded alligator. He closes gator's mouth and shuts his eyes, as he sits on top of him, holding his front legs. This female has been fighting and has come off second best so they now have to treat her nasty wound on her front leg. Most of the aligators on the farm are rescues confiscated from people's homes, the farm tries to give the reptiles as natural environment as possible. They also give gator handling classes, so people can learn how to become alligator fighting super heroes just like Jason and his helping hand, reptile wrestler Jay Young whose family first set up the Colorado Gator Farm.

This Adorable Canine Is Best Of Friends With A Playful Big Feline1m41s

This Adorable Canine Is Best Of Friends With A Playful Big Feline

Playing rough with a jaguar would leave most thinking this pup’s chance of survival is slim at best. But this unlikely dog and big cat pairing are actually best of friends – playing, sleeping and even eating together 24 hours a day. Bullet the Jack Russell dog became pals with the jaguar, fondly known as ‘Jag’, after he was moved to the Akwaaba Lodge in South Africa. Now the two are almost inseparable! When it comes to friendships in the animal kingdom, it’s rare you would think a dog and a jaguar would be best buds. Jag the Jaguar came to them at a very young age, and was in need of company. Facility owner Layla knew that Bullet the Jack Russell was the perfect canine companion for the job. She says: “Every night Jag needed comfort so he took me in as a mom. And as I could not let him sleep with me all the time, I put Bullet with him. “These two struck it off straight away. They don’t leave each other alone, they feed together, sleep together, do everything together. They are like brothers.” They play together, sleep together and even eat their meals together. Showing a kinship and wonderful understanding between species, this video proves to us that if a dog and jaguar can get along, there’s hope for Celtics and Lakers fans yet.

Vicious Battle Between Two Monitor Lizards Caught On Video | SNAPPED IN THE WILD1m39s

Vicious Battle Between Two Monitor Lizards Caught On Video | SNAPPED IN THE WILD

Dramatic footage shows two monitor lizards locked in a vicious battle, deep in the heart of the Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa. Filmed by renowned wildlife ranger Rob Vamplew, the two alpha-male beasts hold nothing back in their duel, which appeared to be over territory rather than food or female companions. The fight itself lasted for more than 15 minutes, with Rob admitting he had never seen anything quite like it in his 20 years of safaris. The ranger said: "A sighting like this for me is very special. I spend a lot of time on safari and to see something like this is unusual and as exciting as watching predators hunt." Throughout the encounter, both lizards do their best to gain the upper hand, grappling and biting their opponent in what looked more like a slow dance than a deadly confrontation. In Rob’s footage, neither appears to dominate, as both lizards seemingly hold nothing back throughout the clash. Unfortunately, the fate of the two reptiles remains unknown, as the pair's intense clash took them down a steep hill and out of sight. The monitor lizards are large lizards in the genus Varanus. They are native to Africa, Asia and Oceania, but are now found also in the Americas as an invasive species. A total of 79 species are currently recognized. Videographer / director: Rob the Ranger Producer: Danny Baggott, Ed Baranski Editor: Marcus Cooper

Buffalo Mourn Dead Female After Lion Attack | SNAPPED IN THE WILD3m12s

Buffalo Mourn Dead Female After Lion Attack | SNAPPED IN THE WILD

AN encounter between a herd of cape buffalo and a pride of lions produced one of the rarest and most heartbreaking scenes ever captured in the wild. After taking down a lone female buffalo, the lionesses at the Greater Kruger Park South Africa, were faced by the angry herd coming to the defence of their fallen comrade. Within a few short moments the herd tended to the already dead buffalo, seemingly trying to get her to wake up. Cameraman and veteran safari guide, Rob Vamplew, filmed the bizarre event on a visit to the game reserve in April 2017. Videographer / director: Rob The Ranger Producer: Bunmi Adigun, Ed Baranski Editor: Sonia Estal

Meet The Youngest Owner Of A Rescue Zoo Who Helps Mistreated Animals2m32s

Meet The Youngest Owner Of A Rescue Zoo Who Helps Mistreated Animals

While a lot of millennials live with loud flatmates, 24-year-old Nikolai Ankergren shares his home with over 600 noisy animals, no wonder he is constantly getting interrupted. Twenty years ago, Nikolai’s parents, Jorgen and Joan bought a zoo and started the first zoo and rescue centre for exotic animals in Denmark. Unfortunately, two years ago Nikolai’s father passed away from cancer, leaving Nikolai and his mother to look after the busy zoo and the rescue animals. Nikolai went to pursue his dream as a game developer, but after his father’s passing, he had to return to his hometown and help his mother run the zoo. Owning a zoo is a busy work, with Nikolai taking on many jobs, feeding, cleaning and playing with the animals. 600 animals may sound like plenty, but Nikolai actually wants the zoo to grow. He hopes to fulfill his parents’ dream and make it the biggest rescue center for exotic animals in all of Europe. Things work different than in the traditional zoos. They feel the responsibility to help where they can, that is when they converted the zoo into a rescue zoo instead. That means taking in mistreated animals that come from abusive situations, such as laboratory animals, given that, some of their animals do have scars and problems of which they have to take care of. Having to support his mother and the zoo, Nikolai has come up with a creative way to raise some money. A mobile app game about the zoo. The game’s profits will go to various charities and Nikolai hopes the money raised will also help realize his family’s dream of making their rescue center the biggest in Europe. Videographer / director: Nikolai Ankergren Producer: Shannon Lane, Ed Baranski Editor: Sonia Estal

The Undercover Cat Man Feeding Hundreds Of Strays3m10s

The Undercover Cat Man Feeding Hundreds Of Strays

When Glen Venezio moved to Puerto Rico eleven years ago, he was immediately struck by the sight of the stray animals that roam the streets of the city. But instead of turning a blind eye, the man started caring for the animals, first from his own pocket, and now with the help of donations. Starting at ten o’clock at night, Glen spends two to three hours preparing the food and water that he then brings to all the strays on his route around Santurce in Puerto Rico, finishing at five, sometimes even seven in the morning. Over the years, Glen has also spayed and neutered over 100 cats, but some of his friends have also brought in a few felines to be spayed on his behalf. Locals are against his benevolent actions, so lately he has a police officer that follows him around, to make sure there is no trouble. Glen has helped the local police precinct with some animal cruelty cases, saying that more and more kittens, even whole litters, are being abandoned every day and not enough locals do anything to prevent or stop this. To find out more about Glen’s work and to donate to his cause visit: or Videographer / director: Rich Cordero Producer: Hannah Stevens, Ruby Coote Editor: Alberto Falcone

Newborn Hippo Rescued From Hungry Crocodiles 3m55s

Newborn Hippo Rescued From Hungry Crocodiles

Nature is an amazing and frightening thing. It can bring new life into this world while at the same time take it away. It seems that was the case in this clip as these hippos have a very close call with a group of crocodiles! Wild hippo parents welcome a teeny calf into the world meters away from a swarm of crocodiles searching for their next meal. While other safari goers focused on the nearby wildebeest herd migrating across the Mara River, this tour group settled in to watch a new mum give birth - a rare opportunity for safari goers and guides alike. But within moments of its entrance into the world in September 2016, the excitable calf veered into the path of a crocodile. Luckily it got saved just in time! What did you think of this clip? How did you react when seeing this clip? We would love to hear what you have to think so please do not hesitate to leave a comment down in the comments section below! Please share this video with your family and friends as it will keep them on the edge of their seats just as it did to you! This is one video that no one should ever miss out on!