Learn All About Paramotor Sky Racing, The Newest Aerial Adrenaline Sport1m54s

Learn All About Paramotor Sky Racing, The Newest Aerial Adrenaline Sport

A PARAMOTOR pilot performs a thrilling fly-by of Dubai's stunning skyline. Ten of the best para-motor pilots from around the world, including the USA, UK, France, Spain, Russia and the Czech Republic, descended on the emirate for the Parabatix Sky Racers Dubai. The centerpiece of the event, hosted by Sky-dive Dubai, saw the daredevils reach speeds of 80km/h as they raced around giant inflatable pillars and other obstacles while looking to shave milliseconds off their time. However, spectators were also treated to a number of other aerial disciplines, including parachute swooping and wing-suit precision flying. Pascal C. Jones, the Founder&Director of Parabatix Sky Racers and paramotor pilot, explains what paramotor sky racing is all about: “People have always dreamed about flying. Ever since I was a kid I can remember thinking what it would be like to fly like a bird. It really is an out of the world experience that everybody should taste. With Parabatix, one can take an existing discipline and make it spectacular. Our idea was to bring aviation basically in front of the eyes of the public. When they start a star race they need to pass through the star gate and they have to fly through an aerial race course around the inflatable pylons. As they fly through the pylons they basically have to pick up some objects and drop them in drop zones. This tests their precision and skill." After six intense days of urban sky racing, desert training sessions & scoreboard battling, Alex Mateos and Paco Guerra finished first and second with only a second between their times followed swiftly by Thomas Migneaux in 3rd.

Skydivers Complete World Record Jump1m45s

Skydivers Complete World Record Jump

57 skydivers set a world record by forming two stunning formations while falling through the air at 180mph. A collaboration of world-class athletes leapt from three planes flying at 16,000 feet to complete the first ever two point, 57-person, vertical formation skydive of its kind in a 45-second free-fall. After jumping from the planes the falling group assembled in a pre-determined formation – linking arms to create a detailed shape in the sky. The team then separated and manoeuvred into a second formation – in an awe-inspiring stunt that has never been achieved before.

Female Parkour Artist Shows Off Incredible Acrobatic Skills2m35s

Female Parkour Artist Shows Off Incredible Acrobatic Skills

Parkour was invented in France by Raymond Belle and further developed by his son David and his friends, the street styled Yamakasi in the late 1980s. This sports discipline was popularized in the 90’s and 00’s through many movies, documentaries and commercials including the Yamakasi. Take a look at this young lady mastering the parkour skills. A fearless parkour athlete leaps off three-story buildings, flies over rooftops and jumps through scaffolding in amazing footage. Maria Raptaki, 29, is an actress and a filmmaker from Athens. She first started training in the sport when she was 22, at a time there were very few women in the parkour community. The Greek athlete is now one of the most sought-after <a href=" " target="_blank">parkour</a> artists in the world and stars in international commercials. Maria has auditioned for principal roles in many famed American and English movies such as “The Avengers: Infinity War” , “Mamma Mia”, “Assassin’s Creed” and the “Arrow” television series. She is currently being considered to portray a major <a href=" " target="_blank">superhero</a> role in Mindhadow Entertainment’s “We Are: Justice Nation”, a Canadian feature film series to be announced soon. She has also performed in many commercials or famous companies such as Ford, Cadbury and Vodafone. Not many people knew if women were good in Parkour because there weren’t any women with the equal level and years of preparation as the men. Other sports and athletic disciplines gave examples of how high or far women could jump, how they could climb and overcome fear, and how they combined movements together in dance and gymnastics. There is something very original in how this outdoor body-centric discipline merged them all and only time would tell how other women would respond.

Winter Streets Taken Up By Urban Skiing 2m18s

Winter Streets Taken Up By Urban Skiing

City centers are surely not the first places that pop into your mind when somebody mentions skiing. However, for urban skiers Cam Riley and Clayton Villa, high city buildings, street lamp posts and sidewalk railings are more of a challenge than an obstacle. In fact, those exact places are sought for because they offer the ideal playground for performing their unbelievable stunts and tricks. Cam and Clayton are famous for flying over lampposts, sliding down rails and leaping off buildings as they are sweeping through a city. The high-risk winter sport they are practicing is a mixture of extreme skiing, skateboarding and parkour – and involves breathtaking jumps and tricks in an urban setting. Cam Riley and Clayton Vila are two of the top urban skiers in the world, specializing in risky stunts on the snow. Both athletes have been pushing the limits of extreme skiing by transforming car parks, alleyways and flyovers into urban-ski-playgrounds. They can be seen performing on a regular basis on the streets of Boulder, Boston, Chicago, Duluth and Maine in the US and have recently released a documentary movie about their feats featuring the adventurer Bear Grylls as presenter. In order to provide space for their sport, these relentless winter parkour artists have been transforming parking lots, flyovers and alleyways and flyovers into playgrounds for urban skiing, pushing the limit of this sport with every consecutive feat. And they are not the only ones. Urban skiing is definitely on the rise, seeing more and more urban daredevils who provoke the police by skidding down rails, waiting for public venues to close and emerging only under the cover of darkness only to get an adrenaline dose out of this sport.

World Record Tightrope Crossing: 250m Waterline Crossing Over Austrian Lake1m36s

World Record Tightrope Crossing: 250m Waterline Crossing Over Austrian Lake

A DAREDEVIL climber has smashed a 'waterlining' world record - tiptoeing an incredible 250m along a slack line above a beautiful mirrored lake. Extreme sports champion Mich Kemeter, 25, walked the length of almost THREE football pitches to complete the energy-sapping challenge. It took the Austrian almost 20 attempts - and several falls - over 20 days to break his own record at the Green Lake in Tragoess, Austria.

Daredevil Slackliner Crosses 200ft Deep Reservoir Drain49s

Daredevil Slackliner Crosses 200ft Deep Reservoir Drain

HOVERING over an abyss, this daredevil proves the most extreme slacklining spots are not always up a mountain. And with a drop of more than 200ft, this reservoir drain more than delivers the necessary fear factor. Extreme sportsman Flaviu Cernescu crossed the pitch-black hole eight times in one day. He even took took his unicycle out for a spin around the rim of the drain which is located at the edge of Lake Iovanu in Romania.

World Record Highline Crossing: Daredevil's 375m Highline2m14s

World Record Highline Crossing: Daredevil's 375m Highline

A DAREDEVIL has smashed the world record for longest distance walked on a highline - tiptoeing a massive 375m. The drawn-out line, which was anchored between two limestone boulders at 100m above the ground, beat the previous record by 70 metres. Alexander Schulz, 23, from Germany, spent three days trying to cross the line - falling scores of times - while battling ferocious wind and rain. Alex and his co-workers from One Inch Dreams, a slacklining company, set up the line in Yangshuo, China, where towering rocks covered in jungle foliage inspired the filmmakers of science-fiction epic Avatar.

Surfers Test Their Mettle Against 12 Metre Hawaiian Waves1m38s

Surfers Test Their Mettle Against 12 Metre Hawaiian Waves

A COLOSSAL wall of water towering 12 metres high, wipes out a crowd of surfers as they attempt to evade its path in Peahi, Hawaii. Spectacular footage captures the moment the athletes were swallowed by a monster wave – scattering them through the ocean. The thrill-seeking surfers were caught unawares when the massive wave broke later than they anticipated. Giora Koren, 44, filmed the incredible feat of nature at Jaws surfing break in Hawaii - home to some of the world’s biggest swells.

Kayaker And Daredevil Take Part In Simultaneous Waterfall Jump58s

Kayaker And Daredevil Take Part In Simultaneous Waterfall Jump

TWO extreme sports professionals take a leap of faith as they plunge headfirst down a 75ft waterfall. White water kayaker Ben Marr and skier Rory Bushfield executed the death-defying stunt at the Mamquam Falls in Squamish, Canada. Bushfield performed a "gainer" - a backwards somersault while still moving forward - from the top of the falls while Marr descended it in his kayak.

Wingsuiter Crashes Through Sign In Midair At 120mph1m59s

Wingsuiter Crashes Through Sign In Midair At 120mph

A fearless daredevil flies through the air like a human missile and smashes through a target which is only two meters wide. Wing-suiter Sebastian Alvarez, 29, heroically jumped from a helicopter above the sprawling metropolis of his hometown, Santiago, Chile, in March this year. And despite travelling at around 124 mph, Alvarez hit the foam target - which was painted with the colors of the Chilean flag - with pinpoint accuracy. Sebastian Alvarez is a wingsuit pilot who has captured the hearts and minds of the people in his home country of Chile and the rest of the world. A high profile jumper, Sebastian has made many BASE jumps and has competed at the Pro BASE World Cup, the Red Bull Aces and the China World Wingsuit League. The former surf competitor traded his surfboard for an Air Force uniform and began training as a helicopter and jet pilot. But still, it wasn’t enough, so Sebastian started skydiving . After making his first jump, he immediately became fascinated by the idea of flying his body without the aid of an engine or metal wings. Recently, Sebastian decided to take his flying to the next level, so he quit the air force and moved to California where he concentrated on skydiving, wingsuit flying and BASE jumping.

Balancing Artist Performs One-Armed Handstand Stunt Over 2,000 Feet Drop1m52s

Balancing Artist Performs One-Armed Handstand Stunt Over 2,000 Feet Drop

Daredevil Eskil Ronningsbakken lives life on the edge - by performing a one-arm handstand 2,000 feet above a fjord. The extreme artist performed the jaw-dropping gymnastic pose on Preikestolen, a rock above the Lysefjord in Norway. Battling bitter winds and a lethal drop, Eskil managed to hold the one-handed pose despite exerting his lower and upper arm to extreme pressure. The Norwegian claims his latest feat is the world's first one-armed handstand at such a height. Eskil Rønningsbakken was born on 24 June, in from Vallset in Stange, Norway. He is a world-renowned balancing artist specialized in acts performed at the tops of lethal drops, like cliffs and canyons. He is known for walking on a tightrope strung midair between two hot air balloons, or performing a handstand on a pile of chairs which are balancing on a rock fixed in a rift between two 3,500 feet tall ridges. He is a devout yoga practitioner, he meditates and has developed breathing techniques in order to stay focused. His every act is extensively and meticulously prepared. Ronningsbakken has a circus background. Although he officially joined the troupe when he was 12, he started practicing in different forms since he was 5. The youngest of three siblings, he spent his childhood the Norwegian countryside where he climbed trees and played on rooftops. The turning point in his life was a TV show of a balancing Indian yogi. It is then when he decided to devote himself to the art. His stunts were guided by Peter Jakob, a renowned trainer from the Moscow State Circus. He draws his inspiration from Nairobi slums where he teaches the youth acrobatics.

Slackliners Cross Between 150 Metre High Cable Cars4m05s

Slackliners Cross Between 150 Metre High Cable Cars

Niklas Winter and Alexander Schulz of slacklining crew One Inch Dreams tiptoe their way between two cable cars in the Zugspitze - the highest mountain in Germany. The duo's team threw a thin cord from one cable car to the other, enabling them to rig up a 20 meter long slack line 150m above the rocks below. Schulz stepped out first - but fell after getting the safety rope tangled around his feet. But despite the rocking of the cable cars, both managed to make it successfully across.

Daredevil Crosses 224 Metre Long High Line2m53s

Daredevil Crosses 224 Metre Long High Line

AN ADVENTURER holds his nerve against strong winds to cross a massive 224 metre highline. Julian Mittermaier, 21 from Germany, managed to keep his balance and crossed the line after 40 exhausting minutes. The feat was made even more impressive by the stunning backdrop of the Mauvoisin Dam in Valais Switzerland, which is the eighth highest dam in the world. It measures 250 meters high and 520 metres long and was a spectacular location to complete such a daring stunt.

Slackline Strippers' Unique Trick1m51s

Slackline Strippers' Unique Trick

NOT content with backflips or somersaults, this experienced slackliner STRIPS in mid-air. While balancing on the rope the talented adventurer rips off his shirt and pulls down his trousers to reveal his chiselled abs – and underwear. Jaan Roose, 22, from Estonia, has been a slackliner for four years - shooting videos around the world. The sport requires intense concentration to remain balanced on an unstable line that is anchored between two points.

Stunt Couple Celebrate Anniversary With Simultaneous BASE Jump And Highline2m11s

Stunt Couple Celebrate Anniversary With Simultaneous BASE Jump And Highline

A COUPLE kept the spark in their relationship alive by performing a simultaneous BASE jump and highline on the cliffs of Utah. As Emily Sukiennik walked across a 65ft-long line rigged 450ft above the ground, her fiancé Mark Solper leapt from the top of the cliff in a daring act. The pair, who have been together for two years, marked their relationship with the dual stunt. The stunt at sunset perfectly encapsulated their love for their respective individual sports.

Longboarders Race Downhill At Speeds Of Up To 50mph2m02s

Longboarders Race Downhill At Speeds Of Up To 50mph

A TRIO of brave skateboarders race down a snake like road which twists and turns for over one mile.The dramatic footage shows skaters Nikolas Desmarais, Key Doughetry, and Mike Fitter, who are part of team ABEC 11 - preparing for the 2014 Catalina Island Classic.While the event, which started in 1977, is open to the public - the main downhill race is invitation only and has a cash prize of $10,000.All riders are required to wear protective leather clothing and helmets.

Professional Aerialist Performs Stunts Hanging From Paraglider At 3000 Feet1m11s

Professional Aerialist Performs Stunts Hanging From Paraglider At 3000 Feet

WHEN taking centre stage in the heart of the circus flying through air could seem a daunting task. But for aerial hoop performer Anna Cochrane twirling at the top of the tent just wasn't enough - taking her act to an incredible 3000 feet. The 30-year-old daredevil risked becoming a 'human-pancake' as she took to the skies in Queenstown, New Zealand for the world-first stunt. After undergoing nine months of gruelling training with the help of paraglider Georges Millet, Anna bravely completed the charity stunt in June 2014.

Pro Kayaker Takes On 18 Metre Waterfall In Mexico1m51s

Pro Kayaker Takes On 18 Metre Waterfall In Mexico

A BRAVE kayaker plunges 60ft down a waterfall in a daring stunt. Canadian, Emrick Blanchette, who has been paddling for five years, travelled to Mexico in March this year to tackle the high number of vertical drops in the Tlapacoyan Veracruz region. But the experienced athlete admitted that he was apprehensive when going over Tomata Falls - which is more than 18 metres high. The 23-year-old, who is part of kayaking team 'Quebec Connection', also tackled a number of other big drops during the trip.

Pilots Fly Feet From The Ground At 60mph1m36s

Pilots Fly Feet From The Ground At 60mph

FLYING at 60mph three speedflyers soar dangerously close to a rocky terrain. The trio took on the breathtaking Treble Cone Mountain in New Zealand – but the picturesque scenery comes with with a potentially fatal risk. The jagged and steep terrain led to a speedflyer’s death in 2012 – but the site remains a popular destination for adventurers. Pedro Pimentel and Lisa Carnie took on the challenge with expert Mal Haskins. is an exhilarating air sport where athletes fly in small fabric wing just feet from rough terrain at 60mph.

15-year-old Kitesurfer Pulls Off Incredible Stunts1m21s

15-year-old Kitesurfer Pulls Off Incredible Stunts

HIGH FLYING Lucas Tarin can pull off jumps and tricks which only elite kitesurfers can do – despite only being 15-years-old. The Montpellier born student started kitesurfing when he was 12 – and can now reach heights of up to 20 metres. Tarin has always been a natural athlete and like many French youngsters played rugby, before he fell in love with the adrenaline fuelled water sport. The teenager's prodigal status within kitesurfing has now been cemented after he joined the F-ONE Next Generation team.

Freestyle Kayaker Takes On Crashing Waters1m45s

Freestyle Kayaker Takes On Crashing Waters

A PROFESSIONAL kayaker risks his life to surf a rare 15ft-high wave - that comes just twice a year.The 'bus-eater' wave in the 200-metre long Ottawa River, Canada, is one of the most notorious waves among kayakers and is a powerful and dangerous force of water.But for Devyn Scott, 23, from Otttawa, the natural occurrence was an enticing challenge. The professional kayaker, who has been training for eight years, took to the wave despite the danger.

Professional Wingsuiters Throw Themselves Off Mountains4m13s

Professional Wingsuiters Throw Themselves Off Mountains

A GROUP of daredevils nicknamed the ‘Team Kavu’ hurl themselves off the Dolomites mountain range in Italy. With a stunning backdrop of the famous peaks, the brave wingsuiters soar down the valleys, capturing every heart-stopping moment on camera. Five athletes, Jeff Shapiro, Jesse Hall, Neil Amonson, Marshall Miller and Hartman Rector travelled to Switzerland in July 2013 with the videographer and photographer Tyler Lee and Woods Wheatcroft.

Kite Surfer Jumps Brighton Pier2m14s

Kite Surfer Jumps Brighton Pier

A BRAVE kitesurfer has spoken about the moment he stunned onlookers when he soared over Brighton Pier in a world-first stunt. British sportsman Lewis Crathern achieved his life-long ambition in 2010 when he hurtled through the air, clearing the iconic structure and landing in the water. Four time British kitesurfing champion Lewis waited two-years for the perfect opportunity. He researched the challenge by walking the length of the pier, measuring it on Google Earth and by taking wind measurements and readings.

Paraglider Performs Extreme Stunts Over Alaskan Mountains1m39s

Paraglider Performs Extreme Stunts Over Alaskan Mountains

An acrobatic paraglider twists and turns like an aircraft out of control against the stunning backdrop of Alaska's untamed wilderness. However German Marvin Ogger is in fact one of the sport's most skilled technicians using a combination of acro paragliding and freestyle flying. Filmed in 2012, this amazing footage shows the 26-year-old dropping out of a helicopter to explore Alaska's mesmerising scenery from above. In 2013, Ogger beat the sport's biggest names and was crowned World Cup Freestyle champion.

Parkour Fanatics Recreate Favourite Game2m01s

Parkour Fanatics Recreate Favourite Game

JUMPING over railings and somersaulting onto rooftops, a British parkour artist has brought a popular video game to life. Will Sutton, 22 from Horsham, performed the death-defying tricks on rooftops in Basingstoke. He scaled walls, jumped from railings and leapt over buildings like a real-life Spiderman.With the help of Sam Parham, Will re-enacted scenes from the popular computer game ‘Mirror’s Edge’ with a camera strapped to his torso.The talented performer first caught the parkour bug after watching a documentary on television at the age of thirteen.