Take A Look At The Amazing Stunts The Unicycle World Champion Has To Offer1m51s

Take A Look At The Amazing Stunts The Unicycle World Champion Has To Offer

Performing daring front flips and a range of gravity defying tricks on unicycle, Max Schulze demonstrates the skills that have made him several times world champion. Now 23, max started in the sport age 13 when he and his brother bought their father a unicycle for Father’s Day in 2005. The present rested in some corner of the garage until Max tried it out and ended up using it himself. He got hooked. Schulze’s evolution from being a total beginner to competing in national and international events felt gradual and organic to him. But in retrospect it also took place surprisingly fast. Constantly pushing the boundaries of what a unicycle can do, in urban areas and off road , Max is famous for his front flips and incredible online videos. “My main competitive unicycling event is ‘trials,’” Schulze explains, “which requires riders to navigate technically challenging obstacle courses.” Having only one wheel and no breaks, there is no obstacle for him pulling out the kinds of tricks you expect to see on a skateboard or a BMX. He has redefined what was possible and imaginable on a unicycle. His hard work, creativity and devotion to the sport have brought him the title unicycle world champion, three times: in Zealand in 2010, Italy in 2012 and Canada in 2014. After an 8-year career, these days Max combines unicycle riding, highline slacklining, biketrials, climbing, skiing – and pursuit of a Ph.D. in Chemistry. He might be giving the floor to the next generation of riders, but we have the feeling that we will be seeing a lot more from him.

Athletes Cross Highline 100 Metres Above Victoria Falls4m42s

Athletes Cross Highline 100 Metres Above Victoria Falls

FIGHTING fierce wind and spray, two athletes fulfill a long-held dream to become the first people to walk a highline across Victoria Falls. With the force of one of the world’s largest waterfalls behind him, Lukas Irmler and Reinhard Kleindl carefully trod along the thin rope – their mind concentrated on the finish point. The pair were faced with a difficult line rigged 100m high and 91m long and an additional challenge as the spray from the cascading wall of water doused the line with moisture and made it slippery. But both adventurers managed to complete the daring task.

Meet World’s Most Fearless Traveller Who Visits War Zones 3m26s

Meet World’s Most Fearless Traveller Who Visits War Zones

Adventurer Andy McGinlay believes that he is the world’s most fearless traveller. While most of us prefer to take a relaxing beach break, this 34-year-old put himself on a one-man mission to go on vacation in the world's most dangerous countries, visiting war zones. Andy is a teacher, who currently lives in Saudi Arabia, and is addicted to extreme backpacking and has 'holidayed' in brutal regimes including North Korea, Syria, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2010, this British daredevil took a much needed break in Syria but was arrested on suspicion of spying and was interrogated inside the military intelligence HQ. Andy says that he never feels more alive than when he steps off the plane into some far away war zone or despotic country, and feels like he is drinking a dangerous cocktail of adrenaline. The sole sense that he is going somewhere nobody else has the balls to, keeps Andy alive. This man has experienced many unusual events on his journeys. When he was enjoying the sights and sounds of vibrant New Delhi he was kidnapped and transported to Kashmir where he was held for 10 days and forced to smoke opium. Also, this adventurous Scotsman stumbled into the middle of a political uprising in Bangkok, Thailand, in 2010, where he filmed gunfire and explosions, and is lucky to be alive. In Afghanistan, Andy drove past Osama Bin Laden's old house and filmed American Blackhawk helicopters being shot at while he climbed Kabul's beautiful mountains. In 2012, he visited Iraq and wandered across the border into the war zone. Andy has already visited 91 countries and says he has no plans to give up his hazardous hobby and settle down in one place anytime soon. He decided to devote his life on military travelling and will continue this dangerous hobby of his in the future. It is amazing to hear that this fearless Brit is ditching holiday hotspots for trips to some of the world’s most deadly places, but would you dare to follow his footsteps? Videographer / director: Andy McGinlay Producer: Mark Hodge, Nick Johnson Editor: Joshua Douglas, Ian Phillips

Explorers Attempt First Unsupported Crossing Of Treacherous Arctic Passage2m23s

Explorers Attempt First Unsupported Crossing Of Treacherous Arctic Passage

A BRITISH exploration team are pitting themselves against polar bears and Arctic whiteouts in their attempt to make the first unsupported crossing of the Northwest Passage - one of the most iconic and fearsome of Arctic routes. Expedition leader Alex Hibbert, 28, is skiing the 1,800-mile journey with fellow adventurers Jamie Anderson, 30, and Benno Rawlinson, 28 - and his pet dog Tala. The Czechoslovakian wolf dog - one of two canines on the journey - will act as a polar bear watchdog. The three-man team set off in January and are not set to arrive until May at the earliest.