A Woman Pushes A Cat In A Box Across The Floor35s

A Woman Pushes A Cat In A Box Across The Floor

We all know how much cats love boxes! It seems like they are absolutely bewitched by those square-shaped objects they can crawl into and hide, or just play with. But, the one in this video really brings the game to a whole new level. She is so cute and funny that you really have to check it out! This video shows an adorable little kitten cat who loves boxes just like every other member of her feline family. But, unlike the rest of them, she loves to get into the box, and then let her lady owner pushes the box around while she just sits in and enjoys her ride! OMG, just look at her! She is definitely the most conformist cat I have ever seen! LOL! She gets all the fun while the others do the work and entertains her! She is just like a true diva, isn’t she? LOL!

Hilarious Boy Falls Down After Spinning On A Playground Chair35s

Hilarious Boy Falls Down After Spinning On A Playground Chair

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that every child's dream place is the playground. There's a lot of other children who love playing together, everyone is smiling, and having fun. It is such a great place to be at, and there is a lot of different playground equipment which children can play with. The adorable boy in this video knows what I am talking about, and today we have a video of him spending some quality time with his parents on a playground. But, there's a TWIST! Quite literally. LOL! As the video opens we see a man who spins his son in a chair on a playground. And the boy is having a great time! But, now it is time for him to get up. LOL! And because he was spinning for a significant period of time, he got dizzy. I think you can already tell what happened when he tried to walk. LOL! He stood up and immediately fell down because of the dizziness. Hilarious!

Meet The World's Cutest Passenger33s

Meet The World's Cutest Passenger

Being a driver is a huge part of my everyday life, but I have to admit that I've never had a situation like the woman in this video. LOL! \nSo, what happened? As she parked her car, she got out of it but left the door open. So, a wonderful little birdie took that as a sign that it should get inside and wait for her ride. LOL! I guess flying around all day long must be a little tiring after all. What a hilarious sight! The woman stood by the door and recorded the adorable birdie, and it is so funny! The bird did not get scared. It just kept sitting in the car, waiting for the ride to start. Driving would be so much easier with a passenger like this, wouldn't you agree? LOL! I would not mind being in a similar situation because I find this beyond adorable!

An Unlikely Friendship Between A Dog And An Emu30s

An Unlikely Friendship Between A Dog And An Emu

Prepare for the funniest video you'll see today! It is absolutely hilarious, and you definitely have to check it out! Each dog video I see is simply precious, there's no doubt about it. And even though I've seen thousands of them, each day I look forward to discovering a new one. Who's with me? LOL! If you are like me, then let me tell you that today is your (our) lucky day. We have a hilarious dog video and it will make you smile all day long. We all know that our canine friend love making friends wherever they go, and the cutie in this video is no exception. The dog in this video has made a friend on a farm, and his new friend is the family's emu. The two are such a sight for sore eyes, and you absolutely have to check them out! I could watch them play all day long.

Adorable Little Girl Doesn't Want To Let Go Of The Book13s

Adorable Little Girl Doesn't Want To Let Go Of The Book

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved books. I would always take them with me. It did not matter if I was going outside to play with my friends, or on vacation with my parents. My books were always with me, and I love them even today. And the adorable little tot in this video loves them as well. The little baby girl in this video is sitting on a bed, and she's reading her favorite book. And it seems that the book is REALLY good because she cannot get away from it. How do I know? Well, as the adorable little girl was reading the book, she started falling off the bed, and instead of letting go of the book so she would not fall, she held on to the book. LOL! What a hilarious and precious sight! The adorable girl really loves her book, and it's so cute how dedicated she is to it. LOL!

Funny Dog Wants Some Ice Cream10s

Funny Dog Wants Some Ice Cream

We all know that sharing means caring there’s no doubt about it, but what happens when someone doesn’t really want to share something, and the other side wants it’s share anyway. Well, it can lead to a very complicated situation, that’s for sure. But if that someone is a man who eats his ice-cream and the other party is a dog who wants a bite, things can easily become absolutely hilarious! Just take a look at this video, and you’ll see what I mean! It’s so cute and funny at the same time that you really don’t want to miss it! This video shows a big adorable pup who is sitting on a sofa with his best human friend. The two of them are watching some TV. The man has a bowl of ice cream and eats it with a spoon, but it looks like this beautiful dog wants some too, so he tries to take the spoon from his owner! LOL!

A Young Girl Smashes The Light Off Camera With Her Ball11s

A Young Girl Smashes The Light Off Camera With Her Ball

As a big fan of funny videos, I have seen so many of them! I always find them to be one of the most efficient ways to lift up my mood whenever I need it! All I have to do it to check out a clip of two and my day is already brightened! But, at the same time, I’ve never tried to make any by myself, because I know that’s not as easy as it seems! There has to be a great funny story to tell, or you have to be in the right place at the right time to record something unexpected and at the same time truly funny! Or just to be like a girl in this video who wanted to show her dancing routine with a ball. She picks up a ball and tries to kick it in the air but fails the first time. The second time she kicks it, the ball flew up and smashed the light off camera, and the shot goes dark! LOL!

A Turtles Chases A Remote-Controlled Toy Truck25s

A Turtles Chases A Remote-Controlled Toy Truck

Turtles are such cute and funny looking creatures! They do move slowly, but that doesn’t mean they cannot race! LOL! We all know that the moral story of a turtle and a rabbit, right? It is made up of course, but it has a strong message based on some of the most important turtles’ characteristic - endurance and stamina. Just take a look at this video, and you’ll see what I mean! It involves turtle and a remote-controlled toy truck instead of a rabbit, and it’s so hilarious that you really have to check it out! This video shows a man who is having lots of fun in his backyard with his pet - an adorable turtle and the toy truck that he controls with the remote. He is driving the truck and let his turtle chase it around. It looks like this beautiful and slow-moving animal doesn’t stand a chance against it, but I wouldn’t be so sure! My bet still goes to the turtle! LOL!

A Funny Dad Freaks Out His Little Girl16s

A Funny Dad Freaks Out His Little Girl

Being a dad is absolutely the best job in the world, like ever! It’s not the easiest one, but it’s definitely most fulfilling, especially if you are a funny person like a dad in this video! It seems like he really knows what his daughter likes, so he uses his insights to pull this hilarious dad - daughter prank on her! It’s so cute and funny that you really have to check it out! This video shows a dad who sneaks into his daughter's room while she blows dries her hair. He knows what her favorite songs is, so he starts to sing "Let it go" from Frozen, but he does it so loudly that she totally freaks out for the moment! She jumps and spins around, but when she realizes that her dad is just making a practical joke, she gets kind of mad and walks away angrily. LOL!

Twin Baby Boys Laugh As They Splash Water In A House21s

Twin Baby Boys Laugh As They Splash Water In A House

Lots of babies really love having a bath! They enjoy being in a bathtub and playing with their toys, but it looks like just simple water splashing around can also be super fun! Just check out this video and see how much these babies love it! This video shows two twin baby boys who are having lots of fun sitting next to a little tub and just splashing the water! Every time they touch the water and hear this funny splashing sound, they start to giggle and laugh! OMG, just look how cute these two twin baby boys are! Isn't just amazing to see how babies need to get themselves entertained and happy? It seems like we, the adults, could learn so much from them! But, let’s start with having a good laugh, and the best way to do it is by watching this video! It’s such a great mood lifter that you simply don’t want to miss it! LOL!

Cute Boy Behaving Like A Politician Farts In The Middle Of His Speech17s

Cute Boy Behaving Like A Politician Farts In The Middle Of His Speech

When you see some kid, you know what it is going to be when it grows up. LOL! For instance, I was such an attention seeker when I was a kid, and I made all kinds of shows for my family and friends. So, it was logical I was going to be a comedian. What a surprise for my parents it was, that I pursued that career. \n\nThis kiddo from the video is destined to be a politician. As the video begins, we see him in his chair and beneath him is a potty. He seems to be talking something to his mom, and he seems pretty serious about it. LOL! We see him as he says serious stuff to his mom, with an attitude of the real boss. LOL! But just as we stopped giggling, and started taking his words seriously, he farts. LOL! I suppose hi will learn when he gets old that some things you just cannot do on some occasions.

Little Lesson About Growing Up17s

Little Lesson About Growing Up

All kids want is to grow up. LOL! For them, grown-up means to do whatever you want and to be taken seriously. However, what they don't know is that grown-ups rarely get to play and they toys too dull. Also, they have to deal with all kinds of crazy stuff like bureaucracy, paying the bills, etc.\n\nThis girl in the video is the perfect example of what I'm talking about. As the video begins, we see her standing near the bathtub, her back facing the camera. Apparently, her mom entered the room and saw her with the makeup all over her face. LOL! Cute little mischief. \nSomebody should tell her she should stop rushing with getting older. She should enjoy her childhood to the fullest. She will have to worry later about all kinds of grown-up stuff.\n\nSo, kids, no matter how hard you want to grow up, remember your child is priceless, and you have to enjoy it.

A Woman Scolds Her Dog For Making A Mess From The Trash Can35s

A Woman Scolds Her Dog For Making A Mess From The Trash Can

Some people say that having a dog is like having a tot child! They are absolutely adorable and funny, but at the same time, they really know how to make a whole lot of mess when you’re not watching! Just take a look at this video and see it for yourself! It’s so cute and funny that you really have to check this out! This video shows a woman who comes into a kitchen and finds a mess from the trash can all over the floor. It looks like her beloved dog has managed to open the trash can and took out everything he found amusing to play with, but now he is being confronted with the aftermath! His lady owner is scolding him and trying to teach him a lesson, and it looks like he totally gets it! OMG, just look at him! I’m sure he’s really sorry, and that he’ll never do it again!

One Smart Doggo Shows Us How He Manages Things36s

One Smart Doggo Shows Us How He Manages Things

Manageability is something every person should have as a personal trait. The ability to cope with every possible situation that comes on our way can be really convenient. I always admired those people. My grandmother was like that, she could make the best out of every situation.\n\nThis dog from the video has those powers too! LOL! Just watch, and you will see how he manages to overcome the obstacle. As the video begins, we see a cute, older dog walking around the room. We see him how he moves underneath it and pushes it to the higher and more comfortable looking chair. What a master of resourcefulness! LOL! I think, as he is pretty small, he had to learn how to manage around without asking for help. He is one independent doggy! LOL! \n\nWe should follow his example and try to be as smart as he is. Would you agree with me?

This Amazing Dog Works Out Like A Pro16s

This Amazing Dog Works Out Like A Pro

I really hate working out! I am such a couch potato! LOL! My biggest activity is to go from work on couch and binge eat and watch television. LOL! And I always admired those people who have enough willpower and energy to rise up in the morning to work out. LOL!\n\nThis dog is really fit star! No kidding! As the video begins, we see him in front of his owner. After a moment, we will hear the owner telling him how to work out. And this cute dog listens! LOL! I never see a dog who can workout like this. Maybe one day he will become a fitness guru. Maybe he will become a new Instagram fit star? Who knows and the only sky is the limit!\n\nHowever, I don't think I will ever be able to be as persistent as him. But I admire him so much! He is amazing, isn't he?

Ball Interrupts Girl’s Dance Routine34s

Ball Interrupts Girl’s Dance Routine

Volleyball is such an amazing sport! However, much like any other sport, competing in volleyball is not immune to failures. And that exactly what this funny clip is all about! If you are a fan of this awesome sport, you should definitely check out this video. As the clip starts, you can see a group of young girls wearing matching volleyball jerseys. You can tell that they are all a part of the same team. The girls are probably waiting for their match to start, and while they are doing so, they are trying to entertain themselves. One of the girls, in particular, is having the best time dancing like nobody's watching. Little did she know that someone was filming her little dance routine! She even got caught on camera as a ball suddenly hit her. This is the funniest combination of volleyball and dancing that I have ever seen! Too funny to handle!

Dog With An Awesome Tactic To Push Away Boring People16s

Dog With An Awesome Tactic To Push Away Boring People

Some people just cannot pick up the clue they are boring. I'm quite sure you met such a person in your life. I, for instance, met a whole bunch and I can sense them from a mile away. I got pretty good training against them. So, every time I see they will bore me to death I run away as fast as I can with the original excuse. LOL!\n\nThis dog seems to have a pretty good tactic for evading boring people. As the video begins, we see a cute bulldog harassed by his parents. LOL! But he knows his tactics! When he sees someone is going to bore him to death he just simply falls and pretends he's dead. LOL! What a mastermind! LOL! I think I should use this example in my life. Goodbye boring people! LOL! Nobody will ever bore me to death anymore; What do you think about it?

Adorable Dog Loves Riding Down The Slide35s

Adorable Dog Loves Riding Down The Slide

Having a canine friend is one of the most beautiful things in the world. I always stop and wonder, what did we do to deserve dogs? They are so loving, wonderful, hilarious and caring. There are not enough words in this world to describe them. They are simply precious! And if you agree with me, then this video will be such a gem for you! It's beyond adorable and it will definitely make your day. Trust me! The girl in this video is having fun on a playground, and she apparently loves riding down the slide. But, there's a twist! She is not the only one who loves the slide. Her precious canine friend loves the slide as well! The two are riding down the slide together, and it is such a sight for sore eyes! As soon as the girl rides down the slide, her precious canine friend runs after her and rides down the slide as well. Absolutely hilarious!

Cute Tot Girl Wants Chocolate Milk And Whiskey19s

Cute Tot Girl Wants Chocolate Milk And Whiskey

When I was a child, I loved drinking chocolate milk. Even today, that is something I love to drink because it's simply amazing. However, there are children who like something a little bit stronger with their chocolate milk. LOL! The adorable tot girl in this video is also a great fan of chocolate milk. But, she also loves whiskey. Well, who could blame her? What's not to love there? Chocolate milk? Amazing. Whiskey? Perfect! So, when you think about it, this precious tot girl has amazing taste. Well done. She has some amazing ideas I must say. However, her father refuses to give her whiskey, saying she can only get chocolate milk. And after a long discussion, the little girl gives up and settles for chocolate milk only. Although I have to say, that's not bad at all. But, even though the father won this discussion, I have a feeling this little one will come up with some even more hilarious requests in the future. LOL!

Little Girl Discovers What A Brain Freeze Is15s

Little Girl Discovers What A Brain Freeze Is

We all know what a brain freeze is. I can't even tell you how many of them I've had this summer only. LOL! I just can't help it. Having a cold beverage on a hot summer day is simply amazing and so refreshing. However, that always comes with a price when I drink it too quickly. And that price is the famous brain freeze. We all know what it is, and the adorable little girl in this video is just realizing what a brain freeze is. And her reaction is simply priceless and beyond hilarious. The precious little girl is drinking ice water on a hot summer day, and she's drinking it way too quickly. This, of course, causes a brain freeze and her face is simply precious! Such a funny reaction, I can't even explain it. You have to see it to believe it. And the best part? She's not giving up on her drink!

A Little Dog VS A Shoelace33s

A Little Dog VS A Shoelace

We can all agree that dogs are such incredible creatures! They never cease to amaze us with their hilarious behavior. And the little canine from this video is definitely not an exception! If you are a dog lover, be sure to check out this priceless video! This clip tells a story about a cute little dog who found a funny way to entertain herself. Here's what she did. The dog untied her owner’s shoes. Then, she decided to play with the shoelace. At the beginning of the video she bites lace, but her owner tricks her and lifts her leg. The pup ends up hanging from the shoelace. LOL! And just like the pup’s owner stated, this dog is crazy! LOL! The woman soon gets really tired of holding her leg up high, but the dog keeps going strong. LOL! The pup won’t let go of the lace no matter what. How funny is this persistent dog? So hilarious!

Hilarious Boys Pretend To Be Synchronized Swimmers On Stage2m15s

Hilarious Boys Pretend To Be Synchronized Swimmers On Stage

This video is so cool! If you are a fan of talent shows and competitions, you have to take a moment to check it out. I’m sure that you’ll enjoy it. The clip depicts a stage performance of a group of young boys. From the very beginning of the video, you can tell that the boys are really eager to win the competition because they have clearly been practicing a lot. And what is so special about their performance you may wonder? Well, these boys are pretending to be synchronized swimmers. And the best thing about it is the fact that there is not a pool involved. LOL! I don’t know about you, but I wasn't able to imagine synchronized swimming outside of a pool until I saw this video. LOL! And the boys are doing such a good job at it, that’s for sure! I bet they won the talent show! So awesome!

Cute Kiddo Runs Away From Helicopter Parent35s

Cute Kiddo Runs Away From Helicopter Parent

Parents can be really annoying sometimes. They either worry too much and call non-stop to ask us some (we find) stupid questions. Helicopter parenting can be exhausting not only for the child but for the parent too. So, there's no wonder some kids who have annoying parents want just to run away from them.\n\nIf we look at this video, we can assume what is happening. As the video begins, we see a helicopter dad snuggling with his kiddo. The cute little munchkin wants to run away from him, and he's struggling to find a way to escape. LOL! After a while, he manages to mingle out of his brace and goes under the plastic bathing container. LOL! I think he went by the logic if I am not as fast as my dad I can hide better. LOL! I think these parents should relax a bit and enjoy parenting as much as they can.

Hilarious Goat Knocks Down An Adorable Little Girl14s

Hilarious Goat Knocks Down An Adorable Little Girl

As a child, I absolutely loved going to the petting zoo. Even today, that's one of my favorite activities. And the adorable little girl in this video apparently loves going to the petting zoo as well. Her parents decided to surprise her with a fun day at the petting zoo, and the little girl was over the moon! As they arrived, she rushed to the goats, and it was obvious they were her favorite animals. The precious little girl took some hay, and she wanted to feed the adorable animals. First, she offered some food to one of the goats, but the goat did not seem interested. So, the girl proceeded on to the next one. However, the other goat did something hilarious. It swang its head and hit the girl, causing the little girl to fall down. Luckily, the little girl did not get hurt, so we're allowed to LOL!

Funny Dog Rides On A Lawn Mower35s

Funny Dog Rides On A Lawn Mower

Every dog lover will tell you that dogs are so much more than the pets! They are our best four-legged barking friends and even our family members! That’s why the most of us actually treat them as such, but a man in this video really brings the game into the next level, and it is absolutely amazing! This video shows a man and his best furry friend having so much fun together. The man is mowing the lawn in front of his house, while his cute little dog is enjoying the ride. OMG, just look at how incredible these two are! I bet they cannot even imagine spending not a day, but an hour, without each other! I have to admit that as someone who totally adores dogs, I’m so taken by this video! Every time I see a real friendship between a human and a dog, my heart starts melting! So, if you are a dog lover too, I’m sure you’re going to love it too!