"Dogs Bites Water Coming From A Hose"

"If you have ever wondered how it looks when one tries to hose off the patio but has two cheerful dogs standing on it, check out this video and you’ll see how funny it can be! A lady owner of these adorable Rough Collie dogs has prepared everything she needs to clean this patio, but first, she needs to entertain her furry four-legged friends before they let her do the job. So, she takes a garden hose and lets the water run straight at her dogs! But, instead of making them go away, these cuties just get crazy about it and start biting water-jet coming from the hose! LOL! But, what makes this video even funnier is that these guys are not giving up! They just keep running around the water-jet biting, just like they keep asking for more! Even she the lady turns off the water, they just remain standing there in the hope that they might get some more."


"Morning Goat Routine: Goats Run To Man's Lap"

"We all know that a dog is considered a man’s best friend. Well, not if you ask goats. They beg to disagree! If you don’t believe that a goat can be equally as good of a friend as a dog, or even better, this video will blow your mind! In the beginning, the man from the video gives us a little introduction: “I’m tired from my morning goat routine. Nobody is here except for the doggies. So let’s see what happens when I call them. Any lap goats around here?” Say no more! All of a sudden, as soon as he asks that question, two little goats appear from nowhere and run up to his lap. How crazy is that! We certainly did not see this coming! These little goats sure know how to express their affection. They both jump into his lap waiting for a cuddling session! How precious is that?"


"Girl Tries To Stand On One Leg But Fails And Breaks a Table"

"Man, it’s good to be a kid! The only thing on a child’s to-do list every single day is to have fun. Given that kids don’t have to go to work, they can spend their whole day playing one game after another. Sounds great, right? This video shows a young girl film a small part of her day. You can tell that she was getting a little bored. Coming up with a new game to play every day can be challenging, you know! First off, the girl babbles to the camera, and then she asks: “Do you wanna see something freaky?”. She hands the camera over to her friend and steps back. Acting pretty confidently, she tries to stand on one leg. First attempt and she fails. How funny is she! She decides to try to perform this trick again, but this time she fails epically. After losing her balance she falls on a table behind her and the table breaks! Oh, no! We are pretty sure she’s in trouble now."


"Twin Baby Girls Fight Over A Toy"

"Most people think that twins always like to share everything, but that’s not necessarily true, especially in their early age. After all, they are just kids, and like all other children sometimes they hate to share something that they love the most - their toys! Just check out this video, and you’ll see how it looks when two twin baby girls try to play with the same toy. LOL! These two adorable baby twin girls are sitting on a bed covered with tons of toy, but for some unknown reason both of them want to play with that particular one, but alone! They don’t want to share it in their joint game. No, each of them wants it just for herself! So, as soon one of them takes that toy, the other sister grabs it from her twin sister’s hands, over and over again! But they don’t quarrel or cry. They just keep competing who will take the toy and hold it longer! LOL!"


"Toddler Boy Tries To Say "Banana" But He Flips His Tongue Instead"

"If you asked any toddler about their biggest struggles most of them would probably say that it has to be trying to learn how to speak. Correction: most of them would babble their struggles to you because they still don’t know how to speak! The toddler boy from this video certainly can relate to that. Prepare to have your heart melted! At the beginning of the video, the little boy’s dad asks his son: “Okay, what is it that you want?”. The toddler boy tries to reply, but instead of pronouncing a word that has a meaning in English, he flips his tongue and babbles something in toddler language. Soon we find out that he was meaning to say “banana”. How precious is he! Every time his dad prompts him by asking him to say BA-NA-NA, he flips his tongue repeatedly. Absolutely hilarious! This little boy is just too funny for words, quite literally!"


"Bulldog Makes Funny Noises When Snoring"

"Let’s be honest, nobody like snoring, no matter how it sounds. Regardless of whether it’s loud or soft, shallow or deep, it’s always irritating, especially if you’re trying to get some sleep and the person next to you snores. But, what about snoring pets? LOL! Well, that’s totally another story! Even if they wake you up or stopping you from falling into sleep, they will make you laugh out loud for sure! Check out this video and see it for yourself! It shows an adorable pooch whose snoozing sounds are nothing short of adorable. But, what makes it really hilarious is the aftersound that follows each of his snores! This is probably the cutest and the funniest dog snoring video we’ve seen in quite some time, and we bet you could not watch this adorable bulldog snooze without cracking a smile? So, test yourself and see! You won't want to miss this!"


"A Baby and His Canine Companion Taking A Restful Snooze"

"It’s well-known that some dog breeds are just excellent babysitters! That doesn’t mean that one should leave a baby totally alone in the house with just a dog in it, but it’s true that dog can keep an eye on a baby and make sure that baby is ok. But, what happens when a babysitting dog falls asleep along with a baby he was supposed to watch over? Well, check out this video and find out! It shows one of the cutest and most relaxing scenes we’ve seen in a long time. Really, there's nothing quite as relaxing as watching a peaceful scene of a baby and his canine companion taking a restful snooze! Just look how amazingly calm these two look together. We bet this sweet baby prefers the sound of his faithful companion's snores over any other lullaby any day. You won't be able to resist this adorable duo!"


"Little Chicks Chasing After Eyedropper Tip"

"Of all the adorable animal babies, little chicks definitely are somewhere at the top of our list! Those fluffy tiny creatures are just too cute to handle! If you don’t agree with us, this video is here to convince you! Looks like these little chicks are looking for a drop of water! There's something about this simple eyedropper that really has the attention of these three adorable baby chicks! How precious are they? As the woman is moving that intriguing eyedropper, the chicks are chasing its tip like mad, and we are here for it! Absolutely hilarious! It doesn't matter if it's left or right, these little birds are willing to follow this eyedropper around and around! Oh-oh! Looks like they got a bit too excited. They are bumping into each other and tripping over each other. They are just too cute for words! We could watch this video the whole day long!"


"BUSTED: Teen Boy Gets Caught Eating Pumpkin Pie All By Himself"

"Of all the silly things in this world, harmless practical jokes parents pull on their kids, make it somewhere near the top of the list. If you don't think so, you just have to watch this funny video. This dad had a sneaking suspicion that someone was eating all of the homemade pumpkin pie. Unfortunately, nobody believed him, and it was impossible to prove it. Then one day, he was able to catch the pie culprit red-handed and in the act! He enters the kitchen slowly and quietly armed with a camera. And what does the dad find behind the door number one, you may wonder? It’s his son, his teenage boy enjoying the pie all by himself. Busted! Who would have thought! The best part of this discovery is that it takes the teen quite a few minutes to realize that he's been caught! Mmm, that pumpkin pie sure looks delicious, we can’t blame this boy for not wanting to share it!"


"A Tot Boy Experiences His Very First Leaf Pile"

"Who doesn't love the crisp, colorful leaves of fall? Just remember how nice it feels when you walk through the park with all of these beautiful reddish and golden trees around you and those crackling leaves under your feet! If you do, then you will understand the happiness of this little boy in our video. It shows an adorable baby who just got to experience his very first leaf pile and his reaction is the cutest thing that will melt your heart! He is outside with his dad, standing in front of that huge pile of fallen leaves, and the daddy takes him by his arms and gently throws him in the middle of the soft pile, but it turns out that the pile is quite "deep" and it “swallows” the boy! But, as soon as he gets out, he wants to dive back in! Well, let's just say it's one small baby against one giant leaf pile of the crunchiest leaves and the boy is a winner!"


"Sibling Rivalry: Three Kids Jumping Across Toy Car"

"Sibling rivalry can be quite the powerful motivator! The three siblings form this video are here to prove that theory. They are constantly trying to one-up each other! We can all agree that it’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt! And in this case, it's the last one to go! Just wait for it, and experience the epic wipeout! The sibling rivalry challenge for today: run up to a toy car in the middle of a field and jump across it. Piece of cake! The big sister is the first one to go. She runs toward the toy car, gets ready and she overcomes the hurdle perfectly. Good job! One thing’s for sure - the standard has been set. Next up, it’s the younger brother. He runs preparing for the jump. Barely there, but he does it. And now, it’s the youngest sister’s turn. Can she make it? Oh, no! No luck for this little one! She bumps directly into the toy car and rolls over. Absolutely hilarious!"


"A Pup Tries to Reach His Friend Through a Bushy Fence"

"Playing outside is always fun but playing outside with a friend is even better! And a puppy in this video knows that! That’s why he is giving his best to reach him. Just check out this video and see how far this adorable puppy is us ready to go to get to his furry friend. This cute little pup just wants some other dogs to play with, but unfortunately, the only other dog he can find is all the way on the other side of a very bushy fence! So, this funny puppy is trying to find its way through this quickset, but no matter how many times he dives into the bush, he just can't seem to find the right path through that leaves! But, this little one is not a quitter, so keeps trying and trying! We can only imagine how happy he is going to be when he finally breaks the fence and meet his friend!"


"Toddler Girl Absolutely Amazed by Garage Door Closing"

"There is nothing more exciting than making new finds and discovering new things! If you don’t believe us, just ask the adorable little girl from this video. This cute toddler is in a garage and she has found the best way to pass the time. She is exploring the inside of her parents’ car and she is loving it! The music is playing and she is dancing like nobody’s watching! Yay! Bring on the fun! She stops dancing for a moment to take another look around the car. All of a sudden, she makes the most amazing discovery ever! The power to control the garage door is now in her hands! How exciting is that! As the garage door closes, it makes pretty large noises. Our little girl is in shock! She opens her mouth and her eyes go wide… Priceless! The look of sheer amazement on her face is enough to make you smile!"


"Dog Jumps To Get Fish From Fishing Rod But Falls Off Dock"

"We all know that cats have a thing for fish. But have you ever seen a dog excited for some fish to get into his belly? We bet you didn’t. If you just cannot imagine such thing, we suggest you watch this video! As the video starts, we can see a little girl and her dad fishing on a dock. The girl has just reeled in a fish and everybody is so proud of her! Even her little pet dog is jumping for joy! But wait… Is he really jumping for joy or is he jumping because he wants to reach that fish on the line? This little dog is so funny! He wants that fish and he will stop and nothing, quite literally! Jumping around excitedly, he all of a sudden falls off the dock and into the water. To be honest, you could see that coming. Even though he has just fallen into the water he is not giving up just yet! He continues following the fish on the line still hoping that he will get it eventually. Absolutely hilarious!"


"A Cat Eats Easy Cheese from The Can"

"True traditional cheeses lovers would never really appreciate having cheese in a can that you can somehow squeeze or spray out of it, but there are others that totally love it! They find it both delicious and handy at the same time! Even its name suggests exactly that - Easy Cheese! You just take the can, “spray” the cheese on a piece of bread or a hot dog, and the dinner is served! But if you are a real fan, you will probably want to have it directly from a can into your mouth, just like a cat in this video! Yes, some cats love to eat cheese, but this one here really takes the whole thing to the next level! Just look how peacefully she stands on her owner’s lap and waits for her treat. A man sprays a bit of cheese from the can, and the cat licks it deliciously."


"A Dog with Human Hands Eats Cheese Off of a Plate"

"One of the coolest and totally hilarious viral trends that we witnessed in past couple of years is a whole series of videos with dogs with human hands sitting at a table and eating from a plate with hands. But, no matter how many of those videos are already online, we are always happy to see another one. You simply have to check out this particular one, as it gets hilarious at the end! It shows the cutest little pup ever in a blue sweatshirt, who is eating cheese. As every trues cheese lover, he takes a piece by piece with “his hand” and eats it. But, it seems that he likes it so much that he begins to eat faster and faster, and soon he runs off the cheese! OMG! What to do now? He obviously wants some more, so he starts to protest by banging the table with both his fists! LOL!"


"Toddler Girl Goes For Big Bite Of mac And Cheese"

"Who doesn’t like some macaroni and cheese? It’s just the ultimate comfort food. Mmm… We could definitely have some right now! Your mouth can start watering just from thinking about that deliciousness. All of you mac and cheese lovers, this video is just for you! As the video starts, we can see that a toddler girl’s dad is feeding her some mac and cheese and she is enjoying it! Yummy! Dad asks her to let him know when she’s done. “Are you ready for more?” And there is no doubt that she is ready! This adorable little girl opens her mouth as wide as she can to prove that she is ready for more. How funny is she? “Big bite, good girl!”, even her dad is surprised. Just keep that mac and cheese coming! How precious is this toddler girl! If you were feeling down, we promise this video will cheer you up instantly!"


"Dog Trying to Catch Fish on Dock Falls into Water"

"Dock fishing is such a great way to spend a beautiful sunny summer day! You just put on your cap on, grab your fishing rod and off you go to have some fun. But, if you bring your dog too, things can go really hilarious! Just check out this video, and you’ll see what may happen if your puppy is there on a dock while you fish. A man is standing at a beautiful dock with his cute little pup and has a fishing rod in his hands. The rod starts to tremble, and it seems like he caught something. So, he tries to pull the fish out slowly, but his dog gets so excited that he falls off the dock into the water! But, fortunately, this man has some great reflexes, so he manages to get him out in like no time at all! Well isn’t that one lucky dog?"


"Toddler Girl Too Excited For Mac And Cheese"

"Most of the parents that have little kids will agree that mealtime can be quite a challenge. Sometimes toddlers just won’t cooperate and that can drive their parents mad! Well, this video is here to show you the exact opposite of that struggle. The toddler girl from this video is so hungry she could eat a horse! Luckily, her mom has some yummy mac and cheese coming her way! This little girl cannot contain her excitement about that delicious meal. She is just too funny for words! Each time her mom gets a piece of that deliciousness on a fork, this adorable toddler girl starts breathing heavily and her eyes go wide until it lands in her mouth. Here comes another delicious bite! This mommy’s little girl is just too cute for words! She wants more and she wants it now! Just keep them coming, mommy! How precious is this little girl? Cuteness overload!"


"Dog Falls Off Dock Into Lake"

"Most dogs have the physical capacity to swim, which doesn’t mean that they all like pursuing this activity. But on the other hand, some dogs just love playing in the water, and even though they are not always great in swimming, that never stops them from having a blast! We are not sure if the three dogs from this video are fans of swimming but, they sure have made us laugh! At the beginning of the video, we can see two Labrador mix dogs, and a German Shepard mix dog walking along a dock. All three of them seem quite interested in the edges of the dock because they just can’t stop sniffing it! All of a sudden the Shepard mix dog slips and falls off the dock into the lake! We certainly were not expecting that to happen! Absolutely hilarious! It’s a good thing he can find his way around the water!. Too funny for words!"


"Toddler Boy’s Hand Gets Stuck In Vacuum Hose"

"It’s never too early to get your little kids involved in some household chores. The earlier they start dealing with their responsibilities, the better. Sometimes it so happens that introducing a toddler to cleaning can turn out to be the funniest thing in the world. If you don’t believe us, you have to watch this video! Daddy’s little helper from this video is vacuuming. This toddler boy is as cute as a button, and he’s got some cleaning skills! Good job, buddy! You know what the Supernanny Mary Poppins says: “In every job that must be done there is an element of fun!”. This little guy sure thinks everything he does is a game. He is vacuuming the carpet, and dad draws his attention to the pieces of dirt he’s missed. He tries to collect by pointing the vacuum hose to them, but he fails. But don’t you worry, this sweet boy sure can find another way. He picks the dirt up in his hand and puts it in the hose. Oh, no! His hand gets stuck in the hose and he screams. Don’t worry, little one, dad is coming to the rescue! He is too funny for words!"


"A Cat Makes Speak-Like Noises While Licking A Cheese Puff"

"Have you ever heard of a cat that can “speak”? Well, here is your chance to meet one. Just check out this video and see it for yourself. This cute little cat is standing on a kitchen counter and enjoys some cheese puff that her lady owner is holding for her. And after each lick of that delicious puff this funny furry puff makes some funny noise that sounds like a language, unidentified maybe but still a language with some words that we know such as “yum” and “yeah” in it. LOL! Even when her human friend asks her questions, she answers, and the two of them seem to have a nice chat together. LOL! We bet that’s the way the two of them love to start their day, with some nice breakfast and a small morning talk. Well, if you had such a chatty cat wouldn’t be that your preferable morning routine too?"


"Toddler Boy Tries To Go Through Doggy Door But Gets Stuck"

"We can all agree that a toddler’s curiosity has no limits. They would stick their little noses in everything if only their parents allowed them to! Sometimes, when parents are not watching them, toddlers take an advantage of that opportunity and go exploring. In this funny yet absolutely adorable video, we can see a cute toddler boy determined to go through a doggy door. A whole new world is waiting for him once he manages to squeeze his chubby little legs through that narrow doggy gate. That’s what we believe he thinks at least. This little boy is absolutely adorable. After some serious struggling, he’s finally out. Success! But wait… Oh-oh! Here comes trouble! Dad is calling him to get back inside. And he’s trying, but those adorable chubby legs are not having it! This sweet boy is stuck. He gives up, it’s easier to stay out. He is as cute as a button! We could watch him all day long!"


"A Tot Girl Gets Stuck in Her Doll's Bed"

"Being a baby is really nice! You don’t have to do almost anything, and there is always someone to take care of you. But that doesn’t last for so very long, and sometimes one might miss that time. Just like a tot girl in this video. Well, check it out and see what she does to remind herself how beautiful it was when she was a baby. Her idea was to get into her doll’s bed and pretend to be a baby, but unfortunately, she gets stuck! LOL! She tries to get out but can’t do it by herself. So, this cute tot girl needs to call her mom for help, but before she agrees to help her stuck daughter, mom wants some answers like how she got in there and why! And the girl says she knows that this wasn’t such a good idea, but she wanted to feel like a baby again!"


"A Boy Jumps into A Pool Through A Small Inner Tube"

"Is there a better way to spend a lovely sunny summer day than by the pool? You swim a little bit, then enjoy the sun lying on a beach chair or a big pool ring floating in the middle of a swimming pool! But if you’re a kid, you would probably like to have even more fun and do something silly, just like a kid in this video. Check it out, and you might get some new ideas for a day at the pool. This video shows a boy who is having some great time at the outdoor pool and jumps in, but with a twist. There is a small inner tube in the middle of the pool, and the trick is to get into a pool through this inner tube. So, the boy gets ready, jumps and scores! He made it! But, his feet get stuck behind his legs, and he's unable to get out of the inner tube!"