Little Boy Kisses Booboo Better18s

Little Boy Kisses Booboo Better

We all remember playing outside as kids and I’m sure we all remember getting a scratch or two. But there is nothing like the magic of a kiss to make the hurt go away. Prepare for your heart to melt as this little girl gets her boo boo kissed by her friend Levi who happens to be sweeping the sidewalk. He puts his broom down and bends over to help his friend. And it truly is adorable.

Published: September 25, 201832 views
Adorable Babies Laughing At Their Pets5m50s

Adorable Babies Laughing At Their Pets

Okay, is if babies weren’t cute enough now at their pets into the mix and you have a massive about of adorable. Baby giggles are contagious and when they giggle at their pets they bring about the cutest baby laughs you’ve ever heard. If you need a laugh today this is the click for you! Especially the first clip where a baby meets puppy!

Published: September 24, 201827 views
15 Reasons Kids Are So Adorable4m51s

15 Reasons Kids Are So Adorable

As if we needed any more proof for why kids and babies are the cutest things on earth! Well just in case you needed some more reasons to convince your friends, or in case you just wanted to see some more super cute videos, here are fifteen adorable kid videos to make your day!

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Be Amazed At These Athletic Pets!4m38s

Be Amazed At These Athletic Pets!

Dogs are loving, funny, and love to play. But, not all dogs are athletic. Be amazed as you watch these talented dogs make basketball hoops, soccer goals, and basically shine bright like the beloved Airbud. Be prepared to laugh and sit in awe at these perfectly sporty pooches!

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Parent Smooches Makes This Baby Crack Up Laughing28s

Parent Smooches Makes This Baby Crack Up Laughing

We don’t know why, but most kids can get incredibly jealous when their parents show affection to each other. Perhaps they feel that way because they want all the attention for themselves. Well, not this baby boy! If you don’t believe that some kids out there don’t want all the love for themselves, you have to watch this video. Prepare to have your heart melted completely! As the video starts, we can see a woman holding her baby boy and her arms. Every time she leans toward her husband for a kiss, the baby boy gets incredibly excited! How precious is he? Each time his parents kiss, this little cutie starts giggling and chuckling in the most adorable way! His laugh is just the cutest thing ever! We can't help but laugh along! Keep those kisses coming! Spread the love! This is the most adorable thing you have seen in quite a while.

Published: September 20, 201816 views
Funny Girl Falls From Bed14s

Funny Girl Falls From Bed

Look at this girl feeling super excited, jumping around, having the time of her life. Unfortunately the next moment she slipped and fell down on the floor. It was so funny watching her walk of shame when she got up. People say that old habits die hard, just as this girl's bold behavior. When things get out of control, you increase the risk of making a fool of yourself. And that's probably what happened to this young lady. She was taken by the moment and the next thing you know she was lying on the ground. Parents never understood what the big deal is with kids and their love for jumping on beds. The entertainment children get is worth seeing. In the end, life is too short to cut out innocent fun like this one. But if you don't allow your kids to do that, then maybe you should get a trampoline instead!

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Funny Soccer Fails10m23s

Funny Soccer Fails

It’s that time of year again. Soccer is in full swing and all the kiddos are excited to play their weekend games and get back to the soccer field with their friends for practice. But sometimes it really isn’t all fun and games. Here is a compilation of soccer fails that will certainly have you laughing and relating!

Published: September 19, 201821 views
Baby Tries to Mimic Dad's Push-ups50s

Baby Tries to Mimic Dad's Push-ups

This adorable baby loves doing push ups and it is the cutest thing ever. His dad is exercising, and the baby decides to join him. When workouts get too much, and it seems impossible to continue, it is always good to have a friend there with you. The support system is the best thing ever, even when it comes to exercising. Just when you think you've had enough, and you are ready to quit the workout, your best buddy is there to cheer you up and motivate you to continue. In this case, the baby has decided to support his dad and exercise with him. Even though the baby is in great shape and needs no added exercise, he decided to do some push ups. Together, they are a sight for sore eyes. It is amazing to see how well they work together! What a wonderful family, and a great workout team!

The Cutest Version of Row Row Row Your Boat You Will Ever See35s

The Cutest Version of Row Row Row Your Boat You Will Ever See

This adorable tot girl sings her version of Row Row Row Your Boat and it is simply precious. Her mom loves her singing and can't stop smiling. She must be so proud to have such a talented singer in her house. When singing, it does not matter if you know all the words, if you are in sync or if you have any music talent. The most important thing is that you have fun! What is the point of knowing all of the words if you have no fun while singing them? This girl is an amazing singer, and her mom must be extremely proud! We know that we would be. Perfect! Kids and music. Is there a better combination? We think not. A house with a cheerful child like this one in the video is anything but boring. It must be a party non-stop with a singer like this!

Hilarious 24s

Hilarious "Toothy" Baby Laugh

Baby laughs are so contagious, aren’t they? Especially this adorably baby right it. But what may look like a bucked tooth grin is really just a cracker sticking out of the baby’s mouth! But the hilarious mishaps has the mother in a fit of laughter which makes baby start to laugh as well. Truly hits you in all the feels.

Aww!! Adorable Baby Makes Surprised Faces32s

Aww!! Adorable Baby Makes Surprised Faces

This adorable baby is making the most hilarious surprised faces! The mom is making noises and blowing raspberries and the baby must not have ever heard these kinds of noises before because they look so shocked. The mom’s laughter is so contagious as she giggles at her silly baby.

Caught On the Security Camera10m27s

Caught On the Security Camera

Security camera’s are everywhere and it’s almost like big brother is always watching us. In this case big brother was certainly watching these epically hilarious fails caught on security footage. Everything from falling off ladders to falling down the stairs anyone can be caught in the hilarious act with a hidden camera.

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Funniest Baby Reactions10m20s

Funniest Baby Reactions

When you think of baby reactions you probably think of them crying first and then probably laughing and smiling. This video of baby reactions will certainly throw you for a loop! The element of shock and surprise is seriously hilarious on a baby. Especially when they see their reflections in the mirror for the first time or get seriously freaked out by jack-in-the-box.

Published: September 17, 201810 views
Funniest Babies of the Week!10m23s

Funniest Babies of the Week!

Aren’t babies just the cutest? Okay maybe you’re a baby person, and maybe you aren’t but I guarantee you will get a laugh out of these sweet babies. Straight from the mouths of babes prepare yourself for the funniest babies of the week. Everything from excitement over chocolate to farm animal mishaps this will surely make you smile.

Best Cat Fails of the Week3m12s

Best Cat Fails of the Week

I think everyone can agree that cats are hilarious! They do SOOO many silly things that keep us laughing all day. These are the best cat fail videos of the week that are sure to keep you giggling all week. Our favorites are the clips where cats try to go in the water!

Published: September 13, 201812 views
Adorable Puppy Finds The Paper In The Snow1m05s

Adorable Puppy Finds The Paper In The Snow

After watching this video, you will definitely want Roxanne as your new papergirl. \n\nShe is the cutest papergirl ever, and this human is the luckiest man ever. What we can clearly see is how much she loves her job! She is sitting by the door and waiting for her human friend to open it so she could go and bring in the newspaper. As soon as he opens the door, she rushes outside and grabs the paper. Now, the cutest thing is what happens afterward. As soon as she enters the house, she proceeds to the living room. But, Roxanne forgot one thing. She forgot to close the door. Her human friend reminds her of the fact that the door is still open and she rushes back to close it. Roxanne is definitely the cutest papergirl ever! Where can we get one? She is smart, hardworking and super adorable! Lovely!

Small Dog Attacks Vacuum Cleaner35s

Small Dog Attacks Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner is one of the most practical and brilliantly handy house appliances, but it can also be much more. Take this dog from our video, for instance. The vacuum cleaner has nothing to do with house cleaning for this adorable and playful pup. It's just a huge funny toy to play with! Just take a look at him how happy he is! It's so amusing to watch him having so much fun with it while his lady owner tries to clean up a house a little bit. He is so into it that even she has to stop for a minute and let her lively dog enjoy this game! It's like playing fetch indoors, but even better - it's loud, it moves around but doesn't require too much chasing! Pure perfection! Maybe every dog owner should consider introducing their pups to the vacuum cleaner as soon as possible for some amazing indoors fun!

Dog Jumps Off Boat To Chase Dolphin32s

Dog Jumps Off Boat To Chase Dolphin

One of the best ways to spend a beautiful summer day is by going to a beach with your friends or your family members, including your pets, of course. But if you have a little boat too, a fun day is guaranteed! Just like the one in this video, with a brilliant twist. It’s both so cute and hilarious that you really have to check it out! This video shows an adorable grey Dachshund dog, names Gracey, who is enjoying a boat ride with his human friends. She is sitting on the bow of the boat and watches the water. But all of a sudden, a dolphin jumps from the water, and when Gracey the Dachshund dog sees it, she immediately jumps right after him and starts chasing it! OMG, can you believe that?! Her hunting instinct has kicked in as soon as she saw the dolphin and there’s nothing it can stop her now! LOL!

Published: September 13, 201816 views
What's Better Than One Puppy? All The Puppies!1m59s

What's Better Than One Puppy? All The Puppies!

Dogs just melt our hearts, don’t they? Most of us have one or two puppers but what if you had a dozen, or two dozen? I say there is never such thing as too many puppies but, before you go out and buy all the dogs take a look at this video. It will certainly give you all the feels for your puppy loving heart. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the cuteness!

Hilarious Babies Try Food For The First Time1m55s

Hilarious Babies Try Food For The First Time

We all love to eat, but do you remember taking your first bites of actual food as a baby? Yeah, I don’t either. But the truth is we all had our first bite of mushy ground up food with our parents airplaning the spoon into our mouths. These babies make hysterical faces as their parents feed them for the first time. Lots of puckered lips and pouts and everything in-between!

18 Cats Who Forgot How to Cat1m10s

18 Cats Who Forgot How to Cat

You either love cats or you don’t. And, it’s pretty hard not to love these cats. These 18 cats who forgot how to cat are adorably hilarious. Everything from running directly into the camera to scratching their behind, it’s a guarantee for nonstop grins and laughter. Watch and be entertained with these furry felines!

Little Girl Keeps Stealing Cans Out Of Pantry2m48s

Little Girl Keeps Stealing Cans Out Of Pantry

A tot girl opens a pantry door after her mom tells her "No." She grabs a can of beer and runs off with it before her mom catches up to her and takes it from her. She sneaks back in, smiles at the camera, and takes another can.